Relaxing Saturday; finally full-weekend in progress







Golden Week 2017 coming to an end

Last day of a big holiday called Golden Week!!!
MoonFlower and I showed up in Shinjuku… for Isetan department store.
She wanted t come to this fair.


Decorative balls. Some of them have good smell also.
I didn't know that she was going to pick one up for home. Oh boy, she did so, very instantly!
Plus, she spent the saved points from the department card upon this purchase. Wow, 2,000 points were gone for single decorative ball…

Late lunch was at Burger King. Haven't been to one for a long time!
Whopper!!! I missed it.


MF got one with cheese and I got regular one.


Lambo found on the street through the window. Pretty cool.
I was wondering what kind of people driving this kind of exotic car around…
The guy seemed very ordinary and he was actually with family of two kids. Very ordinary. Hahaha.

20170507_4 20170507_5

Dinner was of sushi. Great closing meal of the holiday! Hahaha.
Never been to this restaurant before. I always passed by this place, though.
Reasonable price and quality. Good one.

Okay, now I worry about the work!!!

Shopping Day!

Went to cemetery for prayer in early afternoon. Then, late lunch at Sushi place.


Today's "on-my-wrist" is AP. Rare to wear it in the weekend?
No matter when I put this on, this really makes me feel good for sure! Hahaha.

20170319_2 20170319_3

Shopping at the Mitsui Outlet Park in Kisaradu. Yes, it is our "usual" place for discounted shopping! Hahaha.
2 things come to my possession. One t-shirt and pair of sport shoes. Both come from Italian brand "Diesel."
This brand is current my favorite. Good style… slightly overpriced, though. Hahaha.

Extended weekend begins

Long weekend gets started. Monday is national holiday!
MoonFlower has already gone back to the house in Chiba and, in this morning, I had to follow after her.
Jumped into my car and drove in highway to Chiba. Time to time I hit the traffic jam.

Took me a little bit longer than usual time to get there.

20170318_1 20170318_2

My Alfa is still in good shape. Running great!


MF's favorite dog - very behaving!

Wine gets opened for supper.

20170318_4 20170318_5

Good wine… matching wth roasted beef.
Wait. It is white wine… with meat? Hmmm.
Was it a mistake? Still matched? Hmmm, not sure what was the best choice.

At least things were like this.
I have selected several menu for supper. Then, wine selection was informed afterwards. That is why.
Well, it didn't matter. Things were good and I loved it!


Client comes to annual meeting with executives of many different companies that it has business with.
More than 150 people were in the meeting took place in the hotel conference room.
I then self-invited to the meeting and sat in very last low.


Yeah, I never received an invitation. Though, I wanted to see what kind of information communicated within.
So I actually got okay from my counterpart at client to attend the meeting.
No one really got upset when seeing me in there. Hahaha.


Then showed up to the Conrad Hotel for early evening meeting with colleagues who just got in Tokyo from Europe tonight.
Okay, now it is all set for a big meeting tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have to give a presentation for final reporting of the project 2016.
Meeting is set for 4 hours. Will see how much I can last… Hahaha.

Mobile Worker

Mobile worker it is… it is me doing such today.
Decided NOT to show up to the office at all since no business meetings were planned.
Thus, I stayed in nearby Starbucks Coffee shop for my own work.

20170208_1 20170208_2

I finally came to find my schedule book for 2017.
It had been packed in the box for moving and it was sitting somewhere in the house until today.
Finally, I recovered and now can use it for my planning.

20170208_3 20170208_4

20170208_5 20170208_6

French bal located in Ningyocho.
It was great place found, finally.
Good live music came along. Perfect dining place for our family. Very relaxing place with great French!



Strawberries and Business Bag

Went to a strawberry firm to pick up our orders!
Yeah, it is our tradition to do so in this time of year.
It was about a 30-minute drive to get this firm:

20170205_1 20170205_2

Always crowded with customers. Today is just another day. There are 5 or 6 customers were waiting in a line, already.
Spent about 20 minutes waiting and finally came to our order - 4 packs of strawberries.
This firm produces very sweet ones. So exciting!

After coming home, we went out to Ginza.
MoonFlower wanted to buy some ceramics and we missed since other customer had bought some out before us. Too bad.
Then, we continued looking around and I particularly look for business bag.

20170205_3 20170205_4

They are from the brand called Wildswans.
Very nice one… but still didn't buy one for myself yet today.
Still need to look farther. Hahaha.

Finally Xmas Cards Open

I didn't get a chance to come in to the office until new year… thus, all received mail and packaged were not open until this time.
That includes even Christmas cards.
One big package came from Germany. Obviously from the project members.

20170106_1 20170106_2

Came via several European countries…

20170106_3 20170106_4

3 items were enclosed. One Christmas card, one chocole "More chocolate, more drive!" and one business card case with my name engraved.
Wow, they were quite precious. THANK YOU!


They are from three key persons in the project. My colleagues. Cool!
I feel a little bit guilty since I came to open this today. I wish that I could have come to this much earlier.
Anyway, this is awesome!

20170106_6 20170106_7

Mexican foods were chosen for supper with MoonFlower.
No parties tonight. Just simple foods.
It was 1st visit to this Mexican restaurant for us. Good surprise that this is good place providing very delicious foods, indeed.

Next time I should bring friend Tetsu to this place when he comes back from Mexico to see if this place provides genuine Mexican or not!

Japan is going into extended weekend until Monday due to the observation of "Adult Day" on Monday.
Very good timing, indeed. My rehab from New Year holidays should be taking place then. Hahaha.
Have a wonderful weekend.

1st Working Day of Year!

Coming to the work for 2017! Finally, reality got kicked in… hahaha.


Yeah, showed up within the morning. I was not lazy at all! Just punctual as possible.
Good start of a new year should result positive thing… I hope. I should believe that.

Then held a meeting with a Partner and I was quite busy even on 1st working day. But it was all under control.

I happened to take a look my wrist watch for time and realized that it was almost 7pm.
I rushed into a train for Shinjuku since gathering with friends was planned.

Here we go… all friends who spent great school time together in US were there:

新年会@カミナリヤ その2 こっちがちゃんとみんな写ってる? #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Fun time was fast… and we kept drinking until the last train for the day. Almost missed it! Hahaha.


Part of the gathering was that we check how newly-wed friend Kazuma doing with his wife so far.
Somehow, he was wearing two rings. Hmmm, interesting.
His wife also knows this. Very interesting.

TWO wedding rings?

Moving... finally completed!






Shopping after Shopping

Made it early today!
At 9am, MoonFlower and I were already in Ginza / Yurakucho area.


Breakfast at cafe - this coffee is Dominica Winey.
This must be popular single origin coffee…
Tasted like sweets. Berry-type taste. Actually, I like bitter one much more. Hehehe.

20160904_2 20160904_3

Then showed up to the interior fair.
Yeah, all for new home. Furniture, chair and lug… MoonFlower got lots of estimates… I wonder if she is really up to them or not.


Lunch was at an Indian restaurant in Ginza - where we have ever met each other for the first time. Hahaha.
After 13 or 14 years since then, the restaurant is still in tact. No change whatsoever!

MF picked up some cosmetics on the way home.
For me, got brand new card case replacing the worn-out one.

20160904_5 20160904_6

Cool. Didn't think that it would be Bulgari much…

See ya.

Not Quite Ready...

Oh no… this is totally unexpected.
Data not matched. Should be. It has been so since Day One of this project.
Why not this particular case? Not sure.


Since this data is provided… I need to check with data provider - Client for source of information or its logic.
I presume that data is based upon some exceptional counting… will see.

Anyhow, I am not ready for a big meeting on Tuesday - project kickoff.

In order to shake such uneasy feeling off, supper began. Opened a wine bottle.

20160724_2 20160724_3

20160724_5 20160724_5

Well, feeling good after a couple of glasses… though, pain from the work is still sticking to my head.
Will see how soon I can resolve with help from client. Otherwise, I have to work on plan B, immediately.
Designing plan B is not that simple and quick; therefore, I should not look into it.

Wish me luck!
I will be on airplane to Hiroshima for a week. Be back in Tokyo late Friday night.

See ya!

Tokyo to Ogaki

Moving from Tokyo to Ogaki for family gathering in order to hold ceremony for deceased father.
In Buddhism, 49th day from the death is timing for such big prayer.
Scheduled on 4th and today MoonFlower and I took train for Ogaki.


In the train, Starbuck's latte and kobo eBook were good companies to me.
Reading… yeah, not bad how to spend time in train.
With Kobo, I have ready more than 60 books already. Wow!

Mother came to pick us up at the Gifu Hashima Station. She looked fine and is actually as usual.
That is a big relief.

Bad Meeting among Good Meetings

Made it early! Yes, I left home at 7am as planned (Great!). Therefore, I started this morning right.
Let's see how the rest of day would go.

All meeting were fine... except one which was the most important for the day.
That is a little bit disappointing even to myself. I am sure that it is the same for client and my teammates.
What happened in that particular meeting was pretty much nothing.

Is that my fault? Hmm, not really so.

I had expected some valuable input that client side would be going to make.
However, it turned out lots of things which are up in the air for today.
Therefore, no positive result and I feel a little bit down, unfortunately.

I should have lowered such expectation?

I could have done it differently... at least slightly.
Anyway, this must be part of learning and I should be more ready for other meetings.

No much spending since free food provided at the client's site.
Therefore, I spend few money... literally.
What I spent money for today is only coffee - at Starbucks.

Two cups of coffee for single day. That is it.
This turns out to be a big saving everyday.
What a privilege!


Plus, Starbucks now brings up new spring design on its paper cup.
Cherry blossoms - they are coming in a month or so.
Great season is just ahead. Needs to get out of dark cold winter.

Nikkei now calms itself down? Good positive round from the beginning today.
However, it finishes a bit weak with 30-point up.
Still another big messy trade to soar or plummet ahead?

Either direction, up or down, I would like to see it to move slowly.
What we see now is just out of control and no one, except computerized trading, can deal.

Today's pen was Pelikan Souveran M450 Vermeil Tortoise.
Almost ink is out and need to refill.
Since last maintenance by the maker, I carefully take care of it at the end of day when everytime I use it for work.

I use cleaning cloth to wipe all finger prints out... at least I try so.
This is because this pen is used with mixed gold plate - easily get rusted.
I do not like such...

According to the maker, getting rusted is caused with oxidation by the oil of my hands .
Not sure that "oil of my hands" does make sense in English.
I have no alternative expression. Poor English.

Anyhow, I keep the pen as clean not to get rusted.
Nice gold pen that I love and one of my favorites fountain pens.
Gold... but not so shiny, though. Better than silver for sure.

National holiday with good food

Today - it was national holiday for National Foundation Day.
Thank God, it is a day off for me.
As previously expected, I slept in this morning. Got up around 10am. Very slow morning.

Yesterday, MoonFlower went out to get her nails done.
She was taking day off then… it turned out to be just like a weekend for these days.


This is how her nails done… look pretty good!
Color in gradation for beauty.

Stopped by the ramen shop where it is first time for me to go in.




This shop is listed in the Michelin Guide.
Not only once… this shop got listed twice - two years in a row.
Must be really good one!


It was really good one. 860 yen.
I should come back to see other bowl. Will do that soon… very soon.

Went to Isetan department store in Shinjuku afterward.
MoonFlower wanted to check out new clothes.
Though, she didn't buy any today. Didn't pick any particular dress at all.



Dinner was Japanese food! Along with sake.
Good time passes by quickly and it really did for the day.
Tomorrow, one more day for Friday before weekend. Not bad.

I have to make sure that I get up on time to make the office by 9am. That is a tough one… making it early!

1st Sun Rise for 2016!

A Happy New Year to you all!!!
Woke up around 6:40 to see this 1st sun rise of the year.
Perfect weather… actually unusual warm climate here in Tokyo.


OSECHI - special / traditional box of Japanese traditional cuisine for new year celebration.


Beautiful, aren't they? Taste, too.
This box is for two - MoonFlower and I celebrated New Year with this food for breakfast and supper today.


1st prayer - Taishaku Temple.
We decided to go on foot to that place.


Lots of street shops welcoming the people coming for 1st prayer.
And this is proof that we walked…


11 kilometers we walked. About 7 miles. See!


No drive for the day. Just record keeping. Odometer of my car is at 18,400 kilometers. Or 11,433 miles.
Last year alone - my can ran about 5,000 kilometers or 3,100 miles.
Below the average, I guess. Hahaha.


Opened a bottle of sake for supper.
"Dassai" sparking sake - my favorite kind and brand, actually!


Great taste. Perfect celebration for new year with this drink for sure.

Long walk is good exercise. Unusual activity on New Year's day. Must be good sign for 2016.
I really believe that.

Tokyo Motor Show 2015











Silver Week Begins...





Golden Week 2015: Omotesando - Nihonbashi











Golden Week 2015: Herb Garden











Golden Week 2015: Italian Wine Bar




2015 Cherry Blossoms

I took afternoon off today.
MoonFlower and I went to see cherry blossoms in Shinjuku.


Shinjuku Gyoen Park.






Tons of visitors!
My mistake was that I was still wearing suits and tie.
Totally wrong attire for sure! Hahaha.

Great nature, great cherry blossoms around!
Must see Japanese beauty… just like that. You never want to miss it if you would ever been in Japan around this time of year!

Blue Bottle Coffee to Yumiko Iihoshi












Eye Glasses Repaired