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Back in Tokyo After All

Back to Tokyo. No Major Issue

Man, night in Ogaki is much colder than I thought!
It was cold night for me…
No foods for breakfast and I ran into cafe for coffee and bread. Came with boiled egg, too.

In the coffee shop, I definitely was part of the community because tons of senior citizens came for breakfast by themselves.
One after another… old fellows kept coming. It was interesting place.

For two days from yesterday, I had cheap rental, driving Nissan NOTE around.
It is compact car and should realize high drivability.
Though, it was not as good as I thought it would be.

Stayed with mother for late afternoon in the hospital.
Medical check went well and we all are quite optimistic that she does not need any surgery.

My brother drove all the way from Tokyo and arrived in very late afternoon.
He plans to spend night tonight. Thus, he takes my turn hereafter.
It was first met him for over several years. Usual for us.

He bought me a big meal and I enjoyed!
Different way of cooking eels in this region from Tokyo. Really. Interesting.

Returned rental car and got back to Tokyo by train.

A little more customers; however, definitely far different from usual time.

Extended weekend took away from me for family emergency. Nonetheless, closed with no bad outcome. That is good news.

Emergency in Ogaki

Phone rang in very early morning. I was yet asleep then.
Picked up the phone with notice that something happened to my mother because it was from her.
She called an ambulance last night and was at hospital.

She was in big pain and then got some relief with medication.

Some testing planned and she may need to go under surgery if necessary.
Oh boy!

I rushed into Tokyo Station for bullet train.

Under state of emergency over Tokyo, there is few people in the largest station of the country!

I was only one in the train car when departed from Tokyo.
Only several people got on board afterwards.

Picked up a large bento for lunch.

Great varieties and enjoyed them much.

Picked up a rental car and drove straight into hospital in Ogaki.

Well, unlike Tokyo, hospital still allows one per family to see patient.
Registered myself and finally came to a room where my mother was.

She was okay. Pain was under control then.
She clearly talks and talks… it all didn't seem to be too serious.
Though, testing was planned tomorrow and it is up to the result.

However, she was quite optimistic and believes that it would be positive.

I was there with her for several hours until nurse told me to go home.

I hope things stay calm and under control over night for improvement.
If she goes under surgery, I have to go back to Tokyo for grabbing my work stuff to stay in Ogaki for a while.
Will see how things turn out to be.