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Cafe "Bouquet"

Cafe "A Piece of Cake"

Another week started and the 1st day of weekdays went quite flat.
That doesn't mean I am comfortable much yet? Probably not.
Just because it seems like quietness before the storm.

Will see how things would go from here.
Am not that much optimistic, at least.

I didn't raise this from the weekend and I should have.
So here we go.

MoonFlower and I stopped by a cafe called "a Piece of Cake" in Omotesando.
It was Sunday afternoon after furniture store.

It was quite empty when taking pictures. Well right before that, it was full of guests for sure.
You know, this place is being there over 24 years already… you can see how popular that place is.

Famous pancakes are our usual choices and mine included chocolate one in addition to plain one.

After finishing them all, I feel like I should have ordered two plain ones instead.
Maybe so in next time…

Anyhow, good relaxing time in the cafe while busy shopping! Hahaha.

At least MoonFlower bought me the afternoon dessert along with iced coffee.
No complaints from my side.
Yep, none.


Quiet Cafe "IRUMANDO"

Escaping from the reality, I was in cafe called "IRUMANDO."
This was my 1st visit EVER.
In fact, it was one of my wish list item that I go to this cafe. Finally happened.

There is a clear and hard policy that all guest have to keep. "Quietness."

Not allowed to talk. Not allowed to bring laptop for work. Not camera flash allowed.
No major sounds because people should enjoy the quiet moment with drinks there.
Plus, you can see it is sort dark and plain place.

This was my very very late lunch… I almost missed.

Added a dessert - HUGE pudding. I could share this with someone else, actually!

20220817 Irumando イルマン堂 #cafehopping #cafeinterior #uniquecafe #カフェインテリア #個性的なカフェ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

With this 360-degree photo of Theta, you can grasp better image of space in this cafe. See?!

There is always guests waiting for seats outside…
I guess, timing was good and there was no one before me today.
Though, there was a line of guests when I came out of the cafe after coffee, breads, and big sweets.

When to be 2nd time then? Should go by luck for sure.

Finally so?!

My weekend started at a local optician store.
Examination took place in the morning.
Nothing wrong with me, though.

It was all for these:

Yeah, contact lenses. Now? Why? Hahaha.
I know, people around my age start avoiding such… right?
I go totally the opposite. Hahaha.

Examination was fine and green light for contact lenses are officially issued.

Now, I wear contact lenses without hassle. Pretty good stuff!!!

Tonkatsu or deep fried pork was lunch with MoonFlower.
This place is newly opened last month and tons of people lined up for lunches and dinners.
It was our luck to come to have lunch after waiting for 20 minutes or so.

Great stuff! I definitely come back again.

Cafe in Shimo Kitazawa in the afternoon. It was MoonFlower's favorite.
She needs to pick up new Japanese ceramics from the gallery within the cafe.
Yeah, came here before… actually several times, already.

My outfit, accessory, and shoe for the day. Hahaha.

Not coffee, not tea… Sode with ice cream.

Big dinner took place at the end for the day.
It was Japanese and French fusion dinner course.
Was pretty darn dishes. MF was quite satisfactory.

Bill was not that small, either, though. Oops.

Gourmet Hunting

Toptap Jirakit - Who?

20220501 Toptap Jirakit Birthday Event #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

20220501 The Label Fruit #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Cafe Hopping: "DIXANS" in Ningyocho

Still Tuesday?! Unbelievable!
I feel like would have been Thursday or so.
What's wrong with me then?

Showed up to a cafe called "DIXANS" in Ningyocho area.

Really like the view from the window.

Brown sugar toast along with coffee made my day for sure.
This toast was really good. I may come back sooner.

20220419 Dixans 人形町 #カフェ #cafehopping #カフェ巡り #日本橋カフェ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Still Tuesday, huh.
Will see how I can survive through the whole week…

Busy Saturday

Latte Art Coffee Shop

Extended weekend is now and finally over!!!
Was it good for you all?! I hope it is.
For me, last day of such dedicated to my family… as usual.

MoonFlower wanted to go to some place… so desperately.
It was a cafe… but extraordinary one.
Called "Hat Coffee" near Asakusa, Tokyo. We took subway up to there… but had to wait for several hours.

Very popular place for youngsters.

The reason that MoonFlower wanted to come to this place simply because of this tiny stuffed animal / doll.
This place's speciality is of latte art. Shop takes ANY request and draw latte art on your ordered coffee.
Everything is just for Instagram, right? Hahaha.

Customers even can be observing the latte art creation just in front.




Two cups of them

Tons of girls lined up for such services…
Well, needless to mention, MoonFlower is very satisfied and extremely happy.
That made my day as well! Hahaha.