Cleaning and Selling

Busy going errands for the day?
Got haircut done first.
Stylist guy cut my hair quite short… even though it is not that warm yet. Oh boy!

He always asks me if he can cut very short since his recommendation is that I should have short hair which he believes suits myself.
Well, I do not mind either way. Short or mildly short. Hahaha.
Entirely up to him. Thus, I let him do as he likes.

Yep, quite short.

Went on to Tiffany's for not shopping but maintenance.

I wanted to get my money clip take shine back. It did!
Free of charge as Tiffany's service for indefinite.
Pretty cool.

Since I am using thin wallet, this money clip is not in use at all. Maybe near future? Will see.

Went on to Shinjuku Area for selling my precious fountain pen collection.
Well, I sold one today.
It was Pelikan M400 with gold plate.

Came out with estimate which was more than expected. Not bad… I can even buy brand new G-shock watch with them.
Not bad…
All money from this fountain pen is going to be saved up for next watch. Maybe.

Cleaning Tiffany's and Selling Pelikan were something I wanted to get done for long time.
Finally, they are DONE. Thank God.
Now, March is coming to an end… April is up.

Japanese sweets called "Daifuku"

Slow week is still going on.
Though, I did work hard… a little bit. At least I should close some businesses from last year.

Plus, I had to give up my precious time for intereviewing new grad… three of them in this afternoon.
None of them, unfortunately, did impress me much.
Last one was more eager than the others… she seemed to be more goal-oriented.

Had some trouble on my PC and I got stuck with IT team who spent quite time on my computer late afternoon.
That made my leave from the office quite late… much later than usual! Hahaha
Part of the job, isn't it? I presume so.

I picked up some sweets on the way back home.
Yeah, I do all possible thing to keep the domestic peace as much!!!
Sugar certainly does help. Don't you agree?

Here they are.
Famous "Ichigo Daifuku."
Ichigo is strwaberry and Daifuku is Japanese sweets beans and mochi / rice cake.

I bought these at Hakata Suzukake - famous sweets shop from far southern Fukuoka.
Let me compare those with ones from Ginza Akebono - another famous sweets shop from Tokyo.

Different appearance and the size is different, too.
Suzukake one is a bit smaller. Thinner rick cake part on the surface.
Akebono one is tick and sticky surface…

They are in the same category… but definitely different sweets products!!!

Well, tough to judge which one is BETTER. They are respectively good and I like them BOTH.

Probably, Akebono one is tougher to get because there are long line of customers as always.
Today at Suzukake, there are a few customers before myself. Not bad… very convenient.
That is the only difference. Maybe that part is even the same over weekend… I do not know.

Promotion announcement came to myself in mail from Mercedes-Benz dealership.
Oh boy, face-lift C-Class is around, already.
Maybe MB is my very next one?

When in the world do we decide which car and when to buy one for ourselves?
That is a big question never answered so far.
Any suggestion? Hahaha.

Family Dinner for New Year

Business is good and another project task is now completed.
Project A from last year is coming to an end… one step closer.
Good deal.

My fashion today. My gloves are too vivid? How does my coordination look?
Yep, I am still color-blind.

After work, MoonFlower and I got together in Shimbashi for dinner.
Yes, our new-year family dinner tonight.
No fish… definitely beef for that.

Starting with sparkling wine… and huge salad followed.

Ended up ordering a whole bottle for steak… which was 500g or 17.6oz!

Not even enough and pasta plate came after. Big dinner it was.

Good foods… made us to have good feeling… no more.
Maybe we should come back to this place more often. I love this food.

20180706_1 20180706_2

20180706_3 20180706_4

20180706_5 20180706_6


20180413_2 20180413_3

20180312_1 20180312_2

20180312_3 20180312_4
20180312_5 20180312_6


20180305_1 20180305_2

Bib Gourmand Restaurant

Started working in nearby Starbucks today… AGAIN.
Yeah, sort "refused" to go to the office since there is nothing scheduled to do there in that place.
Performance cannot be measured based upon where I am. All matters is how I do the job and the RESULT. What else? Hahaha.


New menu to the Starbucks food… was my lunch. Roast pork and cream mustard… hot sandwich.
Not as good as the one in above picture. It was rather mediocre. At least, baguette and cream mustard were a good match.
I may try this, maybe, one more time. 480 yen.

Worked alone. In Starbucks.
No meetings planned. All can be done in the casual manner… however, my appearance for the day is as:

20180131_1 20180131_2

Entirely formal. Pretty much. From suits, tie, pocket chief, and watch… oh boy, must be a big business ahead.
In fact, nothing ahead.
Just felt like putting on something fancy today. You know what I mean.

20180131_3 20180131_4

Good restaurant found… more than good. Great.
Famous cuisine guidebook has posted this restaurant twice before.
So this place is (was?) one of "Michelin Bib Gourmand Restaurants." Highly expected!

20180131_5 20180131_6

20180131_7 20180131_8

20180131_9 20180131_a

20180131_b 20180131_c

20180131_d 20180131_e

It was a small gathering with a young coworker. We joined each other in this restaurant for talk.
Talk rather then festivity is the theme for the night to see how we can move forward our career hereon.
Young fellow does definitely has indefinite potential and his future intension seems very promising.

I am looking forward to witnessing his career development!!!

It was good investment (or merely spending) to make this night be very fun and productive. Made myself more energized as well.