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Birthday Celebration, Already

Latte Art Coffee Shop

Extended weekend is now and finally over!!!
Was it good for you all?! I hope it is.
For me, last day of such dedicated to my family… as usual.

MoonFlower wanted to go to some place… so desperately.
It was a cafe… but extraordinary one.
Called "Hat Coffee" near Asakusa, Tokyo. We took subway up to there… but had to wait for several hours.

Very popular place for youngsters.

The reason that MoonFlower wanted to come to this place simply because of this tiny stuffed animal / doll.
This place's speciality is of latte art. Shop takes ANY request and draw latte art on your ordered coffee.
Everything is just for Instagram, right? Hahaha.

Customers even can be observing the latte art creation just in front.




Two cups of them

Tons of girls lined up for such services…
Well, needless to mention, MoonFlower is very satisfied and extremely happy.
That made my day as well! Hahaha.

Family New Year Party 2022

MoonFlower and I went down to Shibuya area for family dinner.
Our family tradition?! It is New Year Party 2022.
This time, it was MF's turn for venue selection.

Japanese restaurant called IKEJIRI ASANO

It was my first visit even though MF made several trips to this place, already.
Yeah, really unfair that she had had fancy dinners way before today.

Sake Sake Sake!

Unique cutlet sandwich - famous and speciality at this place.

Long dinner finished with big beaf over rice!
Yeah, I became really full. No complaints… just fantastic foods for today's dinner.

20220108 池尻浅野 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Familiy Dinner

Coming to see "Promising Young Woman."
Head that it was a great scenario worth to watch.
Yeah, this is Academy-award film, isn't it?!

Man, this is awesome. Great movie.

Family dinner took place between MoonFlower and I at "Uwotoku" sushi place.

This dinner was for either MF's birthday or our 12th wedding anniversary.
Whichever it is… we have to do another such family dinner soon for the other. Oh boy.

Excellent and such wonderful sushi dinner.

Nothing but Appreciation?

Week of appreciation -

Since MoonFlower is gone out of town as family separation against coronavirus,
all domestic chores are entirely on my own.

As you may know of me in real life, I cannot cook and hardly do any chore.
In other words, I totally depend upon MoonFlower doing all domestic stuff for family.
Having said, she is gone. All dependable hands are no longer available.

So I have to feed myself, clean dishes, and do laundry.
This is 4th day from the separation, it is time for me do laundry in addition to other chores.
One stuff after another… things are rather complicated.

Why? Simply because I have to stay away from TV doing something else.
It is definitely time for me to appreciate how much "dedicated" MoonFlower has been.
Oh boy, lots of work they are.

Work was quite flat and makes me ready for weekend. Tomorrow things shouldn't be that bad.

Went outside the home once… Wait. Twice, actually.
Picked up a lunch box and went in to convenience store for quick shopping.
Both are done in my neighbor. Very quick trips.

I still cannot afford to go far. I concern the public transportation most.

After work and all chores done including bed making, "Suits (season 5)" is my choice on TV.
I like this dram series. Fun to watch.

Reminding myself to watch some pandemic movie. That is my plan for coming weekend.

Try to lean something or at least experience something from the movie "Contagion" (2011):

Have you seen this movie ever before? Any thought on current coronavirus stuff?
In fact, I just watched a Japanese pandemic movie. Right before "Suits." It was quite interesting.
Am sure that "Contagion" is another story to learn about what to expect in near future.

Don't you think?

Today's number of infection cases in Tokyo was 97 - another record high.
No doubt that Tokyo is going right after New York unless no countermeasures are to be taken.

Coronavirus Isolation

Another surprise? Malpractice? You tell me about it.
From today, MoonFlower and I selected to be isolated from EACH OTHER.
Let's name this as "coronavirus separation."

Maybe your next question is like "Are you serious?"

MoonFlower left me with bag of foods… mostly instant ones.
Not sure how long do they last for me. Will see how whole this thing would go.

1st night and 1st supper, I even prepared my meal by myself.

Wow, I can do it? You may surprise by seeing this. Hahaha.

Hope this separation is't indefinite and resume back to normal.
Am sure that you have same or even similar feelings no matter where you are.

Coronavirus Countermeasure in Our Case

Day 6 - 6 consecutive days working from home. It is boring.
Well, working from home is not the matter bores me much.
Entire Coronavirus stuff slowed all matters down at client side and that does matter.

Not much stuff that I need to cook (work) right now. Oh boy!!!

Today, MoonFlower took a day off… at the final corner of fiscal year peirod!
I guess, she had to use the PTOs up.
Thus, she and I stayed home pretty much all day just like weekend.

Of course, had to work. Worked a bit.
Got contacted by client for new engagement and had to discuss it with several Partners.
Responded to client accordingly… that was pretty much main work done for the day.

Otherwise, things are quite flat and no tense whatsoever. Rather, it is boring to me.

MF had some dinner appointment. Under the coronavirus stuff? Yep.
She had to go… so she said.
Thus, I offered her a ride up to the venue. Avoiding public transportation is not bad idea.

So I drove:

Didn't drive that fast like this image shows. Though, driving (yet in town) is still fun.
Plus, that is relieving… I actually got out of the house. You know what I mean.

I dropped her off around Mita area and straight back to home.
Watched TV after self-serving supper.
Got a message from her for pick-up.

Drove up to the same place again for picking her up.
This time, I even gave a ride to her friend and even sent her home before coming back.
Oh boy, big chauffeur tonight.

Everything was just for anti-Coronavirus stuff.

MF and I are considering further measure against the current circumstance.
Self-isolation from each other to secure that we continue to work.
For me, working from home is pretty much mandatory; though, she got to the office to work.

If Tokyo shuts down known as lock-down, she may not do work.
Her work is outside Tokyo. Thus, she still can work if she stays outside Tokyo.
Maybe from tomorrow on, she and I live separately for time being.

Social distancing does apply into small family like us. Unique way? Am sure that people out there do such practice.

Prayer for New Year 2020

Eating and drinking… that was all for new year…
With some regrets, MoonFlower and I got out for 1st prayer in 2020.
Decided to go to Kanda Myojin, a famous shrine in Tokyo.

Tons of people lined up, including some Sumo wrestler shown within the photo.

Still long way to get "there."

Even longer than anticipated.
Took us a while to get the front line to pray. Oh boy.
Was some exercise since we walked all the way from home. Not bad, huh.

My diet should be important agenda for 2020, I guess.