Reunion with Dawn and Xavier

Hot Japan… welcomes two friends of mine from US today.
I had no plan until the dinner with them today.
Thus, spending time for nothing until then.

20170722_1 20170722_2

During the time that I did nothing, G-Shock was perfect telling me time…
Then, I switched it to Royal Oak since I had to show up to the ANA Intercontinental Tokyo - one of luxury hotel in Akasaka.
Yeah, exciting to see friends whom I hadn't seen for a long time.

Dawn and Xavier - they are my colleagues in old time when I was working in Atlanta.
Dawn was a great friend of mine… we played softball together for many years.
She even wrote a recommendation letter for Thunderbird MBA entrance. I owe her a lot!

Xavier - this is 1st time in 20 years? Dawn comes to Japan with him for business. Nice occasion for catch-up.


In fact, more than them… business related people joined the dinner.
Actually, I am the one additionally joined the business occasion… to be precise.
At least, I still spoke English a lot even though I worried a little bit about it since didn't speak English too much for a while. Hahaha. Nothing to worry about that.

Better see the dinner table with 360 degree photo as below:

With Dawn and Xavier! - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Dawn sits right next to myself and Xavier is stilling across the table from her. He is wearing glasses.

What a great night! How wonderful to see such great friends!

Sea Theme for All Day Long!


20170703_3 20170703_4

BBQ Dining with Friends

Only the event during the Golden Week 2017…
I showed up to the BBQ restaurant in Shibuya for dinner with buddies tonight.

20170501 焼肉ナイト #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Too much great foods and drinks.
I no longer look sober at all. Out of control? Hahaha.

Reunion with Kirk

Reunion with old friend over the supper tonight.
It was Kirk Mizukoshi. Kirk and I have been friends since time in Atlanta, USA.
We used to work in the same industry and had lots in common.

Played softball together and had lots of drinks together.
Since he married and became father of a sweet pretty daughter, didn't have chance to see each other.
Finally, we made a good reunion!

20170421_2 20170421_3
20170421_4 20170421_5

Went to 2 different places for food and drink. Turning out to be a long night! Hahaha.
Kirk knows the area very well and knows good places!
Thanks to him, we came to decent foods tonight.

Talk was surely endless and we promised that we had to do this more often.

Gathering with Colleagues

Already? Still Monday it is… Hahaha
Happened to be part of gathering tonight over BBQ in a restaurant.
Including myself, 5 colleagues… from same consulting firm got together for information exchange.

20170227 Shinbashi, Tokyo #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Lots of interesting topics covered!
Usually, I am in one project and work under that environment… focusing on project and client.
With 5 folks, lots of different insight about clients and ourselves. Very interesting!

Something I have never known… great source of information. Now I need to think what to do with it… Hahaha.

Anyway, long night with lots of talks and drinks were obviously not enough. Need exactly what we had tonight again.

Reunion for 2017

My ex-boss was in town from Fukuoka.
Thus, we met each other in Hamamatsucho Area for catch-up.

He told me went up to buy a new tie and ended up buying new sunglasses.
They are Tom Ford. Pretty cool!

IMG_5133 IMG_5134

They are definitely for him… not for me. Hahaha.
Too much good foods and drinks for tonight.
Great time with great friend made me feel like a short and never enough!

Have I been gained somehow? Oh boy…

1st Working Day of Year!

Coming to the work for 2017! Finally, reality got kicked in… hahaha.


Yeah, showed up within the morning. I was not lazy at all! Just punctual as possible.
Good start of a new year should result positive thing… I hope. I should believe that.

Then held a meeting with a Partner and I was quite busy even on 1st working day. But it was all under control.

I happened to take a look my wrist watch for time and realized that it was almost 7pm.
I rushed into a train for Shinjuku since gathering with friends was planned.

Here we go… all friends who spent great school time together in US were there:

新年会@カミナリヤ その2 こっちがちゃんとみんな写ってる? #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Fun time was fast… and we kept drinking until the last train for the day. Almost missed it! Hahaha.


Part of the gathering was that we check how newly-wed friend Kazuma doing with his wife so far.
Somehow, he was wearing two rings. Hmmm, interesting.
His wife also knows this. Very interesting.

TWO wedding rings?

Friend's Wedding

20161126_1 20161126_2

20161126_3 20161126_4

20161126_5 20161126_6

20161126_7 20161126_8

Good Mileage and Great Friends


20160528_2 20160528_3

20160528_4 20160528_5


All Itenary Gets Completed

Whole week in Munich, Germany is now over.
All scheduled agenda is complete. Only thing to do is that I take flight back to Japan!
Last working day in this trip is at the local office for project meeting.

20160304_1 20160304_2

This office is quite familiar with me since coming here so many times, already. Well, do I have ANOTHER chance in future? Will see.
Friday - I was told that there would be "happy hour" for all employees every week.


Showcase did have all sandwiches and snacks… were replaced with beer bottles for the HOUR.

20160304_4 20160304_5

Our project team was invited in advance to the official hour. Since many of us have to leave for airport.
So one last group photo…

20160304_6 20160304_7

Soon after a while, all employees were invited in and the place became very crowded.

Team members from Mexico, US (Chicago), South Africa and Japan (me!) are the last one staying until tomorrow because of flights.
Therefore, we decided to go back to the hotel to dine together one last time.


Supper - I chose pasta. Carbonara is only one listed in the menu and I expected long pasta… though, short pasta came as my dish.
Kind of surprise it was.
Taste good as wanted it to but looked different.

Well, good and fun dinner with friends and now I need to pack for tomorrow.
Have to leave hotel for airport at 6am.
Tired… need a rest.

Project Team Drink & Dinner

Today - external trainer came to provide lecture for all day. Made me feel a really long day.
What I learned… was something new? all that already known to myself? Well, hard to tell.
German trainer sounding like American made this a little bit difficult for me to understand.

Several times I had to ask him to repeat.
Well, not only me but others did the same.


Pretzel is breakfast once again.
Butter and salt combination becoming "must" in the morning. Whole is big but turned to be manageable to eat it all. Hahaha.

One last team dinner takes place.
Well, team drink first at the hotel bar.
Indian, South African, Italian and Japanese… all boys became good friends and promised to each other to visit in future.


20160303_3 IMG_3189

Big team dinner was at famous local restaurant called "Park Cafe."
You can see it is a big project team whose members come from different parts of the globe.
It is truly global!

Local project follows immediately after that… except Japan. Oh boy, I have to deal with this project, a little differently.
Will see how that goes from now.

German Sausage & Wiener Schnitzel

Breakfast taken at hotel this morning since I have time until the first session in the office.
Good breakfast with German (white) sausages.
From previous trips, I learned that I should peel the skin off and eat inside only. I really like that way.


Meeting begins at 10:30am. Big kick off for the week with big print material that I need to read about it.
How many pages? About 200+ pages?


We finished the 1st day around 8pm. Later than expected. Now I see some snow falling.


I didn't prepare for such climate.

IMG_3030 IMG_3031

Team dinner at restaurant near the hotel. Cool beer glass chandelier.

IMG_3034 IMG_3035

Appetizer and entree - I selected Wiener Schnitzel. Usual German dish.


And team photo! Nice to meet you all.
Members are from:

Japan (me), South Africa, Mexico, India, US, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, and Germany.

What an internal team we are.

Year-End Party 2015

Among many friends - big Saturday party held.



Many of them - I see them only this occasion every year. Hahaha.



Some changed.
Some other no change.


1st party done with this picture. 16 friends got together this year.



Party went on up to 3rd party. Yes, I attended all!!!
Too much drinks from 2pm until 10pm.
Crazy day it was.

Guests in the House!











New Year Party with Friends