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Obon Prayer



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Last Day of May, Already!

20170531_1 20170531_2

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Walking Too Long?

All day long on foot… after missing the chance for car wash. I have to postpone it to either tomorrow or day after.
At least I have to get it done within this weekend before the Golden Week 2017 is over.
Yeah, I will do so for sure. My car is surely dirty!

Today's my fashion. With vivid pants from tsumori chisato brand.
Too flashy? Too vivid?
This is my own middle-age fashion that no one probably does appreciate. Hahaha.


MoonFlower and I walked down to Nihonbashi for this place.
Famous restaurant called Taimeiken.


20170505_3 20170505_4

Renown dish is Tanpopo Omuraisu. This dish is about USD20! Pretty expensive, huh! It is.
Good taste? My expectation was too high and it was yet ordinary good dish. No surprise at all. Hahaha.

Then, we went to Shibuya for shopping.
MoonFlower got what she needed and I picked up those at 100 yen store:

20170505_5 20170505_6

All health-related item, hahaha.

Supper gets started quite late like 8pm…

20170505_7 20170505_8

20170505_9 20170505_a

Walked with 6,700 steps according to my gadget "UP Move."
I am quite tired and need to rest for now. Hahaha.

Back in Tokyo

Back in Tokyo from Chiba.
Last part of Golden Week is period that we spend time in Tokyo… at last staying "home."

In the morning, I am quite glued to the TV… watched special edition of a drama on NHK (national channel).

After watching the drama to the end, I drove up to nearby outlet mall once again. This time, I picked up pants of the suite from the hem take-up.
Here they look like:


They are blue suits. Solid blue. My kind of color. Hahaha.


Supper was rather simple. Curry rice. This was a little bit spicy but I loved it.
I ate two bowls of them… oh boy, I'd better watch out my weight!!!
Well, too late anyhow.

Avoided the holiday traffic jam completely. Left Chiba quite late and drove home over the midnight. Pretty smooth!
I didn't speed too much… just a little bit. Hehehe.
Three days to go… Japan's Golden Week 2017 is coming around the 4th corner, already.

I have totally forgotten about the work. How do I do the job hereafter? Oh boy.

Still Nothing To Do in this Golden Week

Still Golden Week 2017 is going… with no particular plans.
Received a letter from BMW dealer informing that there was a good deal / offer currently available.
According to the letter, the salesperson can offer 500,000 yen or 5K in USD for discount. Of course limited time offer. Wow!


But sorry, it is not my turn to buy new car… YET.
Just surfing the net and ordered this:


Stylus for iPad.
Not latest version. Rather one generation old… that is why the price was reasonable.
That is enough for light user like me. Just wanted to take some quick memo on iPad for substituting the whiteboard use.

Not bad… easy connection via Bluetooth and works quite well. Good gadget!


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Cherry Blossoms, Cake, Wine and Borsch

Rainy Sunday made me stay home! Same as you?
Didn't go too far. But at least MoonFlower and I went out for grocery shopping.
Well, we went in nearby department store to pick up some sweets as well. Hahaha.

20170326_1 20170326_2

My watch selection for the day is GaGa. Yeah, made me feel like Italian today. Hahaha.

20170326_3 20170326_4

Wine was of course French… Bourgogne in precise. Pinot Noir is of my favorite


Yellow face GaGa is good to match with gold Alain Mikli eyewear! Hahaha.

20170326_6 20170326_7

Supper comes with avocado and borsch. Good supper which MoonFlower made for two of us. Darn good!

Now final week of March is coming around.

Happy New Year 2017!

A Happy New Year 2017!!!
I wish to have this year be peaceful and happy time for me and my family!


Typical and traditional Japanese food for new year! This is for 2 people.

20170101_2 20170101_3

New year cerebration came along with sparkling wine at night over supper.
Not bad!!!
Eating toooo much around this time of year. Same as usual. Cannot and shouldn't complain!

October, Already

Already… final corner of the year…
October. What have I done so far? Not really much yet… oh boy!


Odometer hits 22,138 kilometers.
Annual average is now down to 6,800 or so.
How much longer will I drive this car? That is a BIG question. Hahaha.

Probably another year or two… right before next mandatory inspection.


G-Shock on my wrist today.

20161001_3 20161001_4

Supper was at home with wine.
Lamb stew came as entree. This was GREAT one. I love this dish and I should ask MoonFlower for this more often.

Still weekend continues.

Interior Choice to be made

Decision needs to be made… soon.
Today MoonFlower and I showed up at the Panasonic showroom for furniture to new home of ours.
It is her duty to choose the design, function, color and material.

Yeah, pretty much everything!!!


Closet, first.

20160919_2 20160919_3

Living room furniture.

Not only those… we even went to Italian furniture brand, called CASSINA, showroom for sofa and more furniture.
Plus one more. Went to Roppongi to visit another showroom. What a busy day! Hahaha.
Though, time is ticking… we have to decide and place an order for all such at the end of September.

Thus, MoonFlower is under pressure to set the entire theme of room and decide furniture, accordingly.
For sure, I cannot do such thing… because I have no sense in fashion, color, and such coordination at all.
It'd better safe to rely on her, entirely.

20160919_4 20160919_5

Hamburger plate was for lunch. Turned out to be free for us since booking to the showroom resulted food coupon. Not bad.
Then, supper was at home. Simple but good one for me since I particularly requested that fried rice with egg.

Now closing extended weekend… already!

iPhone 7 Just In

Did you get one for yourself yet?

20160918_1 20160918_2

Today, I picked up brand new iPhone 7 for me…
Didn't plan to… much since I had iPhone 6S since last year.

Changed mind… since Apple Pay is really coming to Japan next month. I do have very high expectation.
This is only the reason that I pushed myself for iPhone 7 this time.

20160918_3 20160918_4

20160918_5 20160918_6

Great home dinner concluded Sunday. Still one more day to go for this extended weekend.
Tomorrow, MoonFlower and I would be busy… for home interior stuff. Will see.

Good night.

Celebration wtih Ice Imperial

Supper came along with a bottle - champagne for tonight.


Moet & Chandon - Ice Imperial. Summer bottle that I wanted to consume for a long time.
After long trips for work, it was a celebration.

20160917_2 20160917_3

20160917_4 20160917_5

Good dinner at home. Better than any food at any restaurant.
It was just a perfect supper.

Extended weekend still continues…

Moving Ready?

Salesman from a moving company visited us.
Estimate was created and we found that that we are… living in the simplest environment.
Two adults require minimum amount of stuff for living.

He was quite surprised that we practically do not have much stuff around.
Thus, estimate was rather low. I bet that it is disappointing to him.
Plus, he had to give us 15% discount on top of everything… Hahaha. Good for us.

20160903_1 20160903_2

Supper was at home with Champagne. MoonFlower's pick.
Very bitter and I loved it.

20160903_3 20160903_4

Seafood and Mexican Enchilada were the dishes for tonight.
This reminded me how much I loved Mexican foods!

Not Quite Ready...

Oh no… this is totally unexpected.
Data not matched. Should be. It has been so since Day One of this project.
Why not this particular case? Not sure.


Since this data is provided… I need to check with data provider - Client for source of information or its logic.
I presume that data is based upon some exceptional counting… will see.

Anyhow, I am not ready for a big meeting on Tuesday - project kickoff.

In order to shake such uneasy feeling off, supper began. Opened a wine bottle.

20160724_2 20160724_3

20160724_5 20160724_5

Well, feeling good after a couple of glasses… though, pain from the work is still sticking to my head.
Will see how soon I can resolve with help from client. Otherwise, I have to work on plan B, immediately.
Designing plan B is not that simple and quick; therefore, I should not look into it.

Wish me luck!
I will be on airplane to Hiroshima for a week. Be back in Tokyo late Friday night.

See ya!

Japan's Golden Week is over...

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Home Dinner as Usual


20160507_2 20160507_3


Cafe Noa in Tateishi, Tokyo

Saturday has come! This is just a day before departure to Germany.
Busy morning it was since MoonFlower reserved seats for two of us at cafe located in Tateishi.
We had to rush into dry cleaning for drop-off first and quickly bounded for the cafe.

20160227_1 20160227_4

Destination was Cafe Noa - I came here before. Actually it was for my birthday sweets last year.
Now this place is even more popular and all tables were full with customers.
Somehow, almost all customers are alone and female.

Another common thing found was that they do bring mirrorless camera and take lots of pictures. More than I do.
They must upload to their own blog or Instagram…
While, I stick to my iPhone camera… no wonder that the number of visitors to my website doesn't go up much. Hahaha.

20160227_2 20160227_3

After waiting 1 hour or even longer… since cafe owner runs everything by herself…
Though, great things come after.

20160227_5 20160227_6

Crape was the best for the day. I really loved it. MF made a great choice from the menu. She knows so much about this place, already.


My final was even sweeter and bigger.
Since finishing medical check-up, I am free to eat anything… means that I gain some already? I should be careful.


After long afternoon nap, supper came with wine.
Selection was of Italian bottle. Red. Toscana.

20160227_9 20160227_a

Another long night with finishing the bottle.
Of course, my packing was already completed for tomorrow. Rate, huh.
I usually start packing at midnight…

I have to leave home around 9am for airport.
Flight was a little after noon.
Hope it wouldn't be too cold in Germany. Will see.

Free Day, Wine, Watch Winding...Blissful Moment

It is Saturday! Started early at 8am. Wow, it is early.
Since MoonFlower went out with her friend and drove our car… I have nothing to do and no car to drive around.
That is still okay as far as I come to secure great freedom!

Went out to shoe repair shop for my two different pairs which their soles need maintenance.
Cost was 2,700 yen or 25 bucks. I can pick them up tomorrow.

Wanted to get haircut since my hair is getting long.
When was last time that I went to my saloon? I bet it was early January and, for almost 1.5 months, I have no haircut.
Time to get it done! So I called for appointment. I instantly reserved it for 5:30pm. Yes, same day - today.

Had time about 1 hour until then. Decided to stop by coffee shop.
I thought that it was time to test how well my new headset works. I went to cafe with tons of customers and loud jazz music played.
It was a perfect condition to test such noise cancelling feature by BOSE.

Well, my impression is that this WORKS QUITE WELL. What a technology!
There is no doubt that this works fine in flight when I am going to Germany in two weeks. Cool.
I cannot wait on board to the flight to Munich! (even though I fly economy!)

Now I need software… to this great hardware. Let me see what I should get. What kind of music then?

Supper starts home as MoonFlower came home and so I did after haircut.
My hair got shorter than expected. This makes me feel cold?
Wine bottle gets open.

20160220_1 20160220_2

Nice dinner setting with flower today.


Watching gourmet TV which is recorded. Program called "Wakaso Sake."

20160220_4 20160220_5

Supper continues.

20160220_6 20160220_7

Finished with pasta and still sweets followed.


Winding my precious watch - Audemars Piguet. MoonFlower told me to take this Royal Oak off. Hahaha, I have to resist.
My precious time winding the watch.

Good and relaxing day just passed by. Cannot complain.

Still Came - St. Valentine's Chocolate

Happy St. Valentine's Day to you all!!!
It was rainy and windy in Tokyo today.
Though, the weather cleared up in early afternoon.

Even under such climate, MoonFlower and I decided to stay in for all day long.
Just as planned so since yesterday. Hahaha.
Well, two great things occurred to me today - as far as St. Valentine's concerned.


First, French toast came as my breakfast. Yes, this is my favorite.
Of course, I still like to go to restaurant for it. However, home-made by MoonFlower is something I really love.
Since the day one of our marriage, this home-made French toast kept changing for improvement.

Not sure exactly what MoonFlower did change… receive or the way of cooking… not sure at all.
However, I am certain that the test is getting better and better.
I feel like we can go and sell these, eventually. Hahaha.

Another good stuff… was of the chocolate. Valentine's tradition in Japan.
MoonFlower brought a big box of chocolate… turned out to be a big cake for me.

20160214_2 20160214_3

This one is not of her hand-made, though.
She went out to pick this yesterday for our St. Valentine's cerebration.
Big strawberries on top of the cake and it was AWESOME.

Came from Fruits Parlor Takano in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Wow, big brand it is!
Wait… this seems to be somehow expensive…
It means that MoonFlower highly expects the return in the same level as this or even more? Hmm. That's not tough to imagine.

What shall I do then?

Well, let's not think too much for now. Let me focus on good stuff to taste.
I will worry such later.
Will see what I can do for her for White Day - when all St. Valentine's gift to be paid off for all female.

At least I have whole month to think about and to worry.

Anyhow, good foods and relaxing time home today. Good and just what I needed.

2015 New Year Eve!






2015 Final Shopping

Last shopping for the year just finished.
While MoonFlower bought a pair of shoes, I come to choose this.
Normally, I cannot buy this at this brand because too expensive.

I could just because it was outlet price. Thank goodness.


Tie from ETRO.
2-tone tie can be worn in interesting fashion style like:


This! Cool, huh. I love it!
Yes, one another good buy.


Supper was year-end party between MoonFlower and I.
DIdn't go to any restaurant for that. Instead, we bought fresh fish - SASHIMI - along with sake.
It was relaxing dinner for two and good end for 2015.

Fancy Brunch with Dearling Wifey










"Obon" Vacation Starts

Bon - Japan's summer vacation week - just started even for me.
I woke up earlier than usual and drove down to Chiba.
Fortunately, the traffic jam that I went into was light case and I spent just extra 30 mins. Not bad… at all.


Then I picked up MoonFlower at her mother's home and we headed down to cemetery for prayer.
Tons of people including lots of children were seen in the cemetery park today. Typical Obon scene for sure.

After this, we went out for errands. MoonFlower needs to buy many things for home.
I had to beg her to stop by a cafe for break and even offered to buy her drinks.


Big sweet drinks for two!
One is with creme on top and the other comes with ice cream. Big difference, right? Yes, indeed.

Then final stop was at grocery store.


No wine… just beer tonight.
Two import beer for us… along with dinner place such as:


pork dumplings!

MoonFlower and I made them home tonight. Wonderful plate it was.
Very relaxing home tonight. Perfect start for Obon period. This is to continue…

New House

Moving is decided. Now where to live is determined.
Where am I going?
I will let you know more later… you'd better stay tuned. Hahaha.

At least I can share… I will still remain within Tokyo.
Yeah, this move is from eastern part of Tokyo to different part of it.
Will see where…

Today there was a meeting organized by the real estate developer for contract matter.
It took longer than expected. It was about 4-hour long.
Much information were provided… though, nothing new to me since this is 2nd purchase of any house.

Didn't go out to do anything much besides the meeting with real estate developer.
Since raining was forecasted, no energy to do… besides coming home right away.
Supper was home-made by MoonFlower.

Opened a half-sized bottle of sparking wine. That was pretty good, actually.


Now we have to get busy to be ready for new home.
It is pretty much MoonFlower's responsibility to design the life style within given layout of new home.
Am sure that she is quite excited but it is going to be heavy work for her to come up something how we live in new environment.

Will see how that would go.

As mentioned earlier, I will disclose more and more details about where to live and how the new home is going to be like.
Please keep coming back. I will update as often as possible!

Already 1 Year Passed

Time really flies.
It actually did so.
It was just 1 year ago when mother-in-law passed away.

Today it was religious ceremony about 1st year after her death.
Her friends showed up in addition to all family members to the ceremony.
It was surely memorable and all thought of her when she was fine.

Watch selected for such ceremony was Royal Oak since it was serious and formal moment.


Work? I did take a day off today and tomorrow just because of this.

After the ceremony, I came to a chance to walk the dog for the 1st time in such a long time.


MoonFlower's favorite dog - Love.
She is quite old and walked a little with me today.
It was some exercise even for me.

No Work for This Weekend






Bourgogne: Domaine Alain Jeanniard




Aoyama Bread Festival




Golden Week 2015: Herb Garden











Finally, weekend has come...

Another long week is about to end…
It is ABOUT TIME!!! Winking
Finally home after work… it was already 10pm.

Though, perfect dining in tonight thanks to my wife.

Start with bottle of wine… from 2009!



Haut-Médoc was the choice for the night. Cool.
It is grand cru wine. No wonder that this tastes SO GOOD.
No complaint. Just perfect.






Good supper. Good start for relaxing weekend.
No work over the weekend this time? Hope not! Winking

Italian Lunch & Japanese Supper










Guests in the House!











Blue Bottle Coffee to Yumiko Iihoshi












Rich Home-made Supper