Catching a cold???

Hmm, I am no longer perfect in health?
I feel like I am catching a cold… now. Finally?
It may disturb my plan for rest of the month? Will see.

At least, the symptom is rather light and I should be fine by tomorrow.

To prevent this from getting worse, I decided to stay home all day long (of course, I didn't have any plan at all in the first place!).
Medication is surely taken.
MoonFlower had her own plan and she was out for whole afternoon… that crated a really relaxing atmosphere as well! Hahaha.

Being home, I watched so many dramas being recorded for some time.
Now I really catch up with all on-going dramas. Some of them completed and I followed entire story of episodes.
Definitely, watching tv or drama is my hobby still today.

MF went out to watch some old movie in the theatre. I guess, it was a Japanese movie… seemed very sad story.
She won some kind of a raffle… lucky her!

Tomorrow, I will be going on another trip… air trip this time. Quite busy time ahead.
I should hang in there and see how my health will cooperate.
I am sure that medication should support and no trouble is to be caused with my work.

Wish me luck.

Toyama: Getting Cold?

Due to lack of sleep and tons of people in the Toyama office having cold… I may have come to a cold.
Oh boy… I do not want to get sick right before weekend!
I rather get sick at the beginning of any week, instead. Hahaha.

Anyway, I ran into a convenience store and grabbed this cold medicine.

I cannot be sick right now… I have a big closing presentation before executives.
I even get the blanket wrapped myself for getting warm.
Tomorrow, I hope I would be just fine…

20180903 ANAクラウンプラザ富山 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA






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