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Toptap Jirakit - Who?

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Avengers Station

Finally Weekend Begins...

Finally another weekend is coming up.
My Friday started in Ginza.
Stopped by Omega Store for no particular reason.


I wanted to check something out and asked about "MoonSwatch" stuff.
That new watch series are at Swatch Shop.
My inquiry was responded in a positive way. Showcase is available at Omega Store.

Only saw them through the glass. Though, that was good enough for now.
Tomorrow, they become available for sale.
Interesting watches for sure. Do I get one for myself?!

That is a big question that I have to answer by myself within tonight!!! Hahaha.

Had a late lunch, after Omega Store, at noodle shop where I came to eat for the 1st time.
Per review site, this seems to be highly ranked.
Good ramen noodles for sure. I may come back sooner than I think for now. Will see.

Baseball season just began today. Way ahead of MLB this year, huh!
My team - Dragons lost the 1st game of the season… hope it looks better at the end.
I know, they are counted as underdog for this season.

Will see how it all would go.

Japanese Winery Tour (Katsunuma, Yamanashi)


20211121 勝沼ワインツーリズム01 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

20211121 勝沼ワインツーリズム02 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Nintendo Family Computer Classic Mini

Family Computer Classic Mini was my toy for the day.
There are 20-some games included. All of them are old and legend in gaming world.
By far, "Galaga" is the one that I love to play most.

I have been glued to this video game while was a child.

Not as good as used to be.
Is that controller issue? Maybe mine? I have been old…

This cheap video game brought big fun to me today… probably tomorrow too.

How to spend my 200 bucks?

Another corona quiet weekend is gone.
Staying home pretty much all day long except grocery shopping.
Pretty boring, isn't it?

Well, should be complaining so much. Got used to it no matter what.

In Japan, all sports events are being cancelled just like other countries.
Except one… horse racing is still open.

Of course, fans cannot go to the race track.
In fact, races take place without fans at the sight.
You can bet online and that is the only way to have fun.

Well, I am not too sure that it is still called sports.
Rather, should be called publicly-allowed gambling. That is more accurate.

From last year, I started horse race betting with 100 bucks.
That is the base budget and if runs out of that money, that will be it.
However, last race of last year brought some kind of beginners' luck.

Budget went up to 270.

I have very simple rules for myself.

- Betting on G-1 (grade-one; top) race only
- Betting 20 bucks max. per race
- If won, the winning money is to put together with original budget for rolling

This year, not so much luck because I pressed luck to only small ones.
Today race was typical one.

I bet and won 2 bucks on "Win" and dividend was of 6 bucks or so.
No winnings out of "Place" bet.
Loss of the day was about 14 bucks since betting full 20 bucks.

Just like that.

How do I determine the betting?
Do I read any handicapping? Odds?
Not at all. Well, maybe a little. Though, I am not competent at all.

Everything is out of my hunch or intuition. It is.

Is that my way to have fun? So far, yes. Will see how this would go.
Maybe easily run out of the budget… maybe not.

Wish me luck!

This is found!!!

Another domestic day here…
Now State of Emergency is called for entire nation…
Things are much quieter than ever.

Working from home is no longer big deal and I have good pace of doing it.
Plus, I have to do something more.
Outside the work, I revisit to my book shelves to see what can stay or go.

Yeah, time for organizing my place and space.

Plastic model box was found out in the deep side of bookshelf!!!
It is of Gundam series. This particular model called "GELGOOG."
Not yet built yet. Very new.

That means, I can do self-entertaining by building this model up.
Maybe over this weekend?
Will see.

Good treasure hunting today. Hahaha.

Seen on TV and it was right!

Darn busy day. No complaints. No words.
What a day.
Though, all this keep myself busy somehow so that I can feel normal.

Today, There are new 161 cases of COVID-19 infections founded.
Under control? I doubt it.
How severe is this? Who knows.

Throughout the busy working from home today, came to my lunch quite late.
Plus, no energy to go out to grab the food.
Instead, I relied upon the cup noodle. Not regular one. Hot and spicy stuff.

Plus, some arrangement.

Adding the "NATTO" or fermented soybeans.

This is more than just great stuff. LOVE IT!
Actually, this arrangement is seen on TV. In fact, aired last year or so.
However, I happened to see it on TV recently. Must be re-run.

Since then, I have been highly motivated to experiment on my own and here it is!

What a quite day it was but not so bad because of this cup noodle arrangement.

This did save my day!!!

Work gets done at late night because of some documentation to complete in addition to international call late night.
Everything is done and I am sort of exhausted. Long day surely it was.
Maybe better result is expected out of working my butt off???

Will see. Sure hope so.

Winning Ticket?

Another stay-home day for me.
Working from home for Day 11.

Government of Japan is now (finally) considering to declare the state of emergency.
Probably announce it tomorrow to be effective from the day after.
Well, Tokyo lock-down is not the same as one in New York or Italy.

Not enforcing or mandatory at all.
Actually, still request.
No penalty if you still do against the request.

Yet it is questionable how much it would effect to control virus spread.
Better than nothing, though.

I guess, government would approach to the public transportation to limit the operation capacity.
That would be a big constrain to people going out.
Maybe, early operation close and partial service to come.

Supper was alone… again…

Not fancy as how MoonFlower usually prepares the food…

Some drink followed. Not bad… actually great "Hibiki" bottle.

Winning ticket was in my hands from the weekend.
I bought more than several betting tickets for horse racing and some of them turned to be winning ones.

Betted 1600 yen or 15 dollars and 3520 yen or 33 dollars returned.
Not bad, huh.
How come I betted very small like that? Good question. I do never plan to do big.

Small and that is fun and entertainment. Not serious gambling or any kind.
You know what I am getting at?
That is the way I have fun in horse racing betting.

Another big (actually bigger than this) race is to come this weekend… will see.