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Hot Stuff Needed

Pretty much fee for all day long.
Slept in and everything was slow as supposed to.
Perfect New Year Holiday for me.

Watched recorded TV drama for hours.
Update the past blog and re-linked old data, etc. on MacBook Air.
Did it all as needed.

MoonFlower was out for gathering with friends (over drinks for sure).
Thus, no family dinner tonight.
Walked for a while up to Kanda Station to look for a place to eat.

Ended up in "Misen" Taiwanese restaurant.
Famous for hot spicy foods.

Very spicy noodles. Extremely hot.
Good and quick dinner… though, not as great as the first time I ate in this restaurant place.
Misen is famous in Nagoya and MoonFlower and I have been there…

1st time at this Kanda place…
Food should be the same; however, something different.
I still prefer different type of hot to this kind of stuff.

Hot making me numb is yet better for me…

Maybe I should give another chance to see if Misen's hot style yet fits to my preference.

Two more days to go for New Year holidays… what shall I do?