Easy Sunday with Good Food


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New Glasses Just Ordered!




44th Birthday

April 25th - another time… another birthday of mine!
Now I am 44 years old.
Yeah, really middle-age, already. Am definitely not young anymore.

Though, at least I should feel like young! Hahaha.


I picked up this watch for this day… Cartier Santos 100.
No meeting with client. I picked what I want.
That is why this gorgeous watch can be on my wrist.

I cannot forget one more person on this day. My mother who has same birthday… TODAY.


She sent me photo of flowers that I sent for her.
Look good!

April 25th passed by in peace. That is all needed.
What's ahead in the 44th year of my life?
Will see.

Wedding Anniversary Dinner

July 20th, 2009 - it is our wedding date that MoonFlower and I made a "contract" for 10 years!
Now, it has come to the 8th year wedding anniversary and we went out for big dinner tonight.

Venue was not carefully selected. Rather, it was MF's choice out of the blue.
I bet that she just saw some information about a restaurant and made her choice, immediately.

Well, since I have no counter choice to what she had, it because our choice, immediately.

Venue was near the Tokyo Station. Called "Antica Osteria del Ponte" serving Italian cuisine.

URL http://www.anticaosteriadelponte.jp

(Wow, there is no English page… as far as I looked at it.)

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Great view over the Tokyo Station. Looking down from 36th floor.

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Fish place was of flatfish wrapped by fresh ham. It was tasty place for sure.
Moreover, the beef dish was another excellence. No one can resist such juice meat.



Very stuffing course it was and we both were quite satisfied.
Of course, the charge was according to the food quality and such atmosphere.
Great dinner and…


After Ceremony - Big Family Dinners

at 10am, all family members including MoonFlower and I went to temple for prayer.
It was ceremony for father's death after 49 days. Big Buddhism ceremony.
That ceremony lasted for 2 hours…

Came home after that and we all changed since all dressed for the ceremony.

Then, my brother drove his car to Gifu for big family lunch.


Restaurant called Yamamoto-ya Honten. Famous Nagoya food - udon.


Big bowl showed up and…


This is famous "Miso-nikomi Udon." Local food from Nagoya, miso-soup with super thick udon noodle.

After "family nap" in late afternoon, then we went to different side of town… for big meal.
Yeah, another big food… this time BBQ.


We all ate TOO much. Literally so. Maybe from tomorrow on, MoonFlower and I should be fasting for a week or two.

Anyway, I am sure that it was good family gathering just for deceased father.

Back to Tokyo after 12 days in Ogaki


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At age 74, father has pass away

This has finally come.
My father has passed away today, March 20th, 2016. He was 74 years old.
Pancreatic cancer he suffered from for last 9 months.

It was very difficult time for all of my family since he was diagnosed as cancer for the 1st time.
Since then, he went through the Chemotherapy which was extremely hard on him…
Even in December last year, he went under surgery taking as long as 5 hours.

At his age, this process was more than enough and he often said that he didn't want any treatment anymore.

Well, all pains and burden are free. Hope he can be relaxed and now laugh from the bottom of his heart at heaven.
He was not perfect father; though, I learned a lot from the way he is.
Agreed and disagreed. I had many things with him over time. That is completing who and how I am today. Cannot be without him for sure.

Age 74 is shorter life than even average.
Though, he had so many things in his life and am sure that he felt like he lived long enough.
Good time and not so good time are all included.

I will be out of work / project for this coming week due to this.
I need to support remaining family of mine as much, particularly about mother.
Since two sons including myself live far in Tokyo, how to take care of her is a big concern after father.

Anyhow, will take care of all needed for my parents.
Now father can sleep in peace for good.