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Mess-up by Typhoon

Watch Assembly Workshop

Started with gourmet food - EEL bowl / Unagi Don for brunch with MoonFlower.
Yeah, sort of slow start.
In other words, we slept in. Hahaha. Out usual Sunday it is.

Good food for sure.

Then, I went to a department store to participate some class.
It was about mechanical watch assembly workshop.
I had never ever done such before.

I am glued to watch collection as you know and I am somewhat interested in inner mechanism.

Cool set up. Make me like professional technician.

Spec sheet - front

Spec sheet - back

It was simple disassemble and re-assemble without detail work like applying oils, etc.
Worked on comparably large size mechanical watch.
Thus, condition must be determined as super simple and easy case.

Was difficult enough for me as 1st time.

In the end, my watch assembly was completed and worked as designed. Cool.
It was a great relief for sure with some pleasure.

Workshop was a matter of one hour and a half or so. Fun enough.

Maybe I should look up for other workshop kind of thing for fun and experience… yeah not bad idea.

This weekend came with full of good gourmet foods and fun. Movie was missing, though.
It has been a while since last movie saw. Need to catch up with what in theater for sure.
Maybe next weekend.

"Jurassic World" - am between go and no-go. Totally unsure.
"Minions" - definitely pass.
"Bullet Train" - definitely "go" to see for sure. Coming to theater on Sep 1st.

Maybe I should take a look at Japanese movies currently on…

Limited Summer Time-Off

Spending time with my family today.
It was all about family errands.
MoonFlower and I went up to the cemetery for prayer.

It is like home coming this weekend all over Japan.
Lots of people come to get together with large family for the 1st time in 3 years.
For me, nothing special, though.

However, it is our routine for cemetery visit and we just did it.
Otherwise, we just stayed away from the heat… came right after light typhoon came by.

Major highlight for the day is nothing but the family dinner with home-made dish.

Since MoonFlower and I live far from each other, rare to come to eat home dish prepared by her.
Yeah, very home food and ordinary one for everyone.
Though, this is really great stuff.

It is ginger pork. Yum yum.

Good food definitely brings some energy to me for sure.
Yeah, summer time-off is about to be ended… things should be back to normal from tomorrow one
Will see how things would go for me and I should enjoy whatever.

Stay positive and keep having fun…shall I?

Home Drinker

Say Hello to 2022!

A Happy New Year of 2022!
Yeah, it is 2022, already.

Drove back home from Chiba in the morning. Supposed to be back within last night… didn't happen.

1st meal of the year for celebration comes with sake.

MoonFlower has selected "Sharaku" for New Year.
Good taste; though, weak aroma. Not bad, though.

And traditional meal for new year called "OSECHI."

Famous Japanese hotel for hospitality called Kagaya has produced the box of Osechi foods.

Other than boxed foods, MF has prepared for two of us.
Very compact meal for our household of two to celebrate the new year.

LOEWE bag charm is now attached to the Globe Trotter London Square.
Great… better than good match!!!

Cool. I do not care how others would think. At least I would love it.

One more thing… bought this other than a charm by LOEWE.
New knit sweater for me. It is lime green one. Should be good coordinate with grey / light color for my looks.

What is new year's resolutions of mine?! Oh, for that.
I would think about them and will let you know.