2 Restaurants in 1 Night?


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Nobody has informed such...

Who said?
Today it is day off - special one that the firm has decided… because of company's anniversary.
Well, I should really stay home?

I had planned to work with client for future planning and discussion, already.
Thus, all turned out to be ordinary working day for me.
More important thing is here…


Since taxi receipts pilled up, I needed to submit reimbursement request.
I would't be able to come in to do so for long time like till end of month unless done so today.
Very critical, huh!

Reimbursement amount was about 2k in US dollars. Pretty big, huh. That is why important to get it done today.

Well, such thing is done and meeting with client for future planning was taken care.
Then I need to get ready for trip to Sendai. I will be back on Friday.
See you then.

Do you know funny Japanese English?

Have you ever heard of term, "Human (Dry) Dock?"
I bet that it is absolutely Japanese English; however, all Japanese can tell what it is.
Human reaching to the dock like ship? Yeah sounds like that.

It is about comprehensive medical check-up.

I have an appointment tomorrow and part of the menu counts "Stomach Camera" or gastroscope.
Stomach Camera - what a name!!! But it is true. We literally call it so.
Well, tomorrow it is first time ver in my life to take gastroscope. Very scary.

Appointment is schedule at 9:30am. Should take several hours.
I hope things go well and I come to diagnose as clean and healthy.
Yeah, I just talked about the retirement plan with MoonFlower yesterday.

Need an optimistic retired life coming up. At least so I believe for now.

Another concern is of my weight.
Since December, the weight should be downward and I am very curious how much I weigh for now.
Hope it to be between 71 and 72 kilograms. The lighter I weight, the better I feel.

Though, I am sure that I currently weight lighter than 70 for sure. If so, I would feel like worn-out.

Therefore, weighing somwhere around 71 or 72 should be good for now.
It means that I am under good control of my diet. You know what I mean.

From 10pm tonight, I am told not to eat anything until the appointment.
Only a cup of water is allowed after 10pm. Well, I have to stay hungry or even sturving.

3 meetings scheduled after "Human Dock" and I am not sure that I can still make first meeting which is at 2pm. Thus, I give guidance how to facilitate the meeting to project team member - young female consultant. Things should be in good hand then.

So 3 meetings tomorrow and another 4 on Thursday.
So far somehow... zero meeting on Friday. Then, I will become airbourne to Germany!
Feel a bit sorry since I have to leave current project behind.

Oops, one meeting tomorrow is just cancelled. Down to 2. More controllable.

At the same time, it is perfectly good for those two young consultants to move the project forward by themselves. I take it very positive opportunity for them.

Will see how the medical check tomorrow would go. Of course, I want to get clean healthy result!
Wish me luck.


On the desk today. The book titled "The Collaboration Imperative" indicates what?
Unlock organization's true potential!

Still Came - St. Valentine's Chocolate

Happy St. Valentine's Day to you all!!!
It was rainy and windy in Tokyo today.
Though, the weather cleared up in early afternoon.

Even under such climate, MoonFlower and I decided to stay in for all day long.
Just as planned so since yesterday. Hahaha.
Well, two great things occurred to me today - as far as St. Valentine's concerned.


First, French toast came as my breakfast. Yes, this is my favorite.
Of course, I still like to go to restaurant for it. However, home-made by MoonFlower is something I really love.
Since the day one of our marriage, this home-made French toast kept changing for improvement.

Not sure exactly what MoonFlower did change… receive or the way of cooking… not sure at all.
However, I am certain that the test is getting better and better.
I feel like we can go and sell these, eventually. Hahaha.

Another good stuff… was of the chocolate. Valentine's tradition in Japan.
MoonFlower brought a big box of chocolate… turned out to be a big cake for me.

20160214_2 20160214_3

This one is not of her hand-made, though.
She went out to pick this yesterday for our St. Valentine's cerebration.
Big strawberries on top of the cake and it was AWESOME.

Came from Fruits Parlor Takano in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Wow, big brand it is!
Wait… this seems to be somehow expensive…
It means that MoonFlower highly expects the return in the same level as this or even more? Hmm. That's not tough to imagine.

What shall I do then?

Well, let's not think too much for now. Let me focus on good stuff to taste.
I will worry such later.
Will see what I can do for her for White Day - when all St. Valentine's gift to be paid off for all female.

At least I have whole month to think about and to worry.

Anyhow, good foods and relaxing time home today. Good and just what I needed.