Japanese sweets called "Daifuku"

Slow week is still going on.
Though, I did work hard… a little bit. At least I should close some businesses from last year.

Plus, I had to give up my precious time for intereviewing new grad… three of them in this afternoon.
None of them, unfortunately, did impress me much.
Last one was more eager than the others… she seemed to be more goal-oriented.

Had some trouble on my PC and I got stuck with IT team who spent quite time on my computer late afternoon.
That made my leave from the office quite late… much later than usual! Hahaha
Part of the job, isn't it? I presume so.

I picked up some sweets on the way back home.
Yeah, I do all possible thing to keep the domestic peace as much!!!
Sugar certainly does help. Don't you agree?

Here they are.
Famous "Ichigo Daifuku."
Ichigo is strwaberry and Daifuku is Japanese sweets beans and mochi / rice cake.

I bought these at Hakata Suzukake - famous sweets shop from far southern Fukuoka.
Let me compare those with ones from Ginza Akebono - another famous sweets shop from Tokyo.

Different appearance and the size is different, too.
Suzukake one is a bit smaller. Thinner rick cake part on the surface.
Akebono one is tick and sticky surface…

They are in the same category… but definitely different sweets products!!!

Well, tough to judge which one is BETTER. They are respectively good and I like them BOTH.

Probably, Akebono one is tougher to get because there are long line of customers as always.
Today at Suzukake, there are a few customers before myself. Not bad… very convenient.
That is the only difference. Maybe that part is even the same over weekend… I do not know.

Promotion announcement came to myself in mail from Mercedes-Benz dealership.
Oh boy, face-lift C-Class is around, already.
Maybe MB is my very next one?

When in the world do we decide which car and when to buy one for ourselves?
That is a big question never answered so far.
Any suggestion? Hahaha.

New Shopping District in Nihonbashi

Big and strong typhoon is expected later today…
This means that lots of people stayed home for safety and fancy place in the middle of Tokyo should be empty…
MoonFlower and I planed and did walk in the new shopping district just open last week or so.

Under the perfect weather, the crowd should have pushed someone like us away… Hahaha.

Such idea going to that place was not that bad… Definitely some crowd… but it was okay…
We could have lunch at eat-in section without hassling for long line or anything.
Better say that it was mildly crowded.

MoonFlower even got the bread from the bakery usually required long waiting in line.
Such is the benefit that we live not too far away from the point of interest or sightseeing area.
Yep, living in the center of Tokyo sometimes gives us a good deal.

Oden - Japanese traditional dish was the supper for the day.

Maron cake is our pick from the department store.
These were pretty good!

20180513_1 20180513_2

20180513_3 20180513_4

20180513_5 20180513_6

20180428_1 20180428_2


20180421_1 20180421_2


20180421_4 20180421_5

20180421_6 20180421_7


20180421_9 20180421_a

20180421_b 20180421_c

20180421_d 20180421_e


20180421_g 20180421_h

20180421_i 20180421_j

20180421_k 20180421_l

20180421_m 20180421_n

20180417_1 20180417_2

20180317_1 20180317_2

20180317_3 20180317_4

20180317_5 IMG_9111

20180317_6 20180317_7


20180317_9 20180317_a

20180317_b 20180317_c



20180317_f 20180317_g

20180312_1 20180312_2

20180312_3 20180312_4
20180312_5 20180312_6



20180228_1 20180228_2

20180228_3 20180228_4


20180228_6 20180228_7

20180226_1 20180226_2


20180226_4 20180226_5

20180226_6 20180226_7




20180211_2 20180211_3


20180211_6 20180211_7

20180211_8 20180211_9


20180206_2 20180206_3


to Chiba for seeking good stuff

Early Sunday - rushed to Chiba…
Before that, I had to make sure to tape the TV drama in this morning…


Drama performed by actress Manami Higa (in the middle).
It is suspense drama of 2 hours… and I cannot miss this because she is my favorite actress. Hahaha.

Saw the Gundam Stamp Rally - you can collect up to 65 or 67 stamps for prizes…
Gundam is popular Japanese animation.

20180128_2 20180128_3

Even around 9am on Sunday, people keep coming for stamping. Wow…

20180128_4 20180128_5


Instruction posting is not only in Japanese but in English, Korean, and even Chinese.

20180128_7 20180128_8

1st time in a long time that I sat in passenger seat…
Oh boy, Guilietta doesn't give much comfort ride at all.
While driving, it would not easily feel… but this is obvious.

Ran into local Japanese sweets shop. Just picked up some for ourselves.

20180128_9 20180128_a

After cemetery visit, late lunch is ramen noodle.
Went into a place for us to visit as first time. Called "Marutai" Ramen.

20180128_b 20180128_c

Good but still average, I guess. Not bad, though.
Just not great enough to make us come back, I guess. You know what I mean.

20180128_d 20180128_e

Family dog - Love is still healthy! That matters. She is very calm and doesn't make much move. Though, very lovely.

Late night, MoonFlower and I drove back to Tokyo. No traffic jam at all. Very smooth drive.
Weekend is now coming to an end… so as January - the 1st month of year.
I should make everything to gear up for further acceleration. Let's begin the serious work.

Work Already?

2nd day for 2018 - I have begun the work, already!
Well, not entirely true.
In fact, I have started the work since day 1 in 2018. Yeah, I worked on New Year's Day.

How come not resting or joining the celebration? I did. Well, let's say, I did work as well.
Spent time fully with MoonFlower before TV over dinner.
Tonight, one wine bottle came to empty, very quickly.


Juan GIl - Spanish wine came along with supper. No authentic Japanese new year meal tonight.




Special sweets. We bought this large strawberry bavarois like pudding with fruits.
This was really sweet dessert. Love it. Recommended. You can buy this from fruit shop in the basement of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi.
A little bit expensive and I don't think I can repeat in short time… I have to wait another big celebration like my birthday or so for 2nd time.

It is definitely worth it, though!