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Body Caring by Massage

After work, I had to go to do "body maintenance."
It was about time…
My body kind ached somewhat. Very tensed for sure.

Quite tight neck and shoulders.

Did receive a 30-minute massage.
It was quite good.
Very relived and relaxed.

It was 1st time since January. Should've taken such treatment more often.
Am no longer young and taking care of my body is crucial for better well-being.
Right? Agreed? So should you. Hahaha

Last call?
Physical letter came to me from the bank in US.
First time was via email.

Same letter in different formats.

Yeah, I know, I know. I have to take care of it.
In fact, it is in the middle of process, already.
Please do no harass me on this regard!

Yeah, surely time is ticking.
Clock started on August 18th, 2022. Already passed 7 days.
How much time more?

I presume that this clock should be stopped by September 15th, 2022. That is my guess.
For what?
Will see and let you know.

It is kind of secret for now and everything is going behind the scene.

Something has to be returned to me by then. Hahaha.

Hard Diet Required?!

I have been quite annoyed by this — W E I G H T.

Nowadays, my weight is no longer controllable. It stays at my life-time high.
It is due to my life style, particularly eating habits.
Plus, no exercises whatsoever.

I have to change the course of dietary habit for sure.

Will have to pay more attention to what to eat. Particularly, carb stuff. Less rice for sure.
Plus, some work-out?! Maybe.
I should watch out my belly to be smaller than now. Perhaps, sit-ups.

Will see how it all would go.

Finally so?!

My weekend started at a local optician store.
Examination took place in the morning.
Nothing wrong with me, though.

It was all for these:

Yeah, contact lenses. Now? Why? Hahaha.
I know, people around my age start avoiding such… right?
I go totally the opposite. Hahaha.

Examination was fine and green light for contact lenses are officially issued.

Now, I wear contact lenses without hassle. Pretty good stuff!!!

Tonkatsu or deep fried pork was lunch with MoonFlower.
This place is newly opened last month and tons of people lined up for lunches and dinners.
It was our luck to come to have lunch after waiting for 20 minutes or so.

Great stuff! I definitely come back again.

Cafe in Shimo Kitazawa in the afternoon. It was MoonFlower's favorite.
She needs to pick up new Japanese ceramics from the gallery within the cafe.
Yeah, came here before… actually several times, already.

My outfit, accessory, and shoe for the day. Hahaha.

Not coffee, not tea… Sode with ice cream.

Big dinner took place at the end for the day.
It was Japanese and French fusion dinner course.
Was pretty darn dishes. MF was quite satisfactory.

Bill was not that small, either, though. Oops.