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Another Reunion

Steak dinner with friends!!!
How do we look? Surely getting older!!!

20211215 Reunion - old friends #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Annual Reunion

Weekend is now coming to an end… TOO FAST! Hahaha.
New bag shown in yesterday's blog is quite good… better than I thought.
I started using it today… no negative points. All good!

I have better picture of it here:

Very fancy!

Went to Aman Tokyo - one of luxury hotel in Tokyo for afternoon tea with friends.

Menu - long list of sweets.

Soup? Juice? Yet, starter.

Big afternoon tea tower for three people

It was fun and great catch up with old friends who I worked with a long time ago.
Great to see they are doing just fine and having great lives out there.
It was longer than several hours; though, made me feel like just a matter of half an hour or so.

You know what I mean.

Great time really passes by.

Those ladies brought some gifts to me. Thank you! Y'all are just sweet.

20211212 アフターヌーンティー@アマン東京 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

This is annual event for three of us… this is 3rd consecutive year of doing afternoon tea together.
Surely next year will be another one.

He is still same cool man!

Old friend and ex-boss is still dong great!
That is awesome news just found.
Today's afternoon was s small reunion.

Ex-boss Takashima is now retired at 67 years old.
Still energetic and active… my role model as an retired individual.
Cool man, he is.

We had a good lunch and coffee together in Sunday afternoon.

I should have had called him up much earlier for this.
I certainly did promise him to come up with another occasion for dining or even drinking.
So great to see his face and all the talk we had today!

Thanksgiving Party 2020

One last gathering among friends before the end of 2020 -

20201218 Thanksgiving Party #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Among colleagues who are quite close to each other like worked on the same projects, etc. - it was fun!

Even under the severe condition of Coronavirus, I guess that this is last gathering. No more parties.

Well, I didn't expect that this festivity would last long like up to 3am… oh boy! Hahaha.
Great time it was.

FuRe Year-End Gathering 2020

Friends and coworkers got together.
We used to work on the same project back in 2015-2016.
Good friends and good fellows.

20201211 FuRe忘年会 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Unfortunately, some cancellation and 5 showed up.
Though, it was good reunion.

During this week, 2 out of 4 projects are coming to an end.
Thank god!
2 more to go. Well, as per plan, at least 1 of them is to be completed.

Any thing new to start soon? Yep, it is coming.

Oh boy.

Year-End Party Season!

Party time?!
Almost year-end… that comes around the corner for sure.
It is time to share what happened this year with friends and close ones.

Among three of us who worked on same project, it is our custom to get together once a year.

Like previous year, we went to hotel afternoon tea for fun.

20201206 Afternoon tea gathering 2020 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Those ladies were serious about taking picture of tower of sweets!

Well, I did take a picture, too. Winking

Our talk was endless and did last for three hours or so.
Surely was fun and value time among ourselves.
See you around this time of next year!

Friends Gathering

Friends' gathering took place in this afternoon.
Friends are coworkers from past project. Actually, we all did the project together last year. Just around this time of year.

Takoyaki or octopus dumplings are the main theme of our party!

Here it is.

Seven of us got together and spent time about more than several hours.
Over takoyaki and other dishes along with PLENTY of alcohols.
Well, I took sparkling and champagne led myself out of memory… being drunk a bit?!

20201011 MCBCM Gathering #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Fun friends here…

Talked a lot… nothing maybe important.
All fun topics and nothing serious.
Plus some rumors?! Let's see.

Will be swamped for this week and this gathering is certainly energizer for me thanks to friends!

Retire Party

Very cold in Tokyo.
Actually, snowing… a little. Not accumulated, though.
Snow and rain got mixed and eventually rained only.

Pretty low temperature reminded us all that it was still WINTER.

Tonight, there was a party / gathering for this man.

Kanji finally got retired. It was party for celebrating him to finished the career!

Many people got together. I haven't see some of them almost for 10 years or even longer.
Festivity didn't conclude easily and we went through many rounds of drinks for sure.
Not even sure how many… oh boy.

I have to get up early tomorrow morning… I'd better hit the sack NOW. Hahaha.