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July's Car Wash Done!

Finally, I came to do car wash for mine!

Showed up to Omotesando (shopping district)

Took a train for Omotesando where I walked around for a quite long time today.
Yeah, it was just a matter of walking exercise.

Stopped by Audi House of Progress Tokyo.

Saw this Q4 e-Tron. This is, although, a totally mock-up.
I have never driven any EV ever… I should make a reservation for doing so soon.

Went in to the Spiral Cafe for lunch.

They charged me 900 yen for a cup of coffee.. Oh boy!
But the taste was quite real… I guess, that was serious genuine coffee then.

Another EV - saw Tycan in real life for the 1st time. From Porsche it is.
Hmmm, it is surely nice. But not of my taste.
Too expensive to afford in the first place!

Even though home alone, even opened wine bottle for self-drinking.
Of course, I drank several glasses. Didn't finish the whole bottle tonight.

Back from Chiba at late night

1st month of the year is just gone… already!
Wow, too fast.
Now things are moving into February then.

Driving under clear weather was quite fun.

Stopping by a place for big meal… eels over rice. Rich food it is.

MoonFlower even fixed lamb chops for supper.
Wine was missing for sure. Well, I had to drive home afterward. Too bad.
Wait, MoonFlower opened a bottle of wine and had some wine, already. Darn it.

The way she cooked was PERFECT. Loved this dish.

Back home at late night.
Came through the Aqualine Tunnel between Tokyo and Chiba.
It planned to shut down for maintenance tonight. Didn't know that. Just made it before closure.

Thank God, I barely made it. Otherwise, had to go a long drive!

Day off on Monday?

Another week still under the same influence of coronavirus.
Nothing really does change.
Well, I took a day off today. Actually, it was substituting day off from the past.

Though, worked in early morning. Around 8am or so.
Email correspondence on PC then.
Affter quick work (though, it was about 40 minutes or so), some personal errands. Miscellaneous stuff.

I included car wash into my agenda.
Dropped by car wash place right before noon.
Fortunately, there was no one else in that spot.

Car wash was proceeded at my own pace. That is good.

Seat leather was also cleaned. It was my concern that dirty spot wouldn't ever come off.
Such concern was in vain. Seat is now clean.
My car is like this:

Brown leather needs to be kept clean and bright.

After car wash, had to do some "patrol" driving around and drove between Nihombashi and Ginza.
Tons of business people on street and that made me feel bad since am not working.
It reminded of myself being such dedicated business person. Right?

While shopping in Takashimaya Department Store yesterday, checked new bag… from brand called "Goyard."
That brand is pretty expensive like Vuitton, etc.
MoonFlower insisted that I should no longer (?) be glued to bag. I have enough bags of collection.

Maybe better pay attention to fashion / clothes.
Since work place allows casual dress entirely… I do not even put suits on.
Well, I always put vivid color tie to make myself look like okay like this:

No special technique in fashion besides bright color tie in the center. That is it.

Maybe I should ask friends for help in fashion…
This coming weekend is of my shopping time or even shopping spree!!!
Will see.