Cherry Blossoms, Cake, Wine and Borsch

Rainy Sunday made me stay home! Same as you?
Didn't go too far. But at least MoonFlower and I went out for grocery shopping.
Well, we went in nearby department store to pick up some sweets as well. Hahaha.

20170326_1 20170326_2

My watch selection for the day is GaGa. Yeah, made me feel like Italian today. Hahaha.

20170326_3 20170326_4

Wine was of course French… Bourgogne in precise. Pinot Noir is of my favorite


Yellow face GaGa is good to match with gold Alain Mikli eyewear! Hahaha.

20170326_6 20170326_7

Supper comes with avocado and borsch. Good supper which MoonFlower made for two of us. Darn good!

Now final week of March is coming around.

Sweets, Car-wash, and Wine

Extended weekend is now coming to an end… already.
As per MoonFlower's request, we lined for special sweets at famous bakery shop in Ningyocho.
Place called "Sucre-rie."

20170320_1 20170320_2

Many people were in line waiting for the same thing.
MF and I just ordered 4 of them… just for ourselves. Meanwhile, majority of people in line ordered at least 8 or more!
Oh boy, since when Japanese family becomes so big? Hahaha.


It was great sweets for sure. Perfect afternoon with such a famous sweets.
Within the picture, today's watch TAG-Heuer SEL model… which is already discontinued. For me, it is still working watch.

20170320_4 20170320_5

Wine bottle gets opened while watching TV dramas.
Long night made quite short since good tasty wine and food just served.
No complaints! Hahaha.

Long weekend comes to an end with good feeling.

Japan's Golden Week is over...

20160508_1 20160508_2




20160508_6 20160508_7

Cafe Noa in Tateishi, Tokyo

Saturday has come! This is just a day before departure to Germany.
Busy morning it was since MoonFlower reserved seats for two of us at cafe located in Tateishi.
We had to rush into dry cleaning for drop-off first and quickly bounded for the cafe.

20160227_1 20160227_4

Destination was Cafe Noa - I came here before. Actually it was for my birthday sweets last year.
Now this place is even more popular and all tables were full with customers.
Somehow, almost all customers are alone and female.

Another common thing found was that they do bring mirrorless camera and take lots of pictures. More than I do.
They must upload to their own blog or Instagram…
While, I stick to my iPhone camera… no wonder that the number of visitors to my website doesn't go up much. Hahaha.

20160227_2 20160227_3

After waiting 1 hour or even longer… since cafe owner runs everything by herself…
Though, great things come after.

20160227_5 20160227_6

Crape was the best for the day. I really loved it. MF made a great choice from the menu. She knows so much about this place, already.


My final was even sweeter and bigger.
Since finishing medical check-up, I am free to eat anything… means that I gain some already? I should be careful.


After long afternoon nap, supper came with wine.
Selection was of Italian bottle. Red. Toscana.

20160227_9 20160227_a

Another long night with finishing the bottle.
Of course, my packing was already completed for tomorrow. Rate, huh.
I usually start packing at midnight…

I have to leave home around 9am for airport.
Flight was a little after noon.
Hope it wouldn't be too cold in Germany. Will see.