Home Alone

Somehow… new bottle in.

Received DOM PERIGNON Rose… it is champagne. Gorgeous wine!!!
Yep, this is a gift from tax that being paid. Nice return, huh!
Paying tax is something not bad at all.

This Saturday made a home alone time for myself.
Except one outing… went to nearby bakery for picking up some breads.
Even picked up pasteurized milk. Very different taste from ordinary milk usually available at any grocery store.

Didn't go out to any other place. I stuck with TV and Ballantine's is my good company at night.
Very calm day. Very relaxing, too.

Wine Dining at Home

Opend el prremier cru wine home tonight.
DIdn't drink any wine home for a while and it is time to clear some inventory! Hahaha.
Well, the mid-day of three-day weekend accomplished anything except this dinner.

Obviously, MoonFlower and I had relaxing time home today.

I helped MF a little bit. Wrapped some stuff with pork… well, she forced me to? Hehehe.

Farewell: ex-Boss Miura-san


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Destination Change

1st day of 3-day extended weekend is just begun.
Why extended? We are observing "Adult Day" on coming Monday. Total 3-day weekend. Not bad, huh.
Even though I worked somewhat yesterday, I still feel like I were in the middle of long vacation.

Definitely, I dreamed about it. Though, no worries since the reality does kick in when time comes to Tuesday. Ha!

MoonFlower wanted to go to a restaurant in Asakusa area and we even get on the train toward the area.
Though, she found out that place is fully booked for tonight and there was no chance for us to be there.
So in the train, we are forced to change our mind. Took a train for opposite direction. Got off the train at Higashi Ginza.

Yeah, not Asakusa but Ginza today.


Saw tons of dried persimmons ("hoshigaki") on the street…. they made us quite hungry.

20180106_2 20180106_3

Late lunch was soba. Didn't come to this place ever before. Good surprise that this soba noodles were pretty good!

Then, we intended to shop in the department stores. Looking for business bag that I use for my work.
There was no luck to reach one for myself as far as today. I have to seek next chance.
Everything was either boring design or highly (over) priced that we cannot afford. No luck it was.

For supper, MoonFlower and I went to two different bars at a night.

20180106_4 20180106_5


20180106_7 20180106_8

Main dining was at wine bar.
Then we stopped by another one. Seems a little more authentic or hard core bar.

20180106_9 20180106_a

Of course, we selected serious drink then. Hahaha.

Long day came along with fun and feeling of getting drunk for hangover. Hahaha.