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Now Fully Recovered!

Fever is gone!
Body regained the strength!

Now… finally headache is just gone!

Yeah, am back. Am really back!

This is image. Not of real me, though. Haha.

Vaccine's side-effect is here for now

I guess, I am an average person since really coming to have side-reaction / side-effect of being vaccinated.

Body is dull and heavy… I am sure that I have fever… even though it is not that high, I guess.

"I guess" - because I cannot tell for sure and how much fever I have.

Well, there is no (body) thermometer home!!! Haha. True.

I stay easy and keep things low for all day. Attended business meetings, though.

2nd Vaccine Completed

At 11:15am, 2nd anti-Corona vaccine shot is given at work.
Yep, same as 1st one, it is Moderna one.

As per media, it is quite common and 3 out of 4 people to experience the side reaction.
Hope I get least…

Went to work for shot as casual as possible:

48-year-old "OLD" man should not look so funky?!


Baker Cyst

Doc gave me a DVD with full of MRI pictures in DCM format.
Converted into JPEG and here are some for you to take a look.

Up is my knee.
Bottom side is back side of my left knee with Baker cyst.

Left is my knee and right is back with Baker cyst.

Oh boy!

Ganglion (swelling on a tendon sheath)

Golden Week Holiday finished miles of walk along with swelling…
Swollen back side of my left knee…
Didn't get cured easily and decided to go to a clinic for check:

Size of swollen part was about ping-pong ball or maybe bigger.

Doc told me that it seems "ganglion." Nothing serious.
X-ray taken and I was told that bones and cartilages are all fine.
Cannot tell that what really causes this.

He then asked me how I would think if we would leave it like that.

Well, we could.

Asked him if this is normal size so that I can live with it.
He said that it seemed bigger than what he normally sees.

Another option was needle suction.
According to Doc, it merely takes the water-like out and won't be permanent treatment.
Swelling can be happening again, he added.

Well, I understand.
Though, big swelling is very annoying and Doc and I agreed to do needle suction to see.

Treatment took place and he told me that amount of water-like was up to 40cc. Pretty decent amount.

Of course, swelling was shrunk like another was there.
At the end of day, swelling does not happen again yet.

Will see how this would go hereafter.

Doc said that there is no need to come back (to see him) unless another swelling happens.


Is Quite Weekend Over?

At least the request by Tokyo Governor is fulfilled. Tons of people stayed home.
It was absolutely quiet in Tokyo.
How does that effectively work to the infections of coronavirus?

We have to wait and see such in two weeks or so.

Meanwhile, the statistic number of coronavirus infections is nothing but rising. Even today.
More than 60 people confirmed with positive test results. That is record-high.
It is likely to have that number is going up day by day.

Meaning that quiet time or self-isolation or even called "social distancing" should be remained effective.
That is what already exercised in other countries and Tokyo definitely follows after.
So quietness is going to be around for us for quite some time from now on. Let be used to that.

Social distancing… I found interesting news and fact that some brands took advantage of that into their ad campaigns.
Look at this:

McDonald's, Audi and VW are all familiar and strong brands around.
Not bad idea.
Some do like, some do not. That is okay.

How do you appreciate those efforts?

The brand value which we should measure is not only of TV commercial under current circumstances.
Besides such advertising campaign, what do those brands really contribute to the society? That matters.

Thus, intangible approach via TV is one and tangible contribution is another.
How do those brands balance them out?
That is what we need to see and check.

MoonFlower and I stayed home, entirely. Very bored. Lots of sleep, though. Hahaha!

Supper is ready… only joy while staying home is of meal, don't you agree?
It was better than what I expected. Great stuff.
Very fascinating home cooking that I can come to thanks to my wifey.

MF gets back to work… not. She said that she takes a day off while I work from home tomorrow.
Still somehow boring… but better than being alone. Let's stay being patient. Just to be safe.

You too stay home safe!!!

Very suspicious!

Worked from home in the morning and went up to the office for whole afternoon.
At least, I am extra cautious about the timing that I expose myself to the public…
I take train to work at off-peak time like around lunch time.

Moreover, I looked like this:

Putting BLACK facial mask on!!!

Do I look suspicious? Right, I really do!!! Oh boy.
I cannot help it, though.

MoonFlower got me black facial masks. Actually a pack of three.
This is 1st one. I may have to look like that for a while.

I usually do not wear mask while in office at all.
Now only when I am in the public like train and movie theater if I go into.

After work, came home around 9pm.
MoonFlower got this box of masks…

60 masks!!!
Well, that helps her for a while for sure.
It depends how long the virus issue continues. Though, journey for masks may not be the top priority this weekend.

Will see how fast MoonFlower will use them all up.

News now tell that Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 will be held as planned.
Who would really do believe that?
Do we really know that things get back to normal by then end of April or early May? Sounds like not at all.

Everyone talks about medical disruption by this virus… more horror stories to come, I guess.

Finally Secured!

This weekend does NEVER come to an end without success!
Under rainy weather, we still drove around to see if any facial masks available.

One drug store to another. Kept on going.
MoonFlower sorted out information to see which drug store may have HIGHEST potential for facial masks to be in stock.

She did it. Her "guesstimate" was right. We did narrow down to the drug store!!!
Happy ending it was… great relief as well!

No hesitant to open a wine bottle at night.

Soup dinner and cake.

On the way back, MoonFlower nominated a place for me to drive and stop by.
Called "Fobs" which is quite popular patisserie.
Those cakes are quite fabulous!!!

Great ending of a weekend, isn't it?

Journey for Facial Masks