Family Shopping for Christmas 2018

Finally, Christmas mood is coming to our household!
MoonFlower selected what she wanted for herself.
It was Saint Laurent.

Red compact bag is now hers…

Working Saturday?

Walked in to the office in the middle of Saturday afternoon today.
Gotta do is gotta do… anyway.
I had to turn some docs in for work… which I cannot do over next two weeks or so due to the trip.

Picked up new case for my iPad Pro at Apple GInza…
Now finally, came to set it up for real use.

Today's pick on my wrist is GaGa Milano.

Also Ballantine's is my choise after Suntory Hibiki… which I just finished.
17 years stuff… do I really have good taste?
Probably not…

iPad Pro 11-inch 256GB just in


Here it is… Brand new iPad pro 11-inch cellular replacing current 10.5 cellular that I use.

Any question?

New Wallet

Went to Isetan department store and happened to buy new wallet:

The blue thin wallet from Camille Fournet - famous leather brand.
Pretty cool it is!

Yep, here it is... iPhone XS

Say good-bye to the iPhone 7 which has been in use for 2 years.
Now, say hello to iPhone XS!
Man, this is expensive!

Big Inventory?

Delivered. A big box just came in.
Let's open it and see…

Tons of bread… which MoonFlower had placed an order for.
They came from the bakery called "Kaiju-ya." Seems famous among big bread fans.
Of course, she is one of them.

At least I would keep coming to good bread over home meal for a while. Cool.

Simple working day for me because I did project work alone today. All day long without any interruption by anyone.
Very productive it was.
Though, I had to face up a client who talked back so much… it was rather fun time for persuasion. It went well then.

I guess that today's meeting was the biggest event during this week. All other project events are rather minor.
It means I easily come to another long weekend soon without any hassle? Will see.
2 days to go… until then.

Nightmare: Shopping in Marunouchi

Did not have any exact plan for the day at all. Just like day before.
Though, MoonFlower came up single agenda that we go to Yurakucho to see some shop.
She wanted to buy some baked stuff like cookies. Yep, her usual stuff. No surprise whatsoever.

Thus, I am forced to follow her to the destination. Not too far from the apartment, though.

Shopping was rather quick and we didn't have to hurry as much she forced me to. Hahaha.
Then, we continued shopping in that area today.

While spending none for myself, I came to eat good stuff in the restaurant.
She still suffers in the pain from the dental surgery and had to pass alcohol.
For me, such thing never bothers.

Also great sweets in the late afternoon for us. Not bad at all.
Popular place made many people wait. She and I signed up and waited for about 40 minutes or so.
Waiting was indeed worth to do, though.

And these are what MoonFlower got from shopping at the Conran Shop.
I gave her green light for shopping. Though, didn't expect this quantity. Hahaha. Too late.
Anyway, those cutlery items look very cool. Good choice, I guess.

It means that MF has great taste??? Oh boy, that may induce such nightmares like I have to pay for pricey stuff.

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Big Snow Made a Mess in Tokyo!

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