Tableware Festival 2017

Our family tradition comes in today… same time of a year!
It is Tableware Festival 2017. MoonFlower's favorite event EVER!
I happened to reserve two tickets for ourselves.

So went to Tokyo Dome where so many people were waiting for opening.

20170129_1 20170129_2

A long line to enter the Dome…

20170129_3 20170129_4

Fancy exhibits on and on…

20170129_5 20170129_6

Found that spoons and forks were the same as ours. She has made a pretty good choices!


MF found an antique plates that she wanted to buy. Well, it was a set of 6 pieces for sale.
She wants only two for our use. Unfortunately, the seller didn't break it down to sell two for us.
Too bad.


Today's one on my wrist - GaGa Milano. 1st time in a long time. Good weekend watch on wrist. Hehehe.

Instead of those antique plates, MF purchased different ones. Well, I will take picture of those when using them on our dining table for the 1st time.
That shouldn't be too much time from now on. Gotta be rather short, I believe.

Okay, this weekend is over. Getting ready for new week at work. Busy week ahead?

Is This Coming as well?

After the ceiling lights, a piece of furniture is next?
MoonFlower has been taking a look at this:


Very simple low cabinet for dining area (which is still small!).
We saw this in showroom for 2nd time this week (already).
Today, MF asked for inner size of each drawer, etc.

She must be carefully validating how much stuff can be really stored within.
At night, she was also measuring the inner size of current wall cabinet to see.
Very detailed work it is.

Then, she asked me, "How much space do you need?"
I definitely came from ballpark figure (or my gut feeling if not) for answer. Hahaha.

Coming to our home?

Suddenly received a photo below. Glass tulips.


This is going to be a ceiling light… for new home. That is what I was told by MoonFlower.
We will check it out tomorrow since it is national holiday.
Not brand new for sure. They are an antique piece.


Lunch was ramen noodle - miso base with lots of vegetables.

Late supper took place at French cuisine place with MoonFlower who worked over time due to volume of work.


New iPhone 7 camera works great. Better quality for sure. Man, it certainly improved.

20160921_4 20160921_5

20160921_6 20160921_7

Good supper with wifey once again tonight.
Too much good stuff to complain. Hahaha.

Will see how those tulip lights fitting to our future home tomorrow!

Interior Choice to be made

Decision needs to be made… soon.
Today MoonFlower and I showed up at the Panasonic showroom for furniture to new home of ours.
It is her duty to choose the design, function, color and material.

Yeah, pretty much everything!!!


Closet, first.

20160919_2 20160919_3

Living room furniture.

Not only those… we even went to Italian furniture brand, called CASSINA, showroom for sofa and more furniture.
Plus one more. Went to Roppongi to visit another showroom. What a busy day! Hahaha.
Though, time is ticking… we have to decide and place an order for all such at the end of September.

Thus, MoonFlower is under pressure to set the entire theme of room and decide furniture, accordingly.
For sure, I cannot do such thing… because I have no sense in fashion, color, and such coordination at all.
It'd better safe to rely on her, entirely.

20160919_4 20160919_5

Hamburger plate was for lunch. Turned out to be free for us since booking to the showroom resulted food coupon. Not bad.
Then, supper was at home. Simple but good one for me since I particularly requested that fried rice with egg.

Now closing extended weekend… already!

Japan's Golden Week is over...

20160508_1 20160508_2




20160508_6 20160508_7