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Watches and French

Friday is about to end.
Went out to a hotel for a meeting in the afternoon.
My attire was a bit formal. Suit and tie. And, of course, mask for Covid-19.

People, particularly men, somehow looked at me when walking by.
Probably, I look too formal unlike others…

Anyhow, meeting was quite flat and short.
On the way home, I stopped by Mitsukoshi department store where some even was going on.
"World Watch Fair 2022."

I see quite some guests were shopping even on Friday.

Paid attention to TISSOT watches, particularly green dial one.
This green one is mechanical, self-winding.

One in the middle is another green but quartz.
I thought that different specs but the same green color.
Obviously, they are not same and quartz one seems more like emerald-ish.

I wanted one with quartz and green coming from mechanical.
Too greedy, huh.

Another color-fantasy ones… not bad. My kind of taste? Maybe.

Afterwork, joined MoonFlower for supper / family dine-out to a French restaurant.
Called "mille" located in Higashi Nihombashi.
Usually hard to get seat reservation because of popularity and limited capacity.

Owner chef runs entire business by himself!

This is 2nd visit. 1st was back in May, 2022.

Started the dining with sparkling wine.

Main was of venison (deer meat). Meat comes from Hokkaido where such game / quarry took place.
Haven't had such meat for a long time, I believe.
Was quite tender and I liked it well. The Sauce coming along with meat was a good match for sure.

Now weekend has begun.

Toptap Jirakit - Who?

20220501 Toptap Jirakit Birthday Event #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

20220501 The Label Fruit #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Avengers Station

Finally Weekend Begins...

Finally another weekend is coming up.
My Friday started in Ginza.
Stopped by Omega Store for no particular reason.


I wanted to check something out and asked about "MoonSwatch" stuff.
That new watch series are at Swatch Shop.
My inquiry was responded in a positive way. Showcase is available at Omega Store.

Only saw them through the glass. Though, that was good enough for now.
Tomorrow, they become available for sale.
Interesting watches for sure. Do I get one for myself?!

That is a big question that I have to answer by myself within tonight!!! Hahaha.

Had a late lunch, after Omega Store, at noodle shop where I came to eat for the 1st time.
Per review site, this seems to be highly ranked.
Good ramen noodles for sure. I may come back sooner than I think for now. Will see.

Baseball season just began today. Way ahead of MLB this year, huh!
My team - Dragons lost the 1st game of the season… hope it looks better at the end.
I know, they are counted as underdog for this season.

Will see how it all would go.