Bottle Opened Home

Unopened bottle finally came around.


Macallan Fine Oak 12 years!
Not straight or on the rock… Gotta be with soda. Pretty good!

1st Sun Rise for 2016!

A Happy New Year to you all!!!
Woke up around 6:40 to see this 1st sun rise of the year.
Perfect weather… actually unusual warm climate here in Tokyo.


OSECHI - special / traditional box of Japanese traditional cuisine for new year celebration.


Beautiful, aren't they? Taste, too.
This box is for two - MoonFlower and I celebrated New Year with this food for breakfast and supper today.


1st prayer - Taishaku Temple.
We decided to go on foot to that place.


Lots of street shops welcoming the people coming for 1st prayer.
And this is proof that we walked…


11 kilometers we walked. About 7 miles. See!


No drive for the day. Just record keeping. Odometer of my car is at 18,400 kilometers. Or 11,433 miles.
Last year alone - my can ran about 5,000 kilometers or 3,100 miles.
Below the average, I guess. Hahaha.


Opened a bottle of sake for supper.
"Dassai" sparking sake - my favorite kind and brand, actually!


Great taste. Perfect celebration for new year with this drink for sure.

Long walk is good exercise. Unusual activity on New Year's day. Must be good sign for 2016.
I really believe that.