Move "7 Meetings"

Came to see a movie.. still 2nd movie in this year… at very slow pace.
"7 Meetings" - the title of th movie.
Famous non-fiction writer's movie / entertainment.

It was about a large company's scandal.
Top management forced the operation to utilize the parts which never met required specification.
Yep, everything was for profit… producing parts at cheap cost.

That part is used in aircraft and railroad… risking milions of passengers to the accident that the part may fail to function.

Internation discussion was interesting, shedding light on the confclit of personnel relationship. Very complicated.
Too much issue from KPI management, etc.
Quality, cost, and profit… oh boy, we can talk about it endlessly, huh!

Fun movie, it was.

French Movie: TAXi 5

Finally, came to see the 1st movie in 2019!!!
I chose TAXi 5 - French one.
Happened to be right timing to see when I became idle in late afternoon.

No explanation is needed for this movie.
Just fast car with tons of French (dirty) jokes.
Watch and enjoy… no brain needed. Hahaha.

This movie made me to have fun night.

Unexpectedly or Expectedly?

No plan for this long weekend…
Lucky enough to have another one like that.
MoonFlower took our car for some hobby event and I came to totally open time.

So had to plan something just for myself.
Looked up the movie time table… and chose "Skyscraper."

Didn't expect much out of this movie. Seemed very easy and simple.
The movie was actually what I just imagined. No surprise.
Because of that, it was pretty easy entertainment for someone to kill time like me.

Picked up some foods for supper on the way back.
Gyoza or pork dumplings are my choice and bought two different kinds.
Tried to compare which I may like more.

Between Japanese pork and imported / cheap pork…

I can tell the richness of each kind… but not much difference.
From next time on, I should buy cheaper one / import pork since today's result.
Or maybe, I do not have good taste for food? No sense of taste?






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4th Movie in This Month


Saw another movie tonight. After work.
This is 4th movie in this month. This is the pace of 48 movies a year... pretty fast paced so far!
Compared to 30 movies watched last year, it is a big question how many movies I am going to see in 2018.

Anyhow, tonight's pick is a Japanese movie.

It is called "Shinzan Mono" Series. Traslated as "New Comer."

It is originally famous police detective novel which became popular TV dramas.
Then, turned out to be the movie series.
Very famous... in Japan.

The story takes place around Nihonbashi area... center of Tokyo and center of Japan.
Very authentic and historic area.
In fact, not too far from where I live.

All shops and restaurants in the story are actually existed still today.

This movie shows Japanese soba place called "Sunaba." Very famous restaurant. Such setup makes us be familair with story much more.

Case is crossed murders that "Shinzan Mono" is going to solve.
Very complex murder cases and there are such human stories behind them... how such murders have had to occur.

Not sure that this is ever going to be published in English.
Actors in the story did such great jobs and frame work of the picture is actually spurb.
Never thought that this movie series was such great stuff.

I'd better check out all past movies. Really.

MoonFlower had to work over time and decided not to come home since it is a long way.
Instead of coming home, she stayed with her dog and her sister family.
I guess, that was much easier solution because that place is much closer to where she works.

Compared to the case that she had to commute a little over 2 hours!!!

1st Movie in 2018

1st working day for me in this year among so many others. Hahaha.
Work was flat and no over time at all. No need to.
Though, I had to stick with one work. One work only. Worked on a proposal that we have to make soon.

I need to have a break to make sure that I face that proposal, calmly.
So I went out… do some errands before getting back to serious work.
Happened to be in Nihonbashi. One thing on my to-do list was unchecked since last year and now checked.

20180105_1 20180105_2

My Rolex Explorer II is gone for overhaul service today. It would take a month or so for completion.
In addition to OH, I even requested for brand new sapphire crystal (glass) to replace.
Finally, I completed that to-do. Good move in early 2018!

Plus, I decided to go to 1st movie for this year. It was opening day for "Kingsman." Cannot resist…


Pretty easy story to follow. Very relaxing spy action movie.
This is hilarious since British-like jokes are mixed with authentic (?) American ones.
Not sure that those British-like is genuine slang or not… cannot tell.

That doesn't matter. As far as story is simple and fun to watch and follow, it was such an entertainment.