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Busy Saturday

Watch, Movie, and Dinner

Shopping & Movie Going

Additional (?) Xmas shopping?
New ear-phone just got delivered.

Noise-cancelling ear-buds by BOSE.

During the day, did use them. Worked pretty good. Loved this stuff.
Should've bought them way before.

Maybe last movie going for 2021?!
This is 17th movie watched.
Yup, MATRIX movie just released this weekend!!!

Resurrections?! Lots of remembrances!!!

Shang-Chi? Coffee?

20210905 Streamer Coffee Co. #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Watch Watches and Movie

F9 and Italian Cuisine

Fast and Furious and good Italian cuisine followed.
Pretty damn good day for me.

Luxurious dinner along with pairing wines.
Great family dinner took place.

Familiy Dinner

Coming to see "Promising Young Woman."
Head that it was a great scenario worth to watch.
Yeah, this is Academy-award film, isn't it?!

Man, this is awesome. Great movie.

Family dinner took place between MoonFlower and I at "Uwotoku" sushi place.

This dinner was for either MF's birthday or our 12th wedding anniversary.
Whichever it is… we have to do another such family dinner soon for the other. Oh boy.

Excellent and such wonderful sushi dinner.

Kaiji Final Game (Japanese movie)

Watched 2nd movie in 2020.
Selected "Kaiji Final Game."
That is based upon popular katoon or manga.

This is final and last movie after 2 movies. 2nd one was about 9 years ago.
It was about life-time gambling… "game."

Some tricks used were obvious and I even knew before they disclosed how to get it done.
Well, the movie was yet fun and pretty exciting.

Usually, movie ticket is 1900 yen.
Mine was 1400 because using movie voucher.
Actually, I would never go to any movie for full price.

500 yen less means that I can go to a movie for free after 3 movies.
So you see the impact… that is why.
Am sure that you would do the same… otherwise you would wait until becoming available online.

Car and Alcohol, what else?

Long weekend started with a movie.
"Ford v Ferrari" opened this weekend in Japan.
Pretty cool movie, it was.

Am not much keen on the time when Ford was dominant in US back in 60's or 70's.
Lots of people knowing those periods obviously came to see this watch.
I guess, those times in the history had lots of movements and memories.

Great casting. Great fact and human drama development.
Christian Bale was should be given great thumb's up.
I wonder whether Henry Ford II was that much arrogant and snobby… just curious.

Rest of the day spent for drinks and foods.

Hopping in to French restaurant first and Italian bar afterward.
Too much drinks and ate too much.
What else should we do over weekend or free time? Tell me about it. Hahaha.

Movies watched on TV while New Year

Since it was such a "slow" new year holidays for me… enjoyed myself being home.
Watched so many TV programs including movies broadcasted on TV.
3 movies watched while 1st three days of year…

"Shonen" or "Male Prostitute" by popular actor Tori Matsuzaka.

It was MoonFlower's recommendation.
She read some critique somewhere in magazine and insisted to watch.
Turned out… it was pretty much purely adult movie.

Cannot find anything else but making loves. Oh boy…
The theme of movie was female's sexism and sex appetite.
At least we watched the movie through to the end…

Very sensational one.

2nd one was "Just lost my smartphone."
It was like horror and suspense movie.
Losing smartphone means that someone does have access to your data and can even drive your life.

Casting was quite good including Kei Tanaka and Keiko Kitagawa.
Though, the story was rather cheap…
2nd movie of the series is due up in February… I definitely pass that movie.

Episode 8 was played on TV from my hard drive.

Episode 8 has been watched, already. However, am thinking about 2nd time.
Before doing so, just watched episode 7.
Yeah, watched that back in the end of last year as well.

Once is not enough… not even twice…
The story was rather long and deep. Never enough, I guess.

Watched about 20 movies last year…
30 three years ago.
Need to push it up toward 30 this year for no particular reason.

Sounds like it is not that difficult to accomplish this year because good movies are expected to release in 2020.
Like 007 James Bond, Black Panther, Ford vs. Ferrari, Top Gun… can name even more.

30 movies a year should be put in "3 movies every month" to surely accomplish.
Will try so.

Of course, watching Episode 9 - the Rise of Skywalker for 2nd time is not going to be counted. Hahaha.