Home Dinner as Usual


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Busy Saturday?

Snow is expected tomorrow… thus, needed to finish whatever planned for this weekend within TODAY.
Heard that NY got hit by big blizzard as well.
Hope that this won't be another Monday when we have a big trouble with snow.

Drove my car down to the center of Tokyo… after dropping by dry cleaner.
I wanted to go to a big bookstore for search.
Happened to park my car like that… next to red car.


They are brothers!
Alfa Romeo Giulietta & MiTo sitting side-by-side.
So cool! Rare to happen, particularly the same Alfa Red models!


2 books are checked out after 1-hour search.
Theme is of balanced score card.
This is to be my reading over this weekend.

Spent about 4,000 yen for them. Found 6,000-yen book on the same theme.
However, I chose to buy two rather than one to have better / more perspectives.


Bourgogne wine was opened for supper which started later than expected tonight.
Saint-Aubyn 1er Cru.
It was an excellent choice coming along with such:


Salad - olive and salami sausage.


Spareribs came as entree.
Spicing was perfectly done.
Tasty… indeed.


Surprisingly, pasta followed afterward.


Gourmet drama on TV… "Wakaso Sake."
Popular drama recorded on Friday played.


She (Wakaso) showed such happy face after having tasty oyster from Hiroshima.

Supper passed by with this drama and turned me to be sleepy head.
Better hit the sack… Zzz.