Wineshop & Diner FUJIMARU

Long day… consulting session lasted till the night for the day.
Wow, totally unexpected.
I spent quite amount of time just for waiting since staff members at that location were quite swamped.


Compared to the previous day, things were easier and under control for sure.
Well, things went well, though. Just too longer time.
This resulted to delay the dinner time.

MoonFlower wanted to go to "FUJIMARU" place in Asakusabashi.
Originally, reservation was made for 19:00.
Then, I had to change the time from 19:00 to 21:00 per job situation.

20170818_2 20170818_3

Dinner got started at 21:00. Place was already packed since it is really popular.
Though, reservation didi save a table for two of us. Thank God.

20170818_4 20170818_5

20170818_6 20170818_7

Prosciutto was excellent!!!
I need to come back again just for those. SERIOUSLY.


Pasta was definitely right finish. No complaint at all.
The dinner was way above the average and this place is no mistake. Recommended.
You'd better check it out for yourself. Hahaha.

Working Saturday

I had to complete the training… which was mandatory…
So I had to sacrifice my precious Saturday for it.


It was good training. Though, I talked too much.
I should have been quite and let things go… Hahaha.
I represent group work too often. I should have done less.

Final Reporting of Project 2016

Started with trip to Germany around the same time last year… the project finally gets ended TODAY.
At least officially, so!
After spending 10 days at 10 different sites appointed - total 100 consulting days, final reporting was completed today at 5pm.

the Meeting started at 1pm and I had to make a longest presentation like 4 hours. All in English, of course.


My colleague was relaxed and even took picture of me while I was making important presentation!
Fortunately, everything went ver well even though there were more questions than anticipated.
80-some PowerPoint slides were good asset to use but I actually have much more… 2,000 slides that I can use as source to answer such questions.

100 days at the site give me a lots of information. Hahaha.

Then meeting was closed with applause by the participants and time for me to get relaxed after all.
Treat by my colleagues takes place in the restaurant from 7:30pm.
Fancy dinner begins!


300g steam came as the main of the dinner course at "Oak Door" located within Grand Hyatt Tokyo Hotel.
Very fancy and expensive! Hahaha.


After dinner, moved on to the bar within the same location. I almost had a chance to smoke cigar.
I really do like the smell.
Someday, I will try to see how I like smoking cigar.

20160224_4 20160224_5

At the bar, I selected Hibiki 21 years for closing the celebration. Wow, that is really good one.
Long day is now over. I feel good about it.
Now new and extended project come to start. Oh boy, expectation on return / result is much higher than before. Will see what I can do.


Client comes to annual meeting with executives of many different companies that it has business with.
More than 150 people were in the meeting took place in the hotel conference room.
I then self-invited to the meeting and sat in very last low.


Yeah, I never received an invitation. Though, I wanted to see what kind of information communicated within.
So I actually got okay from my counterpart at client to attend the meeting.
No one really got upset when seeing me in there. Hahaha.


Then showed up to the Conrad Hotel for early evening meeting with colleagues who just got in Tokyo from Europe tonight.
Okay, now it is all set for a big meeting tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have to give a presentation for final reporting of the project 2016.
Meeting is set for 4 hours. Will see how much I can last… Hahaha.

New Gadget Arrived

Brand new gadget just in.
It is an Epson projector. Very light and small!
Epson just released this model in January, 2017. Very expensive… more than 1K in USD. Oh boy.



Of course, I can expense it. I have to. For a long time from now on, this projector is MINE or at least under my possession. Hahaha.

Project Finish

Today - last working day of the month turned to be last working day with THIS client.
Per contract, I have to "take off" from the project.
Not sure that this client would continue this efforts with our firm; though, it is sure that I have to move on.

From May, next project with another client is due up.

Lots of deliverables created by myself and it seems that client did appreciate what I have contributed.
Until today, things were not so stable… Rather, it were rally… many ups and downs.
At the end, things are calm and okay.

I guess, I'd better call it "good finish." Not too much asking for. Hahaha.

Anyway, this finance project was (still is) very interesting and good experience for me.
Now move on to CRM (customer relationship management) project.
Hope I can come to another good experience.

Wish me luck!

Project Assignment

How much did I tell about current work / project to you?
Well, I am not going to tell it all about it; however, I can give some brief idea.
Here we go.

First of all, it is long commute required.
I have to get up early to make the project site.
Literally, I get up at 6am (sharp!) every weekday.

Much earlier than any previous project ever engaged!

Simply the client's world headquarter is located at the other side of Tokyo.
Therefore, I have to "travel" cross Tokyo pretty much.
I usually leave home for work at 7am after taking shower, etc.

It will be around 8:30am when getting off the train.
Good things are - very limited number of transit. Only once.
and high possibility that I can take a seat for more than half way if lucky.

Commute time is of an hour and half or so.
Perfect length for me to do mixed things from net surfing, reading, and even a little nap.
I practically do all of them on the way and back, respectively.

Since assigned to this particular project, I finished reading two books in two weeks.
3rd book is about to be complete. Currently finished up to 70%, already.
Rakuten Kobo - ebook reader is great device for me.

You may be now very curious when I can leave the site.
Since early morning everyday, I can leave ealier.
Not so fast. It is consulting work. Please do not expect too much about light job to deal with (!).

I often stay in the office at client's site up to 9pm if not 10pm.

Though, I push myself out of the site by then because of next day.
On the way back - still another hour and a half needed.
Working for long time does not necessarily benefit my work and its productivity in a sense.

That is why I stay with client for long hours, but not too long.

What about how busy am I? That is another big question.
This project is unique and sustains with lots of change management.
Thus, (strategic) thinking and planning are important than working on deliverables.

No too much work on excel or data management this time.
If so, my teammates - young(-er) consultants can support for sure.
What I need to come up with is many conceptional ideas and direction issue. How to manage the project itself.

Recently, I received nomination for different project by diferent client.
My firm decided to take it as requested and I have to leave the current project behind.
That is too sad and it is still rate for me not to finish the project and move on.

Though, this is mandatory and given condition that I have to meet.
Anyway, So far I have 2 engagements, including 1 planned, in 2016.

Current engagement - I mentioned already that there are much change management involved.
Well, not only that... I have to deal with some kind of education.
Foster the staff members to be competent project manager. That is a hard one.

I have to induce them to change perspective from observer from back office to view the front side up side down to help it run the better business. Oh boy, I cannot be a good teacher for that.
Why? It is simple. That is how I make money... by executing such myself. I am not competent to teach such to others. You know what I mean.

Well, this is a big challange for me to do so. Well, part of management tasks.
Will see how well I can manage.
Wish me luck!

Back to Work!