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Birthday "Roll" Cakes

Sloppy Sunday it is. So what?!

Breakfast? Lunch?
Brunch then.

GaGa Milano watch is just back in from the repair.
Repair cost seems to be outrageous to me. Well, that is part of brand strategy, I guess.
Well, this is 1st repair / overhaul after having 8 years in my possession.

Maybe shouldn't complain too much since doesn't happen too often.

Treat or Treat is online sweet shop which delivered cakes for my birthday.
MoonFlower ordered.

Cute deign box

Two Rolls.

One is plain and the other is lemon.
This web shop is famous for lemon cakes.
Yeah, this is very good cakes!

Birthday Celebration, Already

Watch, Movie, and Dinner

Finally Weekend Begins...

Finally another weekend is coming up.
My Friday started in Ginza.
Stopped by Omega Store for no particular reason.


I wanted to check something out and asked about "MoonSwatch" stuff.
That new watch series are at Swatch Shop.
My inquiry was responded in a positive way. Showcase is available at Omega Store.

Only saw them through the glass. Though, that was good enough for now.
Tomorrow, they become available for sale.
Interesting watches for sure. Do I get one for myself?!

That is a big question that I have to answer by myself within tonight!!! Hahaha.

Had a late lunch, after Omega Store, at noodle shop where I came to eat for the 1st time.
Per review site, this seems to be highly ranked.
Good ramen noodles for sure. I may come back sooner than I think for now. Will see.

Baseball season just began today. Way ahead of MLB this year, huh!
My team - Dragons lost the 1st game of the season… hope it looks better at the end.
I know, they are counted as underdog for this season.

Will see how it all would go.

Early Bird for What?

Showed up to a local cafe around 8:30am. Very early for me to start a weekend like this.

Unison Tailor NINGYOCHO - I came here last time when closed. Second time.

20210828 Unison Tailor Nigyocho #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Wanted to have this French toast along with iced coffee.

From 10 o'clock, went to haircut. Now got quite short hair because of hot weather.

Stopped by Mitsukoshi again for World Watch Fair.
Checked in at BREGUET for Marina watches.

Cool stuff they are for sure.

Even after returning home, watched talk show live from the Fair.
Interesting topic covers the brand strategies of different groups.

Stayed home at night…

Watch Watches and Movie

Extended Weekend Is Over!

Monday is off and now over…

Lunch came quite late and MoonFlower and I selected ramen noodles.

Usagiya in Ningyocho was not crowded at all in the middle of afternoon.

Good stuff as usual.

For the rest of afternoon, I got glued to the TV for watching drama.
Nothing special except:

Watch maintenance and coating ops while watching TV.
My hobby time!

Prep for Summer 2021

Working or Shopping?!

MoonFlower took a day off for today.
Well, I decided to go in to the office for some real paperwork needed.
Thus, she and I had a lunch together before hitting the way for office.

Some restaurant that we have never went it before… turned out that it was quite cozy and old-fashioned type restaurant.
I ordered for fried oysters and they were so good.
I should go back to that place for another dish soon.

Walked up to Ginza and stopped by Audemars Piguet before going in to the office.
Strap exchange was my purpose.

Took me around 15 minutes or so. Very convenient.
Staff even introduced mail-in service which sounded very hectic to do since I live not too far from the store.
Much convenient for me to drop in.

MF asked me to picked up some Japanese sweets on the way home.
Ichigo Daifuku or Strawberry sweets.
Oh I loved it.

Yummy dinner did follow and I had great foods all day today. No complaints.
Perfect food-rich day it was.

Work? What about it?
It was… okay!

Client owns Patek Phillip!

Man, didn't plan to stay at client's site all day long.
I originally expected to be there only for the morning.
That resulted that I had to skip some meetings. Oh boy.

Well, it is still my priority that I stay and do work for that client anyhow.

Client and I even went to have lunch together.
1st time to be accompanied with him over any meal ever.
Lots of casual talk… maybe I should have shut up a bit more. Hahaha.

Good thing found, then.

He and I have something in common.
He likes watches as well.
I knew that he has Panerai watch. He puts that on his wrist for the day.

However, he wore gold watch yesterday.
Asked him what what it was.
It was Patek, he said.

Oh boy, he's got such luxury prestigious watch in his collection.

Envy of him much for sure!

He asked me what else I have than Panerai.
Well, I was wearing Apple Watch today. Same as yesterday.
Told him that I at least have watches like Apple Watch.

Haha, I didn't give him a straight answer at all.

I may be more cautious what watch to put on when going up there.

Working late at night as usual.
Ordered some foods to UberEats.
It brought a set of cheese burger.

Hard to tell from the photo, yet, it was AWESOME stuff.
Very juicy beef in it.
I may even order one more time very soon.

Time is almost February… now I exchanged the strap for GaGa Milano from rubber to leather.
Should have done it much earlier, I thought.
GaGa is quite fancy watch and still good on my wrist for sure.

Nonetheless, GaGa doesn't go for business yet. I should try?!


Joker? Dracula? Real or Fake?

It is about mid-January. Time to shake off the holidays for digging into serious business.
Good news is that my mother is doing better and better.
Big relief for sure. Thank God.

One small package arrived.
Came from online shopping and I opened it, immediately.
I know what came to me. Thus, opening the package gets some excitement.

Here it is:

Brand new watch came in package!
Joker?! Dracula? Seemed combined. They are.

It is cheap fashion watch and I bought from online marketplace.

You know, famous luxury watch - Frank Muller has "Frank Miura" the cheap fashion copy watch.
This is same kind.

This very economic watch is fancy enough for me wearing it on my wrist. Cool, really.

I know, this is very unusual taste of any one; however, it definitely suits me. IN MY OPINION. Hahaha.

Good shopping? Yeah, it was.

Along with other watches, this one comes on to my wrist every once a while for sure.
Definitely, eye-catching!!!
Would you like one for yourself?!

Just Missed? Never Know What I Would Have

If you know me in person, it makes a lot of sense that I would select a watch like this for me:

- Limited edition. Only 88 in the world
- All seem to be sold out
- Hard to see a real watch for demo

I recently contacted a retailer in UK for this inquiry.
According to it, very last piece is to be delivered for stock at the end of January.
Thus, I was SERIOUSLY considering to reserve that one for myself.

Well, following email informed me that it would not happen. No longer available.
Too bad.

That watch retailer even let me know today that one of collectors that the shop has connection to offer to sell one.
It is mint condition. I guess, such collector does not wear it often at all and hold it into collection as possessing.
Then he waits for right time to sell if can.

That offer comes with some premium price.
Let's say that there are 10% premium on top of original price for new piece.
Oh boy. What would I do?!

If I have ever seen a piece in my hand, decision making process may be different.
I still procrastinate myself making such a big decision since never seen one and yet quite pricey.
Would you see how I feel?!

Hahaha. Will see…

Boring Friday? Boring Everyday?

Finally, Friday!
Well, being home all the times like this, we have no sense of time or day of the week.
Yes, it is Friday…

Came to a Zoom video meeting with colleagues form previous project.
Yes, PREVIOUS project means that that project is no longer active. In fact, completed for good.
It was rather great catch-up to see how all friends are doing on their own.

Some were still active under ongoing project.
Some others are totally bored because of no assignments whatsoever.
There is big difference and contrast from different conditions that my colleagues face for now.

For young colleagues, it is critical how she or he spends time for now.
Coronavirus surely extends this kind of condition for all to work.
After a long period of time like this, people can be good and competent consultant if trained well enough.

I even offered a personal coaching to one of colleagues who declared "bored."
Will see what to do next week… at least extra efforts may work well for her.
I probably should offer similar stuff to others if time does allow.

All depend upon how long this disaster would last.

Picked up small donuts for afternoon break.
Staying home and working from home accelerate the calorie consumption for sure. Bad sign.
I ought to be extra careful. Are you?

Good stuff just arrived. Latest issue of "Chronos" watch magazine it is.
I can kill my time reading page to page, cover to cover!

Have safe and easy weekend, y'all!

Back to Work 2020

Fun time is really over… we all are back to work.
I didn't go in to the office this morning.
Rather, I had 1st client meeting already in the morning.

Year 2020 is going to be fun or bitter for me? Will see.
As consulting career, thing gets changed easily and sometimes dramatically.
Will see how it goes for me and I should enjoy as much.

1st working day means new style with new stuff.

Apple Watch with brand new band looks as this.
How would you like it?
Good, isn't it? I love it.

Also, necktie… from yesterday shopping.

Like that… good coordination? Think so.
At least 1st impression should be good and positive.
I appear to be a professional.

In the afternoon, I was busy giving interviews to new grads.
They were not obviously ready for that yet… still part of holiday and didn't have time to prepare.
Though, such sessions were refreshing and fun for me.

A friend of mine informed that she got a new job after intense search.
That is a good news!
Sometimes it is hard to frankly ask what is up with job search. Maybe sensitive topic?

Anyhow, getting a new job and settling is certainly a piece of positive sign.
I still have some other friends doing the same for job hunt… hope they come to the place supposed to be.

Had a hard time to get out of bed at early time for work… hope that pain will be gone by tomorrow.
Getting back to normal is sometimes tougher than think.
Tomorrow, I have to go to different client from today's for meeting. Oh boy, somewhat busy… still.

First Shopping in 2020

Part of exercise, MoonFlower and I decided to talk around in Ginza area this afternoon.
Last day of holidays cannot be done without having some result.
That is the way we perceive.

Tons of people come to Ginza as usual.

Today, I come to a result with 2 things just shopped. NOT big shopping, though.
2020 starts with pretty practical and motivating stuff for our shopping history.

New tie picked up at Barneys New York.
MoonFlower instantly chose this one and I agreed to get it.
I may even wear this tie tomorrow as 1st working day in 2020.

Another stuff was the band / strap for Apple Watch.
Bought at Camille Fournet, Italian brand.

This band is limited edition and I love it. Cool.
The color is grey with navy. Pretty cool two-tone color band.
Unique, huh!

Finally(?), I'd better say that I am ready for 2020… new tie and new look of Apple Watch.
I must get busy from tomorrow on. Will see how the 2020 journey would go.

In fact, first working day tomorrow begins with client meeting.
Brand new project may even start within the month. Depends upon how it goes tomorrow. Will see.
Am sure that 2020 journey will be rally and I should enjoy myself as much out of any circumstance that I may face.

Wish me luck!