Big (and yet unexpected) Shopping

Today, it suddenly became our shopping day for Christmas!
MoonFlower got what she wanted and, somehow, so did I.
I came to a big shopping… in fact, the biggest shopping of the year.

December 3rd, 2017, I become the owner of Italian watch called Panerai owner.
1st weekend of December is quite historic for me. It must mean something.
Back in 2013, I purchased Audemars Piguet on December 1st.

20171203_7 20171203_8

Unbox ceremony

20171203_9 20171203_a

Brand new - Paneral Luminor Due 42mm Blue - boutique edition

Wow, super cool. I had never dreamed about buying big Panerai watch. In fact, this is slim one. Thus, this is unusual Panerai.
Interesting huh.
So far, I love it. Cool watch it is.

Big reward.

GaGa Ball for Decoration

3-day extended weekend has come to an end, already.
Time does fly and things get passed so quickly!
Well, I am still out of town to Chiba… and will be driving back to Tokyo in the early morning tomorrow.


Soba and Tempura were selected for today's lunch.


Today's my attire. T-shirt is obviously well worn-out. MoonFlower suggested me to replace it with something new.
In the US, this is okay… you can see lots of similar stuff… people do love wear color-faded T-shirt and no one really notices.
However in Japan, T-shirt is very cheap fashion and such worn-out T-shirt may not seem to be attractive too much. Well, time for shopping!


Along with my attire for the day, GaGa Milano - Italian watch fits to my wrist.
Went to an outlet shopping mall as single event of the day. No other fun stuff except it. Hahaha.


No T-shirt today. No clothes at all. Instead, this is under my possession now.
Another GaGa Milano - Watch? Nope. It was jewels.


Famous? GaGa Ball.


This ball is decorative to my bad like this.
Very shiny ball is fun add-on to my bag… Hahaha. Too vivid?
Anyway, fun shopping it was.

Mid-Day of the Extended Weekend

20170917_1 20170917_2


Movie, Ramen, Cartier, and Aged Beef

Another movie day for me! Movie number 17 in this year.


Wonder Woman - from DC Comic.
Unlike Avengers movie, the story was quite flat and simple. Well, I still like a little sophisticated story...
Wonder Woman - simply beautiful and strong. Not bad, though.


While being hungry in watching the movie, ramen noodle crossed my mind more than several times.
I then rushed into a ramen shop immediately after the movie. No hesitation.
With today's watch - Audemars Piguet


Stopping by Cartier boutique shop for picking up my watch from overhaul. They call it as "Complete Service." Whatever.
Unfortunately, the service provided was unsatisfactory.
Didn't pick up then. I had to wait. Oh boy, this is a mess.

For supper, MoonFlower and I went out to Kanda area.
Went in to the Bistro Brook Kitchen. It is our 1st time to dine in.

20170902_4 20170902_5

Very fancy place with full of guests tonight.

20170902_6 20170902_7

Chose sparkling wine and several fish dishes.

20170902_8 20170902_9

No more wine afterwards. Picked Mojito for my 2nd and last drink. Not bad at all.


This place's speciality - dry-aged beef. Pretty expensive… and we expected good quality… but not so much, unfortunately.
Different place we went before - back on July 9th - "Beef Beef Beef" day… we went to restaurant called "LE VIN ET LA VIANDE."
That place is much much better off for aged beef / steak. I should go back to that restaurant one more time.

Back to Work!




Reunion with Dawn and Xavier

Hot Japan… welcomes two friends of mine from US today.
I had no plan until the dinner with them today.
Thus, spending time for nothing until then.

20170722_1 20170722_2

During the time that I did nothing, G-Shock was perfect telling me time…
Then, I switched it to Royal Oak since I had to show up to the ANA Intercontinental Tokyo - one of luxury hotel in Akasaka.
Yeah, exciting to see friends whom I hadn't seen for a long time.

Dawn and Xavier - they are my colleagues in old time when I was working in Atlanta.
Dawn was a great friend of mine… we played softball together for many years.
She even wrote a recommendation letter for Thunderbird MBA entrance. I owe her a lot!

Xavier - this is 1st time in 20 years? Dawn comes to Japan with him for business. Nice occasion for catch-up.


In fact, more than them… business related people joined the dinner.
Actually, I am the one additionally joined the business occasion… to be precise.
At least, I still spoke English a lot even though I worried a little bit about it since didn't speak English too much for a while. Hahaha. Nothing to worry about that.

Better see the dinner table with 360 degree photo as below:

With Dawn and Xavier! - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Dawn sits right next to myself and Xavier is stilling across the table from her. He is wearing glasses.

What a great night! How wonderful to see such great friends!

Fukuoka: Day Trip


20170710_2 20170710_3

20170710_4 20170710_5

20170710_6 20170710_7

20170710_8 20170710_9

20170710_a 20170710_b




20170617_2 20170617_3

20170617_4 20170617_5


20170617_7 20170617_8


Nagasaki: Team Rolex?

Hotel is located in the middle of very fancy area… lots of bars and taverns around!
Just like this:


Very traditional Japanese night street, don't you think?
Well, I didn't come to a chance to drink in such atmosphere… that was what I thought.
Turned out to be wrong…

Clients invited over dinner and I came to drink in Nagasaki.
I heard so funny things from them.
Two representative from local business at dinner table told me that they are big watch fans like me.

From my presentation at the kick-off, they paid attention to what kind of watch I have…
In fact they are big Rolex fans. One has Deep Sea and the other does Daytona.
Wow, truly big fans for sure.

They were happy to see my "old" Explorer II.

So I found Team Rolex in Nagasaki. While, I have faced similar circumstance.
Team Panerai was found in Fukuoka.
Interesting, huh!

I guess, I have come to confirm that they make full commitment to the project after all.

Frank Miura vs. Frank Muller

Very famous "counterfeit" brand called Frank Miura. Miura is ordinary Japanese (last) name.
Sounds "Muller." That is the point of humor.
For my 44th birthday, I got one replica similar to real Frank Muller that I own.

20170508_1 20170508_2

This is fake Frank Muller called Frank Miura.


Fake along with real. Can you see the difference? It is obvious, isn't it.
Recently, authentic Frank Muller sued the company producing the replica.
However, the judge let this lawsuit go because "it is too obvious."

It means that now Frank Miura is "official" counterfeit of Frank Muller. Judge has a good humor!

I did put that on my wrist to work. It was cool at least to myself!


Box - this is what MoonFlower got from Isetan yesterday.

20170508_4 20170508_5

The ball - this is what she got… for home decoration. Very detailed work… of course, hand-made!
This is not the 1st ball… this is indeed addition to her "ball" collection. Oh boy!
How many balls does she need then? Hahaha.

44th Birthday

April 25th - another time… another birthday of mine!
Now I am 44 years old.
Yeah, really middle-age, already. Am definitely not young anymore.

Though, at least I should feel like young! Hahaha.


I picked up this watch for this day… Cartier Santos 100.
No meeting with client. I picked what I want.
That is why this gorgeous watch can be on my wrist.

I cannot forget one more person on this day. My mother who has same birthday… TODAY.


She sent me photo of flowers that I sent for her.
Look good!

April 25th passed by in peace. That is all needed.
What's ahead in the 44th year of my life?
Will see.

New? Limited Edition "San Francisco" by Pelikan

Wow, new to my collection? Not so fast.
Today I come to a fountain pen by German-made Pelikan called "San Francisco."
This is limited edition. Though, it is already being discontinued.

Sold back even in 2003!


Pretty calm design… not of my kind of choice? Hahaha.
In fact, this is MoonFlower's pen.
Since she gave up on this kind of pen for good and I now take it over. Yeah, new addition to my collection, indeed.


Since my Pelikan is gone for repair, this San Francisco is helping me to write up my meeting memo for the day.
This particular writing instrument is pretty smooth and great to hold. No complaints whatsoever. Perfect stuff.

Color of ink is brown to match the color of body. Good choice made! Hahaha.

Even fun to write rather than typing on PC. You know such difference? With and without pleasure…

Ramen & Movie

After the closing of a big project, I am quite relaxed and slept in. This is sure thing for all of you folks as well, right? I am sure that it is.
Crossed my mind about what to eat and I ended up a new place not too far from home.
It is called "Wheet and Olive."

What an interesting name for Ramen shop. It is really and it is FAMOUS. Original shop is in Ginza.
Now it opens new place in Nihonbashi. I think that it is from 22nd of February. So still quite new.


Not "Ramen" it called. Rather, "Soba."
Soba applies more Japanese noodle with buckwheat flour. Rather, Ramen is made out of ordinary (?) wheet flour.
Hahaha. Cannot explain the real difference in English… but they are different.

In Japanese, Soba-ko vs. Komugi-ko. They are different.

Well, first time for me to go into this famous noodle place. It was very different from ones I usually eat. Pretty simple but very taste.
I may try other on the menu soon!


From 2:20pm, I went in a movie theater to check this out:


Vin Diesel's TRIPLE X - Return of Xander Cage.
Very easy story to follow and fun to watch because he never gets shot at all no matter how many bullets shot aiming at him.
Is this American James Bond? Or reality of America's Avengers?


This is finally bought and here at home. Now still missing new suitcase. Be here soon??? Will see.

Kisarazu Outlet Mall

Woke up at usual time and jumped on my car right after that.
Drove up to Chiba since MoonFlower spent last night at her sister's home.
I joined her there and continued for shopping.

After grocery shopping, stopped by an outlet shopping mall in Kisarazu.
Very nice BALLY business bag found on the shelf.
ALMOST bought it. Yeah, really close.

I saw one in navy color. This is black one but you can tell how it looks.


Almost bought it.
Made our dinner early today and opened a bottle of wine first.


Didn't drink 2nd bottle. Just one for today. Same as usual.
French wine from Bourgogne.

Early start didn't result early finish. I stayed up late… hahaha.


Extra shot for today.
I may sell it out… maybe?
Resale value of this kind of watch is not so (at all?) high. Hahaha.

Ready to Go!

Now it is mid-February, things get really started. I just received signed / sealed contract from a client today.
Yes, it is official start of the project today. YEY.
I will be "engaged" in a project for next 10 months. Yeah, job for a year! Hahaha.

I put two out of three "luminous" photos on Instagram today. First two of them are just ones.


Cool and different face at night… simple gorgeous one. Different from complex chronograph face.


Another awesome one… very stylish luminous face. Long bar indices are very stylish, don't you think? I do!!!


This one does not, at least has not gone to Instagram yet. Compared to above two, things are still good but somehow mediocre. Hahaha.

Anyway, time to get back work.
Let me finish having fun with watches. Hahaha.

Watch, pen, and movie...

All right… Friday is over. Now going into a weekend!

20170210_1 20170210_2

Today's attire and pen for work.
Brioni tie is always cool and I love it. Very fancy and perfect match to Cartier Santos100XL.
Pen is also gold today. Pelikan Souveran M450 Vermeil / Tortoise. This is no longer produced.

Pretty good match and coordination, don't you think? Too vivid?


Finally came to see this movie before too late. I took advantage of free movie ticket today.
Somehow, "The Accountant" is changed to "The Consultant" in Japan. Probably, it is much easier for all to imagine.
Well, the movie was so-so. I thought that it would be much better and fun. It was mediocre one.


Last shot for the day… over the supper in the pizza place. MoonFlower and I found very good place!
Yammy pizza it was.
Okay, let's enjoy the weekend!

Visiting cemetery

Today's agenda was the cemetery visit with MoonFlower.

20170204_1 20170204_2

I put on tsumori chisato shirt along with blue-strap Frank Muller. Pretty young adult fashion for today.

Spending night at second house (?) located in Chiba and of course we take everything very easy!

1st month of 2017 is already gone!

Family dinner taking place tonight to celebrate the completion of 1st month in 2017!
Well done! Lots of things happened… already.
MoonFlower and I went to our usual place in Chiba. Restaurant that friend of ours running…

20170203_1 20170203_2

20170203_3 20170203_4

20170203_5 20170203_6

Too much of great stuff. No complaints whatsoever. So good.
Great dinner wrapping up the 1st month of a year.
Hope things are going okay next month and even longer.

Tableware Festival 2017

Our family tradition comes in today… same time of a year!
It is Tableware Festival 2017. MoonFlower's favorite event EVER!
I happened to reserve two tickets for ourselves.

So went to Tokyo Dome where so many people were waiting for opening.

20170129_1 20170129_2

A long line to enter the Dome…

20170129_3 20170129_4

Fancy exhibits on and on…

20170129_5 20170129_6

Found that spoons and forks were the same as ours. She has made a pretty good choices!


MF found an antique plates that she wanted to buy. Well, it was a set of 6 pieces for sale.
She wants only two for our use. Unfortunately, the seller didn't break it down to sell two for us.
Too bad.


Today's one on my wrist - GaGa Milano. 1st time in a long time. Good weekend watch on wrist. Hehehe.

Instead of those antique plates, MF purchased different ones. Well, I will take picture of those when using them on our dining table for the 1st time.
That shouldn't be too much time from now on. Gotta be rather short, I believe.

Okay, this weekend is over. Getting ready for new week at work. Busy week ahead?

Looking for New Watch & Bag

Went out to Ginza for WINDOW shopping.
Yes, window shopping only.
Looking for watch and bag…


Another day with Santos100XL. Cannot complain that this piece still goes well with jeans! Hehehe.


For watch - order made?! Of course not.
Just requested that I would get a call from the shop once it gets sample from 2016 new products.
Yeah, am looking for Offshore Diver - WHITE.

Supper was with MoonFlower. We selected Italian foods.

20170128_4 20170128_5


Good foods but a little bit over the budget. Hmm, we need financial adjustment in this month since tight budget. Hahaha.




20161210_3 20161210_4
20161210_5 20161210_6


October, Already

Already… final corner of the year…
October. What have I done so far? Not really much yet… oh boy!


Odometer hits 22,138 kilometers.
Annual average is now down to 6,800 or so.
How much longer will I drive this car? That is a BIG question. Hahaha.

Probably another year or two… right before next mandatory inspection.


G-Shock on my wrist today.

20161001_3 20161001_4

Supper was at home with wine.
Lamb stew came as entree. This was GREAT one. I love this dish and I should ask MoonFlower for this more often.

Still weekend continues.

For sure, they are coming!

Yes, it was a quick decision… made by MoonFlower. As usual.
Tulip glass lights are coming to our new home in this winter.

20160922_1 20160922_2

Yes, these are antique and MF found them in some magazine, I believe.
She placed an order and the shop looked for it…
According to the shop, it finds such piece once or twice a year at most. In some year, there is no finding.

I guess, MF is quite lucky.

20160922_3 20160922_4

Not only finding but also condition… this piece is in great condition. Even better.
Though, we're moving into such tiny place… such vivid decoration can be "unmatched?" Hmm. Will see.

Meanwhile, mine stuff was just in and picked up. Blue leather strap to my Frank Muller.


Well, stainless silver strap is good but variety of strap is even better and MoonFlower can put this on her wrist as well.
Therefore, this strap is now ours. Cool.

Big shopping day today. I will be quiet for coming weekend. Hahaha.

Hiroshima Trip Conclusion

20160916_1 20160916_2


20160916_4 20160916_5

Working Saturday

It is working Saturday. Worked through the afternoon home today.

Work went okay… slower than expected. Not that much productive? It is okay… I still stay it all in control.

Of course, I didn't forget to wind the watches!


After 6pm or so, I FINALLY went out. Driving in fact.
Stopped by a ramen shop for supper.


Good and quick supper.
Then relaxing night started. Big special TV program lasting for 27 hours is on and I had to glue my face on the TV.

Let me slow down here…

Golden Week - Still Working?

Well, I could have taken a day off today…
Though, I worked home. Started at 9am and done by 8pm.
Just as usual… ordinary working day even though still in the middle of Golden Week - Japan's vacation time.

One news besides work…
New strap just in and hooked it to Explorer II. Have a take a look at new dress-down Rolex:


The color is light gray-ish blue. Not bad, huh!
I like it.

Now less often to wear this watch. With new strap, this watch comes up more often than ever in this summer for sure!

Free Day, Wine, Watch Winding...Blissful Moment

It is Saturday! Started early at 8am. Wow, it is early.
Since MoonFlower went out with her friend and drove our car… I have nothing to do and no car to drive around.
That is still okay as far as I come to secure great freedom!

Went out to shoe repair shop for my two different pairs which their soles need maintenance.
Cost was 2,700 yen or 25 bucks. I can pick them up tomorrow.

Wanted to get haircut since my hair is getting long.
When was last time that I went to my saloon? I bet it was early January and, for almost 1.5 months, I have no haircut.
Time to get it done! So I called for appointment. I instantly reserved it for 5:30pm. Yes, same day - today.

Had time about 1 hour until then. Decided to stop by coffee shop.
I thought that it was time to test how well my new headset works. I went to cafe with tons of customers and loud jazz music played.
It was a perfect condition to test such noise cancelling feature by BOSE.

Well, my impression is that this WORKS QUITE WELL. What a technology!
There is no doubt that this works fine in flight when I am going to Germany in two weeks. Cool.
I cannot wait on board to the flight to Munich! (even though I fly economy!)

Now I need software… to this great hardware. Let me see what I should get. What kind of music then?

Supper starts home as MoonFlower came home and so I did after haircut.
My hair got shorter than expected. This makes me feel cold?
Wine bottle gets open.

20160220_1 20160220_2

Nice dinner setting with flower today.


Watching gourmet TV which is recorded. Program called "Wakaso Sake."

20160220_4 20160220_5

Supper continues.

20160220_6 20160220_7

Finished with pasta and still sweets followed.


Winding my precious watch - Audemars Piguet. MoonFlower told me to take this Royal Oak off. Hahaha, I have to resist.
My precious time winding the watch.

Good and relaxing day just passed by. Cannot complain.

Movie "Abunai Deka (Dangerous Detective)"

Saturday begins earlier than usual.
MoonFlower has some appointment with her friends somewhere… thus we both woke up early.
It was 7:30 when our morning began.

Finally, we achieved to activate our weekend as early as 7:30. First time in 2016!


My Diagono is out of the collection box for the 1st time in a long time…
Winded up manually upon setting the correct time.
Perfect fit to my wrist once again.

This is my watch for the day and went out to see a movie.


The choice made was of Japanese police movie. This is one converted from old TV series.
It was quite popular when on air then.
"Abunai Deka" or "Dangerous Detectives." Two crazy police officer closes many tough cases with lots of bullets.

Unlike current TV drama with police character, too much violence in it. Hahaha. So easy and so cool.

It was very short 110-minute movie with lots of fun without any thinking.
So relaxing.
Happened to have enough points for free movie ticket and exercised such great right.
Free movie with 290-yen coffee then.

Spent 2nd half of the afternoon home, dozing off for a while… Hahaha.
MoonFlower came home around the sun set and we decided to dine out tonight.
Last Thursday, we ate Japanese… tonight we chose Western cuisine.

French Bal - her favorite small restaurant located in walking distance. We know of the chef and cute girl working with him.
Small place managed by just two.
However, the business should be good and growing. Every time we go there, we can tell more and more frequent fans and customers there.


Potato gratin - I believe that this is the dish for the night.
Next time, I should check it out again.


Pinot noir 100% wine tonight.


"Taraba" Crab and avocado with Balsamic source.


Last - the dinner finishes with pasta. Carbonara with bacons. Good choice I made!!!
Great finish.

Good food along with tasty wine. Of course, good company (wifey).
It was fun and great time between us.

One More Year-End Party

Just one day to go for 2015!
One last thing on my to-do list is of car wash!
After last prayer at the cemetery, came home and started doing so.


Thorough car wash so that I feel clean to welcome the new year.
Some neighbor walked by and told me that my car is too shiny. Hahaha. Good stuff.

MoonFlower and I thought that last dinner yesterday was family year-end party.
However, we both felt that something didn't go right.
Thus, we agreed with each other to do it again for tonight!


Went out to Chiba City for one more dinner.
Venue was of tavern that MoonFlower often goes.


Dinner started with Serbian wine 2008.
Good choice made by the restaurant owner, a friend of MoonFlower.




Main dish was beef!!!
This is so good and perfect finish of 2015!

Italian Dinner







Working Home for Whole Weekend

No personal events in this weekend at all since I had to dedicate myself to sorely work.
Too much of tasks… I am definitely swamped. No doubt about it.

In addition to yesterday, I spent time for today to work.
I should be deserved for RAISE!!!
This is 10th year of my consulting career… but in recent years there was no raise at all.

No wonder that I am indeed financially challanged…


Since MoonFlower is out of town, my food support comes out of grocery and convenience store. Hahaha.
Not much of supper tonight. Just simple.
However, it does come with canned alcohol beverage. Not that bad.


Main dish is tongue beef. Pretty darn good!
Easy supper it was really. Hahaha.

Well, still I do not see the end of this crazy work tunnel yet. Will see how that would still work.
This coming week is tough and even to be concluded with steering committee.
Oh boy, full of stuff for this week… again.

Yokohama for movie? watch? ramen?







GaGa Milano Silicon Strap

New watch? Another watch? Of course not!
Just brand new strap.
Received what I ordered online today.


Since Tokyo's summer is simply too severe, need some sweat-measure.
Yeah, now my GaGa Milano watch comes with silicon strap and ready to be worn even on typical summer day.
Today it is just the beginning. I put this on my wrist to work.

Pretty cool this is!

Never thought that this would be that good match.
It was surely good buy. How come I didn't do so much earlier.

There is a variety of colors for strap and I could have chosen others like yellow, brown, etc.
My choice was black.
Yellow was a good match to the color of index. Though, not suitable to the business, I thought.

Brown was not bad at all… but black seemed to be more versatile for my kind of usage.

It was just right. Perfect choice.

Maybe from now on… at least for a while like a month or two, this is my main watch for work and even weekend!

Already 1 Year Passed

Time really flies.
It actually did so.
It was just 1 year ago when mother-in-law passed away.

Today it was religious ceremony about 1st year after her death.
Her friends showed up in addition to all family members to the ceremony.
It was surely memorable and all thought of her when she was fine.

Watch selected for such ceremony was Royal Oak since it was serious and formal moment.


Work? I did take a day off today and tomorrow just because of this.

After the ceremony, I came to a chance to walk the dog for the 1st time in such a long time.


MoonFlower's favorite dog - Love.
She is quite old and walked a little with me today.
It was some exercise even for me.

No Work for This Weekend






Still Around!

Sorry that I have not kept up too much… I have been quite swamped.
I should NOT complain too much because that is how a life would work.
It is working! I am working to the death, maybe??? Hahaha.


Santos100 is about finished this season.
And then Diagono is ready to take that place.
That is how it works… my watch rotation.

I am definitely okay and will keep it up… putting this blog back on the track as used to be.
Please come back to see if I can prove it to you!

to New National Museum for Louvre Museum Exhibit










Golden Week 2015: Italian Wine Bar




Portable Watch Case

This is my watch case which I bought early this year.
Didn’t have any chance to use it until this weekend.



Produced by famous watch shop in Tokyo… only few available.


Can hold up to 3 large watches at a time.
This is cool and I can take up to 3 watches from my collection on road.
Next business trip to… where? Hahaha.

Italian Lunch & Japanese Supper










New Place Found!






No Alcohol Allowed!




Weekend's Watch