Mid-Day of the Extended Weekend

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Last Day of May, Already!

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Relative's Pass-away

MoonFlower informed me of sudden news from her family.
Relative not so close but not so far just passed away… and funeral is coming up.
Well, I have to adjust my schedule accordingly.

Biggest and only concern was of my business trip to Matsumoto next week.
I have to travel to the City on Monday for three-day-session until Thursday.
Then I have to travel down to Toyohashi of Aichi on Thursday for Friday session.

See, am quite busy for next week… AGAIN! Hahaha.
Anyway, I have to carefully plan for Monday… attending to the funeral and catch trains thereafter.
Travel seems so long from Chiba to Matsumoto. Takes longer than 4 hours!!!


Opened up a bottle over supper. With this, dinner plate was pork dumplings. Pretty good match!


Shopping… from previous weekend. MoonFlower selected this as our family tradition.
Year Ball 2017… now and finally got here for us.
Usually we buy one in December. Since it was busy time moving to current place, MoonFlower and I didn't get quite chance for this shopping.

But finally completed. Now truely 2017 is here? Hahaha.


Just a memo for myself. Today's mileage of Alfa Romeo is of 24,559 kilometers.
Last year alone, I didn't drive much… shortest in distance since we didn't go out too much. Probably we drove about 4,000 or 5,000 km for last 12 months.
Since purchase of this Giulietta in June, 2013… less than 25,000 km.

Average 6,000 km… not much, huh. Definitely below the average.

Well, will be very busy Monday… which is ahead.
Like I have mentioned, got to go up to Matsumoto… long way up there.
This week is definitely going to be shorter…

Walking Too Long?

All day long on foot… after missing the chance for car wash. I have to postpone it to either tomorrow or day after.
At least I have to get it done within this weekend before the Golden Week 2017 is over.
Yeah, I will do so for sure. My car is surely dirty!

Today's my fashion. With vivid pants from tsumori chisato brand.
Too flashy? Too vivid?
This is my own middle-age fashion that no one probably does appreciate. Hahaha.


MoonFlower and I walked down to Nihonbashi for this place.
Famous restaurant called Taimeiken.


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Renown dish is Tanpopo Omuraisu. This dish is about USD20! Pretty expensive, huh! It is.
Good taste? My expectation was too high and it was yet ordinary good dish. No surprise at all. Hahaha.

Then, we went to Shibuya for shopping.
MoonFlower got what she needed and I picked up those at 100 yen store:

20170505_5 20170505_6

All health-related item, hahaha.

Supper gets started quite late like 8pm…

20170505_7 20170505_8

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Walked with 6,700 steps according to my gadget "UP Move."
I am quite tired and need to rest for now. Hahaha.

Cemetery Visit and Then

Still in the middle of Golden Week - no particular plan for our family.
Except today. MoonFlower and I got to go to the cemetery for prayer.
Once a month - our family routine. Then, late lunch takes place… like:


Like this!!! Well, it is Japanese food… not fish. They are eels. Domestic fresh eels are quite expensive.
Big lunch it was for sure. Hahaha.
Then, we drove on to the nearby outlet mall for shopping.


I appear like that with funky jeans. Don't you agree? It is my own "middle-age" fashion. Hahaha.
While MoonFlower didn't buy anything at least today, I picked up brand new suits for work.
Blue suits. I will bring photo to show you how new suits look soon.

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Supper came along with sparkling wine.
Too fast to avoid being drunk…
Yep, cannot be sober anymore.

Cherry Blossoms, Cake, Wine and Borsch

Rainy Sunday made me stay home! Same as you?
Didn't go too far. But at least MoonFlower and I went out for grocery shopping.
Well, we went in nearby department store to pick up some sweets as well. Hahaha.

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My watch selection for the day is GaGa. Yeah, made me feel like Italian today. Hahaha.

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Wine was of course French… Bourgogne in precise. Pinot Noir is of my favorite


Yellow face GaGa is good to match with gold Alain Mikli eyewear! Hahaha.

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Supper comes with avocado and borsch. Good supper which MoonFlower made for two of us. Darn good!

Now final week of March is coming around.

Sweets, Car-wash, and Wine

Extended weekend is now coming to an end… already.
As per MoonFlower's request, we lined for special sweets at famous bakery shop in Ningyocho.
Place called "Sucre-rie."

20170320_1 20170320_2

Many people were in line waiting for the same thing.
MF and I just ordered 4 of them… just for ourselves. Meanwhile, majority of people in line ordered at least 8 or more!
Oh boy, since when Japanese family becomes so big? Hahaha.


It was great sweets for sure. Perfect afternoon with such a famous sweets.
Within the picture, today's watch TAG-Heuer SEL model… which is already discontinued. For me, it is still working watch.

20170320_4 20170320_5

Wine bottle gets opened while watching TV dramas.
Long night made quite short since good tasty wine and food just served.
No complaints! Hahaha.

Long weekend comes to an end with good feeling.

Extended weekend begins

Long weekend gets started. Monday is national holiday!
MoonFlower has already gone back to the house in Chiba and, in this morning, I had to follow after her.
Jumped into my car and drove in highway to Chiba. Time to time I hit the traffic jam.

Took me a little bit longer than usual time to get there.

20170318_1 20170318_2

My Alfa is still in good shape. Running great!


MF's favorite dog - very behaving!

Wine gets opened for supper.

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Good wine… matching wth roasted beef.
Wait. It is white wine… with meat? Hmmm.
Was it a mistake? Still matched? Hmmm, not sure what was the best choice.

At least things were like this.
I have selected several menu for supper. Then, wine selection was informed afterwards. That is why.
Well, it didn't matter. Things were good and I loved it!

Kisarazu Outlet Mall

Woke up at usual time and jumped on my car right after that.
Drove up to Chiba since MoonFlower spent last night at her sister's home.
I joined her there and continued for shopping.

After grocery shopping, stopped by an outlet shopping mall in Kisarazu.
Very nice BALLY business bag found on the shelf.
ALMOST bought it. Yeah, really close.

I saw one in navy color. This is black one but you can tell how it looks.


Almost bought it.
Made our dinner early today and opened a bottle of wine first.


Didn't drink 2nd bottle. Just one for today. Same as usual.
French wine from Bourgogne.

Early start didn't result early finish. I stayed up late… hahaha.


Extra shot for today.
I may sell it out… maybe?
Resale value of this kind of watch is not so (at all?) high. Hahaha.

Decided to go back to Tokyo, not Today but Tomorrow

MoonFlower gets back to the work from 4th of January.
Thus, we should be back home until 3rd.
Well, the choice is between today or tomorrow.


Choice was made over glass of wine… the outcome was obviously not "today…" due to alcohol intake.

Happy New Year 2017!

A Happy New Year 2017!!!
I wish to have this year be peaceful and happy time for me and my family!


Typical and traditional Japanese food for new year! This is for 2 people.

20170101_2 20170101_3

New year cerebration came along with sparkling wine at night over supper.
Not bad!!!
Eating toooo much around this time of year. Same as usual. Cannot and shouldn't complain!

Celebration wtih Ice Imperial

Supper came along with a bottle - champagne for tonight.


Moet & Chandon - Ice Imperial. Summer bottle that I wanted to consume for a long time.
After long trips for work, it was a celebration.

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20160917_4 20160917_5

Good dinner at home. Better than any food at any restaurant.
It was just a perfect supper.

Extended weekend still continues…

New Tie and Wine in the middle of a week


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Japan's Golden Week is over...

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Home Dinner as Usual


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Cafe Noa in Tateishi, Tokyo

Saturday has come! This is just a day before departure to Germany.
Busy morning it was since MoonFlower reserved seats for two of us at cafe located in Tateishi.
We had to rush into dry cleaning for drop-off first and quickly bounded for the cafe.

20160227_1 20160227_4

Destination was Cafe Noa - I came here before. Actually it was for my birthday sweets last year.
Now this place is even more popular and all tables were full with customers.
Somehow, almost all customers are alone and female.

Another common thing found was that they do bring mirrorless camera and take lots of pictures. More than I do.
They must upload to their own blog or Instagram…
While, I stick to my iPhone camera… no wonder that the number of visitors to my website doesn't go up much. Hahaha.

20160227_2 20160227_3

After waiting 1 hour or even longer… since cafe owner runs everything by herself…
Though, great things come after.

20160227_5 20160227_6

Crape was the best for the day. I really loved it. MF made a great choice from the menu. She knows so much about this place, already.


My final was even sweeter and bigger.
Since finishing medical check-up, I am free to eat anything… means that I gain some already? I should be careful.


After long afternoon nap, supper came with wine.
Selection was of Italian bottle. Red. Toscana.

20160227_9 20160227_a

Another long night with finishing the bottle.
Of course, my packing was already completed for tomorrow. Rate, huh.
I usually start packing at midnight…

I have to leave home around 9am for airport.
Flight was a little after noon.
Hope it wouldn't be too cold in Germany. Will see.

Free Day, Wine, Watch Winding...Blissful Moment

It is Saturday! Started early at 8am. Wow, it is early.
Since MoonFlower went out with her friend and drove our car… I have nothing to do and no car to drive around.
That is still okay as far as I come to secure great freedom!

Went out to shoe repair shop for my two different pairs which their soles need maintenance.
Cost was 2,700 yen or 25 bucks. I can pick them up tomorrow.

Wanted to get haircut since my hair is getting long.
When was last time that I went to my saloon? I bet it was early January and, for almost 1.5 months, I have no haircut.
Time to get it done! So I called for appointment. I instantly reserved it for 5:30pm. Yes, same day - today.

Had time about 1 hour until then. Decided to stop by coffee shop.
I thought that it was time to test how well my new headset works. I went to cafe with tons of customers and loud jazz music played.
It was a perfect condition to test such noise cancelling feature by BOSE.

Well, my impression is that this WORKS QUITE WELL. What a technology!
There is no doubt that this works fine in flight when I am going to Germany in two weeks. Cool.
I cannot wait on board to the flight to Munich! (even though I fly economy!)

Now I need software… to this great hardware. Let me see what I should get. What kind of music then?

Supper starts home as MoonFlower came home and so I did after haircut.
My hair got shorter than expected. This makes me feel cold?
Wine bottle gets open.

20160220_1 20160220_2

Nice dinner setting with flower today.


Watching gourmet TV which is recorded. Program called "Wakaso Sake."

20160220_4 20160220_5

Supper continues.

20160220_6 20160220_7

Finished with pasta and still sweets followed.


Winding my precious watch - Audemars Piguet. MoonFlower told me to take this Royal Oak off. Hahaha, I have to resist.
My precious time winding the watch.

Good and relaxing day just passed by. Cannot complain.

Busy Saturday?

Snow is expected tomorrow… thus, needed to finish whatever planned for this weekend within TODAY.
Heard that NY got hit by big blizzard as well.
Hope that this won't be another Monday when we have a big trouble with snow.

Drove my car down to the center of Tokyo… after dropping by dry cleaner.
I wanted to go to a big bookstore for search.
Happened to park my car like that… next to red car.


They are brothers!
Alfa Romeo Giulietta & MiTo sitting side-by-side.
So cool! Rare to happen, particularly the same Alfa Red models!


2 books are checked out after 1-hour search.
Theme is of balanced score card.
This is to be my reading over this weekend.

Spent about 4,000 yen for them. Found 6,000-yen book on the same theme.
However, I chose to buy two rather than one to have better / more perspectives.


Bourgogne wine was opened for supper which started later than expected tonight.
Saint-Aubyn 1er Cru.
It was an excellent choice coming along with such:


Salad - olive and salami sausage.


Spareribs came as entree.
Spicing was perfectly done.
Tasty… indeed.


Surprisingly, pasta followed afterward.


Gourmet drama on TV… "Wakaso Sake."
Popular drama recorded on Friday played.


She (Wakaso) showed such happy face after having tasty oyster from Hiroshima.

Supper passed by with this drama and turned me to be sleepy head.
Better hit the sack… Zzz.