2019 Health Check Results

Happy Friday, folks!
Recent health check result is just in.
I just went through.

Everything seems fine and only minor stuff that I should concern for now.
Like everyone else? I have to watch out my weight.
Not really over-weight yet. However, metabolic syndrome is possible pain in future.

Somehow without noticing by myself, my weight went up... from 71.9k to 74.2k.
2.3k or 5lbs… more from previous year.
Is that really big deal? Not so sure. However, yes, I will try to lose some.

Brain MRI result is also attached.
Authentic images of my head are included. Oh boy!

No finding and everything is fine. Oh good!
I recently notice and mind how easily I forget things…
According to the report, brain shrinkage is not observed.

Forgetting things , easily, is not coming out of some serious brain issue then. Hahaha.
Must be something else.
Maybe it is the fact that I am getting older.

Catching a cold???

Hmm, I am no longer perfect in health?
I feel like I am catching a cold… now. Finally?
It may disturb my plan for rest of the month? Will see.

At least, the symptom is rather light and I should be fine by tomorrow.

To prevent this from getting worse, I decided to stay home all day long (of course, I didn't have any plan at all in the first place!).
Medication is surely taken.
MoonFlower had her own plan and she was out for whole afternoon… that crated a really relaxing atmosphere as well! Hahaha.

Being home, I watched so many dramas being recorded for some time.
Now I really catch up with all on-going dramas. Some of them completed and I followed entire story of episodes.
Definitely, watching tv or drama is my hobby still today.

MF went out to watch some old movie in the theatre. I guess, it was a Japanese movie… seemed very sad story.
She won some kind of a raffle… lucky her!

Tomorrow, I will be going on another trip… air trip this time. Quite busy time ahead.
I should hang in there and see how my health will cooperate.
I am sure that medication should support and no trouble is to be caused with my work.

Wish me luck.

Toyama: Getting Cold?

Due to lack of sleep and tons of people in the Toyama office having cold… I may have come to a cold.
Oh boy… I do not want to get sick right before weekend!
I rather get sick at the beginning of any week, instead. Hahaha.

Anyway, I ran into a convenience store and grabbed this cold medicine.

I cannot be sick right now… I have a big closing presentation before executives.
I even get the blanket wrapped myself for getting warm.
Tomorrow, I hope I would be just fine…

20180903 ANAクラウンプラザ富山 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA






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