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Day and Night

Is it all under control? I wish.
Well, I should not complain too much since all are still somehow manageable.
I should reserve such complaints after further development, I guess.

Nice Tokyo Tower view… for day

And night.

That means that I work throughout the day and night.
Man, that is a pity.

Golden Week Holidays now end...

Active Saturday (before rainy Sunday)

Went to my dentist first for the day.
Then, drove around to see some cherry blossoms.

20210327 Cherry blossoms #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

MoonFlower asked me to join her to go to Roppongi area for something…

20210327 Roppongi Cherry Blossoms #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Just had a tropical soda… was that her true purpose?! That was it… somehow. Hahaha.

Decided to dine out tonight.

It was good Italian restaurant per internet review.
For us, yeah, it was okay or good… but not as great as being reviewed.
Not sure that we come back to this place ever after this.

Contrary to the dinner, we came to awesome cake which MF picked up from Saitama where she went up for family matter.
Man, this is one of the best ever had!!!
Need to go another time for sure.

Busy and active day along with full stomach. Hahaha.

Tokyo Night View: Cherry Blossoms

Quiet weekend is coming to Tokyo!!!
Will see how it works for us… well, lots say that it is darn too late.
This effort for this weekend is going to show in two weeks or so.

How things from previous extended weekend would affect? That is scary part and that result is coming up next week or so.

Anyhow, happened to drive through Nihombashi area…
Cherry blossoms at night… you can have better SAKURA (cherry blossoms) view:

New gadget in my bad from today.
Well, not big big new stuff. But replacing current one for better quality.
Ricoh Theta Camera.

Blue is old version and White is newer.
Now compatible with 4K visual. Not bad.
Maybe more movie content in this blog???

View - Ginza Tokyo under Coronavirus

Happened to drive through Ginza area at night and here is view for you.
There were still lots of people going home after work.
Some of them are still going out for drinks and eat? Hmm.

Drive Thru the Cherry Blossoms

Another boring day.
I need some pressure or given deadline.
Otherwise, I won't be much productive.

What about you? Can you be so good at self-controlling productive business person?

Well, I am quite honest for this, I guess. Hahaha.

Today's video for you… went through the avenue with cherry blossoms.

This place does the light-up at the night… maybe I should do the same at night to see.
This time, sun was too bright and you hardly see the tree and blossoms?
Well, this kind of shooting is quite challenging for me because usually do not do such. Hahaha.

I just intend to add some new content for you to read this blog.
Fun reading should be incentivizing for readers to come back more often.
Right? Sure I hope so.

The video is 360-degree movie. You can change the view within so as you want to try and see.

Today's work was quite flat.
Several meetings in the late afternoon.
A few phone calls including one from my ex-boss. I received an interesting request from him.

Just saw the news on TV telling that Tokyo is now top place with most of coronavirus infections in Japan.
Hokkaido and Nagoya were leading cities up to now. However, Tokyo took that place with today's result.
Within short period of time, Tokyo is going to be locked down like other major cities? Maybe.

MoonFlower started talking about escaping such situation so that she can continuously work without being interrupted.

That might be a good idea… will see.
I may even follow her and she and I live in her old house… will see.

Now Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 confirmed postponed till 2021.
We all should focus on coronavirus… the most.
Will work from home tomorrow again. I will pay more attention to local news.

Very Concerned

No more facial musk hunting?
There was a news from coworker of MoonFlower's.
He got a box of facial musks for her at a drug store nearby.

Thus, MF secured a box of how many facial musks??? Another 30 of them or so.

At least no need to go out to drug stores today. Probably for a while.
Instead, she decided to go out for some gift to that colleague who helped her a lot.
Went in to Takashimaya in Nihombashi.

Well, not many people on the street, though.

Went in to Takashimaya Department Store for sweets shop called "Audrey."
Very popular place with a long waiting line.

Waited for 30-40 minutes in line… Probably much shorter than usual.
Coronavirus concerned.

We bought several different gift box at the shop.

"365 Days and Nihombashi" is another must-queue bakery in the Store.
Well, surprise, surprise!!!
There was NO line made. We instantly went in and selected breads we wanted.

Am sure that Coronavirus affect our economy by 30-40%, easily. Maybe more.

Had this ramen bowl at "Taimeiken."
The length of line for this popular restaurant was about a half compared to usual.
Oh boy.

Supper was at home.

Cold winter-like weekend is now coming to an end.
Cherry blossoms are just to be around and things get into spring after this.
Well, concern is of virus… nothing more. That is THE only concern for now.

This week is rather short due to a national holiday on Friday.
Working from home is almost "must" condition for me and colleagues from here on…
It will be quick and easy week… maybe. Hahaha.

Ginza & Nihombashi under Corona influence

Patrol over the area where tons of flow do flow in…or gathered.
Drove through Ginza and Nihombashi area around 3pm this afternoon.

Ginza - probably 20-30% fewer in the crowd.

Nihombashi (Mitsukoshimae) is about 15-20% fewer crowd.

Compared to Ginza, Nihombashi is not popular destination for Chinese visitors and is popular among middle-age women.
Probably, those ladies do not mind about such virus influence and do what they need to do.

This patrol covers only snapshot basis.

People may not stay too long in those areas… may not stop by additional places to what they need to go.
Thus, less consumptions for sure.

From tomorrow for at least 2 weeks, kids are to stay home and lots of workers intend to work at home.
Grocery and home supplies are on huge demand for now… excess demand.

How things are going to be???