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Day Trip to Kyoto

Day Trip to Kyoto

Back in Town. New Shirts Just In

Back to Tokyo in this afternoon.

Supper was catered by Uber Eats.
Hot spicy Chinese noodles.

Extra spicy. Quite hot and spicy for me.

MoonFlower has ordered shirts and they got delivered, already.

One for her and the other for me.
Yeah, we select same style t-shirts for both of us. Crazy?! Maybe.
One on the right is mine.

Will be in Ogaki soon for Golden Week (April 29th - May 6th).

1st Business Trip in 2021

Business trip to Kyoto.
1st time in this year… 1st time for such a long time, too.

Destination is Kyoto for business meeting.
Was it a good meeting?
Let's say that it was not the meeting that I had to lead. Thus, I was quite relaxed… but the meeting driving then was quite frustrating.

Not straight back to Tokyo.
Decided to spend a night with my mother in Ogaki.

I checked in and she is quite fine. Good news.

Munich: Last Day of Trip

Flying out of Munich for Tokyo:

Brand new BEV - Audi e-Tron 55 Quattro!

Souvenirs for home. Real champagne - 2 bottles.
Veuve Clicquot and Moet & Chandon.

Yet prefer ANA to Lufthansa in terms of service and foods. Hahaha.

Munich: Walking in Marienplatz

Sparing a little time to walk in town of Munich:

No change much in that area… Hahaha.

Never been inside? Maybe 1st time ever…

This hold is familiar!
Yeah, spent 5-6 day at this boutique hotel before. Still there!!!

No much of free time; at least walked around to feel "Germany."

London: Did Not See Any!

Finishing the London trip up.
Didn't even have chance to see any London at all.
I mean, no sightseeing whatsoever.

It was 1st time to be in London for how many years? Since 1997?
Too bad that didn't get a chance to walk around to see the difference… Am sure that there are tons of them.

Just between Hotel and Office… that was it!

London: ANA Flight to LHR


Had to put mask on until landing to the LHR.
After that, I have to take it off because I do not want to look "suspicious."

Nice Mount Fuji in distance!

a movie after a movie - I did enjoy.

Over the Great Britain!


First night, Italian food… hahaha.