Last Day of the Holidays

Last day - the holiday season is almost over.
Tomorrow, I have to resume the work… yeah, everyone is back to work!
However, there is some exception.

MoonFlower resumed working from today. Oh what a pity… she has to work one day earlier.

Thus, I have a free day today, completely! Hahaha.


Car wash is done in the afternoon.


Early evening, I came to kitchen and washed rice for cooking.
Yeah, it is so rare that I do some preparation for any meal like that. Hahaha.
Since MoonFlower is at work and I am free, she asked me to help at least doing such. No problem!

So different kind of washings are done today.

New Year Resolution 2018

I should have stated what I think for now… it is new year resolution 2018… here they are!

- Work: 12 site visits total 98 days are contracted for this year's project

Just completed one project last month… single contract covered up to 15 locations for consultation then.
Well, this year… similar to last year… same mission but visiting 12 locations this year.
Total 98 days is expected. Last year, it was 120 days. Therefore, physical burden is somewhat less this year.

- Car: Are we going to buy new car?

This is a big question. Probability is yet high, I presume.
However as you know, I do not have any final answer. I have to depend upon MoonFlower for such big decision making.
Though, following 4 cars are the candidates… at least for now:

20180103_3 20180103_4

Mercedes-Benz C-class and Audi A5 Sportback

20180103_5 20180103_6

Jaguar XE and Toyota Camry

I guess, Toyota Camry has least chance. Thus, 3 import brands are possible and real candidates.
Will see if we are really going to buy a new car or not.
Nothing wrong with current car - Alfa Romeo Guilietta. She runs great and I still like it.

At the same time, MoonFlower may insist that we should go for new car to enjoy as much while we're active in everyday life.
I see the point.
Will see how that would go for us.

- Movie going: 30+ movies for 2018

Since having moved to a place near the movie theater, I fully took advantage of such environment and went to see 30 movies last year.
Well, this year would be going to be similar. I bet that I would go 30+ movies this year.
Budget for movie-going is already planned. Just a matter of finding time for movies!

- Go back to Ogaki for seeing mother

This year I should plan to go back to Ogaki to see my mother more often. She lives alone and this is a concern.
I know that she lives in comfortable life cycle and environment. She is healthy as could be.
Though, being alone is not that simple thing and I intend to go back as often. Let's say, once every quarter. How about that?

More on my resolution list. Not going to disclose all.
For most important thing, I should stay healthy and have fun as much with family. That is it!
Let's keep smiling.