Work Already?

2nd day for 2018 - I have begun the work, already!
Well, not entirely true.
In fact, I have started the work since day 1 in 2018. Yeah, I worked on New Year's Day.

How come not resting or joining the celebration? I did. Well, let's say, I did work as well.
Spent time fully with MoonFlower before TV over dinner.
Tonight, one wine bottle came to empty, very quickly.


Juan GIl - Spanish wine came along with supper. No authentic Japanese new year meal tonight.




Special sweets. We bought this large strawberry bavarois like pudding with fruits.
This was really sweet dessert. Love it. Recommended. You can buy this from fruit shop in the basement of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi.
A little bit expensive and I don't think I can repeat in short time… I have to wait another big celebration like my birthday or so for 2nd time.

It is definitely worth it, though!