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Apple Watch Series 8 here...

Mess-up by Typhoon

Finally Upgraded to 14!

Home chairs are finally selected?!

Another big shopping day? Sort of.
Showed up to the furniture place in the afternoon today.

Yeah, we were about to select what chair we are going to buy… for our house.
About time to start settling with furniture home.
Chair is this:

How do you like it?!
MF and I both love it and no alternative there is.
Thus, we would go for it.

Though, color is the issue.
Spent about several hours in the store to see which color, out of hundred of colors, should be good and fit.
Light or heavy color?! Hmmm.

That is MF's department, though.
She decides.

Then, I pay… oh boy!

Now she decides the color. I received the quote. I will sleep over it to see if okay.

Supper was at the bar we found on the way back.
Called Tokyo Whiskey Library. Interesting name, huh.
First visit to that place for both of us.

Good interior and nice stomosphere. Good service, too.

Good food. No question about it.

Quite satisfied. Reasonable as well.
Maybe we come back soon.

I will make decision on chairs tomorrow or so.

Tsumori Chisato 2023SS

Did go there for shopping!
After homework done, MoonFlower and I certainly went in for picking up what we liked.

TC House is located in Omotesando.
Very close to Swatch Store… where I found no inventory of MoonSwatch for the day.
That is okay… I am loosing all interest in that watch any longer.

Around Noon, we went in and spent about THREE hours looking around and some try-on's.

2023SS theme is about Peter Pan World!

Paying some respect, I was wearing TSUMORI CHISATO 2022AW T-shirt.

Actually, I did try on more than you just see here.
Well, you may imagine that all those you see here are NOT the ones I buy…
Those designs that I am about to place orders are still secret and share that when delivered.

Delivery starts in February and completes by April, 2023.

Yeah, long way to go for sure.

I probably order 2-3 items. NOT 4 of them… with my limited budget.
Will see.

Finally KC Is Here!

Placed the order back in April, 2021…

Picked up in Moscow, even under the war, for delivery in July, 2022!
Longer than a whole year.

Got here TODAY!

Here it is.


On my wrist!!!

This is UNIQUE PEACE made for me... my Konstantin Chaykin "CLOWN."

New addition to my watch collection.

Finally Bought!

Accessory - 3rd Cable for Fred

Busy Saturday

Say Hello to 2022!

A Happy New Year of 2022!
Yeah, it is 2022, already.

Drove back home from Chiba in the morning. Supposed to be back within last night… didn't happen.

1st meal of the year for celebration comes with sake.

MoonFlower has selected "Sharaku" for New Year.
Good taste; though, weak aroma. Not bad, though.

And traditional meal for new year called "OSECHI."

Famous Japanese hotel for hospitality called Kagaya has produced the box of Osechi foods.

Other than boxed foods, MF has prepared for two of us.
Very compact meal for our household of two to celebrate the new year.

LOEWE bag charm is now attached to the Globe Trotter London Square.
Great… better than good match!!!

Cool. I do not care how others would think. At least I would love it.

One more thing… bought this other than a charm by LOEWE.
New knit sweater for me. It is lime green one. Should be good coordinate with grey / light color for my looks.

What is new year's resolutions of mine?! Oh, for that.
I would think about them and will let you know.