Big (and yet unexpected) Shopping

Today, it suddenly became our shopping day for Christmas!
MoonFlower got what she wanted and, somehow, so did I.
I came to a big shopping… in fact, the biggest shopping of the year.

December 3rd, 2017, I become the owner of Italian watch called Panerai owner.
1st weekend of December is quite historic for me. It must mean something.
Back in 2013, I purchased Audemars Piguet on December 1st.

20171203_7 20171203_8

Unbox ceremony

20171203_9 20171203_a

Brand new - Paneral Luminor Due 42mm Blue - boutique edition

Wow, super cool. I had never dreamed about buying big Panerai watch. In fact, this is slim one. Thus, this is unusual Panerai.
Interesting huh.
So far, I love it. Cool watch it is.

Big reward.

My Digitalization with iPad Pro 10.5





GaGa Ball for Decoration

3-day extended weekend has come to an end, already.
Time does fly and things get passed so quickly!
Well, I am still out of town to Chiba… and will be driving back to Tokyo in the early morning tomorrow.


Soba and Tempura were selected for today's lunch.


Today's my attire. T-shirt is obviously well worn-out. MoonFlower suggested me to replace it with something new.
In the US, this is okay… you can see lots of similar stuff… people do love wear color-faded T-shirt and no one really notices.
However in Japan, T-shirt is very cheap fashion and such worn-out T-shirt may not seem to be attractive too much. Well, time for shopping!


Along with my attire for the day, GaGa Milano - Italian watch fits to my wrist.
Went to an outlet shopping mall as single event of the day. No other fun stuff except it. Hahaha.


No T-shirt today. No clothes at all. Instead, this is under my possession now.
Another GaGa Milano - Watch? Nope. It was jewels.


Famous? GaGa Ball.


This ball is decorative to my bad like this.
Very shiny ball is fun add-on to my bag… Hahaha. Too vivid?
Anyway, fun shopping it was.

Back to Work!




Obon Prayer



20170812_3 20170812_4

New Glasses Just Ordered!




Relative's Pass-away

MoonFlower informed me of sudden news from her family.
Relative not so close but not so far just passed away… and funeral is coming up.
Well, I have to adjust my schedule accordingly.

Biggest and only concern was of my business trip to Matsumoto next week.
I have to travel to the City on Monday for three-day-session until Thursday.
Then I have to travel down to Toyohashi of Aichi on Thursday for Friday session.

See, am quite busy for next week… AGAIN! Hahaha.
Anyway, I have to carefully plan for Monday… attending to the funeral and catch trains thereafter.
Travel seems so long from Chiba to Matsumoto. Takes longer than 4 hours!!!


Opened up a bottle over supper. With this, dinner plate was pork dumplings. Pretty good match!


Shopping… from previous weekend. MoonFlower selected this as our family tradition.
Year Ball 2017… now and finally got here for us.
Usually we buy one in December. Since it was busy time moving to current place, MoonFlower and I didn't get quite chance for this shopping.

But finally completed. Now truely 2017 is here? Hahaha.


Just a memo for myself. Today's mileage of Alfa Romeo is of 24,559 kilometers.
Last year alone, I didn't drive much… shortest in distance since we didn't go out too much. Probably we drove about 4,000 or 5,000 km for last 12 months.
Since purchase of this Giulietta in June, 2013… less than 25,000 km.

Average 6,000 km… not much, huh. Definitely below the average.

Well, will be very busy Monday… which is ahead.
Like I have mentioned, got to go up to Matsumoto… long way up there.
This week is definitely going to be shorter…

Frank Miura vs. Frank Muller

Very famous "counterfeit" brand called Frank Miura. Miura is ordinary Japanese (last) name.
Sounds "Muller." That is the point of humor.
For my 44th birthday, I got one replica similar to real Frank Muller that I own.

20170508_1 20170508_2

This is fake Frank Muller called Frank Miura.


Fake along with real. Can you see the difference? It is obvious, isn't it.
Recently, authentic Frank Muller sued the company producing the replica.
However, the judge let this lawsuit go because "it is too obvious."

It means that now Frank Miura is "official" counterfeit of Frank Muller. Judge has a good humor!

I did put that on my wrist to work. It was cool at least to myself!


Box - this is what MoonFlower got from Isetan yesterday.

20170508_4 20170508_5

The ball - this is what she got… for home decoration. Very detailed work… of course, hand-made!
This is not the 1st ball… this is indeed addition to her "ball" collection. Oh boy!
How many balls does she need then? Hahaha.

Walking Too Long?

All day long on foot… after missing the chance for car wash. I have to postpone it to either tomorrow or day after.
At least I have to get it done within this weekend before the Golden Week 2017 is over.
Yeah, I will do so for sure. My car is surely dirty!

Today's my fashion. With vivid pants from tsumori chisato brand.
Too flashy? Too vivid?
This is my own middle-age fashion that no one probably does appreciate. Hahaha.


MoonFlower and I walked down to Nihonbashi for this place.
Famous restaurant called Taimeiken.


20170505_3 20170505_4

Renown dish is Tanpopo Omuraisu. This dish is about USD20! Pretty expensive, huh! It is.
Good taste? My expectation was too high and it was yet ordinary good dish. No surprise at all. Hahaha.

Then, we went to Shibuya for shopping.
MoonFlower got what she needed and I picked up those at 100 yen store:

20170505_5 20170505_6

All health-related item, hahaha.

Supper gets started quite late like 8pm…

20170505_7 20170505_8

20170505_9 20170505_a

Walked with 6,700 steps according to my gadget "UP Move."
I am quite tired and need to rest for now. Hahaha.

Back in Tokyo

Back in Tokyo from Chiba.
Last part of Golden Week is period that we spend time in Tokyo… at last staying "home."

In the morning, I am quite glued to the TV… watched special edition of a drama on NHK (national channel).

After watching the drama to the end, I drove up to nearby outlet mall once again. This time, I picked up pants of the suite from the hem take-up.
Here they look like:


They are blue suits. Solid blue. My kind of color. Hahaha.


Supper was rather simple. Curry rice. This was a little bit spicy but I loved it.
I ate two bowls of them… oh boy, I'd better watch out my weight!!!
Well, too late anyhow.

Avoided the holiday traffic jam completely. Left Chiba quite late and drove home over the midnight. Pretty smooth!
I didn't speed too much… just a little bit. Hehehe.
Three days to go… Japan's Golden Week 2017 is coming around the 4th corner, already.

I have totally forgotten about the work. How do I do the job hereafter? Oh boy.

Still Nothing To Do in this Golden Week

Still Golden Week 2017 is going… with no particular plans.
Received a letter from BMW dealer informing that there was a good deal / offer currently available.
According to the letter, the salesperson can offer 500,000 yen or 5K in USD for discount. Of course limited time offer. Wow!


But sorry, it is not my turn to buy new car… YET.
Just surfing the net and ordered this:


Stylus for iPad.
Not latest version. Rather one generation old… that is why the price was reasonable.
That is enough for light user like me. Just wanted to take some quick memo on iPad for substituting the whiteboard use.

Not bad… easy connection via Bluetooth and works quite well. Good gadget!


20170502_4 20170502_5

Shopping Day!

Went to cemetery for prayer in early afternoon. Then, late lunch at Sushi place.


Today's "on-my-wrist" is AP. Rare to wear it in the weekend?
No matter when I put this on, this really makes me feel good for sure! Hahaha.

20170319_2 20170319_3

Shopping at the Mitsui Outlet Park in Kisaradu. Yes, it is our "usual" place for discounted shopping! Hahaha.
2 things come to my possession. One t-shirt and pair of sport shoes. Both come from Italian brand "Diesel."
This brand is current my favorite. Good style… slightly overpriced, though. Hahaha.

Udon & Suitcase

Needed to make it quick lunch… turned out that MoonFlower and I lined up for udon at famous restaurant.

20170226_1 20170226_2

Inaniwa Udon and Tendon at Kaneko Hannosuke located in the Coredo Muromachi.

In the middle of afternoon, Kuroneko Yamato finally delivered the goods that I purchased at Rakuten:

20170226_3 20170226_4

Brand new suitcase! Rimowa Salsa Air blue just in.


Now am getting ready for very next business trip starting next week!

Ramen & Movie

After the closing of a big project, I am quite relaxed and slept in. This is sure thing for all of you folks as well, right? I am sure that it is.
Crossed my mind about what to eat and I ended up a new place not too far from home.
It is called "Wheet and Olive."

What an interesting name for Ramen shop. It is really and it is FAMOUS. Original shop is in Ginza.
Now it opens new place in Nihonbashi. I think that it is from 22nd of February. So still quite new.


Not "Ramen" it called. Rather, "Soba."
Soba applies more Japanese noodle with buckwheat flour. Rather, Ramen is made out of ordinary (?) wheet flour.
Hahaha. Cannot explain the real difference in English… but they are different.

In Japanese, Soba-ko vs. Komugi-ko. They are different.

Well, first time for me to go into this famous noodle place. It was very different from ones I usually eat. Pretty simple but very taste.
I may try other on the menu soon!


From 2:20pm, I went in a movie theater to check this out:


Vin Diesel's TRIPLE X - Return of Xander Cage.
Very easy story to follow and fun to watch because he never gets shot at all no matter how many bullets shot aiming at him.
Is this American James Bond? Or reality of America's Avengers?


This is finally bought and here at home. Now still missing new suitcase. Be here soon??? Will see.

For sure, they are coming!

Yes, it was a quick decision… made by MoonFlower. As usual.
Tulip glass lights are coming to our new home in this winter.

20160922_1 20160922_2

Yes, these are antique and MF found them in some magazine, I believe.
She placed an order and the shop looked for it…
According to the shop, it finds such piece once or twice a year at most. In some year, there is no finding.

I guess, MF is quite lucky.

20160922_3 20160922_4

Not only finding but also condition… this piece is in great condition. Even better.
Though, we're moving into such tiny place… such vivid decoration can be "unmatched?" Hmm. Will see.

Meanwhile, mine stuff was just in and picked up. Blue leather strap to my Frank Muller.


Well, stainless silver strap is good but variety of strap is even better and MoonFlower can put this on her wrist as well.
Therefore, this strap is now ours. Cool.

Big shopping day today. I will be quiet for coming weekend. Hahaha.

iPhone 7 Just In

Did you get one for yourself yet?

20160918_1 20160918_2

Today, I picked up brand new iPhone 7 for me…
Didn't plan to… much since I had iPhone 6S since last year.

Changed mind… since Apple Pay is really coming to Japan next month. I do have very high expectation.
This is only the reason that I pushed myself for iPhone 7 this time.

20160918_3 20160918_4

20160918_5 20160918_6

Great home dinner concluded Sunday. Still one more day to go for this extended weekend.
Tomorrow, MoonFlower and I would be busy… for home interior stuff. Will see.

Good night.

Shopping after Shopping

Made it early today!
At 9am, MoonFlower and I were already in Ginza / Yurakucho area.


Breakfast at cafe - this coffee is Dominica Winey.
This must be popular single origin coffee…
Tasted like sweets. Berry-type taste. Actually, I like bitter one much more. Hehehe.

20160904_2 20160904_3

Then showed up to the interior fair.
Yeah, all for new home. Furniture, chair and lug… MoonFlower got lots of estimates… I wonder if she is really up to them or not.


Lunch was at an Indian restaurant in Ginza - where we have ever met each other for the first time. Hahaha.
After 13 or 14 years since then, the restaurant is still in tact. No change whatsoever!

MF picked up some cosmetics on the way home.
For me, got brand new card case replacing the worn-out one.

20160904_5 20160904_6

Cool. Didn't think that it would be Bulgari much…

See ya.

New Tie and Wine in the middle of a week


20160802_2 20160802_3


New tie… bought from online shopping.
This seems very chic compared to my usual fashion.
You know what I mean? Hahaha


1st impression was rather BORING.
Though after having put it on for a day, I became liking this design and color.
That is the magic out of such prestigious Italian fashion brand… I bet it is.

Cool. Very cool. Awesome!

I may buy another one from this fashion house.

Golden Week - Still Working?

Well, I could have taken a day off today…
Though, I worked home. Started at 9am and done by 8pm.
Just as usual… ordinary working day even though still in the middle of Golden Week - Japan's vacation time.

One news besides work…
New strap just in and hooked it to Explorer II. Have a take a look at new dress-down Rolex:


The color is light gray-ish blue. Not bad, huh!
I like it.

Now less often to wear this watch. With new strap, this watch comes up more often than ever in this summer for sure!

BD Celebration

Asked MoonFlower for shoes. Yeah, wanted to have black leather shoes for work.
We went out for shopping to Omotesando and bought this pair:


Not too expensive… reasonably priced. A bit casual… but look cool.
Now am ready to turn 43… tomorrow. Hahaha.

REWARD Deserved - BOSE QuietComfort 25

Friday is now over. Weekend is just coming up.
What a great thing! I couldn't resist. I should get as easy as possible. Time to relax.
You know exactly what I mean.

I had a great finish today.
Had short but important meeting for 30 minutes. I preside and present the concept.
Funny moment came up in the middle of the meeting.

I presented my material and finished my part after 15 minutes.
Then, I asked the Department Director for his comment following my input.
He made a comment as:

"You sound very well today and have notihng to add."

The meeting was inviting other department's head and I expected a bit more official pitch out of him.
Anyway, Director's comment made me giggle.
I took, still take, it as good sign. I do what I am expected to do or even more.

Thus, today's mission is completed in positive way. Good work! I should keep it up from next week as well.

This means that I should deserve some kind of reward.
Here it is!
New gadget is coming. This time, head set. Brand new, of course.

BOSE QuietComfort 25

I have never ever bought any head set before. Until now, always ear phone.
How come suddenly new product category that I decided to take some experiment about?
Well, one major reason is that I want to try BOSE's enhanced technology - noise cancelling.

Never had such feature on any product that I had.
That feature should help me to concentrate or relax while on airplane or in train.
So I read and saw in promotion movie available in Youtube.

Well, placed an order early this morning on the web.
To Yodobashi Camera who delivers goods within the same day if ordered by 10am.
That means I can see my new stuff when I get home (meaning that I am writing this blog on road).

How exciting!

As mentioned to you (if you keep coming back to read this blog, you know), I will travel to Germany relatively soon.
This new gadget will help me to have comfortable flight to Munich from Haneda on 28th. I cannot wait.

Well, I will test how effectively works with enhanced technology.
Hope that it would be as good as said in Youtube movie.
Otherwise, I will refund. Hahaha.

Too bad. Unlike US, stores do not take cancellation easily.
No-question-asked kind of policy is rare to be found here. Unfortunately.
Therefore, I have no choice... and the head set got to be good.

Weekend begins now.
Weather doesn't seem to cooperate much for Saturday.
Though, MoonFlower has her own appointment and I come to have free time.

Although on Sunday, she may have to go to Aoyama for Bread Festival and not sure what I do.
In Sunday afternoon, I should go to a store in Ginza for checking. Not buying for sure.
Need to take a look at some rare watch that happened to be in the store that I know.

Sunday's weather should be better and optimal. So I heard.

Need alcohol. Had some beer last night with clients.
I want wine tonight. I should look for a place to have such.
Feeling like I want to drink by myself. Sometimes, I feel like doing so. Time being myself is sometimes valuable, indeed.

Reading book is another idea for this weekend.
I should check new release on the web for next books to read.
Will see.

Well, let me wrap this up here. Otherwise, I would keep going.
You have fun and relaxing weekend and I will do the same for myself.

And now home and found this:

20160219_1 20160219_2

Oh, so cool!!!

20160219_3 20160219_4

Sounds GREAT!
Smaller than expected. Even better.
Noise cancelling is awesome! Cannot wait to use it outside or in flight!!!


2015 Final Shopping

Last shopping for the year just finished.
While MoonFlower bought a pair of shoes, I come to choose this.
Normally, I cannot buy this at this brand because too expensive.

I could just because it was outlet price. Thank goodness.


Tie from ETRO.
2-tone tie can be worn in interesting fashion style like:


This! Cool, huh. I love it!
Yes, one another good buy.


Supper was year-end party between MoonFlower and I.
DIdn't go to any restaurant for that. Instead, we bought fresh fish - SASHIMI - along with sake.
It was relaxing dinner for two and good end for 2015.

2015 Xmas Present

Mr. Santa came to me, early!
It was a box of a bag like this.
It is from Wild Swans - Japanese leather brand. Quite famous, though.



Look at this! Two different leathers used. Nice tone!
Don't you think that I have a great taste???
Well, not so fast. It was MoonFlower's decision since this is Christmas present from her (not fully, though).

She shared the cost of the bag. I did the same for her Christmas present. That cancelled the cost to each other. Hahaha.
We're always even, then.

Anyway, I cannot wait until the moment that I start taking this bag out with me.


She's got great (er?) stuff!

New iPhone 6S is here

New iPhone 6S is here for me.
Plus, I have to buy MoonFlower iPad mini 4.
Buying new gadgets comes very expensive!!!


Man, took me WHOLE 2 hours to set two gadgets up in the store!


How does my iPhone case look?
I love it. Cool design.

iPad mini 4 here!





Shopping @ Outlet Mall

Nothing to do during this Obon holiday for me.
Well, MoonFlower and I agreed to go shopping since each of us wanted something for living.
For me, my aim was of shoe. Wanted to buy brown shoes for work.

Something what I planned is not what I actually do. You know what I mean.

I wanted to buy shoes.. but I actually bought…


brand new suits for work.
Good choice, I believe. MF gave me a green light for buying it.
I received only green light. Unfortunately, not any fund. Hahaha. This is usual.

Brown leather shoes remain on my shopping list. I have to start saving from today on!

Supper was at home and we picked up a bottle on the way home.



Cava sparkling wine for supper tonight.
Lovely dog was part of home entertainment.



Still relaxing time for Obon week continues… till tomorrow.

GaGa Milano Silicon Strap

New watch? Another watch? Of course not!
Just brand new strap.
Received what I ordered online today.


Since Tokyo's summer is simply too severe, need some sweat-measure.
Yeah, now my GaGa Milano watch comes with silicon strap and ready to be worn even on typical summer day.
Today it is just the beginning. I put this on my wrist to work.

Pretty cool this is!

Never thought that this would be that good match.
It was surely good buy. How come I didn't do so much earlier.

There is a variety of colors for strap and I could have chosen others like yellow, brown, etc.
My choice was black.
Yellow was a good match to the color of index. Though, not suitable to the business, I thought.

Brown was not bad at all… but black seemed to be more versatile for my kind of usage.

It was just right. Perfect choice.

Maybe from now on… at least for a while like a month or two, this is my main watch for work and even weekend!

Champaigne: Moet & Chandon

One online shopping is just completed.
Just wanted to have something unique and different… like this.

Very unusual one… yet from Moet & Chandon.


It is called Ice Imperial.
Yes, supposed to put ice cubes into glass before pouring this Champaigne.
Different, huh!

This bottle is limited for this summer.
I didn't want to miss it… that is why "clicked."
Cannot wait to drink and see.

Wait. What occasion is that going to be? Will see.

Aoyama Bread Festival




Golden Week 2015: Finally Shopping!








Golden Week 2015: Omotesando - Nihonbashi











Golden Week 2015: Herb Garden











Birthday Has Already Come...












New Home Scanner










Emilio Pucci Tie

New tie to my collection.
Another kind… from the same brand. Yes, it is… again.
Emilio Pucci tie series.



This time, the design selected was a bit different from what I already have.
What do you think???


New bag… for myself.
Another French bag… from Les Toiles du Soleil.
I like this brand because of their unique colors and their patterns.


Another bad for my weekend use.


See how many I have from the same brand!!!

Olive Board


Blue Bottle Coffee to Yumiko Iihoshi












Jawbone MOVE

Jawbone MOVE is replacing UP.
Not bad at all.
This is actually smart choice.