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My Chinese Place on TV

There is a TV show featuring local Chinese restaurant… and featured MY PLACE tonight.
I knew because I was told so by family running this place.
It is my usual Chinese place because I have lunch at least once every week.

In a matter of fact, I ate in YESTERDAY.

Very "local" appearance.

Lady is very open and heart-warming person.
MoonFlower and I talk to her a lot while eating in.

Chef / Master / husband of the couple is very kind person and fixes great stuff.

Very cozy place run by this couple. Great to have found this and become our usual!!!

Since aired tonight, I just wonder that tons of people would come to this small place.
Can be jeopardy to dine in any more?! Will see.
Hope things would be the same hereafter.

Maybe business becomes a bit better - that would be great. Hahaha.