GaGa Ball for Decoration

3-day extended weekend has come to an end, already.
Time does fly and things get passed so quickly!
Well, I am still out of town to Chiba… and will be driving back to Tokyo in the early morning tomorrow.


Soba and Tempura were selected for today's lunch.


Today's my attire. T-shirt is obviously well worn-out. MoonFlower suggested me to replace it with something new.
In the US, this is okay… you can see lots of similar stuff… people do love wear color-faded T-shirt and no one really notices.
However in Japan, T-shirt is very cheap fashion and such worn-out T-shirt may not seem to be attractive too much. Well, time for shopping!


Along with my attire for the day, GaGa Milano - Italian watch fits to my wrist.
Went to an outlet shopping mall as single event of the day. No other fun stuff except it. Hahaha.


No T-shirt today. No clothes at all. Instead, this is under my possession now.
Another GaGa Milano - Watch? Nope. It was jewels.


Famous? GaGa Ball.


This ball is decorative to my bad like this.
Very shiny ball is fun add-on to my bag… Hahaha. Too vivid?
Anyway, fun shopping it was.

Walking Too Long?

All day long on foot… after missing the chance for car wash. I have to postpone it to either tomorrow or day after.
At least I have to get it done within this weekend before the Golden Week 2017 is over.
Yeah, I will do so for sure. My car is surely dirty!

Today's my fashion. With vivid pants from tsumori chisato brand.
Too flashy? Too vivid?
This is my own middle-age fashion that no one probably does appreciate. Hahaha.


MoonFlower and I walked down to Nihonbashi for this place.
Famous restaurant called Taimeiken.


20170505_3 20170505_4

Renown dish is Tanpopo Omuraisu. This dish is about USD20! Pretty expensive, huh! It is.
Good taste? My expectation was too high and it was yet ordinary good dish. No surprise at all. Hahaha.

Then, we went to Shibuya for shopping.
MoonFlower got what she needed and I picked up those at 100 yen store:

20170505_5 20170505_6

All health-related item, hahaha.

Supper gets started quite late like 8pm…

20170505_7 20170505_8

20170505_9 20170505_a

Walked with 6,700 steps according to my gadget "UP Move."
I am quite tired and need to rest for now. Hahaha.

Cemetery Visit and Then

Still in the middle of Golden Week - no particular plan for our family.
Except today. MoonFlower and I got to go to the cemetery for prayer.
Once a month - our family routine. Then, late lunch takes place… like:


Like this!!! Well, it is Japanese food… not fish. They are eels. Domestic fresh eels are quite expensive.
Big lunch it was for sure. Hahaha.
Then, we drove on to the nearby outlet mall for shopping.


I appear like that with funky jeans. Don't you agree? It is my own "middle-age" fashion. Hahaha.
While MoonFlower didn't buy anything at least today, I picked up brand new suits for work.
Blue suits. I will bring photo to show you how new suits look soon.

20170503_3 20170503_4

Supper came along with sparkling wine.
Too fast to avoid being drunk…
Yep, cannot be sober anymore.

Watch, pen, and movie...

All right… Friday is over. Now going into a weekend!

20170210_1 20170210_2

Today's attire and pen for work.
Brioni tie is always cool and I love it. Very fancy and perfect match to Cartier Santos100XL.
Pen is also gold today. Pelikan Souveran M450 Vermeil / Tortoise. This is no longer produced.

Pretty good match and coordination, don't you think? Too vivid?


Finally came to see this movie before too late. I took advantage of free movie ticket today.
Somehow, "The Accountant" is changed to "The Consultant" in Japan. Probably, it is much easier for all to imagine.
Well, the movie was so-so. I thought that it would be much better and fun. It was mediocre one.


Last shot for the day… over the supper in the pizza place. MoonFlower and I found very good place!
Yammy pizza it was.
Okay, let's enjoy the weekend!

Visiting cemetery

Today's agenda was the cemetery visit with MoonFlower.

20170204_1 20170204_2

I put on tsumori chisato shirt along with blue-strap Frank Muller. Pretty young adult fashion for today.

Spending night at second house (?) located in Chiba and of course we take everything very easy!

Ball Game!

Good presentation that I delivered today.
Prior to that, there were lots of concerns. Though, turned out that it was a good meeting with head of business.


At least my attire should be like professional one.

Then I showed up to the ball park.
Since friend called me up for a free ticket to a ball game tonight.

20160902_2 20160902_3

Jingu ball stadium… where the Yakult Swallows dominates as home ground.


League leading Hiroshima Carp seemed in control of the game tonight…

20160902_5 20160902_6


Carp swept Swallows tonight by 5-2.
Great game and fun night!
It was surely awesome seat!!!