Movie, Ramen, Cartier, and Aged Beef

Another movie day for me! Movie number 17 in this year.


Wonder Woman - from DC Comic.
Unlike Avengers movie, the story was quite flat and simple. Well, I still like a little sophisticated story...
Wonder Woman - simply beautiful and strong. Not bad, though.


While being hungry in watching the movie, ramen noodle crossed my mind more than several times.
I then rushed into a ramen shop immediately after the movie. No hesitation.
With today's watch - Audemars Piguet


Stopping by Cartier boutique shop for picking up my watch from overhaul. They call it as "Complete Service." Whatever.
Unfortunately, the service provided was unsatisfactory.
Didn't pick up then. I had to wait. Oh boy, this is a mess.

For supper, MoonFlower and I went out to Kanda area.
Went in to the Bistro Brook Kitchen. It is our 1st time to dine in.

20170902_4 20170902_5

Very fancy place with full of guests tonight.

20170902_6 20170902_7

Chose sparkling wine and several fish dishes.

20170902_8 20170902_9

No more wine afterwards. Picked Mojito for my 2nd and last drink. Not bad at all.


This place's speciality - dry-aged beef. Pretty expensive… and we expected good quality… but not so much, unfortunately.
Different place we went before - back on July 9th - "Beef Beef Beef" day… we went to restaurant called "LE VIN ET LA VIANDE."
That place is much much better off for aged beef / steak. I should go back to that restaurant one more time.

2 Movies a Day!

Very rare… but my favorite.
Today turns to be a good movie day for me. Actually, saw two of them within one day!
One is the Spider-man and the other is the Mummy by Tom Cruise.

This is movie number 13 in this year.

Fun? This movie seemed a bit cheap. Hope that next one of the series comes along with expectation.
Spiderman in my understanding is a little bit serious but clumsy…
In this story, "new" spider-man is quite easy going… in order to match the rest of Avengers, I believe.

This becomes movie number 14 in 2017.

Actually, wanted to see the Transformers. Well, I had to wait until MoonFlower can go together since she wanted to see as well.

I wouldn't have watched this movie if Tom was not in the movie. Story was quite adventurous but not the way I like.
Mummy seems a little bit ugly… hahaha.

Tomorrow, I will see the Transformers with MoonFlower. Very tensed time for me to go movies! Yeah!

Akita: Job's Done!


20170715_2 20170715_3



20170715_6 20170715_7



Sea Theme for All Day Long!


20170703_3 20170703_4

Relaxing Saturday; finally full-weekend in progress







The Fate of the Furious

Awesome movie!!!


Original title is, as you know, The Fate of the Furious and "FF8 (Fast and Furious Series #8)."
While, easy local name for this movie in Japanse as:
WILD SPEED. Subtitle is "ICE BREAK."

So when you talk about this movie to any Japanese friends, make sure that you call "Wild Speed."
Am sure that most of the cases, your Japanese friends do understand what movie you talk about.

Cannot wait FF9 and even 10… how far this "Family" can go? Hehehe.

Numazu: Movie while Business Trip

Hahaha… joke became true!
Finished today's work around 5pm and had some time off.


Quick supper at hotel. Cup noodles.
Then, went to movie theater.


Still wearing suits. Hahaha.


Watched "Kong Skull Island."
Not bad… story with good visual. But still unreal. Hahaha.
Cannot wait "Godzilla vs. Kong" which is next after this.

Ramen & Movie

After the closing of a big project, I am quite relaxed and slept in. This is sure thing for all of you folks as well, right? I am sure that it is.
Crossed my mind about what to eat and I ended up a new place not too far from home.
It is called "Wheet and Olive."

What an interesting name for Ramen shop. It is really and it is FAMOUS. Original shop is in Ginza.
Now it opens new place in Nihonbashi. I think that it is from 22nd of February. So still quite new.


Not "Ramen" it called. Rather, "Soba."
Soba applies more Japanese noodle with buckwheat flour. Rather, Ramen is made out of ordinary (?) wheet flour.
Hahaha. Cannot explain the real difference in English… but they are different.

In Japanese, Soba-ko vs. Komugi-ko. They are different.

Well, first time for me to go into this famous noodle place. It was very different from ones I usually eat. Pretty simple but very taste.
I may try other on the menu soon!


From 2:20pm, I went in a movie theater to check this out:


Vin Diesel's TRIPLE X - Return of Xander Cage.
Very easy story to follow and fun to watch because he never gets shot at all no matter how many bullets shot aiming at him.
Is this American James Bond? Or reality of America's Avengers?


This is finally bought and here at home. Now still missing new suitcase. Be here soon??? Will see.

Friday Night Mooovie!

Didn't plan to but turned out that it was movie night tonight.

Had a long day for work until 8pm or so. Worked with client, with peers and with young consultants.
Last job done for today was that I participated in the workshop organized for such new and young fellows.
It was interesting "academic-like" atmosphere.

Supper was at ramen noodle shop.


This was my supper and found out that MoonFlower was at much better place to eat:


It was FUGU cuisine. Fugu is blowfish… this is a large Fugu sashimi plate.
Believe me that this is VERY expensive. Very tasty, though.
How come she gets such a better treat? I come to very cheap food like ramen? Oh boy, this is such an unfair world between us.

So I had to make something happen to compete with her. I checked and decided to go to movie after ramen.


Watched Japanese movie called "Survival Family."
One family's story about surviving during the long period out of electricity.
Amazing enough to know how much we rely on such power.

Without power, things are not going to be the same at all… not only material wise but also mental wise.

Finished watching movie at quarter after 11pm. Just hit my sack straight then. Hahaha.

This is 5th movie in this year, already. Way to go!

Watch, pen, and movie...

All right… Friday is over. Now going into a weekend!

20170210_1 20170210_2

Today's attire and pen for work.
Brioni tie is always cool and I love it. Very fancy and perfect match to Cartier Santos100XL.
Pen is also gold today. Pelikan Souveran M450 Vermeil / Tortoise. This is no longer produced.

Pretty good match and coordination, don't you think? Too vivid?


Finally came to see this movie before too late. I took advantage of free movie ticket today.
Somehow, "The Accountant" is changed to "The Consultant" in Japan. Probably, it is much easier for all to imagine.
Well, the movie was so-so. I thought that it would be much better and fun. It was mediocre one.


Last shot for the day… over the supper in the pizza place. MoonFlower and I found very good place!
Yammy pizza it was.
Okay, let's enjoy the weekend!

Movie on Monday!

Next project is coming up in a while… thus, it means that I still can spare some time…
So after work, went to a movie… since Monday's price is off.
In fact, every Monday the movie ticket becomes cheaper with coupon.

Usual price is 1,800 yen -> 1,100 yen with coupon.


Picked "Doctor Strange." Yeah, Marvel's movie.
Story was rather simple; however, the motion picture was quite decent.
Cannot wait for next Avengers' movie for sure!


Lunch - 600 yen.

20170206_3 20170206_4

Supper with MoonFlower. Quick supper with limited alcohol tonight. Didn't plan to drink… much.

Okay, Monday is now finished. Next?

1st movie in 2017

As per MoonFlower's request - we went for lunch at Indian restaurant with good reviews within "Tabelog" site.
Man, that site never lies!
The choice was right and we came to foods as we just needed.

IMG_5120 IMG_5121

Great and spicy curry!!! She liked the foods and we definitely will come back soon!

I was released from family duty in the afternoon and finally went to see this "never-miss" movie. It is " Start Wars - Rogue One."


Very sad story before the Jedi come to the life…
Wars never bring human to anywhere for sure.

Jason Bourne

Not that bad.. though, not so great.


Better wait and see how the new series are going to develop from here.

Who is the one watching a movie during the week?

It was me!
I had a half day off and did two things.
One is car wash and the other is movie.


I have spent my time very effectively… don't you think?
It was a Japanese movie - Sanada Jyu Yushi. Translated as 10 Brave Sanada Samurai.
Sanada is name of busho / samurai.

Not serious… more like fantasy… based upon history with some fiction. It was surely fun.

Movie "Abunai Deka (Dangerous Detective)"

Saturday begins earlier than usual.
MoonFlower has some appointment with her friends somewhere… thus we both woke up early.
It was 7:30 when our morning began.

Finally, we achieved to activate our weekend as early as 7:30. First time in 2016!


My Diagono is out of the collection box for the 1st time in a long time…
Winded up manually upon setting the correct time.
Perfect fit to my wrist once again.

This is my watch for the day and went out to see a movie.


The choice made was of Japanese police movie. This is one converted from old TV series.
It was quite popular when on air then.
"Abunai Deka" or "Dangerous Detectives." Two crazy police officer closes many tough cases with lots of bullets.

Unlike current TV drama with police character, too much violence in it. Hahaha. So easy and so cool.

It was very short 110-minute movie with lots of fun without any thinking.
So relaxing.
Happened to have enough points for free movie ticket and exercised such great right.
Free movie with 290-yen coffee then.

Spent 2nd half of the afternoon home, dozing off for a while… Hahaha.
MoonFlower came home around the sun set and we decided to dine out tonight.
Last Thursday, we ate Japanese… tonight we chose Western cuisine.

French Bal - her favorite small restaurant located in walking distance. We know of the chef and cute girl working with him.
Small place managed by just two.
However, the business should be good and growing. Every time we go there, we can tell more and more frequent fans and customers there.


Potato gratin - I believe that this is the dish for the night.
Next time, I should check it out again.


Pinot noir 100% wine tonight.


"Taraba" Crab and avocado with Balsamic source.


Last - the dinner finishes with pasta. Carbonara with bacons. Good choice I made!!!
Great finish.

Good food along with tasty wine. Of course, good company (wifey).
It was fun and great time between us.

Star Wars Checked Out!

What's up, folks!
My apology about such a long time silence. Yes, I have been alright.
Just being lazy along with many things to do.

Finally, I cleaned up lots of things including this blog data which has been pilled up and pain.
Now things are in order and I can promise that I can come back to this blog much more often for update.
I am quite thankful that those who (many people, actually) kept coming back to this place.


Today I went out to see Star Wars along with my cousin. First outing with him… interesting experience.

The movie was pretty good coming along with lots of homage to predecessors, particularly Episode IV.
Am sure that this is great for fans. Yes, I am definitely one of them who enjoyed such in this movie!

Episode VIII is coming up when? Surely not next year… in 2017? Cannot wait.
The way the Episode VII concludes is the way people want more and more of the story.
You know what I mean. Star Wars really come with great tactics for sure.

MoonFlower is now finishing the work for 2015.
She and I will get busy to be ready for great New Year's eve and new year.
Let me see what is on my to-do list for 2015 and see what I can do before 2016.

Like I said, this blog data is more organized than ever and ready for more writing.
It means that I should come to my desktop at least once everyday for update just to make sure that you are no longer disappointed.
Will do what I can do! Winking

Yokohama for movie? watch? ramen?







Movie: Terminator Genesis

Not highly expected… just wanted to check out the latest Terminator.
Though, it was quite fun movie. More than expected.

Maybe because Mission Impossible was such a great movie… whatever coming after that would be okay or mediocre.
I was wrong… really.
Good movies can be back-to-back.


This is surely another "do-not-miss" movie. Recommended.
However, the story was rather complicated.
Still human vs. robot (Terminator) is base concept.

It was only the "change the past."
Now "need to change the future as well."
Hmmm, already complicated.

If you see the movie, it will make sense. Hahaha.

Maybe next movie is going to be okay or mediocre. Will see.

Movie: Mission Impossible

Another big movie just up and we checked it out, already!
It is Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible. "Rogue Nation."
This is 5th movie of the series, as you already know.


Japan's opening is just this weekend and we selected this for late night movie.
Started at 22:30. Pretty late, right.

The movie was quite exciting and I believe that this is the BEST in the series.
If not seen it, you definitely do not want to miss it.

During the day, I stopped by Audi dealer.
No particular (!) purpose, though.
Talk to a sales consultant about new car… I found out that new TT is just coming up.


Man, I'd better to do test drive!!!
Late August or early September… new TT is to be available in local dealership.
Maybe I come to receive a call from that gentleman for time availability to the test drive.

I cannot wait!

HOWEVER, this feeling of excitement does not mean that I would buy another car.
That is not a chance… please note. Hahaha.

Golden Week 2015: Movie



Furious Seven