Travel: Osaka


20170822 Audi A5 インテリア #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

20170822_2 20170822_3

20170822_4 20170822_5


Osaka: Nice Ocean View

20170820_1 20170820_2

20170821 スターゲイトホテル関西エアポート #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Okayama: Job Done!




20170804 岡山空港 マスカットラウンジ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

20170804_4 20170804_5

Toyohashi: July Road Accomplished!

IMG_6844 IMG_6845
IMG_6846 IMG_6847


Toyohashi: GREAT View and HUGE Breakfast at Hotel Arc Riche





Toyohashi: July Road's Final Destination

20170726_1 20170726_2

20170726_3 20170726_4

20170726_6 20170726_7



20170726_a 20170726_b

20170726_c 20170726_d

20170726 ホテルアークリッシュ豊橋 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Akita: Job's Done!


20170715_2 20170715_3



20170715_6 20170715_7



Fukuoka: Day Trip


20170710_2 20170710_3

20170710_4 20170710_5

20170710_6 20170710_7

20170710_8 20170710_9

20170710_a 20170710_b


Sapporo: Well-Done!

20170708_1 20170708_2

20170708_3 20170708_4


Sapporo: Working for Closing


20170707_2 20170707_3


Sapporo: Baseball in Sapporo Dome



20170706_3 20170706_4


20170706_6 20170706_7

Sapporo: 1st time in 2 years


20170705_2 20170705_3


20170705 Hotel WBF(ホテル札幌ノースゲート) #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Osaka: Done!




Osaka: Last Trip in May



20170529 ホテル ザ・グランデ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Okayama: Long Train Trip


20170524_2 20170524_3



20170524 ヴィアイン岡山 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA


Toyohashi: Easy (?) Day Trip

Day trip to Toyohashi, Aichi today.
Made it very early… like no one else on the platform for a train!!!

20170522_1 20170522_2

Really nobody!!!


In Kodama super express, there is only I, me, myself only! Hahaha!


Yep, arrived at Toyohashi… one day job got started at 10am.


Head of business took me for a lunch… and local Ramen noodle. Pretty good one!

2 hour presentation for management in the morning.
1.5 hour presentation and discussion with leaders in the afternoon.
Plus, other minor tasks…

I finished it all up around 4pm. Time to go home!


Caught Hikari super express… much faster than Kodama and it was luck to catch this since this comes every two hours.
Came back to Tokyo around 6pm… pretty good!
My week started in peace. Good one!

Nagasaki: Job's Done!

Finally back in town (Tokyo) after 3 night trip to Nagasaki.
Last day of three day session was completed with positive feedback.
So far, so good. For this, I have to dress like this for good and better luck:


Client sent me back to the Nagasaki Airport… though, the timing to the flight was quite tight.
I didn't have much time for shopping and even supper.
I picked up something for MoonFlower and it was already boarding time, then.

Nagasaki's famous dish is "Champon Noodles." Too bad that I missed it this time.
I will be back in Nagasaki in August. Next time, I plan more carefully. Hahaha.

Nagasaki: Team Rolex?

Hotel is located in the middle of very fancy area… lots of bars and taverns around!
Just like this:


Very traditional Japanese night street, don't you think?
Well, I didn't come to a chance to drink in such atmosphere… that was what I thought.
Turned out to be wrong…

Clients invited over dinner and I came to drink in Nagasaki.
I heard so funny things from them.
Two representative from local business at dinner table told me that they are big watch fans like me.

From my presentation at the kick-off, they paid attention to what kind of watch I have…
In fact they are big Rolex fans. One has Deep Sea and the other does Daytona.
Wow, truly big fans for sure.

They were happy to see my "old" Explorer II.

So I found Team Rolex in Nagasaki. While, I have faced similar circumstance.
Team Panerai was found in Fukuoka.
Interesting, huh!

I guess, I have come to confirm that they make full commitment to the project after all.

Nagasaki: Nobody is Around

In order to meet a client personnel - I have to move to a certain place this morning.
I then decided to take tram!!!


Tram in Nagasaki City - toll is flat rate you can ride from anywhere to anywhere for 120 yen.
Wow, pretty good!
Seems it is everyone's ride.


Then I took regular train from Nagasaki Station… and here I am!

20170510_3 20170510_4

Arrived at Ichinuno Station after 40 minute ride. Guess what I found there…
No one.. I found nobody in the station.
Very countryside, I guess. It is quite extraordinary. Never experienced such in Japan.

Nagasaki job initiated. Will see how it goes. Hope I can do an acceptable job for local business.

Nagasaki: Ready and Go

Nagasaki is next destination. Here I am… first time to spend "nights" in this city, though.
To be ready, I bought a new album… from iTunes store. Didn't plan to. Just happened to buy one for this trip.
It is Diana Krall music. Her brand new album just available in the middle of May.

Yeah, one of my favorite singers in the world! No way to miss it out.


I have to take a headset with me to this trip in order to make sure that I listen to the music all the time.
Diana Krall… I really thought that her career is nearly over since I do not see releases often anymore.
Well, this turns out to be a good surprise. Good spice to this business trip as well.

Richmond Hotel - same hotel chain as last trip which was to Fukuoka.
Very mediocre Japanese business hotel chain. Nothing special. Just right for space and price / cost.

20170509 リッチモンドホテル長崎思案橋 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

See, it is very ordinary. Hahaha.

20170509_2 20170509_3

At Haneda Tokyo Airport, gate for Nagasaki flight is located at the other side to the one for Fukuoka.
So I got a chance to use different lounge this time. Well, it was large and very open.
Plus, not many travelers using such space then. Pretty good!

Rolex Explorer II is my company to this trip. I am sure that this watch brings good luck to the result of business.

20170509_4 20170509_5

Nagasaki Flight was completed as planned.
Well, not only the lounge… but also flight itself was quite open… few customers going to that place at least today!
Wish me luck on this Nagasaki job that I have to finish until Friday.

Fukuoka: Done!

Okay, the job is done! Just back in Town.
2 nights 3 day trip to Fukuoka is completed and time for party!!!
My Golden Week 2017 is now started.

I have 9-day holiday here!!!



How did the Fukuoka job go? Good question! Who cares? At least it is done.
I should move forward and never mind how things were in the past.
That is the way I should think and do for now since holiday is here.

You know what I mean. Am sure that you do agree with me.

Fukuoka: Headset Works!

20170427_1 20170427_2

20170427_3 20170427_4

Fukuoka: One More Time

Another business trip is to begin today. For Fukuoka this time.
Well, how many times have I been on Fukuoka trip so far?
At least in this year, this is 3rd time.


Wow, almost every month I go to Fukuoka for business. Oh boy, I am busy! Hahaha.


1:30pm I catch an airport shuttle bus.


Late lunch at the airport. This fish bowl was pretty fresh and good.
Though, it was pricey. 2,000 yen.

20170426_3 20170426_4

Then flight.

20170426 リッチモンドホテル福岡天神 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Hotel room is pretty clean and cozy. No mistake in such selection this time. Hahaha.
Okay, I have to get ready for next 2 days now.
Wish me luck.

Numazu: Finished!

Okay, done! Now back in Tokyo.
Two trips within the week is pretty tough and rough!
At least things were good and understood by client.

Only one bad news…


I have to let this suit go since they are pretty worn out, already.
I like this pair pretty much. One of my favorites.
Too bad.

Numazu: Movie while Business Trip

Hahaha… joke became true!
Finished today's work around 5pm and had some time off.


Quick supper at hotel. Cup noodles.
Then, went to movie theater.


Still wearing suits. Hahaha.


Watched "Kong Skull Island."
Not bad… story with good visual. But still unreal. Hahaha.
Cannot wait "Godzilla vs. Kong" which is next after this.

Numazu: Another Trip

One trip just finished yesterday and another come up today!
Now moving to Numazu for another trip.


Checked in to the hotel.
Dawn it… this choice was not right.
Next time, I should not choose this hotel because of the location. Room itself is not bad at all.

20170405 静鉄ホテルプレジオ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

I found that there is a movie theater nearby…
If I got job done early… I may get a chance to see movie?
Will see.

Toyohashi: Done!

Another big breakfast on 2nd day.
Great view this time since I got seat near the window.


This time, western menu for breakfast.

20170404_2 20170404_3


Wow, another heavy stuff!!!
But this was good enough for me to last entire day with energy and finished the job well.


Back to Tokyo! Via bullet train.

Toyohashi: Huge Breakfast

Pretty nice hotel that I am staying!



Huge breakfast served. This is included.
Man, it was really over-eating. Too much food.


And then good view from the room.
Large place on left-hand side is Toyohashi Station.
Okay, time to get back to work!

Toyohashi: Fun and Work on the Same Day

Went to Tokyo Dome for baseball game and then traveled down to Aichi for Monday job.


My Dragons were awful… lost the game badly!

東京ドーム 巨人対中日 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Down to Toyohashi.
Pretty decent hotel as per reputation.

ホテルアークリッシュ豊橋 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Even has a lounge for guests.

ホテルアークリッシュ豊橋 15階ラウンジ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Now I have to get ready for tomorrow.

Toyohashi Trip: Managed It All... Barely?


Toyohashi Trip: Down to Hometown


Traveling to Sendai

Coming to Sendai once again. Have to finish a project progressing in this area for next two days.
It is COLD. Freezing!
I definitely followed the winter cold hitting this area for remaining time of this week.


MIssed a coffee at Starbucks in Tokyo Station… Caffeine was indeed necessary, then. Though, I couldn't wait in line for one since I had to get the train.
Too bad… and I fell to asleep in the train. Missed coffee again.
No more coffee today. Too bad.

Checked in to the hotel and no intenstion going out for supper since the weather was severe.
Rather, I would stay in the room…. keeping myself warm enough!
I stay in a hotel room like this. Typical Japanese business hotel… very small but very functional and yet cozy:

ダイワロイネットホテル仙台 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Very plain, huh!

Sendai Trip: Good Lunch & Great Result

Good lunch… on my own.
Too bad that I didn't come to a free food today! Hahaha.


Though, wonderful seafood bowl for lunch!
Long day but it was certainly worth it.
Now Sendai trip has been concluded.

Sendai Trip: Ox Tongue

Now in Sendai - northern part of Japan.
This place is famous for Ox tongue. Had to eat that tonight!


20161004_2 20161004_3

Too much I ate for sure.

Hiroshima Trip Conclusion

20160916_1 20160916_2


20160916_4 20160916_5

Yamato Museum

20160914_1 20160914_2


20160914_4 20160914_5

20160914_6 20160914_7


20160914_9 20160914_a

Hiroshima Again!

One more time… now in Hiroshima.
Yeah, am back in this town once again.
Under the rain, I went through the Haneda Airport. As usual, spent my waiting time in the executive lounge.

Ordered sandwich for lunch… they were mini sandwiches… for 400 yen. Not bad because they were just what I needed.
I should check out other menu next time.


20160911_2 20160911_3

Thick clouds… then clear around Hiroshima.
Left home for airport around noon and finally checked in at the hotel at 6pm.
Hiroshima seems to be quite far… even via air. What if I would take Shinkansen? Could be shorter? Hmmm, not sure.


Too bad… this time, room is rather small. I thought that it would be bigger than that. Too bad.
Then looked for supper. Light and quick for tonight.

20160911_5 20160911_6

Locally famous ramen shop called "Eito Men."
Soon as entered in the shop, I was told that main "Sanma Ramen" was sold out already. Damn. No lock.
Thus, I had to compromise myself to eat different bowl. "Abura Men" was selected. They were… okay.

Since I stay whole week this week, I can try this place for Sanma Ramen one more time. Should I do that? Will see.

Well, will see what it is going to happen this week in Hiroshima. Hope I can survive one more week.

Sendai Trip: Rakuten Eagles (Baseball)

1st working day in Sendai wrapped up quicker than thought.
On the way back to the hotel, I saw the baseball stadium from taxi window.


Decided to come and go under the baseball park gate.

20160907_2 20160907_3

Watched the professional baseball game from the great seating.


Game was quite one-sided… but it was fun night for sure.
Too bad that Rakuten Eagles got edged by Seibu Lions.
Saw many home runs in single game!

Day Trip to Nagoya

Business trip for a day to Nagoya.

20160720_1 20160720_2

20160720_3 20160720_4

Turned out to be a good and productive day with client in Nagoya.
They were well-prepared and well-motivated.
Meeting was quite fruitful and am looking forward to seeing the progress of project just started!

Finally Departing from Germany

Finally, time to leave Germany.
Staying for a whole week at the same hotel and it was surely good stay.



This time, no direct flight to take. I have to go through the Frankfurt airport.
From there, I have ANA flight, no more Lufthansa.

In-flight movie for Japan - selected
Star Wars - The Force Awakens
007 Spectre

2 movies were enough for my entertainment. All I need besides them was of sleep!
I ate only once out of two dinning opportunities.


Curry rice - good Japanese dish.

I missed the breakfast since sleeping. Well, now officially, the trip is over.

All Itenary Gets Completed

Whole week in Munich, Germany is now over.
All scheduled agenda is complete. Only thing to do is that I take flight back to Japan!
Last working day in this trip is at the local office for project meeting.

20160304_1 20160304_2

This office is quite familiar with me since coming here so many times, already. Well, do I have ANOTHER chance in future? Will see.
Friday - I was told that there would be "happy hour" for all employees every week.


Showcase did have all sandwiches and snacks… were replaced with beer bottles for the HOUR.

20160304_4 20160304_5

Our project team was invited in advance to the official hour. Since many of us have to leave for airport.
So one last group photo…

20160304_6 20160304_7

Soon after a while, all employees were invited in and the place became very crowded.

Team members from Mexico, US (Chicago), South Africa and Japan (me!) are the last one staying until tomorrow because of flights.
Therefore, we decided to go back to the hotel to dine together one last time.


Supper - I chose pasta. Carbonara is only one listed in the menu and I expected long pasta… though, short pasta came as my dish.
Kind of surprise it was.
Taste good as wanted it to but looked different.

Well, good and fun dinner with friends and now I need to pack for tomorrow.
Have to leave hotel for airport at 6am.
Tired… need a rest.

Project Team Drink & Dinner

Today - external trainer came to provide lecture for all day. Made me feel a really long day.
What I learned… was something new? all that already known to myself? Well, hard to tell.
German trainer sounding like American made this a little bit difficult for me to understand.

Several times I had to ask him to repeat.
Well, not only me but others did the same.


Pretzel is breakfast once again.
Butter and salt combination becoming "must" in the morning. Whole is big but turned to be manageable to eat it all. Hahaha.

One last team dinner takes place.
Well, team drink first at the hotel bar.
Indian, South African, Italian and Japanese… all boys became good friends and promised to each other to visit in future.


20160303_3 IMG_3189

Big team dinner was at famous local restaurant called "Park Cafe."
You can see it is a big project team whose members come from different parts of the globe.
It is truly global!

Local project follows immediately after that… except Japan. Oh boy, I have to deal with this project, a little differently.
Will see how that goes from now.

Half Point of the Mission

Another early start - we got to leave hotel at 7am.

20160302_5 20160302_6

As fast as 250 kilometers per hour or approximately 155 mph. Fast, huh!
I only caught the 220 kph then.

20160302_1 20160302_2

Business meeting lasted all day long as planned.


Nice restaurant where we took lunch and held small group session.


Dinning came along with "COOL" view. Can you see it clearly? Hahaha.


Driving back to the hotel was another high speed session. Am really used to 200 kph. Yeah, I have driven up to 210 kph myself before.

Okay, now half of the program is done. 2 more days to go.
I cannot wait the time going home since I am too tired and have done nothing for the current project that I am in.
Oh boy, I am indeed behind.

Snow in Germany

In Germany - it snows.
Oh boy, didn't know that it would be this much cold.

20160301_1 20160301_2

Driving on the snowing wet road should slow the speed down… not so fast. Didn't make much difference.


See, I saw 199 kph or 123 mph.. extremely fast, right? It is thanks to Autobahn!

German Sausage & Wiener Schnitzel

Breakfast taken at hotel this morning since I have time until the first session in the office.
Good breakfast with German (white) sausages.
From previous trips, I learned that I should peel the skin off and eat inside only. I really like that way.


Meeting begins at 10:30am. Big kick off for the week with big print material that I need to read about it.
How many pages? About 200+ pages?


We finished the 1st day around 8pm. Later than expected. Now I see some snow falling.


I didn't prepare for such climate.

IMG_3030 IMG_3031

Team dinner at restaurant near the hotel. Cool beer glass chandelier.

IMG_3034 IMG_3035

Appetizer and entree - I selected Wiener Schnitzel. Usual German dish.


And team photo! Nice to meet you all.
Members are from:

Japan (me), South Africa, Mexico, India, US, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, and Germany.

What an internal team we are.

Travel to Munich, Germany

Long day just done!
Yes, I am once again in Munich, Germany.
6-day trip now begins.


Reserved my ticket to ANA but I take codeshare flight to LH today.
No much expectation for good service. Not even smiles from flight attendants! Hahaha. You know what I mean.

20160228_2 20160228_3

This time, not business. not coach. I go in the middle - Premium Economy.
Two times in a row. Last trip to Munich, via Paris, was Premium Economy.
I do not care whether I can use the lounge. I care about the space around the seat! Hahaha.

It was good and smooth flight.
Saw 5 movies.
Two of them were missed at the theater. Thus, it was great catch up. However, the selection was awfully limited.

I should expect more on returning flight since I am ANA flight from Frankfurt to Haneda next Saturday.

Waited for 30-40 minutes for colleague to arrive from Washington D.C. and it was first meeting to each other.
Communication was set via WhatsApp and things were smooth.
We shared a taxi ride to the hotel.


Hotel room - double bed room assigned to me. Though, shower room with transparent glasses. Oh gosh.
Wait. I am alone and no one really watches me taking shower for sure.
Though, it is kind of awkward. Hahaha.

Well, 6-day trip begins and I am ready. Will see what to happen and it is exciting.
I am going to meet project members coming from different countries. I just met one and expecting half dozen more.
Cool. Interesting global project is about to roll out.

Tired. Let me hit the sack.
Good night.

Miyajima - Itsukushima Shrine

















Trip to Hiroshima & Miyajima


Trip to Kobe & Back to Tokyo

Business trip to Kobe because of an event taking place for whole day.
My attire was just like this:


Blue x Gray fashion.

I was more like supervising the event rather than organizing since young consultant was doing that role.
Well, I had to be a big support in order to ensure the success of the event.
Yes, it went well. Thank God.

However, that young consultant didn't reach the confidence out of the event because of reaction made by participants.
30 or more of them had to listen to him for more than 4 hours and questioned him from different points of view to see what they need to do after his lecture.
Must be a good and necessarily bitter experience to him.

Let's say that this is part of the process that my teammate needs to go through in order to step up.

Trip to Kobe Sannomiya

On my way to a business event for tomorrow.
That takes place in KOBE and I finally caught a bullet train around 8pm.
Very crowd train because everyone is on summer (so-called "Obon") holiday this week!


My late supper was out of BENTO box that I bought in Tokyo Station right before on-board.
Along with Suntory's Premium Malts beer. Not bad. At least some relaxation to myself.
From Tokyo to Shin Kobe, it takes about 2:40. I got some nap in addition to fulfilling my stomach.

Wish me luck for tomorrow's event!

Back to Tokyo






Staying in Yamaguchi



to Yamaguchi City



Fukuoka Trip





Sapporo Trip Day 2






Sapporo Trip Day 1






Fukuoka to Nagasaki







Kitakyushu to Fukuoka