Halie Loren @ Cotton Club Tokyo

One of favorite jazz singers… Halie Loren comes to Japan once again.
Of course, I cannot miss it since I have 4 albums of hers in my iPhone!
I did escort MoonFlower as my usual company to this special jazz session tonight. Yeah, my treat!


20170916_2 20170916_3

20170916_4 20170916_5

Drinks, food, and music… all were perfect tonight.
Hope that she keeps coming back to this place at least once every year.
Fun and fantastic night it was.

Nagasaki: Ready and Go

Nagasaki is next destination. Here I am… first time to spend "nights" in this city, though.
To be ready, I bought a new album… from iTunes store. Didn't plan to. Just happened to buy one for this trip.
It is Diana Krall music. Her brand new album just available in the middle of May.

Yeah, one of my favorite singers in the world! No way to miss it out.


I have to take a headset with me to this trip in order to make sure that I listen to the music all the time.
Diana Krall… I really thought that her career is nearly over since I do not see releases often anymore.
Well, this turns out to be a good surprise. Good spice to this business trip as well.

Richmond Hotel - same hotel chain as last trip which was to Fukuoka.
Very mediocre Japanese business hotel chain. Nothing special. Just right for space and price / cost.

20170509 リッチモンドホテル長崎思案橋 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

See, it is very ordinary. Hahaha.

20170509_2 20170509_3

At Haneda Tokyo Airport, gate for Nagasaki flight is located at the other side to the one for Fukuoka.
So I got a chance to use different lounge this time. Well, it was large and very open.
Plus, not many travelers using such space then. Pretty good!

Rolex Explorer II is my company to this trip. I am sure that this watch brings good luck to the result of business.

20170509_4 20170509_5

Nagasaki Flight was completed as planned.
Well, not only the lounge… but also flight itself was quite open… few customers going to that place at least today!
Wish me luck on this Nagasaki job that I have to finish until Friday.

Selected Music is... "Butterfly Blue"

Now mood is that the weekend is over. That is true. All of us now think and worry about tomorrow.
Well, let's not think too much.
It should be like whatever may be. Let the time flow.

I come to choose music which I can take along for business trip starting next week.
Spent quite some time… to make final selection.
I choose… Halie Loren.


Her latest album "Butterfly Blue" is downloaded from iTunes and now ready to listen with iPhone and iPad.
Do you know of her?
Actually, this is first time for me to know Halie Loren.

I went in to the jazz vocalist category and reached her name.
Not sure that she won the Grammy this year or not. Is this album part of her nomination?
I need to search a bit more about it. Though, that doesn't matter.

I like jazz. I really like Diana Krall. I have more than 5 CDs of hers.
Also I first hand saw her performance in the jazz festival once.
I really like her voice.

Well, unfortunately she doesn't release music much anymore.
Thus, I wanted to follow someone else in addition to Diana.
Halie seems to be a good choice. Her voice is nice, too.

Found that Halie Loren is coming to Tokyo in April and I just booked one seat for myself.
Cool, I can see her performance so soon.

You can see video clip of her performance from youtube:

Cool, isn't she?