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Day Trip to Kyoto

Busiest Week of Year Done!

This "busiest week of 2020" is done with very unique experience.

I was in an audio studio for pretty much all day.
It is called MA or Multi-Audio and we started with narration recording by professional.
Still part of consulting project? Yes, it is!

Complicated equipment was very interesting.

20201016 MA Studio #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Moreover, narration quality by professional was even "astonishing"
Tone and manner controlled very delicately. REALLY.

It was like a magic.

Same phrase done before and after show obvious difference. Definitely different impression.

I wish I could control myself just like that…

This unique experience is surely essence for me to intend to be competent speech master! Hahaha.

Long week is now finished. Tons of work is put behind for whole this week. Thus, I have to work on those over coming weekend.
However, I will focus on taking things easy… to make sure that I do wind myself down.

3-Day Zoom Even Done!

Working hard? At least this time of year!

Today's my attire:

Hublot watch is on my wrist for the day.
Well, I should have chosen other for that…

Asked one of staff to take pictures of session scene that I was leading.
Until today, all three days, I practically lived in the ZOOM virtual world. Hahaha.

Maybe I have talked too much.

Bento box for lunch catered. Pretty fancy one and taste was pretty good.

Well, three-day even is now completed without major trouble.
Things went pretty much smooth as planned. Well done!

Busiest week of the year is almost coming to an end. NOT YET, though.
One more event with different client is set for tomorrow.
After that, I will rest over weekend for sure.

Boring Friday? Boring Everyday?

Finally, Friday!
Well, being home all the times like this, we have no sense of time or day of the week.
Yes, it is Friday…

Came to a Zoom video meeting with colleagues form previous project.
Yes, PREVIOUS project means that that project is no longer active. In fact, completed for good.
It was rather great catch-up to see how all friends are doing on their own.

Some were still active under ongoing project.
Some others are totally bored because of no assignments whatsoever.
There is big difference and contrast from different conditions that my colleagues face for now.

For young colleagues, it is critical how she or he spends time for now.
Coronavirus surely extends this kind of condition for all to work.
After a long period of time like this, people can be good and competent consultant if trained well enough.

I even offered a personal coaching to one of colleagues who declared "bored."
Will see what to do next week… at least extra efforts may work well for her.
I probably should offer similar stuff to others if time does allow.

All depend upon how long this disaster would last.

Picked up small donuts for afternoon break.
Staying home and working from home accelerate the calorie consumption for sure. Bad sign.
I ought to be extra careful. Are you?

Good stuff just arrived. Latest issue of "Chronos" watch magazine it is.
I can kill my time reading page to page, cover to cover!

Have safe and easy weekend, y'all!

Truly Grounded...

My firm has issued the basic polity under COVID-19 circumstances that all staff should work at home.
That is in effective for two or three weeks, already.
However, it is yet BASIC policy.

Up to last week, I had some excuses that I needed to be in the office.
Almost everyday, I was there.

Though, Coronavirus does everything slow down at clients and that affects everywhere.
From this week, all such excuses that I had previously are no longer valid.
Therefore, I declare it to my supervisors that I will work at home unless some necessity may come up.


Slowing business down means that I have no urgent issues and tasks to meet deadlines.
Oh boy, everything is pretty much on my own at my pace!
That means what…

That means BORING. No pressure, no hassles (from anyone).

Is that pretty same or at least similar condition that you are in?
If so, you're another victim of Coronavirus.
Well, it is likely that such thing would increase as much as COVID-19 stays around longer.

Now Tokyo may face another difficulty. I'd better say that it would be worsened situation of COVID-19 in Tokyo.
Called "overshoot" - virus infections is to be gone faster and exceeding the medical capacity.
That vocabulary is not properly used in Japan. However, that word is now pretty common.

Similar or pretty much same as PANDEMIC. That could happen in Tokyo where we currently perceives that it is under control.

Will see how it would go and we all ought to be careful and ready for such worst scenario of any kind.

Since staying home all day, Apple Watch's activity function to visualize my physical moves means nothing.
Instead of Apple Watch, it is time for analogue watch, again, on my wrist.
Today, it was Gaga Milano.

Will see how the rest of week would go for me.

Slow things down...

Along with my boss, I was invited for a big lunch like:

(Menu quoted from the restaurant website)

Monthly Lunch Course

January 6th - 31st, 2020

4,000 yen per person

Specially-assorted Cold Appetizer (Served individually)
Shark Fin and Wonton Soup
Deep-Fried Pork with Chinese Pepper

Sautéed Squid with Rape Blossom
Braised Shrimp with Chili Sauce
Fried Rice with Wagyu and Red Ginger

Almond Jelly with Strawberry

Minimum Order - 2 persons.

This was a hotel restaurant located in the Hotel Okura - recently open from renovation & relocation.
Oh boy, it has become very modern but very profound hotel.
Chinese restaurant was reserved for lunch meeting with clients.

As you can see, it was such a big lunch.

I usually eat minimum for lunch like:

I ate entire lunch course and I surely became full. I lasted being full for whole afternoon.

Being full slow all businesses down for me. This is a lesson learned.
I should be careful for this from now on.

Well, Friday is over and just weekend begins.
Tokyo may experience snow tomorrow… will see how it would go.
If does, please be careful out there.