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Birthday Celebration, Already

Tsumori Chisato 2022-2023 A/W

Went out to Omotesando for shopping.
Final destination is at TC House for fall and winter clothes check / try-on.
TC stands for Tsumori Chisato - Japanese fashion designer and brand.

Very unusual - found many mens clothes… compared to the past.
Thus, I came to try as many clothes as available.
Of course, this is SERIOUS shopping.

Which ones do you like?

Shortly, I will place my orders online and delivered are to be made between August and October.

Well, those clothes are quite expensive and I cannot buy many of them. Have to select, carefully.
Will see which one to place orders…

Fun to make such selection?! Somewhat yes, but somewhat painful because of limited resources… MONEY!

Say Hello to 2022!

A Happy New Year of 2022!
Yeah, it is 2022, already.

Drove back home from Chiba in the morning. Supposed to be back within last night… didn't happen.

1st meal of the year for celebration comes with sake.

MoonFlower has selected "Sharaku" for New Year.
Good taste; though, weak aroma. Not bad, though.

And traditional meal for new year called "OSECHI."

Famous Japanese hotel for hospitality called Kagaya has produced the box of Osechi foods.

Other than boxed foods, MF has prepared for two of us.
Very compact meal for our household of two to celebrate the new year.

LOEWE bag charm is now attached to the Globe Trotter London Square.
Great… better than good match!!!

Cool. I do not care how others would think. At least I would love it.

One more thing… bought this other than a charm by LOEWE.
New knit sweater for me. It is lime green one. Should be good coordinate with grey / light color for my looks.

What is new year's resolutions of mine?! Oh, for that.
I would think about them and will let you know.

Do Next?!

I left two currently-on-going projects behind for the day.
I know, I do not have such luxury.
There were just no chance since appointment with new customer was held.

Before hitting outside for appointment, I spent several hours with new grads.
They are candidates for future employment.
One Japanese and the other was American, I presumed.

Taking to such youngsters reminded me of my old days.
Very nostalgic, isn't it?!

Very fine day in Tokyo. Perfect for going out for fun, not for the meeting.
I dressed up a bit with small charm on collar.

My fashion… kind of. Hahaha.

Was the meeting okay? Yeah, better than expected.
We've got three homework that I have to work on.
Maybe second half of this year could be quite packed. Potentially.

Well, I'd better take good care of current projects, first. Right? Think so-

Another Delivery Just Being Made

Since MoonFlower is back home over this weekend, I am quite well cared.
Particularly, about the diet.

Good salad… just as needed.
Didn't take picture; but the supper was also rich for me.
Healthy and great taste… what else do I want?!

Another delivery was just made in the middle of afternoon.
Mostly stuff for MoonFlower. Though, included one shirt for me:

New kind of color for me… usually I do not pick such.
New challenge here and will see.

My schedule seems to be packed this week with big event on Friday.
Before big holiday season starting at the end of month, the event seems to be the major concern.
Otherwise, I can go into vacation in peace.

Working on two different projects, I have to control myself and make sure that I am ready for both, respectively.
Careful scheduling is a key for achieving both well.

Will see how they would go with me.

Back in Town. New Shirts Just In

Back to Tokyo in this afternoon.

Supper was catered by Uber Eats.
Hot spicy Chinese noodles.

Extra spicy. Quite hot and spicy for me.

MoonFlower has ordered shirts and they got delivered, already.

One for her and the other for me.
Yeah, we select same style t-shirts for both of us. Crazy?! Maybe.
One on the right is mine.

Will be in Ogaki soon for Golden Week (April 29th - May 6th).

New Eyewear Arrival

Last Sunday purchased new eye glasses got ready.
Drove, under the rain, up to Aoyama for pick-up.
Here they are!

Cool "Lindberg" eye wear is here!!! Love this stuff.

How many eye glasses do I have and do I need?!
That is an awesome question…
Just counted.

I have up to 12 pairs of glasses home including 1 sun glasses and 1 home-only.
Thus, I have 10 to choose from every day.
Too many? About the average?

Will see.

Not only Alain Mikli, ic Berlin, Kei Sugimoto and now Lindberg. Not bad about my collection! Hahaha.

State of Emergency for Tokyo area is going to be off from tomorrow.
Will see how things are going to be afterwards.
Coronavirus Wave IV is coming soon or not.

Will see.

Finally Repaired!

Back in September last year, one of bracelets got broken…

All retail stores in Tokyo for that brand is being closed, already.
It is Links of London.
I guess, that business didn't go well… too much.

I mostly let this go… since no stores around it seemed difficult to repair.

Well, I still wanted to, though.
Then, searched. Somewhat difficult.
Though, I finally contacted the company running that band in Japan.

Then, requested for repair and it was brought back to me with COD. That's no problem.
Here it is!

Cool. One of my stuff gets back to normal.

While wearing the casual clothes, I mostly put one of bracelets that I have.
Now collection is complete with this repair.

Took me about three months or so… boy!

Late Night at Bar?!

Late night outing?!
Lots of stress from the work… needed to shake it all off!!!

MoonFlower went to dinner with friends and, somehow, finished it up quite early.
She must need more drinks… so did I.

Went to a piano bar?!
Well, we did not mean to.
It happened to have live piano music tonight. Extra charge, though.

It was fine.
Well, it was surely fine with or even without such live music.

20201106 Salone Vendredi #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Well, I had more drinks than did MoonFlower. That was unusual.
I must have been more stressed out than she?

Life under COVID-19 Influence

Still threat is out there… STAY HOME.
Another domestic day for me and everybody.
Worked from home another day.

Well, people may think that I am in pj while working.
Actually not.

Still changed and wore casual clothes like this. See!

Very flat today. No hassle. No urgency of any kind.

Since MoonFlower stays in different location, I have to do all domestic chores by myself.
Including washing dishes, of course.

Hmm, chores are not of my favorite at all.
That is usually MF's role.
With MF, I only do the bathroom cleaning everyday. Sometime, toilet cleaning.

Other than those, I (heavily) rely on MF for doing all. Yes, that is the truth.

Now, it is entirely on my own and no choice whatsoever.
I have to clean the kitchen sink like that… oh boy, that is surely a bother.
Because she does such everyday without any complaint, that is really something.

Am very thankful. Living in cleanness is a such big deal for sure. More than I really thought.

Very suspicious!

Worked from home in the morning and went up to the office for whole afternoon.
At least, I am extra cautious about the timing that I expose myself to the public…
I take train to work at off-peak time like around lunch time.

Moreover, I looked like this:

Putting BLACK facial mask on!!!

Do I look suspicious? Right, I really do!!! Oh boy.
I cannot help it, though.

MoonFlower got me black facial masks. Actually a pack of three.
This is 1st one. I may have to look like that for a while.

I usually do not wear mask while in office at all.
Now only when I am in the public like train and movie theater if I go into.

After work, came home around 9pm.
MoonFlower got this box of masks…

60 masks!!!
Well, that helps her for a while for sure.
It depends how long the virus issue continues. Though, journey for masks may not be the top priority this weekend.

Will see how fast MoonFlower will use them all up.

News now tell that Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 will be held as planned.
Who would really do believe that?
Do we really know that things get back to normal by then end of April or early May? Sounds like not at all.

Everyone talks about medical disruption by this virus… more horror stories to come, I guess.

Day off on Monday?

Another week still under the same influence of coronavirus.
Nothing really does change.
Well, I took a day off today. Actually, it was substituting day off from the past.

Though, worked in early morning. Around 8am or so.
Email correspondence on PC then.
Affter quick work (though, it was about 40 minutes or so), some personal errands. Miscellaneous stuff.

I included car wash into my agenda.
Dropped by car wash place right before noon.
Fortunately, there was no one else in that spot.

Car wash was proceeded at my own pace. That is good.

Seat leather was also cleaned. It was my concern that dirty spot wouldn't ever come off.
Such concern was in vain. Seat is now clean.
My car is like this:

Brown leather needs to be kept clean and bright.

After car wash, had to do some "patrol" driving around and drove between Nihombashi and Ginza.
Tons of business people on street and that made me feel bad since am not working.
It reminded of myself being such dedicated business person. Right?

While shopping in Takashimaya Department Store yesterday, checked new bag… from brand called "Goyard."
That brand is pretty expensive like Vuitton, etc.
MoonFlower insisted that I should no longer (?) be glued to bag. I have enough bags of collection.

Maybe better pay attention to fashion / clothes.
Since work place allows casual dress entirely… I do not even put suits on.
Well, I always put vivid color tie to make myself look like okay like this:

No special technique in fashion besides bright color tie in the center. That is it.

Maybe I should ask friends for help in fashion…
This coming weekend is of my shopping time or even shopping spree!!!
Will see.