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New T-shirt

Which one?

Well, MoonFlower said that whichever.
Though, she seems to be up to latter one.
So here we go:

Got this shirt for myself.

Box Just Arrived

New box arrived as a result of online shopping.
I recently made it at Barne's New York.

Bad timing. Delivery was made while MoonFlower was home.
She instantly recognized the box and asked me if I have shopped at such luxury retailer.
Told her that it was OUTLET SALES item.

It was an excuse but still TRUE!

Maybe Barney's should have asked of duck tape option!

New casual jacket came in the box and I wore it for all day today.
The color is dark grey.
I wanted to coordinate like:

Watches with grey color straps. Like Audemars Piguet and Cartier.
Not bad, huh!
I like it.

I could choose navy color. Maybe I should buy on in that color as well?!

Another Delivery Just Being Made

Since MoonFlower is back home over this weekend, I am quite well cared.
Particularly, about the diet.

Good salad… just as needed.
Didn't take picture; but the supper was also rich for me.
Healthy and great taste… what else do I want?!

Another delivery was just made in the middle of afternoon.
Mostly stuff for MoonFlower. Though, included one shirt for me:

New kind of color for me… usually I do not pick such.
New challenge here and will see.

My schedule seems to be packed this week with big event on Friday.
Before big holiday season starting at the end of month, the event seems to be the major concern.
Otherwise, I can go into vacation in peace.

Working on two different projects, I have to control myself and make sure that I am ready for both, respectively.
Careful scheduling is a key for achieving both well.

Will see how they would go with me.

Back in Town. New Shirts Just In

Back to Tokyo in this afternoon.

Supper was catered by Uber Eats.
Hot spicy Chinese noodles.

Extra spicy. Quite hot and spicy for me.

MoonFlower has ordered shirts and they got delivered, already.

One for her and the other for me.
Yeah, we select same style t-shirts for both of us. Crazy?! Maybe.
One on the right is mine.

Will be in Ogaki soon for Golden Week (April 29th - May 6th).

New Eyewear Arrival

Last Sunday purchased new eye glasses got ready.
Drove, under the rain, up to Aoyama for pick-up.
Here they are!

Cool "Lindberg" eye wear is here!!! Love this stuff.

How many eye glasses do I have and do I need?!
That is an awesome question…
Just counted.

I have up to 12 pairs of glasses home including 1 sun glasses and 1 home-only.
Thus, I have 10 to choose from every day.
Too many? About the average?

Will see.

Not only Alain Mikli, ic Berlin, Kei Sugimoto and now Lindberg. Not bad about my collection! Hahaha.

State of Emergency for Tokyo area is going to be off from tomorrow.
Will see how things are going to be afterwards.
Coronavirus Wave IV is coming soon or not.

Will see.

Finally Got It?!

Now?! Never before?
I have never bought any mouse for my work before.
At least for last 10 years or so.

Always worked on laptop's pointing device. Never external mouse.
Why not?
I didn't like extra stuff into my work bag.

Maybe different from tomorrow on.
Bought a new mouse for work!!!

This one can hook with 3 different devices in memory.
So this can be with my work PC (DELL), personal PowerBook Air, and iPad.
Man, iPad is now working like a PC. Saw such articles in Mac magazines. Never ever experienced first hand.

All got changed with this small stuff. Cool.

Maybe I can be even more productive?! Could be.
Let's see if that would be true.

Joker? Dracula? Real or Fake?

It is about mid-January. Time to shake off the holidays for digging into serious business.
Good news is that my mother is doing better and better.
Big relief for sure. Thank God.

One small package arrived.
Came from online shopping and I opened it, immediately.
I know what came to me. Thus, opening the package gets some excitement.

Here it is:

Brand new watch came in package!
Joker?! Dracula? Seemed combined. They are.

It is cheap fashion watch and I bought from online marketplace.

You know, famous luxury watch - Frank Muller has "Frank Miura" the cheap fashion copy watch.
This is same kind.

This very economic watch is fancy enough for me wearing it on my wrist. Cool, really.

I know, this is very unusual taste of any one; however, it definitely suits me. IN MY OPINION. Hahaha.

Good shopping? Yeah, it was.

Along with other watches, this one comes on to my wrist every once a while for sure.
Definitely, eye-catching!!!
Would you like one for yourself?!

Takeout: Tomosuke (Western European Foods)

5-day holiday begins today under so-called Golden Week.
Under coronavirus war, everyone stays home.
At least sunny and warm day it was.

Went to Freshness Burger for grabbing my lunch.
Ordered cheeseburger set.
The place consistently crowded with customers for take-out orders.

Cheeseburger tasted all right. Not that bad… but not that great.
I should look for other place to eat burgers next time.

Another takeout… from restaurant called "Tomosuke."
MoonFlower and I have been there more than several times.
Very popular place and hard to reserve the table.

Now they do deliver only lasagna for our supper tonight. It was vegetable lasagna… it was awesome dish.

No wonder that I didn't hesitate a bit about opening a bottle of champagne along with dish.
Was perfect match.

Oops, am I ever being game fan? Not so much.
Though, staying home got me to do something. So, here is my 1st (?) Nintendo.

Comes along with 30 games in memory.
They are very old or 1st generation video games like ones I played with friends when we all were little.

This is certainly nostalgic and fun.
For these 5 days, I can play those games between movies to watch.

Tokyo Night View: Cherry Blossoms

Quiet weekend is coming to Tokyo!!!
Will see how it works for us… well, lots say that it is darn too late.
This effort for this weekend is going to show in two weeks or so.

How things from previous extended weekend would affect? That is scary part and that result is coming up next week or so.

Anyhow, happened to drive through Nihombashi area…
Cherry blossoms at night… you can have better SAKURA (cherry blossoms) view:

New gadget in my bad from today.
Well, not big big new stuff. But replacing current one for better quality.
Ricoh Theta Camera.

Blue is old version and White is newer.
Now compatible with 4K visual. Not bad.
Maybe more movie content in this blog???

Stress Relieving

While everything is self-imposed controlled… stress level does go up.
Here is some stress reliever!
Bought several stuff for myself at outlet mall.

We went in there right before the open time and left there quickly!
All happened before the huge crowd kicked in.

New shirt from Three Dots.

New Coach belt for business.

Those shoppings are surely not enough yet. However, helping somewhat. Hahaha.

Finally Secured!

This weekend does NEVER come to an end without success!
Under rainy weather, we still drove around to see if any facial masks available.

One drug store to another. Kept on going.
MoonFlower sorted out information to see which drug store may have HIGHEST potential for facial masks to be in stock.

She did it. Her "guesstimate" was right. We did narrow down to the drug store!!!
Happy ending it was… great relief as well!

No hesitant to open a wine bottle at night.

Soup dinner and cake.

On the way back, MoonFlower nominated a place for me to drive and stop by.
Called "Fobs" which is quite popular patisserie.
Those cakes are quite fabulous!!!

Great ending of a weekend, isn't it?

First Shopping in 2020

Part of exercise, MoonFlower and I decided to talk around in Ginza area this afternoon.
Last day of holidays cannot be done without having some result.
That is the way we perceive.

Tons of people come to Ginza as usual.

Today, I come to a result with 2 things just shopped. NOT big shopping, though.
2020 starts with pretty practical and motivating stuff for our shopping history.

New tie picked up at Barneys New York.
MoonFlower instantly chose this one and I agreed to get it.
I may even wear this tie tomorrow as 1st working day in 2020.

Another stuff was the band / strap for Apple Watch.
Bought at Camille Fournet, Italian brand.

This band is limited edition and I love it. Cool.
The color is grey with navy. Pretty cool two-tone color band.
Unique, huh!

Finally(?), I'd better say that I am ready for 2020… new tie and new look of Apple Watch.
I must get busy from tomorrow on. Will see how the 2020 journey would go.

In fact, first working day tomorrow begins with client meeting.
Brand new project may even start within the month. Depends upon how it goes tomorrow. Will see.
Am sure that 2020 journey will be rally and I should enjoy myself as much out of any circumstance that I may face.

Wish me luck!