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Birthday "Roll" Cakes

Sloppy Sunday it is. So what?!

Breakfast? Lunch?
Brunch then.

GaGa Milano watch is just back in from the repair.
Repair cost seems to be outrageous to me. Well, that is part of brand strategy, I guess.
Well, this is 1st repair / overhaul after having 8 years in my possession.

Maybe shouldn't complain too much since doesn't happen too often.

Treat or Treat is online sweet shop which delivered cakes for my birthday.
MoonFlower ordered.

Cute deign box

Two Rolls.

One is plain and the other is lemon.
This web shop is famous for lemon cakes.
Yeah, this is very good cakes!

Xmas Eve 2021

Had to wait for cake pick up in such long line…
Wait time was up to 50 minutes. No kidding.
I was just taking time off from the work and wanted to get back to it sooner… oh boy.

Perfect (perfectly-excused) to open a bottle of some expensive stuff… Champagne!

This year, Laurent -Perrier!

Chicken leg. Not turkey.

Cake picked up was very special one. Very unique shape.
Called "Heart Flower Wreath" cake.
This made our home dinner even perfect for Xmas celebration.

Spicy and Sweet?!

Went out for grocery shopping in the afternoon.
On the way back, stopped by a restaurant for late lunch.
Chose spicy noodles.

This dish was highly appreciated and very popular per TV program I saw quite while back.
Well, yeah, it was good and okay… not as great as I hoped.
My challenge for discovering great foods surely continues.

Another piece of cake was served by MoonFlower.
She picked two kinds yesterday. This one is another great stuff.
Next weekend, we should drive up to that place for seeing more cakes then.

What cake shop???

It is called "Patisserie Chant d'Oiseau located in Kawaguchi, Saitama.

Active Saturday (before rainy Sunday)

Went to my dentist first for the day.
Then, drove around to see some cherry blossoms.

20210327 Cherry blossoms #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

MoonFlower asked me to join her to go to Roppongi area for something…

20210327 Roppongi Cherry Blossoms #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Just had a tropical soda… was that her true purpose?! That was it… somehow. Hahaha.

Decided to dine out tonight.

It was good Italian restaurant per internet review.
For us, yeah, it was okay or good… but not as great as being reviewed.
Not sure that we come back to this place ever after this.

Contrary to the dinner, we came to awesome cake which MF picked up from Saitama where she went up for family matter.
Man, this is one of the best ever had!!!
Need to go another time for sure.

Busy and active day along with full stomach. Hahaha.

Sweet Home with Sweets

Staying home made me watch nothing but tv… same for you? I bet.
Watching variety shows including some food program.
Man, such program provides lots of information… drinks, foods and even more.

Good places in Ebisu area were introduced. That area is still out of my boundary…
MoonFlower and I should check that area out…

MoonFlower picked a place for us to go. In fact, we went up to that store for pick-up.
It was sweets. MF picked up cakes and we had afternoon tea along with those cakes.

Strawberry cakes was very sophisticated.

Big dinner followed. Foods were actually left from what we picked up from French food place yesterday.
There were overwhelming volume; thus, MF decided to split them into two dinning sessions.
Her decision was absolutely correct and we enjoyed as much.

I was about to open and set up Nintendo for fun.Will do so tomorrow for sure.

Boring Friday? Boring Everyday?

Finally, Friday!
Well, being home all the times like this, we have no sense of time or day of the week.
Yes, it is Friday…

Came to a Zoom video meeting with colleagues form previous project.
Yes, PREVIOUS project means that that project is no longer active. In fact, completed for good.
It was rather great catch-up to see how all friends are doing on their own.

Some were still active under ongoing project.
Some others are totally bored because of no assignments whatsoever.
There is big difference and contrast from different conditions that my colleagues face for now.

For young colleagues, it is critical how she or he spends time for now.
Coronavirus surely extends this kind of condition for all to work.
After a long period of time like this, people can be good and competent consultant if trained well enough.

I even offered a personal coaching to one of colleagues who declared "bored."
Will see what to do next week… at least extra efforts may work well for her.
I probably should offer similar stuff to others if time does allow.

All depend upon how long this disaster would last.

Picked up small donuts for afternoon break.
Staying home and working from home accelerate the calorie consumption for sure. Bad sign.
I ought to be extra careful. Are you?

Good stuff just arrived. Latest issue of "Chronos" watch magazine it is.
I can kill my time reading page to page, cover to cover!

Have safe and easy weekend, y'all!

Time to Pack for What and Where?

Packing in progress.
For what and where?
Well, business trip is ahead. Not moving. Not escape.

Procedure was rather slow tonight.
Packing is a piece of cake for me… but not tonight.

Things to pack were listed in my head… no big deal.
Probably lack of concentration?
I have lots of things to do for work besides this trip.

In other words, there are some concerns for work besides the trip.

It is tough for me to do both, simultaneously.

After-supper sweets is of straberry daifuku (mochi) from "GInza Akebono."
Another kind of good sweets. Love it.

Well, departure is of tomorrow.
See ya.

Bag Maintainence & Repair

Stopped by a retail store - it is "Bottega Venetta"
Came for maintenance & repair.

There were some scratched and faded color.
Requested for quotation… which may take time.
I am totally fine with any given condition because simply have alternative bags for work.

However, shop staff treated me such a VIP customer. Everything was such exaggerating.
Am not much impressed or even honored. But I understand the tone of service.
Most of customers for BV should be buying wallets and sneakers? Buying bags is a big deal? Hahaha.

Right before going into Ginza, MoonFlower and I went up to Shinjuku area.
It was for this cake @ Sunday Bakeshop.

Good cake in the late afternoon. Perfect with coffee for me.

Okay, weekend is over.
Need to get back to work… soon.

Foodie Eat Around for Japanese Sweets and More

Made it early morning… that is quite rare for us… but did!
Showed up to Harajuku this morning.
As MoonFlower's request, came here:

Famous Japanese sweets shop called "Mizuho."

Big Daifuku sweets. Excellent stuff it was.

RIght after that, MF insisted to go to another place.

However, that extra efforts tuned in to be in vain…
All sold out and we were out of luck at least for today.
Maybe some other chance.

I found from Instagram follower that this shop called "Matsushimaya" actually introduced on TV yesteday.
No wonder that the line for sweets were even longer!
No luck, simply.

Went even farther for supper. Went to Sangenjaya area.
Italian bar restaurant called "Cosi Com'e."

Ezo deer steak and pasta were excellent!!!

All day long, excellent food made up great day. What else?

Looking for a crape?

Came to Ekoda area…
Never ever come to this place for any business…
Just for private…

Came around 4pm… because the shop gets open then.
Place called "Bateau."
MoonFlower and I tried twice before but all sold out. Today, we rather came early.

Finally, successful visit to this place for the 1st time for 3 times. Finally, we get the luck.

This is what we were looking for… famous crape. 500 yen.
Shop recommend to eat them immediately because hot crape tastes better.
Yes, surely they were good. Loved them.

Worth to make a trip to this place for such sweets???

It was fun drive around, too. Driving for a while and driving for sweets… not that bad combination.
Well, long weekend is now over with this.

Barely made the 1st working week

One project member found the fact that it was the birthday for one of the members yesterday.
Thus, we decided to go out to buy some cakes for her.
Brought in many cakes for small party taking place late afternoon.

That was the main event for the day!

They are from the Giza Wako cake shop.
Birthday person got good surprise and it was fun event.
8 of us got together… I wish that it brought ALL members to the place.

Worked late… left office around 8-ish.

Opened a bottle of sparkling wine tonight. Yeah, still Friday night which is rare.
Though, we should celebrate that we made 1st working week and extended weekend is ahead.
Monday is national holiday… for your note.

With bubbles, these cashew nuts were great!
Loved this pack. Sort expensive, though.

Part of my souvenirs from business trip back in October.
Man, this is awesome stuff… I should have bought more, then.

What shall I do over the weekend? Until Monday?
No particular plan as usual.
Will see.