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20170822 Audi A5 インテリア #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

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New Car, Already?




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Relaxing Saturday; finally full-weekend in progress







Relative's Pass-away

MoonFlower informed me of sudden news from her family.
Relative not so close but not so far just passed away… and funeral is coming up.
Well, I have to adjust my schedule accordingly.

Biggest and only concern was of my business trip to Matsumoto next week.
I have to travel to the City on Monday for three-day-session until Thursday.
Then I have to travel down to Toyohashi of Aichi on Thursday for Friday session.

See, am quite busy for next week… AGAIN! Hahaha.
Anyway, I have to carefully plan for Monday… attending to the funeral and catch trains thereafter.
Travel seems so long from Chiba to Matsumoto. Takes longer than 4 hours!!!


Opened up a bottle over supper. With this, dinner plate was pork dumplings. Pretty good match!


Shopping… from previous weekend. MoonFlower selected this as our family tradition.
Year Ball 2017… now and finally got here for us.
Usually we buy one in December. Since it was busy time moving to current place, MoonFlower and I didn't get quite chance for this shopping.

But finally completed. Now truely 2017 is here? Hahaha.


Just a memo for myself. Today's mileage of Alfa Romeo is of 24,559 kilometers.
Last year alone, I didn't drive much… shortest in distance since we didn't go out too much. Probably we drove about 4,000 or 5,000 km for last 12 months.
Since purchase of this Giulietta in June, 2013… less than 25,000 km.

Average 6,000 km… not much, huh. Definitely below the average.

Well, will be very busy Monday… which is ahead.
Like I have mentioned, got to go up to Matsumoto… long way up there.
This week is definitely going to be shorter…

Golden Week 2017 coming to an end

Last day of a big holiday called Golden Week!!!
MoonFlower and I showed up in Shinjuku… for Isetan department store.
She wanted t come to this fair.


Decorative balls. Some of them have good smell also.
I didn't know that she was going to pick one up for home. Oh boy, she did so, very instantly!
Plus, she spent the saved points from the department card upon this purchase. Wow, 2,000 points were gone for single decorative ball…

Late lunch was at Burger King. Haven't been to one for a long time!
Whopper!!! I missed it.


MF got one with cheese and I got regular one.


Lambo found on the street through the window. Pretty cool.
I was wondering what kind of people driving this kind of exotic car around…
The guy seemed very ordinary and he was actually with family of two kids. Very ordinary. Hahaha.

20170507_4 20170507_5

Dinner was of sushi. Great closing meal of the holiday! Hahaha.
Never been to this restaurant before. I always passed by this place, though.
Reasonable price and quality. Good one.

Okay, now I worry about the work!!!

Still Nothing To Do in this Golden Week

Still Golden Week 2017 is going… with no particular plans.
Received a letter from BMW dealer informing that there was a good deal / offer currently available.
According to the letter, the salesperson can offer 500,000 yen or 5K in USD for discount. Of course limited time offer. Wow!


But sorry, it is not my turn to buy new car… YET.
Just surfing the net and ordered this:


Stylus for iPad.
Not latest version. Rather one generation old… that is why the price was reasonable.
That is enough for light user like me. Just wanted to take some quick memo on iPad for substituting the whiteboard use.

Not bad… easy connection via Bluetooth and works quite well. Good gadget!


20170502_4 20170502_5

New Audi A5

Finally, I come to see this car for the first time after waiting for a long time.
Brand new - Audi A5!
This is really cool.

By far, A5 looks better than any other car in Audi line-up except R8. That is solely my opinion.
Very stylish and strong in the appearance.




Didn't see the inside. But am sure that it is great rather than good.
Well, price-wise, it is pretty good and expensive, unfortunately.
Yeah, I have to admit that I cannot afford it at all. That is for sure.

What is my next car?

Went to a car dealer for test drive…
In fact, visited two different dealers for same purpose.
Wow, buying new car is indeed coming up so soon?


Not so fast!
Those two dealers gave me the estimate on new car… the amount was rather high (still expected so).
Oh boy new car doesn't come easily.

What car by the way?

Today I did a test drive with:

1. BMW - 320d - diesel engine: good but noisy
2. BMW - 320i - gasoline engine: good and sporty
3. Mercedes-Benz CLA180 - not roomy inside
4. Mercedes-Benz C 180 - very soft drive, luxury

Hmmm, all are expensive and do not know what we want. Hahaha.


Good Indian restaurant was for lunch. First visit to this restaurant… very crowded place. Must be popular.
We should come more and taste all different curry types.
Good choice we made. Not too far from home.

Visiting dealers for test drive certainly makes a day shorter.
Any advice?

Extended weekend begins

Long weekend gets started. Monday is national holiday!
MoonFlower has already gone back to the house in Chiba and, in this morning, I had to follow after her.
Jumped into my car and drove in highway to Chiba. Time to time I hit the traffic jam.

Took me a little bit longer than usual time to get there.

20170318_1 20170318_2

My Alfa is still in good shape. Running great!


MF's favorite dog - very behaving!

Wine gets opened for supper.

20170318_4 20170318_5

Good wine… matching wth roasted beef.
Wait. It is white wine… with meat? Hmmm.
Was it a mistake? Still matched? Hmmm, not sure what was the best choice.

At least things were like this.
I have selected several menu for supper. Then, wine selection was informed afterwards. That is why.
Well, it didn't matter. Things were good and I loved it!

1st Action in 2017 is...

Finally my car got washed… it was really about time!!!
I wanted to do so before New Year… however, I got quite procrastinated because I was absolutely LAZY.
Now getting back to work… 1st thing is first. I brought my car to the place with free water for car wash.


In the middle of Tokyo, car wash place is not outside. It is under ground like this. Amazing!
Though, I like this place so much because:

1. I do not have to mind about the sun light
2. Always open in 24-7

Not bad, huh. Not bad, really.


Pizza for supper. Yeah, am quite tired of all traditional Japanese foods cerebrating New Year.
Italian Pizza was a good choice for sure. At least tonight. Hahaha.

Tomorrow, I finally get back to work. I plan to show up in the office for one meeting.
After work, some new year gathering with friends is scheduled.

Well, I have to promise one thing to myself… that I keep my car clean all year around this year! Hahaha.

October, Already

Already… final corner of the year…
October. What have I done so far? Not really much yet… oh boy!


Odometer hits 22,138 kilometers.
Annual average is now down to 6,800 or so.
How much longer will I drive this car? That is a BIG question. Hahaha.

Probably another year or two… right before next mandatory inspection.


G-Shock on my wrist today.

20161001_3 20161001_4

Supper was at home with wine.
Lamb stew came as entree. This was GREAT one. I love this dish and I should ask MoonFlower for this more often.

Still weekend continues.

Good Mileage and Great Friends


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20160528_4 20160528_5


Busy Saturday?

Snow is expected tomorrow… thus, needed to finish whatever planned for this weekend within TODAY.
Heard that NY got hit by big blizzard as well.
Hope that this won't be another Monday when we have a big trouble with snow.

Drove my car down to the center of Tokyo… after dropping by dry cleaner.
I wanted to go to a big bookstore for search.
Happened to park my car like that… next to red car.


They are brothers!
Alfa Romeo Giulietta & MiTo sitting side-by-side.
So cool! Rare to happen, particularly the same Alfa Red models!


2 books are checked out after 1-hour search.
Theme is of balanced score card.
This is to be my reading over this weekend.

Spent about 4,000 yen for them. Found 6,000-yen book on the same theme.
However, I chose to buy two rather than one to have better / more perspectives.


Bourgogne wine was opened for supper which started later than expected tonight.
Saint-Aubyn 1er Cru.
It was an excellent choice coming along with such:


Salad - olive and salami sausage.


Spareribs came as entree.
Spicing was perfectly done.
Tasty… indeed.


Surprisingly, pasta followed afterward.


Gourmet drama on TV… "Wakaso Sake."
Popular drama recorded on Friday played.


She (Wakaso) showed such happy face after having tasty oyster from Hiroshima.

Supper passed by with this drama and turned me to be sleepy head.
Better hit the sack… Zzz.

1st Sun Rise for 2016!

A Happy New Year to you all!!!
Woke up around 6:40 to see this 1st sun rise of the year.
Perfect weather… actually unusual warm climate here in Tokyo.


OSECHI - special / traditional box of Japanese traditional cuisine for new year celebration.


Beautiful, aren't they? Taste, too.
This box is for two - MoonFlower and I celebrated New Year with this food for breakfast and supper today.


1st prayer - Taishaku Temple.
We decided to go on foot to that place.


Lots of street shops welcoming the people coming for 1st prayer.
And this is proof that we walked…


11 kilometers we walked. About 7 miles. See!


No drive for the day. Just record keeping. Odometer of my car is at 18,400 kilometers. Or 11,433 miles.
Last year alone - my can ran about 5,000 kilometers or 3,100 miles.
Below the average, I guess. Hahaha.


Opened a bottle of sake for supper.
"Dassai" sparking sake - my favorite kind and brand, actually!


Great taste. Perfect celebration for new year with this drink for sure.

Long walk is good exercise. Unusual activity on New Year's day. Must be good sign for 2016.
I really believe that.

One More Year-End Party

Just one day to go for 2015!
One last thing on my to-do list is of car wash!
After last prayer at the cemetery, came home and started doing so.


Thorough car wash so that I feel clean to welcome the new year.
Some neighbor walked by and told me that my car is too shiny. Hahaha. Good stuff.

MoonFlower and I thought that last dinner yesterday was family year-end party.
However, we both felt that something didn't go right.
Thus, we agreed with each other to do it again for tonight!


Went out to Chiba City for one more dinner.
Venue was of tavern that MoonFlower often goes.


Dinner started with Serbian wine 2008.
Good choice made by the restaurant owner, a friend of MoonFlower.




Main dish was beef!!!
This is so good and perfect finish of 2015!

New Audi TT for Test Drive











"Obon" Vacation Now Ends

What's up, folks? Now Sunday is almost over.
It means that Obon week - Japan's summer vacation time is coming to an end.
Did I enjoy? Yes, I think so. Mostly I got relaxed so much. That is important, right?

Part of my joy - I spent about two hours to wash my lovely car in this morning.
It turns out that my car looks clean and fine… as were a brand new car! Hahaha.






This is 2 year and 2 months old car. Odometer indicates about 16,500 kilometers. Just about 10,000 miles.

Weather forecast says that it would rain tomorrow… so what? I do not care…
Once this car got cleaned… that is what matters.
Of course, it would get dirty soon…

From tomorrow, everything is back to normal.
I have to resume my work and am sure that I would get busy…
Two domestic trips are already being planned for this week. To Kobe (again!) and to Kyushu.

Well, I have full energy to make those business trip to be successful.
Wish me luck!
See ya.

No Work for This Weekend






Golden Week 2015: Accident!


Alfa Romeo Guilietta 13,000 kilometers