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Never Seen Before

Kei Tanaka over Higa Manami

Back to work from Tuesday.
Well, didn't go too tough on me and it went like nothing.
Is that good or bad sign? Hmm, I bet that it is latter one. Though, cannot complain.

Relaxed after work and watched TV…

Saw Actor Kei Tanaka on the program and he is one of favorite actors for MoonFlower.
I am more than sure that she watched the same program.
I don't think she would ever possibly can afford to miss it.

In fact, my favorite actress Manami Higa on the same TV program.
Because of different popularity level, Kei Tanaka held dominant position of exposure to the TV camera.
Too bad!

Happened to see Instagram Live by some young celebrity.
Actually, it was 1st time to see the live show on Instagram by such famous fellows.
Until this, I have seen only ones by friends and my account followers.

Topics was very casual and nothing special.
Just two girls lasted their girls' talk for nothing.
Well, I guess, they sound very much friendly to their fans who are happy to see girls on live.

Maybe I should check out other live shows by other / favorite celebrity.

MoonFlower rated that this is well balanced.
Really? Not so sure.

Plus dessert.
I could have done better job pouring strawberry source over the cheesecake.
It could look much better or fancier for my appetite. Hahaha.

Will do better job next time if ever come again like that.