Family Dinner for New Year

Business is good and another project task is now completed.
Project A from last year is coming to an end… one step closer.
Good deal.

My fashion today. My gloves are too vivid? How does my coordination look?
Yep, I am still color-blind.

After work, MoonFlower and I got together in Shimbashi for dinner.
Yes, our new-year family dinner tonight.
No fish… definitely beef for that.

Starting with sparkling wine… and huge salad followed.

Ended up ordering a whole bottle for steak… which was 500g or 17.6oz!

Not even enough and pasta plate came after. Big dinner it was.

Good foods… made us to have good feeling… no more.
Maybe we should come back to this place more often. I love this food.

20180706_1 20180706_2

20180706_3 20180706_4

20180706_5 20180706_6


20180413_2 20180413_3

20180312_1 20180312_2

20180312_3 20180312_4
20180312_5 20180312_6


20180305_1 20180305_2

Bib Gourmand Restaurant

Started working in nearby Starbucks today… AGAIN.
Yeah, sort "refused" to go to the office since there is nothing scheduled to do there in that place.
Performance cannot be measured based upon where I am. All matters is how I do the job and the RESULT. What else? Hahaha.


New menu to the Starbucks food… was my lunch. Roast pork and cream mustard… hot sandwich.
Not as good as the one in above picture. It was rather mediocre. At least, baguette and cream mustard were a good match.
I may try this, maybe, one more time. 480 yen.

Worked alone. In Starbucks.
No meetings planned. All can be done in the casual manner… however, my appearance for the day is as:

20180131_1 20180131_2

Entirely formal. Pretty much. From suits, tie, pocket chief, and watch… oh boy, must be a big business ahead.
In fact, nothing ahead.
Just felt like putting on something fancy today. You know what I mean.

20180131_3 20180131_4

Good restaurant found… more than good. Great.
Famous cuisine guidebook has posted this restaurant twice before.
So this place is (was?) one of "Michelin Bib Gourmand Restaurants." Highly expected!

20180131_5 20180131_6

20180131_7 20180131_8

20180131_9 20180131_a

20180131_b 20180131_c

20180131_d 20180131_e

It was a small gathering with a young coworker. We joined each other in this restaurant for talk.
Talk rather then festivity is the theme for the night to see how we can move forward our career hereon.
Young fellow does definitely has indefinite potential and his future intension seems very promising.

I am looking forward to witnessing his career development!!!

It was good investment (or merely spending) to make this night be very fun and productive. Made myself more energized as well.