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Watch Assembly Workshop

Started with gourmet food - EEL bowl / Unagi Don for brunch with MoonFlower.
Yeah, sort of slow start.
In other words, we slept in. Hahaha. Out usual Sunday it is.

Good food for sure.

Then, I went to a department store to participate some class.
It was about mechanical watch assembly workshop.
I had never ever done such before.

I am glued to watch collection as you know and I am somewhat interested in inner mechanism.

Cool set up. Make me like professional technician.

Spec sheet - front

Spec sheet - back

It was simple disassemble and re-assemble without detail work like applying oils, etc.
Worked on comparably large size mechanical watch.
Thus, condition must be determined as super simple and easy case.

Was difficult enough for me as 1st time.

In the end, my watch assembly was completed and worked as designed. Cool.
It was a great relief for sure with some pleasure.

Workshop was a matter of one hour and a half or so. Fun enough.

Maybe I should look up for other workshop kind of thing for fun and experience… yeah not bad idea.

This weekend came with full of good gourmet foods and fun. Movie was missing, though.
It has been a while since last movie saw. Need to catch up with what in theater for sure.
Maybe next weekend.

"Jurassic World" - am between go and no-go. Totally unsure.
"Minions" - definitely pass.
"Bullet Train" - definitely "go" to see for sure. Coming to theater on Sep 1st.

Maybe I should take a look at Japanese movies currently on…

As close as I could get

Close enough?
Dropped by Swatch Shop in Omotesando.
There was a line inside… for popular MoonSwatch.

I guess, I was very last one and got offered "PINK."
NOT what I wanted.

I want pale blue, yellow/gold, or green.

Don't know of next chance… but decided to PASS today…

Diagnosed as "Watch Crazy"

You can tell me or even call me, "Watch Crazy."

Yeah, am so attached and addicted to watch collection like this one. Hard to refuse.
Very adorable. Very.
What else can I tell?


Finally KC Is Here!

Placed the order back in April, 2021…

Picked up in Moscow, even under the war, for delivery in July, 2022!
Longer than a whole year.

Got here TODAY!

Here it is.


On my wrist!!!

This is UNIQUE PEACE made for me... my Konstantin Chaykin "CLOWN."

New addition to my watch collection.

Birthday "Roll" Cakes

Sloppy Sunday it is. So what?!

Breakfast? Lunch?
Brunch then.

GaGa Milano watch is just back in from the repair.
Repair cost seems to be outrageous to me. Well, that is part of brand strategy, I guess.
Well, this is 1st repair / overhaul after having 8 years in my possession.

Maybe shouldn't complain too much since doesn't happen too often.

Treat or Treat is online sweet shop which delivered cakes for my birthday.
MoonFlower ordered.

Cute deign box

Two Rolls.

One is plain and the other is lemon.
This web shop is famous for lemon cakes.
Yeah, this is very good cakes!

Birthday Celebration, Already

Watch, Movie, and Dinner

Finally Weekend Begins...

Finally another weekend is coming up.
My Friday started in Ginza.
Stopped by Omega Store for no particular reason.


I wanted to check something out and asked about "MoonSwatch" stuff.
That new watch series are at Swatch Shop.
My inquiry was responded in a positive way. Showcase is available at Omega Store.

Only saw them through the glass. Though, that was good enough for now.
Tomorrow, they become available for sale.
Interesting watches for sure. Do I get one for myself?!

That is a big question that I have to answer by myself within tonight!!! Hahaha.

Had a late lunch, after Omega Store, at noodle shop where I came to eat for the 1st time.
Per review site, this seems to be highly ranked.
Good ramen noodles for sure. I may come back sooner than I think for now. Will see.

Baseball season just began today. Way ahead of MLB this year, huh!
My team - Dragons lost the 1st game of the season… hope it looks better at the end.
I know, they are counted as underdog for this season.

Will see how it all would go.