Family Dinner for New Year

Business is good and another project task is now completed.
Project A from last year is coming to an end… one step closer.
Good deal.

My fashion today. My gloves are too vivid? How does my coordination look?
Yep, I am still color-blind.

After work, MoonFlower and I got together in Shimbashi for dinner.
Yes, our new-year family dinner tonight.
No fish… definitely beef for that.

Starting with sparkling wine… and huge salad followed.

Ended up ordering a whole bottle for steak… which was 500g or 17.6oz!

Not even enough and pasta plate came after. Big dinner it was.

Good foods… made us to have good feeling… no more.
Maybe we should come back to this place more often. I love this food.

1st Prayer for 2019: Yushima Shrine

Yesterday, MoonFlower and I didn't do much at all except coming back in Tokyo.
Today we decided to go out for 1st prayer.

MoonFlower picked one place as our destination for it.
It was Yushima Shrine.
Actually it is located very close to our area…

Tons of people… but things were very organized and no mess to approach to small shrine.
Though, took us about a whole hour to get there.

20190102 湯島天満宮 初詣 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Cold but it was good weather. Nice to be outside and did something. Hahaha.
What did I wish within the prayer?
Well, health… and safety… That is about it.

Family Dog is now gone after 15 years

Family Dog "Love"

Family dog "Love" went to her vet today.
I followed her and first met her veterinarian who operated her surgery the other day.
Everything was under control according to the vet.

Though, surgery didn't go as planned at that time.
Tumor was too big and didn't come off from her stomach and vet had nothing to do with that.
What he could do then was to close the stomach.

It means that we have to pray that "Love" comes to the good destiny which we hope doesn't come so soon…

Love is a 16-year-old Labrador. Very lovely dog.

Family member

Showed up in Chiba… I got up early.
Woke up around 6:30am. Very unusual during the weekend.
Isn't that same for you? Just a guess.

Completed family stuff and came to see family dog… black Labrador named "Love."
She is old like 16 years old or so (!) but she seems still fine.
Back in March, MoonFlower and I seriously concerned of her health and somewhat we expected the worst thing.

Now she is fine and keep going even though she makes her move quite slow or so…

Very important family member… definitely part of us.

20180505_1 20180505_2


20180505_4 20180505_5

20180505_6 20180505_7

20180505_8 20180505_9

20180505_a 20180505_b

20180505_c 20180505_d

20180505_e 20180505_f



20180421_1 20180421_2


20180421_4 20180421_5

20180421_6 20180421_7


20180421_9 20180421_a

20180421_b 20180421_c

20180421_d 20180421_e


20180421_g 20180421_h

20180421_i 20180421_j

20180421_k 20180421_l

20180421_m 20180421_n

20180418_1 20180418_2





to Chiba for seeking good stuff

Early Sunday - rushed to Chiba…
Before that, I had to make sure to tape the TV drama in this morning…


Drama performed by actress Manami Higa (in the middle).
It is suspense drama of 2 hours… and I cannot miss this because she is my favorite actress. Hahaha.

Saw the Gundam Stamp Rally - you can collect up to 65 or 67 stamps for prizes…
Gundam is popular Japanese animation.

20180128_2 20180128_3

Even around 9am on Sunday, people keep coming for stamping. Wow…

20180128_4 20180128_5


Instruction posting is not only in Japanese but in English, Korean, and even Chinese.

20180128_7 20180128_8

1st time in a long time that I sat in passenger seat…
Oh boy, Guilietta doesn't give much comfort ride at all.
While driving, it would not easily feel… but this is obvious.

Ran into local Japanese sweets shop. Just picked up some for ourselves.

20180128_9 20180128_a

After cemetery visit, late lunch is ramen noodle.
Went into a place for us to visit as first time. Called "Marutai" Ramen.

20180128_b 20180128_c

Good but still average, I guess. Not bad, though.
Just not great enough to make us come back, I guess. You know what I mean.

20180128_d 20180128_e

Family dog - Love is still healthy! That matters. She is very calm and doesn't make much move. Though, very lovely.

Late night, MoonFlower and I drove back to Tokyo. No traffic jam at all. Very smooth drive.
Weekend is now coming to an end… so as January - the 1st month of year.
I should make everything to gear up for further acceleration. Let's begin the serious work.

Good Place Hunting

MoonFlower and I made it early today. It is mid-day during the extended weekend.
Yeah, Sunday morning it is… we rushed into bakery not too far from where we live.
MF had made a request for some bread in advance and we picked up even more when we went it.

Croissant, croque monsieur, etc.

Rushed back to home... actually we made extra tour to another place.
We went into a place called "WENT" which is newly open coffee stand.
Picked up latte for her and coffee for myself.

20180107_1 20180107_2

Newly backed bread and fresh brewed coffee made things just to be perfect. Cannot complain any for sure.

After easy afternoon when we mostly spent time on Hulu except some grocery shopping, we went down to Asakusa.

20180107_3 20180107_4

20180107 Asakusa Senso Temple #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

20180107_5 20180107_6

Lucky draw came out pretty good. "Daikichi" is top luck. Good new year start with this.
Then, we came to this bistro just near the Temple.

20180107_7 20180107_8

20180107_9 20180107_a

20180107_b 20180107_c

Wow, another GREAT place just found.
Well, it is all well-done to MoonFlower who has done great homework finding great dining place.
It is here… we should come back quite soon.

Good start and great finish. What a wonderful day!