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Say Hello to 2022!

A Happy New Year of 2022!
Yeah, it is 2022, already.

Drove back home from Chiba in the morning. Supposed to be back within last night… didn't happen.

1st meal of the year for celebration comes with sake.

MoonFlower has selected "Sharaku" for New Year.
Good taste; though, weak aroma. Not bad, though.

And traditional meal for new year called "OSECHI."

Famous Japanese hotel for hospitality called Kagaya has produced the box of Osechi foods.

Other than boxed foods, MF has prepared for two of us.
Very compact meal for our household of two to celebrate the new year.

LOEWE bag charm is now attached to the Globe Trotter London Square.
Great… better than good match!!!

Cool. I do not care how others would think. At least I would love it.

One more thing… bought this other than a charm by LOEWE.
New knit sweater for me. It is lime green one. Should be good coordinate with grey / light color for my looks.

What is new year's resolutions of mine?! Oh, for that.
I would think about them and will let you know.

Xmas Eve 2021

Had to wait for cake pick up in such long line…
Wait time was up to 50 minutes. No kidding.
I was just taking time off from the work and wanted to get back to it sooner… oh boy.

Perfect (perfectly-excused) to open a bottle of some expensive stuff… Champagne!

This year, Laurent -Perrier!

Chicken leg. Not turkey.

Cake picked up was very special one. Very unique shape.
Called "Heart Flower Wreath" cake.
This made our home dinner even perfect for Xmas celebration.

Pro vs. Home-cooking?

Records for today's lunch and supper.
Dine-out at French restaurant and home dining, respectively.

Happened to be at a French restaurant where we have never been before.
It was yet casual French dining… not only food but also service was quite so.

Food seemed very decorative. Taste was good.

Pork dish as main was good as well.
No big disappointment. Though, no major impression, either.
Overall, mediocre?! Oh boy.

For dinner, home dining took place with good wine.

This is MoonFlower's selection. Am sure that this is not cheap / reasonable one.

Wine went very well with six different cheeses.

And beef to complete.

What complaints? What about it?
Good home dining and maybe this is much better off with this… I bet.


Back from Chiba at late night

1st month of the year is just gone… already!
Wow, too fast.
Now things are moving into February then.

Driving under clear weather was quite fun.

Stopping by a place for big meal… eels over rice. Rich food it is.

MoonFlower even fixed lamb chops for supper.
Wine was missing for sure. Well, I had to drive home afterward. Too bad.
Wait, MoonFlower opened a bottle of wine and had some wine, already. Darn it.

The way she cooked was PERFECT. Loved this dish.

Back home at late night.
Came through the Aqualine Tunnel between Tokyo and Chiba.
It planned to shut down for maintenance tonight. Didn't know that. Just made it before closure.

Thank God, I barely made it. Otherwise, had to go a long drive!

Never Seen Before

Watching Out My Diet???

Thursday is over. One more day before weekend.
Though, things are not as exciting as much.
Work was quite flat and I have no complaint whatsoever.

It was quite packed yesterday.

Only one time I went out. Walked around the block. It was for fresh breathe.
Plus, picked up my lunch. Usually routine.

Pho noodles were my lunch.
In fact, this is pretty good stuff.
Low calories and tasty. What else?

Since staying home all the times, my pedometer doesn't show good number at all,
I have to watch out my diet…
At least, the choice of lunch does help… a bit.

Oops, this does't help, though.
Alcohols carry high calories. Doesn't it?

I cannot find any energy going out for 2nd time to grab foods or any grocery.
Thus, my supper became rather simple.
Then ended up with whisky in glass.


Life under COVID-19 Influence

Still threat is out there… STAY HOME.
Another domestic day for me and everybody.
Worked from home another day.

Well, people may think that I am in pj while working.
Actually not.

Still changed and wore casual clothes like this. See!

Very flat today. No hassle. No urgency of any kind.

Since MoonFlower stays in different location, I have to do all domestic chores by myself.
Including washing dishes, of course.

Hmm, chores are not of my favorite at all.
That is usually MF's role.
With MF, I only do the bathroom cleaning everyday. Sometime, toilet cleaning.

Other than those, I (heavily) rely on MF for doing all. Yes, that is the truth.

Now, it is entirely on my own and no choice whatsoever.
I have to clean the kitchen sink like that… oh boy, that is surely a bother.
Because she does such everyday without any complaint, that is really something.

Am very thankful. Living in cleanness is a such big deal for sure. More than I really thought.

Winning Ticket?

Another stay-home day for me.
Working from home for Day 11.

Government of Japan is now (finally) considering to declare the state of emergency.
Probably announce it tomorrow to be effective from the day after.
Well, Tokyo lock-down is not the same as one in New York or Italy.

Not enforcing or mandatory at all.
Actually, still request.
No penalty if you still do against the request.

Yet it is questionable how much it would effect to control virus spread.
Better than nothing, though.

I guess, government would approach to the public transportation to limit the operation capacity.
That would be a big constrain to people going out.
Maybe, early operation close and partial service to come.

Supper was alone… again…

Not fancy as how MoonFlower usually prepares the food…

Some drink followed. Not bad… actually great "Hibiki" bottle.

Winning ticket was in my hands from the weekend.
I bought more than several betting tickets for horse racing and some of them turned to be winning ones.

Betted 1600 yen or 15 dollars and 3520 yen or 33 dollars returned.
Not bad, huh.
How come I betted very small like that? Good question. I do never plan to do big.

Small and that is fun and entertainment. Not serious gambling or any kind.
You know what I am getting at?
That is the way I have fun in horse racing betting.

Another big (actually bigger than this) race is to come this weekend… will see.

Out for Digging Bamboo Shoots

No pictures from actual digging… though, we secured more than several bamboo shoots for supper.
Yeah, what an outing, huh.
MoonFlower and her sister insisted to go out for it because it is time.

When we went into the bush, tons of holes dug were there, already.
Too late?
Sort of.

However, I was told how to look for the young bamboo shoots to hunt.
Instantly, several of them were found.
Finding bamboo shoots is one thing. Digging it out from the ground is another.

Digging wasn't that simple workload.
MF insisted that it was part of daily exercise.
Oh boy, that is even tough on me. I do not get exercise at all.

Too bad that I didn't take any picture.
In fact, I left my iPhone in the car and didn't get a chance to.

Well, turned out… the supper came along with bamboo shoots

Very traditional Japanese bamboo shoots plate.
Great seasonal food it is.

Only the concern left for now is that I come to muscle ache by tomorrow or so.
Hope that it wouldn't be that bad… will see.

Late night, I drove back in town of Tokyo. Very light traffic and smooth then.

Infection case counted up to 142 in Tokyo added to the whole (accumulated) number.
Oh boy, acceleration is realizing…
Will see how soon the lock-down of Tokyo is to be declared. Maybe in a few days?

Tokyo is going to be next New York City?!

Finally Secured!

This weekend does NEVER come to an end without success!
Under rainy weather, we still drove around to see if any facial masks available.

One drug store to another. Kept on going.
MoonFlower sorted out information to see which drug store may have HIGHEST potential for facial masks to be in stock.

She did it. Her "guesstimate" was right. We did narrow down to the drug store!!!
Happy ending it was… great relief as well!

No hesitant to open a wine bottle at night.

Soup dinner and cake.

On the way back, MoonFlower nominated a place for me to drive and stop by.
Called "Fobs" which is quite popular patisserie.
Those cakes are quite fabulous!!!

Great ending of a weekend, isn't it?