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Cafe Hopping in Ginza

20210904 BUNDOZA - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Keep Drinking?!

Olympic Games now come to an end.
New cloth got just delivered.

This is for MoonFlower. Definitely feminine fashion.
Still early to dress this because it is still hot.
Maybe in September or even October?!

Opened a bottle of wine for family supper.
Oremus - Mandolas 2018 from Hungary.
Rare to find Hungarian wine? Probably so.

Peach and prosciutto. Perfectly matched to the wine

After this dish, big chicken came and filled my stomach.

It is a short holiday / extended weekend, we shall keep drinking!

F9 and Italian Cuisine

Fast and Furious and good Italian cuisine followed.
Pretty damn good day for me.

Luxurious dinner along with pairing wines.
Great family dinner took place.

Still Needed?

Stress relief?!

Need to depend upon such alcohol for work?!

"ROZZO SICILIA" in Shirokane

After 6 hours of talk (presentation / facilitation), work gets well-done as confusion.
Good work!
Am exhausted then.

Finished several short meeting done afterwards and then, went out for food pickup.

MoonFlower made a take-away food to an Italian restaurant located in Shirokane, a fancy district in Tokyo.
This place is somewhere we have never used ever before. Totally 1st time.
Picked food up and rushed to the home.

MF returned home before me.
First time to see her in 20 days or so… Hahaha.

Decided to open a bottle of Champagne tonight along with great foods.

Good drink and food made me sleepy quickly.
After tough work, time to rest or relax.
Any objection?

Strawberries and Wine, etc.

Traffic jam was everywhere.
I hit one of those on the way to Chiba to see MoonFlower.
Picked her up and went into shopping strawberries.

Famous shop where a long line to buy boxes of strawberries.
She got what she wanted - actually 3 boxes of strawberries after waiting in line for 15-20 minutes.

Went to a prayer at cemetery in the afternoon.
After all, drove back home.
Supper home started quite late. Although, a good wine was opened.

Tomorrow, weather is not going to be positive much. Hard rain expected.
What shall I do then?!

Showed up to Omotesando (shopping district)

Took a train for Omotesando where I walked around for a quite long time today.
Yeah, it was just a matter of walking exercise.

Stopped by Audi House of Progress Tokyo.

Saw this Q4 e-Tron. This is, although, a totally mock-up.
I have never driven any EV ever… I should make a reservation for doing so soon.

Went in to the Spiral Cafe for lunch.

They charged me 900 yen for a cup of coffee.. Oh boy!
But the taste was quite real… I guess, that was serious genuine coffee then.

Another EV - saw Tycan in real life for the 1st time. From Porsche it is.
Hmmm, it is surely nice. But not of my taste.
Too expensive to afford in the first place!

Even though home alone, even opened wine bottle for self-drinking.
Of course, I drank several glasses. Didn't finish the whole bottle tonight.

Sunday branch

It was MoonFlower's request that we go to Kiyosumi Shirakawa area.

Came to a popular bakery shop where we saw more than several people were lining up already.
Took us about 20-25 minutes to get in to the shop and grab what we wanted.
Good shopping.

Since coming to interesting area, we decided to check out fancy cafe for branch.

Wow, big dish… I wasn't expecting that much, though.
The taste was pretty good and didn't remind me much of the large portion. Ate it up, quickly.

More wine bottles home… to be part of collection or inventory.
MF bought more for new year? Maybe.
Will be consuming them soon. Hahaha.

Christmas 2020

Barely made the 1st working week

One project member found the fact that it was the birthday for one of the members yesterday.
Thus, we decided to go out to buy some cakes for her.
Brought in many cakes for small party taking place late afternoon.

That was the main event for the day!

They are from the Giza Wako cake shop.
Birthday person got good surprise and it was fun event.
8 of us got together… I wish that it brought ALL members to the place.

Worked late… left office around 8-ish.

Opened a bottle of sparkling wine tonight. Yeah, still Friday night which is rare.
Though, we should celebrate that we made 1st working week and extended weekend is ahead.
Monday is national holiday… for your note.

With bubbles, these cashew nuts were great!
Loved this pack. Sort expensive, though.

Part of my souvenirs from business trip back in October.
Man, this is awesome stuff… I should have bought more, then.

What shall I do over the weekend? Until Monday?
No particular plan as usual.
Will see.

New Year, It is 2020!!!

A Happy New Year of 2020!!! Finally, it is here for all!!!

The design is of new year greeting cards for this year.

First meal of the year called OSECHI.
MoonFlower selected this special food from restaurant in Kyoto.
This is pretty damn good!

For supper, we even opened the Don Perignon. It is a vintage one. Also it is the PINK.
Not bad… that was great.

Great start of a new year for sure. No complaints. Just perfect.