Movie, Ramen, Cartier, and Aged Beef

Another movie day for me! Movie number 17 in this year.


Wonder Woman - from DC Comic.
Unlike Avengers movie, the story was quite flat and simple. Well, I still like a little sophisticated story...
Wonder Woman - simply beautiful and strong. Not bad, though.


While being hungry in watching the movie, ramen noodle crossed my mind more than several times.
I then rushed into a ramen shop immediately after the movie. No hesitation.
With today's watch - Audemars Piguet


Stopping by Cartier boutique shop for picking up my watch from overhaul. They call it as "Complete Service." Whatever.
Unfortunately, the service provided was unsatisfactory.
Didn't pick up then. I had to wait. Oh boy, this is a mess.

For supper, MoonFlower and I went out to Kanda area.
Went in to the Bistro Brook Kitchen. It is our 1st time to dine in.

20170902_4 20170902_5

Very fancy place with full of guests tonight.

20170902_6 20170902_7

Chose sparkling wine and several fish dishes.

20170902_8 20170902_9

No more wine afterwards. Picked Mojito for my 2nd and last drink. Not bad at all.


This place's speciality - dry-aged beef. Pretty expensive… and we expected good quality… but not so much, unfortunately.
Different place we went before - back on July 9th - "Beef Beef Beef" day… we went to restaurant called "LE VIN ET LA VIANDE."
That place is much much better off for aged beef / steak. I should go back to that restaurant one more time.

Ramen & Movie

After the closing of a big project, I am quite relaxed and slept in. This is sure thing for all of you folks as well, right? I am sure that it is.
Crossed my mind about what to eat and I ended up a new place not too far from home.
It is called "Wheet and Olive."

What an interesting name for Ramen shop. It is really and it is FAMOUS. Original shop is in Ginza.
Now it opens new place in Nihonbashi. I think that it is from 22nd of February. So still quite new.


Not "Ramen" it called. Rather, "Soba."
Soba applies more Japanese noodle with buckwheat flour. Rather, Ramen is made out of ordinary (?) wheet flour.
Hahaha. Cannot explain the real difference in English… but they are different.

In Japanese, Soba-ko vs. Komugi-ko. They are different.

Well, first time for me to go into this famous noodle place. It was very different from ones I usually eat. Pretty simple but very taste.
I may try other on the menu soon!


From 2:20pm, I went in a movie theater to check this out:


Vin Diesel's TRIPLE X - Return of Xander Cage.
Very easy story to follow and fun to watch because he never gets shot at all no matter how many bullets shot aiming at him.
Is this American James Bond? Or reality of America's Avengers?


This is finally bought and here at home. Now still missing new suitcase. Be here soon??? Will see.

National holiday with good food

Today - it was national holiday for National Foundation Day.
Thank God, it is a day off for me.
As previously expected, I slept in this morning. Got up around 10am. Very slow morning.

Yesterday, MoonFlower went out to get her nails done.
She was taking day off then… it turned out to be just like a weekend for these days.


This is how her nails done… look pretty good!
Color in gradation for beauty.

Stopped by the ramen shop where it is first time for me to go in.




This shop is listed in the Michelin Guide.
Not only once… this shop got listed twice - two years in a row.
Must be really good one!


It was really good one. 860 yen.
I should come back to see other bowl. Will do that soon… very soon.

Went to Isetan department store in Shinjuku afterward.
MoonFlower wanted to check out new clothes.
Though, she didn't buy any today. Didn't pick any particular dress at all.



Dinner was Japanese food! Along with sake.
Good time passes by quickly and it really did for the day.
Tomorrow, one more day for Friday before weekend. Not bad.

I have to make sure that I get up on time to make the office by 9am. That is a tough one… making it early!