Cherry Blossoms 2019

I usually do not go out to appreciate the nature… much.
Tonight things were different.
I walked through the street where cherry blossoms were fancy addition.

This street is quite fancy more than usual because of cherry trees. Just in the middle of full bloom!!!

Tokyo Skytree

No plan for this weekend as mentioned previously.
MoonFlower wanted to go to Tokyo Skytree for something… and I was "forced" to join her.
No other options available then.

At least she offered to buy me a good coffee.

Great weather… perfect for outing… but nothing really concerned me whatsoever.
Maybe I show you another photo which was taken by Theta camera:

20190113 東京スカイツリー #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Yes, MF kept what she promised… I came to have a good coffee. Sweets is of her choice, though.
Part of the reason coming to this coffee stand is because it sells sweets which she wants.
This stand bring some baked sweets from the independent producer whom MF really likes. She had to come to this place for it.

I spent all energy had… the shopping mall at Tokyo Skytree was extremely crowded.
I do not like to be in there without particular reason… then easily got tired. I wanted to come home and relax myself.
That wish came true. MF agreed to do so and we stayed home for the rest of day.

Plus, some good fatty foods!

Toyama: Driving up to another city

Tajimi job is done and things went as planned. Big relief for myself.
Then client drove his car and I got free ride to next place… Toyama.
Short day trip was surely fun!

Fast sport car made me no boring while being just seated for several hours.
After early night tel meetings - I had to attend two of them in the hotel room, I rejoined the client for supper.
Supper didn't become simple one…

Thing was fun and tons of stuff to talk about. Look at my Panerai watch on right picture…
Shows the time even after midnight…
Man, it was certainly endless.

Long weekend is over

Another extended weekend is now over.
Didn't do much… nothing quite accomplished. So what?
It means, I spent very easy time for myself… totally relaxing. Don't you agree?

Came back in town. DIdn't encounter the holiday traffic at all. Good deal.
Though, didn't come home straight.
Instead, showed up to this tall building place.

Soramachi Shopping Mall next to this "Skytree" tower.
MoonFlower wanted to buy some special stuff in there… so I had to wait in car for a while until she got it done.
That was the only even for the day. Pretty easy, huh. Yep, it really was.

Even supper came easy, too. Past dinner then.
No complains. Just simple weekend and it was alright.
May be quite busy tomorrow… will see. At least I have to get ready for whatever it may be. Many meetings scheduled.

Extended weekend is over

An extended weekend is just gone by for nothing. At least it was quiet and peaceful.
It means that I spent very relaxing time home, mostly.
According to my schedule, September is going to be easy month ever before difficult time.

I should enjoy myself as much in remaining time before getting too busy.

My Instagram is yet actively doing well. Today, total follows is up to 930.
My goal for 2018 is 1,000 and I have another several months to achieve it.
Not bad. Still on track.

Follow me if you do have Instagram account. Account is of course "ogakijin"
I have many pictures from my life as watch, fashion, food, etc.
Should be fun.



20180313_1 20180313_2


20180313_4 20180313_5



20180309_3 20180309_4

20180309_5 20180309_6




20180227_1 20180227_2

20180227_3 20180227_4


20180227_6 20180227_7

Big Snow Made a Mess in Tokyo!

20180122_1 20180122_2

20180122_3 20180122_4

20180122_5 20180122_6


Good Food after Good Food

Good soba noodle for lunch… this place is not too far from where I live.
This is 2nd visit…
No hesitation but very much determined to eat this soba for lunch since early morning. My brain did tell me so.


Great stuff!
Perfect soba. I probably like this more than simple ramen noodle. Different noodle dish.
It means that I am now old because the food preference is slightly shifted like that. Hahaha.


Showed up to the Tokyo Big Sight for some exhibition. Yes, part of work, really.


Coffee break after long walk inside the exhibition. Along with today's watch - Cartier Santos 100XL.

20180118_4 20180118_5

Saw the projection mapping over the Tokyo Big Sight premises. I didn't know that such entertainment was planned tonight.
But a little bit noisy because big loud music was along and that was too much for me.

Dinner is planned at Italian restaurant in Ginza.

20180118_6 20180118_7

20180118_8 20180118_9

20180118_a 20180118_b

Forgot to take picture of pasta… otherwise, all here.
Very good food came along with big bill. Oh boy. Too late…
I will keep my wallet closed tightly for rest of the month until pay day!

Good Place Hunting

MoonFlower and I made it early today. It is mid-day during the extended weekend.
Yeah, Sunday morning it is… we rushed into bakery not too far from where we live.
MF had made a request for some bread in advance and we picked up even more when we went it.

Croissant, croque monsieur, etc.

Rushed back to home... actually we made extra tour to another place.
We went into a place called "WENT" which is newly open coffee stand.
Picked up latte for her and coffee for myself.

20180107_1 20180107_2

Newly backed bread and fresh brewed coffee made things just to be perfect. Cannot complain any for sure.

After easy afternoon when we mostly spent time on Hulu except some grocery shopping, we went down to Asakusa.

20180107_3 20180107_4

20180107 Asakusa Senso Temple #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

20180107_5 20180107_6

Lucky draw came out pretty good. "Daikichi" is top luck. Good new year start with this.
Then, we came to this bistro just near the Temple.

20180107_7 20180107_8

20180107_9 20180107_a

20180107_b 20180107_c

Wow, another GREAT place just found.
Well, it is all well-done to MoonFlower who has done great homework finding great dining place.
It is here… we should come back quite soon.

Good start and great finish. What a wonderful day!