Someone is really annoying?

Hello- weekend is now coming up and I finished the most of work which needs to be done before then.
Of course, I still got things to do for tomorrow. Though, things is in control. Good stuff.
Some unexpected things did occur during this business day… but they are okay… except one.

I received an inquiry email message from coworker…
He asking me some business term in English to be translated.
That was a piece of cake. Didn't even take a second.

Though, that chain of email became a little bit annoying thereafter.

One follow who was cc'd in that email responds without having right knowledge.
That is okay… that is not what I am talking about.
This fellow replies without to whom he is addressing.

Email circulates among several people… I know most of them.. Actually all of them except that fellow.
He is lowest ranked within this circumstance. All others including myself are still speriior to him.
At least, from business manner perspective, he should be more careful.

Being out of clue and being a little annoying on top… that is difficult to deal with.
For me, this is definitely "PASS."
I won't be part of that unless I am specifically asked to.

I wish that someone (that Partner) is to share such concern or "2 cents" with him so that he doesn't make any coworker feel annoyed. Rather he should inducing others to want to work with him. I guess, his perspective isn't that around or realistic yet.

Wait. Am not talking about entry level employee… oh boy!

Work 2019 is to begin...

1st working day in 2019… finally here…
Didn't go to the office but to the project site… and had to face:

Piles of paper work!!! OMG!
I had to deal with them for today… had to finish them all within today. Rough and tough day to deal… as 1st day for 2019.
That may depict how crazy the year 2019 is going to be? Oh god…

Only good stuff for the day is of supper:

Yay, this is great IKURA or salmon roe… MoonFlower and I love them all. Great food…

That clears all rough feeling from the work. Hahaha.

Dinner with coworker consultants

Working dinner took place this eveninig:

20181214 CFディナー #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Some of them were first-met. I usually do hesitate to actively engage.
Today it wasn't the case and I did enjoy.
I somehow lasted until last minute tonight.

Things were over at 2am!

2019 Planning

Client showed intension to engage a project with me next year today.
Usually, it requires LoI or Letter of Intension.
Though, today's verbal expression is good enough for time being.

I can at least move forward to planning next year…
Do I get even busier than this year? Well, will see…
At minimum, I won't get bored. Hahaha.

20180706_1 20180706_2

20180706_3 20180706_4

20180706_5 20180706_6



20180226_1 20180226_2


20180226_4 20180226_5

20180226_6 20180226_7

2nd Month, Already

Hi folks. It is February 1st… already.
What have I done? I mean what I have accomplished within the 1st month of year 2018?
Hmm, practically nothing. I guess.


Though, besides one thing did accomplished. Not major one.
HR asked me to join the force helping the recruit event where new grads come to group discussion.
I was responsible for a group of six and I evaluated each one of them.

Observing the discussion by young people was quite interesting.

One female student dominated entire discussion and acted as a big leader.
Other seems to accept her position to see how he and she can involve in the activity in more appealing way.
From such behaviors of theirs, I learned something as I may reflect such into next project which is planned to start in a few weeks.

The theme really made me think while observing is of leadership.

Project that I am concerned of is simple profit improvement. However, that has to entail with good and positive leadership by management.
Today's discussion among young students was simply coming to a conclusion.
Management should lead entire process from target setting to results being realized. In the process, it should work as incentive to the group or individual.

More that just wrote, I definitely come to lots of learning then.
I have still another one week or two for preparing. Not too late at all.
Yeah, I just found something to work with. Hahaha.

Helping HR was actually helping myself in the end.