New? Limited Edition "San Francisco" by Pelikan

Wow, new to my collection? Not so fast.
Today I come to a fountain pen by German-made Pelikan called "San Francisco."
This is limited edition. Though, it is already being discontinued.

Sold back even in 2003!


Pretty calm design… not of my kind of choice? Hahaha.
In fact, this is MoonFlower's pen.
Since she gave up on this kind of pen for good and I now take it over. Yeah, new addition to my collection, indeed.


Since my Pelikan is gone for repair, this San Francisco is helping me to write up my meeting memo for the day.
This particular writing instrument is pretty smooth and great to hold. No complaints whatsoever. Perfect stuff.

Color of ink is brown to match the color of body. Good choice made! Hahaha.

Even fun to write rather than typing on PC. You know such difference? With and without pleasure…