Happy New Year - 2019!

Now it is 2019!
A Happy New Year to you all!

Slow day for me, of course. No particular plans at all.
Except coming to a great food like this:

Osechi Food - specially designed for traditional Japanese new year celebration

Good Sake is a company… to set the New Year Day completed.

Oh just drove between Tokyo and Chiba.
Now am back in Tokyo…

Odometer reading as the beginning of the year.
How much more to fun for 2019???
Will see.

Working Saturday? Yet Volunteer!

Working Saturday! Though, outside the project that I engage for now.
Voluntary working group exists and hold a session for all day and I somehow joined.
Very rare that I participate something over the weekend, huh! Indeed.

Group of young consultants studies trend and how to sell the consulting business…
Very talented people in there and I found it quite interesting.
Definitely worth to spent my time even from the weekend.

I am quite isolated due to the nature of project condition from the rest of organization or firm, entirely.
This unique experience did remind me that I was and am still belonged to the large group of people. Hahaha.

Showed up to the not-too-far Japanese tavern place along with MoonFlower.
Japanese cuisine… fish dishes with Sake.
Very different from previous night, huh. It is.

Tomorrow, nothing could be planned due to typoon… bringing the messy weather in.

Anyway, September is now almost over… 3 months to go… OH BOY!



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