Happy New Year - 2019!

Now it is 2019!
A Happy New Year to you all!

Slow day for me, of course. No particular plans at all.
Except coming to a great food like this:

Osechi Food - specially designed for traditional Japanese new year celebration

Good Sake is a company… to set the New Year Day completed.

Oh just drove between Tokyo and Chiba.
Now am back in Tokyo…

Odometer reading as the beginning of the year.
How much more to fun for 2019???
Will see.

Wine Dining at Home

Opend el prremier cru wine home tonight.
DIdn't drink any wine home for a while and it is time to clear some inventory! Hahaha.
Well, the mid-day of three-day weekend accomplished anything except this dinner.

Obviously, MoonFlower and I had relaxing time home today.

I helped MF a little bit. Wrapped some stuff with pork… well, she forced me to? Hehehe.

New Shopping District in Nihonbashi

Big and strong typhoon is expected later today…
This means that lots of people stayed home for safety and fancy place in the middle of Tokyo should be empty…
MoonFlower and I planed and did walk in the new shopping district just open last week or so.

Under the perfect weather, the crowd should have pushed someone like us away… Hahaha.

Such idea going to that place was not that bad… Definitely some crowd… but it was okay…
We could have lunch at eat-in section without hassling for long line or anything.
Better say that it was mildly crowded.

MoonFlower even got the bread from the bakery usually required long waiting in line.
Such is the benefit that we live not too far away from the point of interest or sightseeing area.
Yep, living in the center of Tokyo sometimes gives us a good deal.

Oden - Japanese traditional dish was the supper for the day.

Maron cake is our pick from the department store.
These were pretty good!

Big Inventory?

Delivered. A big box just came in.
Let's open it and see…

Tons of bread… which MoonFlower had placed an order for.
They came from the bakery called "Kaiju-ya." Seems famous among big bread fans.
Of course, she is one of them.

At least I would keep coming to good bread over home meal for a while. Cool.

Simple working day for me because I did project work alone today. All day long without any interruption by anyone.
Very productive it was.
Though, I had to face up a client who talked back so much… it was rather fun time for persuasion. It went well then.

I guess that today's meeting was the biggest event during this week. All other project events are rather minor.
It means I easily come to another long weekend soon without any hassle? Will see.
2 days to go… until then.


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Happy 2018!

New year has come! It is 2018!

20180101_1 20180101_2

New Year greeting cards - I have 2 types prepared as usual.

20180101_3 20180101_4

Big food called "OSECHI" accelerates the new year celebration!
Belated new-year-welcome soba was the lunch on new year's day. Should have eaten last year. Hahaha.
Slow day it is… I am supposed to be as lazy as much for today… and maybe tomorrow.