Bought it on spec

Very cheap and quite unque watch I just bought.
Did not plan to. So instantly… I bought it on spec. Hahaha.
Not prestigeous brand at all… Rather, fashion watch.

Called "Future Funk" - funky brand, huh!

Crazy dial. Very analogue. I love it. Cool on my wrist when wearing suit.
Such unmatched and uncoordinated is quite stand-out.

Leave me alone, will you! Hahaha.

SInce I cannot afford any of watches from luxury brands, I had to stick with something reasonable and fun like this.
Got it?

My Next Watch as My Hobby Goes Further

Which one looks better for my next (another) watch?

ROLEX Day Date 40 - Blue DIal

AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Offshore Diver

Well, I just received "hard no" from MoonFlower. They are darn too expensive… which is TRUE.
I have to take another look to see if I push this through or not.
Most likely, I have to withdraw this idea in order to keep everything in tact and peace… between she and I.

You know what I mean.

Well, I came to have bad and arugmentative hobby at least appears that to my wifey.
Oh boy!

I finished many small things within the day… not only the dry cleaning errands but also shoe repairs. Very organized.
Because of yesterday's massage and chiropractic treatment, I feel much better, physically.
Yesterday's investment is definitely worthy.

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