1st Movie in 2018

1st working day for me in this year among so many others. Hahaha.
Work was flat and no over time at all. No need to.
Though, I had to stick with one work. One work only. Worked on a proposal that we have to make soon.

I need to have a break to make sure that I face that proposal, calmly.
So I went out… do some errands before getting back to serious work.
Happened to be in Nihonbashi. One thing on my to-do list was unchecked since last year and now checked.

20180105_1 20180105_2

My Rolex Explorer II is gone for overhaul service today. It would take a month or so for completion.
In addition to OH, I even requested for brand new sapphire crystal (glass) to replace.
Finally, I completed that to-do. Good move in early 2018!

Plus, I decided to go to 1st movie for this year. It was opening day for "Kingsman." Cannot resist…


Pretty easy story to follow. Very relaxing spy action movie.
This is hilarious since British-like jokes are mixed with authentic (?) American ones.
Not sure that those British-like is genuine slang or not… cannot tell.

That doesn't matter. As far as story is simple and fun to watch and follow, it was such an entertainment.