Mid-Day of the Extended Weekend

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Movie, Ramen, Cartier, and Aged Beef

Another movie day for me! Movie number 17 in this year.


Wonder Woman - from DC Comic.
Unlike Avengers movie, the story was quite flat and simple. Well, I still like a little sophisticated story...
Wonder Woman - simply beautiful and strong. Not bad, though.


While being hungry in watching the movie, ramen noodle crossed my mind more than several times.
I then rushed into a ramen shop immediately after the movie. No hesitation.
With today's watch - Audemars Piguet


Stopping by Cartier boutique shop for picking up my watch from overhaul. They call it as "Complete Service." Whatever.
Unfortunately, the service provided was unsatisfactory.
Didn't pick up then. I had to wait. Oh boy, this is a mess.

For supper, MoonFlower and I went out to Kanda area.
Went in to the Bistro Brook Kitchen. It is our 1st time to dine in.

20170902_4 20170902_5

Very fancy place with full of guests tonight.

20170902_6 20170902_7

Chose sparkling wine and several fish dishes.

20170902_8 20170902_9

No more wine afterwards. Picked Mojito for my 2nd and last drink. Not bad at all.


This place's speciality - dry-aged beef. Pretty expensive… and we expected good quality… but not so much, unfortunately.
Different place we went before - back on July 9th - "Beef Beef Beef" day… we went to restaurant called "LE VIN ET LA VIANDE."
That place is much much better off for aged beef / steak. I should go back to that restaurant one more time.

August Completed!


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Easy Sunday with Good Food


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2 Restaurants in 1 Night?


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20170819_4 20170819_5

20170819_6 20170819_7


Wineshop & Diner FUJIMARU

Long day… consulting session lasted till the night for the day.
Wow, totally unexpected.
I spent quite amount of time just for waiting since staff members at that location were quite swamped.


Compared to the previous day, things were easier and under control for sure.
Well, things went well, though. Just too longer time.
This resulted to delay the dinner time.

MoonFlower wanted to go to "FUJIMARU" place in Asakusabashi.
Originally, reservation was made for 19:00.
Then, I had to change the time from 19:00 to 21:00 per job situation.

20170818_2 20170818_3

Dinner got started at 21:00. Place was already packed since it is really popular.
Though, reservation didi save a table for two of us. Thank God.

20170818_4 20170818_5

20170818_6 20170818_7

Prosciutto was excellent!!!
I need to come back again just for those. SERIOUSLY.


Pasta was definitely right finish. No complaint at all.
The dinner was way above the average and this place is no mistake. Recommended.
You'd better check it out for yourself. Hahaha.

Sushi while on short break!

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Obon Prayer



20170812_3 20170812_4

New Glasses Just Ordered!




Restaurant with Highest Expectation?

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20170805_3 20170805_4


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20170805_a 20170805_b

New Car, Already?




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Beef Beef Beef! (LE VIN ET LA VIANDE)


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Sea Theme for All Day Long!


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Relaxing Saturday; finally full-weekend in progress









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Golden Week 2017 coming to an end

Last day of a big holiday called Golden Week!!!
MoonFlower and I showed up in Shinjuku… for Isetan department store.
She wanted t come to this fair.


Decorative balls. Some of them have good smell also.
I didn't know that she was going to pick one up for home. Oh boy, she did so, very instantly!
Plus, she spent the saved points from the department card upon this purchase. Wow, 2,000 points were gone for single decorative ball…

Late lunch was at Burger King. Haven't been to one for a long time!
Whopper!!! I missed it.


MF got one with cheese and I got regular one.


Lambo found on the street through the window. Pretty cool.
I was wondering what kind of people driving this kind of exotic car around…
The guy seemed very ordinary and he was actually with family of two kids. Very ordinary. Hahaha.

20170507_4 20170507_5

Dinner was of sushi. Great closing meal of the holiday! Hahaha.
Never been to this restaurant before. I always passed by this place, though.
Reasonable price and quality. Good one.

Okay, now I worry about the work!!!

Walking Too Long?

All day long on foot… after missing the chance for car wash. I have to postpone it to either tomorrow or day after.
At least I have to get it done within this weekend before the Golden Week 2017 is over.
Yeah, I will do so for sure. My car is surely dirty!

Today's my fashion. With vivid pants from tsumori chisato brand.
Too flashy? Too vivid?
This is my own middle-age fashion that no one probably does appreciate. Hahaha.


MoonFlower and I walked down to Nihonbashi for this place.
Famous restaurant called Taimeiken.


20170505_3 20170505_4

Renown dish is Tanpopo Omuraisu. This dish is about USD20! Pretty expensive, huh! It is.
Good taste? My expectation was too high and it was yet ordinary good dish. No surprise at all. Hahaha.

Then, we went to Shibuya for shopping.
MoonFlower got what she needed and I picked up those at 100 yen store:

20170505_5 20170505_6

All health-related item, hahaha.

Supper gets started quite late like 8pm…

20170505_7 20170505_8

20170505_9 20170505_a

Walked with 6,700 steps according to my gadget "UP Move."
I am quite tired and need to rest for now. Hahaha.

Cemetery Visit and Then

Still in the middle of Golden Week - no particular plan for our family.
Except today. MoonFlower and I got to go to the cemetery for prayer.
Once a month - our family routine. Then, late lunch takes place… like:


Like this!!! Well, it is Japanese food… not fish. They are eels. Domestic fresh eels are quite expensive.
Big lunch it was for sure. Hahaha.
Then, we drove on to the nearby outlet mall for shopping.


I appear like that with funky jeans. Don't you agree? It is my own "middle-age" fashion. Hahaha.
While MoonFlower didn't buy anything at least today, I picked up brand new suits for work.
Blue suits. I will bring photo to show you how new suits look soon.

20170503_3 20170503_4

Supper came along with sparkling wine.
Too fast to avoid being drunk…
Yep, cannot be sober anymore.

What is my next car?

Went to a car dealer for test drive…
In fact, visited two different dealers for same purpose.
Wow, buying new car is indeed coming up so soon?


Not so fast!
Those two dealers gave me the estimate on new car… the amount was rather high (still expected so).
Oh boy new car doesn't come easily.

What car by the way?

Today I did a test drive with:

1. BMW - 320d - diesel engine: good but noisy
2. BMW - 320i - gasoline engine: good and sporty
3. Mercedes-Benz CLA180 - not roomy inside
4. Mercedes-Benz C 180 - very soft drive, luxury

Hmmm, all are expensive and do not know what we want. Hahaha.


Good Indian restaurant was for lunch. First visit to this restaurant… very crowded place. Must be popular.
We should come more and taste all different curry types.
Good choice we made. Not too far from home.

Visiting dealers for test drive certainly makes a day shorter.
Any advice?

Udon & Suitcase

Needed to make it quick lunch… turned out that MoonFlower and I lined up for udon at famous restaurant.

20170226_1 20170226_2

Inaniwa Udon and Tendon at Kaneko Hannosuke located in the Coredo Muromachi.

In the middle of afternoon, Kuroneko Yamato finally delivered the goods that I purchased at Rakuten:

20170226_3 20170226_4

Brand new suitcase! Rimowa Salsa Air blue just in.


Now am getting ready for very next business trip starting next week!

Friday Night Mooovie!

Didn't plan to but turned out that it was movie night tonight.

Had a long day for work until 8pm or so. Worked with client, with peers and with young consultants.
Last job done for today was that I participated in the workshop organized for such new and young fellows.
It was interesting "academic-like" atmosphere.

Supper was at ramen noodle shop.


This was my supper and found out that MoonFlower was at much better place to eat:


It was FUGU cuisine. Fugu is blowfish… this is a large Fugu sashimi plate.
Believe me that this is VERY expensive. Very tasty, though.
How come she gets such a better treat? I come to very cheap food like ramen? Oh boy, this is such an unfair world between us.

So I had to make something happen to compete with her. I checked and decided to go to movie after ramen.


Watched Japanese movie called "Survival Family."
One family's story about surviving during the long period out of electricity.
Amazing enough to know how much we rely on such power.

Without power, things are not going to be the same at all… not only material wise but also mental wise.

Finished watching movie at quarter after 11pm. Just hit my sack straight then. Hahaha.

This is 5th movie in this year, already. Way to go!

PTO Before New Project

One last PTO or paid time-off before a new project which is coming up.
Somehow, MoonFlower also taking off today.
Meaning that we should go out for doing something.

20170213_1 20170213_2

Yes, this is must-visit restaurant for lunch. Finally… but had to line up for 20-25 minutes. Better than expected.


Another visit… we came to famous Japanese sweets after lunch.
LONGER line was there, already. Had to wait for 30-some minutes because more than 15 people were before us.

20170213_4 20170213_5

These are dinner shots. We chose ODEN for supper tonight.
Yeah, oden is old Japanese foods… for older people? Hahaha.

20170213_6 20170213_7

Man, didn't know that there was an excellent oden place not too far from where we live!!!
Cannot complain.

Ningyocho: Italian Cuisine

Big supper turned out to be expensive dinner for two!!!


Somehow, we ended up very expensive restaurant tonight. No special reasons at all… just happened to be.

IMG_5318 IMG_5320

IMG_5321 IMG_5322

IMG_5324 IMG_5325

Very good dishes one after another.
Wow, we have to make up some occasion for such formal dinner.
Anyhow, great to know such a lovely place and we should come back for some celebration in future. Just need a reason.

You know what I mean.

Mobile Worker

Mobile worker it is… it is me doing such today.
Decided NOT to show up to the office at all since no business meetings were planned.
Thus, I stayed in nearby Starbucks Coffee shop for my own work.

20170208_1 20170208_2

I finally came to find my schedule book for 2017.
It had been packed in the box for moving and it was sitting somewhere in the house until today.
Finally, I recovered and now can use it for my planning.

20170208_3 20170208_4

20170208_5 20170208_6

French bal located in Ningyocho.
It was great place found, finally.
Good live music came along. Perfect dining place for our family. Very relaxing place with great French!



Movie on Monday!

Next project is coming up in a while… thus, it means that I still can spare some time…
So after work, went to a movie… since Monday's price is off.
In fact, every Monday the movie ticket becomes cheaper with coupon.

Usual price is 1,800 yen -> 1,100 yen with coupon.


Picked "Doctor Strange." Yeah, Marvel's movie.
Story was rather simple; however, the motion picture was quite decent.
Cannot wait for next Avengers' movie for sure!


Lunch - 600 yen.

20170206_3 20170206_4

Supper with MoonFlower. Quick supper with limited alcohol tonight. Didn't plan to drink… much.

Okay, Monday is now finished. Next?

1st month of 2017 is already gone!

Family dinner taking place tonight to celebrate the completion of 1st month in 2017!
Well done! Lots of things happened… already.
MoonFlower and I went to our usual place in Chiba. Restaurant that friend of ours running…

20170203_1 20170203_2

20170203_3 20170203_4

20170203_5 20170203_6

Too much of great stuff. No complaints whatsoever. So good.
Great dinner wrapping up the 1st month of a year.
Hope things are going okay next month and even longer.

Looking for New Watch & Bag

Went out to Ginza for WINDOW shopping.
Yes, window shopping only.
Looking for watch and bag…


Another day with Santos100XL. Cannot complain that this piece still goes well with jeans! Hehehe.


For watch - order made?! Of course not.
Just requested that I would get a call from the shop once it gets sample from 2016 new products.
Yeah, am looking for Offshore Diver - WHITE.

Supper was with MoonFlower. We selected Italian foods.

20170128_4 20170128_5


Good foods but a little bit over the budget. Hmm, we need financial adjustment in this month since tight budget. Hahaha.

1st movie in 2017

As per MoonFlower's request - we went for lunch at Indian restaurant with good reviews within "Tabelog" site.
Man, that site never lies!
The choice was right and we came to foods as we just needed.

IMG_5120 IMG_5121

Great and spicy curry!!! She liked the foods and we definitely will come back soon!

I was released from family duty in the afternoon and finally went to see this "never-miss" movie. It is " Start Wars - Rogue One."


Very sad story before the Jedi come to the life…
Wars never bring human to anywhere for sure.

Finally Xmas Cards Open

I didn't get a chance to come in to the office until new year… thus, all received mail and packaged were not open until this time.
That includes even Christmas cards.
One big package came from Germany. Obviously from the project members.

20170106_1 20170106_2

Came via several European countries…

20170106_3 20170106_4

3 items were enclosed. One Christmas card, one chocole "More chocolate, more drive!" and one business card case with my name engraved.
Wow, they were quite precious. THANK YOU!


They are from three key persons in the project. My colleagues. Cool!
I feel a little bit guilty since I came to open this today. I wish that I could have come to this much earlier.
Anyway, this is awesome!

20170106_6 20170106_7

Mexican foods were chosen for supper with MoonFlower.
No parties tonight. Just simple foods.
It was 1st visit to this Mexican restaurant for us. Good surprise that this is good place providing very delicious foods, indeed.

Next time I should bring friend Tetsu to this place when he comes back from Mexico to see if this place provides genuine Mexican or not!

Japan is going into extended weekend until Monday due to the observation of "Adult Day" on Monday.
Very good timing, indeed. My rehab from New Year holidays should be taking place then. Hahaha.
Have a wonderful weekend.

1st Action in 2017 is...

Finally my car got washed… it was really about time!!!
I wanted to do so before New Year… however, I got quite procrastinated because I was absolutely LAZY.
Now getting back to work… 1st thing is first. I brought my car to the place with free water for car wash.


In the middle of Tokyo, car wash place is not outside. It is under ground like this. Amazing!
Though, I like this place so much because:

1. I do not have to mind about the sun light
2. Always open in 24-7

Not bad, huh. Not bad, really.


Pizza for supper. Yeah, am quite tired of all traditional Japanese foods cerebrating New Year.
Italian Pizza was a good choice for sure. At least tonight. Hahaha.

Tomorrow, I finally get back to work. I plan to show up in the office for one meeting.
After work, some new year gathering with friends is scheduled.

Well, I have to promise one thing to myself… that I keep my car clean all year around this year! Hahaha.

Our Christmas 2016

20161225_1 20161225_2


20161225_4 20161225_5

20161225_6 20161225_7


20161225_9 20161225_a






20161210_3 20161210_4
20161210_5 20161210_6


Coming to our home?

Suddenly received a photo below. Glass tulips.


This is going to be a ceiling light… for new home. That is what I was told by MoonFlower.
We will check it out tomorrow since it is national holiday.
Not brand new for sure. They are an antique piece.


Lunch was ramen noodle - miso base with lots of vegetables.

Late supper took place at French cuisine place with MoonFlower who worked over time due to volume of work.


New iPhone 7 camera works great. Better quality for sure. Man, it certainly improved.

20160921_4 20160921_5

20160921_6 20160921_7

Good supper with wifey once again tonight.
Too much good stuff to complain. Hahaha.

Will see how those tulip lights fitting to our future home tomorrow!

Interior Choice to be made

Decision needs to be made… soon.
Today MoonFlower and I showed up at the Panasonic showroom for furniture to new home of ours.
It is her duty to choose the design, function, color and material.

Yeah, pretty much everything!!!


Closet, first.

20160919_2 20160919_3

Living room furniture.

Not only those… we even went to Italian furniture brand, called CASSINA, showroom for sofa and more furniture.
Plus one more. Went to Roppongi to visit another showroom. What a busy day! Hahaha.
Though, time is ticking… we have to decide and place an order for all such at the end of September.

Thus, MoonFlower is under pressure to set the entire theme of room and decide furniture, accordingly.
For sure, I cannot do such thing… because I have no sense in fashion, color, and such coordination at all.
It'd better safe to rely on her, entirely.

20160919_4 20160919_5

Hamburger plate was for lunch. Turned out to be free for us since booking to the showroom resulted food coupon. Not bad.
Then, supper was at home. Simple but good one for me since I particularly requested that fried rice with egg.

Now closing extended weekend… already!

Shopping after Shopping

Made it early today!
At 9am, MoonFlower and I were already in Ginza / Yurakucho area.


Breakfast at cafe - this coffee is Dominica Winey.
This must be popular single origin coffee…
Tasted like sweets. Berry-type taste. Actually, I like bitter one much more. Hehehe.

20160904_2 20160904_3

Then showed up to the interior fair.
Yeah, all for new home. Furniture, chair and lug… MoonFlower got lots of estimates… I wonder if she is really up to them or not.


Lunch was at an Indian restaurant in Ginza - where we have ever met each other for the first time. Hahaha.
After 13 or 14 years since then, the restaurant is still in tact. No change whatsoever!

MF picked up some cosmetics on the way home.
For me, got brand new card case replacing the worn-out one.

20160904_5 20160904_6

Cool. Didn't think that it would be Bulgari much…

See ya.

Working Saturday

It is working Saturday. Worked through the afternoon home today.

Work went okay… slower than expected. Not that much productive? It is okay… I still stay it all in control.

Of course, I didn't forget to wind the watches!


After 6pm or so, I FINALLY went out. Driving in fact.
Stopped by a ramen shop for supper.


Good and quick supper.
Then relaxing night started. Big special TV program lasting for 27 hours is on and I had to glue my face on the TV.

Let me slow down here…

Wedding Anniversary Dinner

July 20th, 2009 - it is our wedding date that MoonFlower and I made a "contract" for 10 years!
Now, it has come to the 8th year wedding anniversary and we went out for big dinner tonight.

Venue was not carefully selected. Rather, it was MF's choice out of the blue.
I bet that she just saw some information about a restaurant and made her choice, immediately.

Well, since I have no counter choice to what she had, it because our choice, immediately.

Venue was near the Tokyo Station. Called "Antica Osteria del Ponte" serving Italian cuisine.

URL http://www.anticaosteriadelponte.jp

(Wow, there is no English page… as far as I looked at it.)

20160718_1 20160718_2

Great view over the Tokyo Station. Looking down from 36th floor.

20160718_3 20160718_4

20160718_5 20160718_6

20160718_7 20160718_8

Fish place was of flatfish wrapped by fresh ham. It was tasty place for sure.
Moreover, the beef dish was another excellence. No one can resist such juice meat.



Very stuffing course it was and we both were quite satisfied.
Of course, the charge was according to the food quality and such atmosphere.
Great dinner and…


Japan's Golden Week is over...

20160508_1 20160508_2




20160508_6 20160508_7

After Ceremony - Big Family Dinners

at 10am, all family members including MoonFlower and I went to temple for prayer.
It was ceremony for father's death after 49 days. Big Buddhism ceremony.
That ceremony lasted for 2 hours…

Came home after that and we all changed since all dressed for the ceremony.

Then, my brother drove his car to Gifu for big family lunch.


Restaurant called Yamamoto-ya Honten. Famous Nagoya food - udon.


Big bowl showed up and…


This is famous "Miso-nikomi Udon." Local food from Nagoya, miso-soup with super thick udon noodle.

After "family nap" in late afternoon, then we went to different side of town… for big meal.
Yeah, another big food… this time BBQ.


We all ate TOO much. Literally so. Maybe from tomorrow on, MoonFlower and I should be fasting for a week or two.

Anyway, I am sure that it was good family gathering just for deceased father.

Big 21oz Steak for Challange

Project members and I went to restaurant after work tonight.
It was my treat for those two young lady consultants who worked so hard along with me.
They wanted to eat meat… so this is picked!


600g or 21oz steak for three.
Big piece of meat to be served and obviously, it was exciting for both ladies.
Good! Better than good… great!




20160326_3 20160326_4

20160326_5 20160326_6

Team Dinner So Suddenly

Somehow it didn't happen much.
Tonight, two of my colleagues and I went out after work and grabbed the beer.
Somehow almost 1st time that we three got together since started working as a team from the beginning of February.

1st time indeed.

Two female consultants and I went to a tapas place not too far from the project site.
Well, they at least had three drinks each while only two for myself.
Obviously, they have better capacity.


Talk over the drinks covered various topics.
Of course from the work related to totally private.
They, since good age for building life place with future spouse, asked me many questions.

Work-wise, I learned a lot from them about all previous projects that they delivered with other management.
I tried to see differences and it was quite interesting.
Some managers seems very competent and did handle things nicely... while others not.

I heard such stories through those ladies who first-hand experienced.
Those cases really make me think how I should handle as manager or team leader.
Oh boy, I am sure that they are gaining such out of me as speaking! Very frightening, huh!

So far so good. I believe that it is quite healthy working relationship to both of them. Good team work being built for sure.
That is why I enjoyed the drinks tonight just like that.
Though, just wondered that they wanted to go out for drinks much earlier than this?

Well, I had to go to Germany and some preparation made me being swamped.
Now it was a good timing and things are good.

National holiday with good food

Today - it was national holiday for National Foundation Day.
Thank God, it is a day off for me.
As previously expected, I slept in this morning. Got up around 10am. Very slow morning.

Yesterday, MoonFlower went out to get her nails done.
She was taking day off then… it turned out to be just like a weekend for these days.


This is how her nails done… look pretty good!
Color in gradation for beauty.

Stopped by the ramen shop where it is first time for me to go in.




This shop is listed in the Michelin Guide.
Not only once… this shop got listed twice - two years in a row.
Must be really good one!


It was really good one. 860 yen.
I should come back to see other bowl. Will do that soon… very soon.

Went to Isetan department store in Shinjuku afterward.
MoonFlower wanted to check out new clothes.
Though, she didn't buy any today. Didn't pick any particular dress at all.



Dinner was Japanese food! Along with sake.
Good time passes by quickly and it really did for the day.
Tomorrow, one more day for Friday before weekend. Not bad.

I have to make sure that I get up on time to make the office by 9am. That is a tough one… making it early!

1st Sun Rise for 2016!

A Happy New Year to you all!!!
Woke up around 6:40 to see this 1st sun rise of the year.
Perfect weather… actually unusual warm climate here in Tokyo.


OSECHI - special / traditional box of Japanese traditional cuisine for new year celebration.


Beautiful, aren't they? Taste, too.
This box is for two - MoonFlower and I celebrated New Year with this food for breakfast and supper today.


1st prayer - Taishaku Temple.
We decided to go on foot to that place.


Lots of street shops welcoming the people coming for 1st prayer.
And this is proof that we walked…


11 kilometers we walked. About 7 miles. See!


No drive for the day. Just record keeping. Odometer of my car is at 18,400 kilometers. Or 11,433 miles.
Last year alone - my can ran about 5,000 kilometers or 3,100 miles.
Below the average, I guess. Hahaha.


Opened a bottle of sake for supper.
"Dassai" sparking sake - my favorite kind and brand, actually!


Great taste. Perfect celebration for new year with this drink for sure.

Long walk is good exercise. Unusual activity on New Year's day. Must be good sign for 2016.
I really believe that.

One More Year-End Party

Just one day to go for 2015!
One last thing on my to-do list is of car wash!
After last prayer at the cemetery, came home and started doing so.


Thorough car wash so that I feel clean to welcome the new year.
Some neighbor walked by and told me that my car is too shiny. Hahaha. Good stuff.

MoonFlower and I thought that last dinner yesterday was family year-end party.
However, we both felt that something didn't go right.
Thus, we agreed with each other to do it again for tonight!


Went out to Chiba City for one more dinner.
Venue was of tavern that MoonFlower often goes.


Dinner started with Serbian wine 2008.
Good choice made by the restaurant owner, a friend of MoonFlower.




Main dish was beef!!!
This is so good and perfect finish of 2015!

Italian Dinner







iPhone 6S camera






Silver Week Begins...





Working Home for Whole Weekend

No personal events in this weekend at all since I had to dedicate myself to sorely work.
Too much of tasks… I am definitely swamped. No doubt about it.

In addition to yesterday, I spent time for today to work.
I should be deserved for RAISE!!!
This is 10th year of my consulting career… but in recent years there was no raise at all.

No wonder that I am indeed financially challanged…


Since MoonFlower is out of town, my food support comes out of grocery and convenience store. Hahaha.
Not much of supper tonight. Just simple.
However, it does come with canned alcohol beverage. Not that bad.


Main dish is tongue beef. Pretty darn good!
Easy supper it was really. Hahaha.

Well, still I do not see the end of this crazy work tunnel yet. Will see how that would still work.
This coming week is tough and even to be concluded with steering committee.
Oh boy, full of stuff for this week… again.

Fancy Brunch with Dearling Wifey










"Obon" Vacation Starts

Bon - Japan's summer vacation week - just started even for me.
I woke up earlier than usual and drove down to Chiba.
Fortunately, the traffic jam that I went into was light case and I spent just extra 30 mins. Not bad… at all.


Then I picked up MoonFlower at her mother's home and we headed down to cemetery for prayer.
Tons of people including lots of children were seen in the cemetery park today. Typical Obon scene for sure.

After this, we went out for errands. MoonFlower needs to buy many things for home.
I had to beg her to stop by a cafe for break and even offered to buy her drinks.


Big sweet drinks for two!
One is with creme on top and the other comes with ice cream. Big difference, right? Yes, indeed.

Then final stop was at grocery store.


No wine… just beer tonight.
Two import beer for us… along with dinner place such as:


pork dumplings!

MoonFlower and I made them home tonight. Wonderful plate it was.
Very relaxing home tonight. Perfect start for Obon period. This is to continue…

Special Japanese Lunch!

Had lunch appointment with friend today. Very rare to do so with a friend working in the same industry.
Plus, lunch is always flexible for me.
Good thing is that the meetings in the morning was finished as planned. Thus, I was quite ready for big lunch!

A message just in. From that friend. He apologized that he had to postpone the lunch appointment due to work.
Of course! I completely understand. No problem. It could be me to do the same at any time.

Decided to go to a place where I wanted to go for a while since I was not too far from it.
Walking into Ginza area…

Still long waiting line for bread at "Centre the Bakery."
Man, just like weekend. That bread is extremely popular.
Yeah, I really love that, too.


Here we go. This is my destination for lunch today. "Ginza Iwado."
Famous Japanese old-style restaurant.


Ordered this… without any hesitation. Tuna over rice.
Very delicious. I finished lunch without a word because I was concentrated on eating.
Really good.

I have never been to this place for supper yet. That is my next task.
I am sure that nothing will disappoint me in this special food place.
Coming back so soon…

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