Hakone Ekiden

MoonFlower and I went out to cheer up athletes in the event called Hakone Ekiden

Ekiden is… here we go:

Ekidens are long-distance road relays. The distance and the number of runners vary according to each competition. In many races, including the Hakone Ekiden, each runner covers about 20 kilometers, roughly the distance of a half-marathon. Instead of a baton, a tasuki (sash) is handed from one runner to the next. Hakone Ekiden is undoubtedly the most well-known of all the ekiden races held in Japan. The first ever Hakone Ekiden dates back to 1920, and except for a few years during and after the war, it has taken place during the New Year holidays ever since.

Very unique sport, I guess.

Near the goal, we saw 1st and 2nd place runners.

20190103 箱根駅伝 青山学院大学(2位) #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

(Other source to view:

Gadget works, huh! It was fun to cheer up and use such digital gadget for enriching this blog content… hahaha.

No more special traditional foods from New Year… Now back to normal.

Though, after-meal sweets are still Japanese style. Called "DAIFUKU."

Pretty fun today.

Halie Loren @ Cotton Club Tokyo

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Tenugui (hand towel) as anniversary gift

It is called "Premium Friday" today. Last Friday of the month, government "encourages" nation to finish the work early for fun.
Yes, it wants us to spend money and get drunk.
Thus, I definitely follow such rule and intend to set a good example.


I was ready from the beginning of the day… even refused to brink company laptop to the work.
My firm does prohibit employees to go to drink with laptop for hedging the risk of information leak by lost.
The choice is merely between the case that you leave PC in the office locker and that you leave PC home.

1st case is that people usually would take… but I came to choose the latter.
Reason is that I do not want to be away from PC until Monday. That can be even more critical for me.
Thus, I tried to sustain without PC for entire Friday afternoon. I made myself stuck to iPad Pro.

That was enough, actually.

Along with blue suits and new tie from Italian Franco Bassi, Panerai Luminor Due was on my wrist today!

Soon as wrapping it all up for the day, I showed up to my usual place…


"Kaminariya" is my usual place - tavern located in Shinjuku 3-chome.
Master handed me the small gift by sudden.
Wow, it was traditional Japanese hand towel with the shop log on it.

5-year anniversary gift it was. COOL!

20180126_3 20180126_4

Usual menu, usual chose and usual fun. What else needed?

20180126_5 20180126_6

I left a message to several friends via SNS to make sure that they know where I am tonight.
Planned to drink alone… but didn't bother much if this became several rather than one.
Friend Amy showed up after work. She joined me tonight over drinks…

Fun and definitely entertaining night for me. Amy and I even joined a couple drinking next to us.
Lots of common topics like ANIME - Gundam, Galaxy Express 999, Mazinger Z, etc.
Man, I want to see all episodes of Gundam again… only Amazon Prime provides the program… not my Hulu subscription. Darn it.


Once again - Japanese traditional hand towel. "Tenugui" is hand towel.

20180126_8 20180126_9

Doubled name logo on the top - "Kaminari" as Thunder and "Inazuma" as Lightning
Good pared name as collaboration.
Thank you for neat gift. Will use it soon and I definitely come back to the tavern "Kaminariya" again. Very soon.