One of the Kind... since 1998


Summer Celebration?!

Finally so?!

My weekend started at a local optician store.
Examination took place in the morning.
Nothing wrong with me, though.

It was all for these:

Yeah, contact lenses. Now? Why? Hahaha.
I know, people around my age start avoiding such… right?
I go totally the opposite. Hahaha.

Examination was fine and green light for contact lenses are officially issued.

Now, I wear contact lenses without hassle. Pretty good stuff!!!

Tonkatsu or deep fried pork was lunch with MoonFlower.
This place is newly opened last month and tons of people lined up for lunches and dinners.
It was our luck to come to have lunch after waiting for 20 minutes or so.

Great stuff! I definitely come back again.

Cafe in Shimo Kitazawa in the afternoon. It was MoonFlower's favorite.
She needs to pick up new Japanese ceramics from the gallery within the cafe.
Yeah, came here before… actually several times, already.

My outfit, accessory, and shoe for the day. Hahaha.

Not coffee, not tea… Sode with ice cream.

Big dinner took place at the end for the day.
It was Japanese and French fusion dinner course.
Was pretty darn dishes. MF was quite satisfactory.

Bill was not that small, either, though. Oops.

Movie "Sun and Bolero"

Fancy Steak Lunch at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Had big and gorgeous lunch with friends at fancy hotel - Grand Hyatt Tokyo.
We ordered free-flow (all you can) drinks.

At hotel, genuine "Champagne" is part of the list.
There is no hesitation to keep asking the same drink - Champagne.
Call me freak! Cuz, I love it.

Man, enough drinks and enough foods. What else?!
Talks with friends were definitely fun and endless.
Time did fly fast from noon to 3 pm.

Fun time it was.

I ended up with 5 glasses. 3 of Champagne, Red and White each.
More drinks than personal capacity resulted to fall a sleep once getting back home. Hahaha
I must have been drunk!

It was a great union.

Gourmet Hunting (cont'd)

1st time in a long time… I came to do a hand car wash by myself today.
Dirty car made me get up around 7am and rushed into car wash place not too far from home.
Took me a whole hour to complete.

Am rather not good at car wash.
Detail work is not part of my expertise. Hahaha.

It looks good. Very satisfactory.

Gathered with another couple who are good friends of MoonFlower's.
This is 2nd opportunity to dine with them.
They always know of good place for dinner. It was Yakitori - Japanese cuisine.

Very fancy place it was!

Sake - same brand but different vintage / production timing to compare the tastes.

Gathering didn't finish then. Continued to another place.
We decided to go on foot.

Nice Tokyo view?!

You can even see SkyTree in distance.

Standing bar in Tsukishima area

Missed the bar on 2nd floor. Maybe next time.
Contrary to 1st floor, this is Sake-Only bar. Very interesting!

Good fancy dinner and bar with friends' couple.
Great time.
Great to know of fancy places.

Gourmet Hunting

Toptap Jirakit - Who?

20220501 Toptap Jirakit Birthday Event #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

20220501 The Label Fruit #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Birthday Celebration, Already

Busy Saturday

Watch, Movie, and Dinner

French restaurant "Cloud Nine"

One Last Dine-out?!

Another wave of Covid-19 is just around.
Today, Tokyo announces of exceeding 4000 infections for the day.
Oh boy. That is a big deal… 4,000!

We all should be cautious about going out.
Thus, I had to carefully select venue for tonight's dinner with friends.

Chose hotel restaurant for small gathering. Cozy space.

I've got tons of topics to cover. That seemed endless or at least insufficient time.
Maybe we all should repeat to make sure that we all do fun together. Hahaha.

Anyhow, good and fun dinner it was.

I should remember this place so that I can keep coming back for multi-purpose dining.

Now weekend is ahead!


I bet that this was the perfect new-year-celebration closing dinner.
Surely, it was sushi!
Sort of so-called rehearsal dinner. You know what I mean.

Not all pictures of all tonight's foods posted.
More than what you see for sure.
Certainly, food was wonderful for both quality and quantity.

On top of all foods served, huge glass - actually beer glass with foods in it came after all.
This is DESSERT. Huge one with a big surprise.

This was special treatment by sushi master for the dinner.
It was coffee yellow. Pretty good stuff contrary to how it looks. Hahaha.

Am very stuffed for sure.
Will eat less and control the calories hereafter for sure.

Family New Year Party 2022

MoonFlower and I went down to Shibuya area for family dinner.
Our family tradition?! It is New Year Party 2022.
This time, it was MF's turn for venue selection.

Japanese restaurant called IKEJIRI ASANO

It was my first visit even though MF made several trips to this place, already.
Yeah, really unfair that she had had fancy dinners way before today.

Sake Sake Sake!

Unique cutlet sandwich - famous and speciality at this place.

Long dinner finished with big beaf over rice!
Yeah, I became really full. No complaints… just fantastic foods for today's dinner.

20220108 池尻浅野 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Family Dinner for Year-End 2021

Xmas Shopping!

Busy Saturday, it was for me.
Very active from the morning - showed up to a cafe by walk.

Originally, supposed to go to other place which was closed for the day somehow.
Then, came to this place called "DIXANS" and ordered coffee along with toast.

Caught up with MoonFlower for lunch.
Newly planed place called "guang" famous for rice-omelette.

Very crowded when we got there… had to wait for at least 30 minutes or so.

Omelette is ready! Very stylish foodie for me.

Then, MF and I showed up to Ginza for shipping.

Went in to department stores for looking around.
Finally shopping is complete!

Supper took place at a bar in Kitasenju, unusual destination for two of us.

Sherry wine place

Shopping results - MF instantly got her attention to this.
In fact, she could take her eyes off from this.
Thus, I ended up buying this one for her. Turned to be a Christmas present of 2021.

Very cute cat handbag.

And I bought this bag for myself.

It is English hand-made GLOBE-TROTTER bag.
Cool one for me. I love it.
My own Christmas shopping is also coming to an end in peace. Hahaha.

Busy but fun day!

Restaurant "NASQUILLO"

20211204 ナスキロ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Party and Foodies!

Drinking Spree, FINALLY!

Korean BBQ Night!

Cafe Hopping in Ginza

20210904 BUNDOZA - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Pro vs. Home-cooking?

Records for today's lunch and supper.
Dine-out at French restaurant and home dining, respectively.

Happened to be at a French restaurant where we have never been before.
It was yet casual French dining… not only food but also service was quite so.

Food seemed very decorative. Taste was good.

Pork dish as main was good as well.
No big disappointment. Though, no major impression, either.
Overall, mediocre?! Oh boy.

For dinner, home dining took place with good wine.

This is MoonFlower's selection. Am sure that this is not cheap / reasonable one.

Wine went very well with six different cheeses.

And beef to complete.

What complaints? What about it?
Good home dining and maybe this is much better off with this… I bet.


F9 and Italian Cuisine

Fast and Furious and good Italian cuisine followed.
Pretty damn good day for me.

Luxurious dinner along with pairing wines.
Great family dinner took place.

Familiy Dinner

Coming to see "Promising Young Woman."
Head that it was a great scenario worth to watch.
Yeah, this is Academy-award film, isn't it?!

Man, this is awesome. Great movie.

Family dinner took place between MoonFlower and I at "Uwotoku" sushi place.

This dinner was for either MF's birthday or our 12th wedding anniversary.
Whichever it is… we have to do another such family dinner soon for the other. Oh boy.

Excellent and such wonderful sushi dinner.

Italian Cuisine "HIWATARI"

Foodie night!
MoonFlower got some recommendation of this Italian place by friend and we had a dinner there tonight.
Called "HIWATARI" - located near Hamamatsucho Station.

1st visit to the place ever for sure.

Great Italian it was… enjoyed all 7 dishes served.
Along with food, they served different wines and that choice was also fantastic.

Great dinner.

MF instantly made next reservation… thus, will be back to this place for another dinner.

Recommended much.

Burger from THE GOOD VIBES

Foodie weekend is finishing with large burger!

MoonFlower recommended another place for checking out.
It was of aged beef burger.
We have never been to that place ever before. Totally new to us.

Very popular. Customers / guests already lined up.

Man, this is huge volume and tasty!!!

Need to go back to this place for different kind of burgers soonest as possible!

"Ikejiri Asano" in Shibuya

Saturday dinner with wifey comes along with neat bento box.
It was actually take-out food.
We went to the place for pick-up.

MoonFlower has been there several times and recommended for today's supper.

Wow!!! Cool bento style Japanese food with variety of fish.
"Chirashi Sushi" supper was pretty good deal.

I have never been there for dining before.
After the State of Emergency withdrawal, I should be there for big dinner…
It was so good and made me think so.

"ROZZO SICILIA" in Shirokane

After 6 hours of talk (presentation / facilitation), work gets well-done as confusion.
Good work!
Am exhausted then.

Finished several short meeting done afterwards and then, went out for food pickup.

MoonFlower made a take-away food to an Italian restaurant located in Shirokane, a fancy district in Tokyo.
This place is somewhere we have never used ever before. Totally 1st time.
Picked food up and rushed to the home.

MF returned home before me.
First time to see her in 20 days or so… Hahaha.

Decided to open a bottle of Champagne tonight along with great foods.

Good drink and food made me sleepy quickly.
After tough work, time to rest or relax.
Any objection?

Golden Week Holidays now end...

Prep for Summer 2021

(my) BD Dinner came early...

My birthday family dinner took place at favorite sushi place this evening.

Back in Town. New Shirts Just In

Back to Tokyo in this afternoon.

Supper was catered by Uber Eats.
Hot spicy Chinese noodles.

Extra spicy. Quite hot and spicy for me.

MoonFlower has ordered shirts and they got delivered, already.

One for her and the other for me.
Yeah, we select same style t-shirts for both of us. Crazy?! Maybe.
One on the right is mine.

Will be in Ogaki soon for Golden Week (April 29th - May 6th).

Spicy and Sweet?!

Went out for grocery shopping in the afternoon.
On the way back, stopped by a restaurant for late lunch.
Chose spicy noodles.

This dish was highly appreciated and very popular per TV program I saw quite while back.
Well, yeah, it was good and okay… not as great as I hoped.
My challenge for discovering great foods surely continues.

Another piece of cake was served by MoonFlower.
She picked two kinds yesterday. This one is another great stuff.
Next weekend, we should drive up to that place for seeing more cakes then.

What cake shop???

It is called "Patisserie Chant d'Oiseau located in Kawaguchi, Saitama.

Active Saturday (before rainy Sunday)

Went to my dentist first for the day.
Then, drove around to see some cherry blossoms.

20210327 Cherry blossoms #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

MoonFlower asked me to join her to go to Roppongi area for something…

20210327 Roppongi Cherry Blossoms #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Just had a tropical soda… was that her true purpose?! That was it… somehow. Hahaha.

Decided to dine out tonight.

It was good Italian restaurant per internet review.
For us, yeah, it was okay or good… but not as great as being reviewed.
Not sure that we come back to this place ever after this.

Contrary to the dinner, we came to awesome cake which MF picked up from Saitama where she went up for family matter.
Man, this is one of the best ever had!!!
Need to go another time for sure.

Busy and active day along with full stomach. Hahaha.

Working or Shopping?!

MoonFlower took a day off for today.
Well, I decided to go in to the office for some real paperwork needed.
Thus, she and I had a lunch together before hitting the way for office.

Some restaurant that we have never went it before… turned out that it was quite cozy and old-fashioned type restaurant.
I ordered for fried oysters and they were so good.
I should go back to that place for another dish soon.

Walked up to Ginza and stopped by Audemars Piguet before going in to the office.
Strap exchange was my purpose.

Took me around 15 minutes or so. Very convenient.
Staff even introduced mail-in service which sounded very hectic to do since I live not too far from the store.
Much convenient for me to drop in.

MF asked me to picked up some Japanese sweets on the way home.
Ichigo Daifuku or Strawberry sweets.
Oh I loved it.

Yummy dinner did follow and I had great foods all day today. No complaints.
Perfect food-rich day it was.

Work? What about it?
It was… okay!

Back from Chiba at late night

1st month of the year is just gone… already!
Wow, too fast.
Now things are moving into February then.

Driving under clear weather was quite fun.

Stopping by a place for big meal… eels over rice. Rich food it is.

MoonFlower even fixed lamb chops for supper.
Wine was missing for sure. Well, I had to drive home afterward. Too bad.
Wait, MoonFlower opened a bottle of wine and had some wine, already. Darn it.

The way she cooked was PERFECT. Loved this dish.

Back home at late night.
Came through the Aqualine Tunnel between Tokyo and Chiba.
It planned to shut down for maintenance tonight. Didn't know that. Just made it before closure.

Thank God, I barely made it. Otherwise, had to go a long drive!

Client owns Patek Phillip!

Man, didn't plan to stay at client's site all day long.
I originally expected to be there only for the morning.
That resulted that I had to skip some meetings. Oh boy.

Well, it is still my priority that I stay and do work for that client anyhow.

Client and I even went to have lunch together.
1st time to be accompanied with him over any meal ever.
Lots of casual talk… maybe I should have shut up a bit more. Hahaha.

Good thing found, then.

He and I have something in common.
He likes watches as well.
I knew that he has Panerai watch. He puts that on his wrist for the day.

However, he wore gold watch yesterday.
Asked him what what it was.
It was Patek, he said.

Oh boy, he's got such luxury prestigious watch in his collection.

Envy of him much for sure!

He asked me what else I have than Panerai.
Well, I was wearing Apple Watch today. Same as yesterday.
Told him that I at least have watches like Apple Watch.

Haha, I didn't give him a straight answer at all.

I may be more cautious what watch to put on when going up there.

Working late at night as usual.
Ordered some foods to UberEats.
It brought a set of cheese burger.

Hard to tell from the photo, yet, it was AWESOME stuff.
Very juicy beef in it.
I may even order one more time very soon.

Time is almost February… now I exchanged the strap for GaGa Milano from rubber to leather.
Should have done it much earlier, I thought.
GaGa is quite fancy watch and still good on my wrist for sure.

Nonetheless, GaGa doesn't go for business yet. I should try?!


Year 2021!!!

A Happy New Year of 2021!!!

Great goods and drinks for celebration!

BIG celebration will last for a while.
Of course, all such celebration stays inside. Never gets out.
Be cautious about corona virus!!!

Sunday branch

It was MoonFlower's request that we go to Kiyosumi Shirakawa area.

Came to a popular bakery shop where we saw more than several people were lining up already.
Took us about 20-25 minutes to get in to the shop and grab what we wanted.
Good shopping.

Since coming to interesting area, we decided to check out fancy cafe for branch.

Wow, big dish… I wasn't expecting that much, though.
The taste was pretty good and didn't remind me much of the large portion. Ate it up, quickly.

More wine bottles home… to be part of collection or inventory.
MF bought more for new year? Maybe.
Will be consuming them soon. Hahaha.

Family Xmas Dinner 2020

My family holds a big dinner party…
Yeah just between two of us. Hahaha.
Though, it was such a FANTASTIC sushi. Way better than any kind of sushi you can find on street.

This place has high reputation and it is hard to get a reservation.
In fact, MoonFlower tried and made this reservation back in September or so.
As per Master shown within below picture, weekend reservation is fully booked up to next March or so!

No words but just GREAT. Awesome dinner it was. Awesome bill as well but doesn't bother tonight.

Well, MoonFlower actually made another reservation for next April… my birthday dinner. WOW.
2021 gotta be a good year to come…

Sweet Home with Sweets

Staying home made me watch nothing but tv… same for you? I bet.
Watching variety shows including some food program.
Man, such program provides lots of information… drinks, foods and even more.

Good places in Ebisu area were introduced. That area is still out of my boundary…
MoonFlower and I should check that area out…

MoonFlower picked a place for us to go. In fact, we went up to that store for pick-up.
It was sweets. MF picked up cakes and we had afternoon tea along with those cakes.

Strawberry cakes was very sophisticated.

Big dinner followed. Foods were actually left from what we picked up from French food place yesterday.
There were overwhelming volume; thus, MF decided to split them into two dinning sessions.
Her decision was absolutely correct and we enjoyed as much.

I was about to open and set up Nintendo for fun.Will do so tomorrow for sure.

Takeout: Aux delices de dodine (French cuisine)

Holiday continues.
Came to see this unique bottles in the vending machine on a street.
Chiba original design coke… it is.

Chiba prefecture is famous for surfing and long Aqua Line bridge.
Is the taste different?
Is there other design for different place, too? Donno.

It was interesting.

Dinner took place with takeout foods from French bistro place.
MoonFlower finds new place for takeout foods.
Was called "Aux delices de dodine." Have never been there ever before.

Takeout foods seemed reasonably priced with excess volume!!!

Great foods perfectly went well with wine tonight.
Had fast-paced drinking session.
Made me full and drunk — pretty much.

No complaints for "stay home" over this, at least.
Do you have good foods home?
You should.

Takeout: Tomosuke (Western European Foods)

5-day holiday begins today under so-called Golden Week.
Under coronavirus war, everyone stays home.
At least sunny and warm day it was.

Went to Freshness Burger for grabbing my lunch.
Ordered cheeseburger set.
The place consistently crowded with customers for take-out orders.

Cheeseburger tasted all right. Not that bad… but not that great.
I should look for other place to eat burgers next time.

Another takeout… from restaurant called "Tomosuke."
MoonFlower and I have been there more than several times.
Very popular place and hard to reserve the table.

Now they do deliver only lasagna for our supper tonight. It was vegetable lasagna… it was awesome dish.

No wonder that I didn't hesitate a bit about opening a bottle of champagne along with dish.
Was perfect match.

Oops, am I ever being game fan? Not so much.
Though, staying home got me to do something. So, here is my 1st (?) Nintendo.

Comes along with 30 games in memory.
They are very old or 1st generation video games like ones I played with friends when we all were little.

This is certainly nostalgic and fun.
For these 5 days, I can play those games between movies to watch.

Takeout: Uhei (Japanese Cuisine)

Weekend started, quietly.
Actually, not so much because of rainy weather.
Not like drizzling - heavy rain like tyhoon were around!

Kept watching favorite drama "SUITS" and now I come to Season 7. Almost catching up to date.
I'd better looking for another entertainment that would last for a while like SUITS.
Any recommendation?

I'd pass "King of Throne." Watched a bit… didn't last.

Stopped by Ginza area for picking up take-out foods for supper.
Then, rushed in to MoonFlower's place.
Traffic was of course light.

Big dinner it is!

All dishes are by Ginza restaurant called "UHEI" serving Japanese foods.
Except lamb chop… I made a personal favor to the Uhei chef. Thank you!!!

Takeout package even include the dessert.
Chef's cheesecake is another good one for me. Look very plain but taste deep.

Boring night turned to be fun night thanks to gorgeous foods by "Uhei."

After all COVID-19 stuff gone, we ought to go back for dine-in just like used to be.

Takeout: La Clairirere (French Cuisine)

MoonFlower's food discovery continues for our supper tonight.

I cannot resist to open one of champagne bottles in my shelf for home dinner tonight.
Veuve Clicquot was on the table with great foods.

MF selected to pick takeout from La Clarirere located in Shirokane Takanawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo.

In fact, we have been there for dine-in twice ever. Though, haven't been there for several years.
During that time, that French got awarded single star by Michelin!!!
Sure that it is great foods.

Never done any takeout before… same as yesterday's restaurant… everyone has to go to the takeout.
Here it is:

Foods with champagne was nothing but perfect.
Hurts much to my wallet… I'd better think and feel the pain tomorrow, not today! Hahaha.

Takeout: Osteria Radici (Italian Cuisine)

Staying home, staying home, staying home…
That is only the theme of life?
Under COVID-19, there is no other choice.

However, we can go "FOODs" as much.
Yeah, good foods do shed the light on the current life.

We come to the takeout foods by Osteria Radici - Italian restaurant.
That place usually does not do any takeout. All for dine-in.
Like others, this place continues its business wit shift to the takeout… here it is:

Even opened a bottle of wine with food brought in.
This was French wine… does that matter? Hahaha.

Yes, the choice was right!!!
Well, I have to thank MoonFlower who is very keen on such information out of the place started do take-out foods.


This means that MF is all over the information from MANY DIFFERENT places to list up so that we keep going on such fancy foods.
It means $$$.
Wait. That can be another disaster after COVID-19!!!

Coronavirus Relief

Weekend just started. Though, things are quite unusual like everywhere else.
Governor of Tokyo repeatedly emphasized that we should stay home over weekend.
Thus, decided to join MoonFlower for spending time in this weekend outside Tokyo.

Yes, escaping from Tokyo it is.

I had to bring MoonFlower's stuff for living. So that was actually the main task.

Here is 360-degree video while driving through the metro highway to see how road is empty:

Quite unusual, huh. It is.

Even brought old Apple TV to MF's place and installed.
Well, she has no extra channels on TV and at least Apple TV can hook to Hulu.
That should be some relief to MF for her entertainment.

Additionally, MoonFlower is planning to get food delivery for supper today.
That was actually great surprise and perfect to such environment.
One of favorite restaurants of ours now does catering service.

Restaurant called "CLOUD NINE" brought food home around 3pm. Since then, our festivity lasted throughout the day!

Perfect stuff and we all were full with great food and wine.
Wine is not included. Somehow, we had good wine in stock there. Why? Not sure… but good surprise for sure.

On top, the cost is covered by MoonFlower. I cannot complain whatsoever. You know what I mean!!!

Great dinner and good relief from Coronavirus condition.

Was it "Perfect" isolation today?

Since Governor of Tokyo requests all to stay home this weekend… how was it?
MoonFlower and I woke up quite late. Though, rushed to go out.
Oh boy… contrary to such request? Any urgency?

Actually infected? Fever? Of course not.

Not that serious, however, we had some reason to go out.
Though, we keep "social distancing" in tact.
Instead of train, we drive… drove up to the destination which was in Asakusa.

MF has placed an order for box of sushi at sushi bar called "468" reading as "Europe."
Originally, she had some gathering with her friends at the same place today.
Though because of special weekend, that gathering was of course cancelled.

One thing crossed her mind.
Cancellation means that there is zero revenue to the sushi place. That is a pity.
Then, she placed an order for take-out. That is why we went up to do the pick-up.

Make sense?

This place is quite popular and tough to get reservation for dining-in.
MF has been there before. Although, I have never been…

Great "Osaka" sushi in a box. Different from Edo / Tokyo style. Beautifully done!!!

That was only outing for us to do all day and yeah, it was boring for us to be home.
This box of great food was certainly and only spice for the day.
What would be such tomorrow? We need one for sure.

Weather forecast tells that it is expected to snow in Tokyo.
it would cooperate much to people to stay home tomorrow.
Maybe, MoonFlower and I would stay home all the time… will see.

Am okay for that. Wonder if MF can stand or not… she is always active and doing something… Hahaha.

Family Dinner 1st time for a long time?

Good foods and drinks are reward…

No complaints. Perfect.
Time for weekend!

Foodie Eat Around for Japanese Sweets and More

Made it early morning… that is quite rare for us… but did!
Showed up to Harajuku this morning.
As MoonFlower's request, came here:

Famous Japanese sweets shop called "Mizuho."

Big Daifuku sweets. Excellent stuff it was.

RIght after that, MF insisted to go to another place.

However, that extra efforts tuned in to be in vain…
All sold out and we were out of luck at least for today.
Maybe some other chance.

I found from Instagram follower that this shop called "Matsushimaya" actually introduced on TV yesteday.
No wonder that the line for sweets were even longer!
No luck, simply.

Went even farther for supper. Went to Sangenjaya area.
Italian bar restaurant called "Cosi Com'e."

Ezo deer steak and pasta were excellent!!!

All day long, excellent food made up great day. What else?

Dining at Ginza "Uhei"

Still middle of the weekend!!! We do have one more day… before getting back to work.
Since having much drinks last night, we took things slow for today.
Nothing is really planned.

Walking as exercise is what we tried.
Walking up to Ginza since some shopping was needed to do.
I had to walk in to Uniqlo for shopping new PJs. My current PJs are quite worn out…

Tons of tourists in Ginza… particularly, Chinese.
More of them in Uniqlo… hard to shop around.
Maybe Japanese shoppers should stick to the online media…

Since we were in Ginza, decided to eat in for supper before getting back.
MoonFlower looked up and decided a place to go…
It was our "usual." We went in to the "Uhei" place.

Small gift was prepared and handed to me.
It is a part of new year celebration.
Usually, adults give children a small packet with small cash.

Today, I received such from the owner of restaurant. Not cash, though. Small fancy gift in it. Cool.

It was SAKE night with great Japanese cuisine.
Everything was great for foodies.

Initially, we planned to take light meal… resulted heavy food. Luxurious life indeed.

Car and Alcohol, what else?

Long weekend started with a movie.
"Ford v Ferrari" opened this weekend in Japan.
Pretty cool movie, it was.

Am not much keen on the time when Ford was dominant in US back in 60's or 70's.
Lots of people knowing those periods obviously came to see this watch.
I guess, those times in the history had lots of movements and memories.

Great casting. Great fact and human drama development.
Christian Bale was should be given great thumb's up.
I wonder whether Henry Ford II was that much arrogant and snobby… just curious.

Rest of the day spent for drinks and foods.

Hopping in to French restaurant first and Italian bar afterward.
Too much drinks and ate too much.
What else should we do over weekend or free time? Tell me about it. Hahaha.

Hot Stuff Needed

Pretty much fee for all day long.
Slept in and everything was slow as supposed to.
Perfect New Year Holiday for me.

Watched recorded TV drama for hours.
Update the past blog and re-linked old data, etc. on MacBook Air.
Did it all as needed.

MoonFlower was out for gathering with friends (over drinks for sure).
Thus, no family dinner tonight.
Walked for a while up to Kanda Station to look for a place to eat.

Ended up in "Misen" Taiwanese restaurant.
Famous for hot spicy foods.

Very spicy noodles. Extremely hot.
Good and quick dinner… though, not as great as the first time I ate in this restaurant place.
Misen is famous in Nagoya and MoonFlower and I have been there…

1st time at this Kanda place…
Food should be the same; however, something different.
I still prefer different type of hot to this kind of stuff.

Hot making me numb is yet better for me…

Maybe I should give another chance to see if Misen's hot style yet fits to my preference.

Two more days to go for New Year holidays… what shall I do?

New Year, It is 2020!!!

A Happy New Year of 2020!!! Finally, it is here for all!!!

The design is of new year greeting cards for this year.

First meal of the year called OSECHI.
MoonFlower selected this special food from restaurant in Kyoto.
This is pretty damn good!

For supper, we even opened the Don Perignon. It is a vintage one. Also it is the PINK.
Not bad… that was great.

Great start of a new year for sure. No complaints. Just perfect.