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Bib Gourmand Restaurant

Started working in nearby Starbucks today… AGAIN.
Yeah, sort "refused" to go to the office since there is nothing scheduled to do there in that place.
Performance cannot be measured based upon where I am. All matters is how I do the job and the RESULT. What else? Hahaha.


New menu to the Starbucks food… was my lunch. Roast pork and cream mustard… hot sandwich.
Not as good as the one in above picture. It was rather mediocre. At least, baguette and cream mustard were a good match.
I may try this, maybe, one more time. 480 yen.

Worked alone. In Starbucks.
No meetings planned. All can be done in the casual manner… however, my appearance for the day is as:

20180131_1 20180131_2

Entirely formal. Pretty much. From suits, tie, pocket chief, and watch… oh boy, must be a big business ahead.
In fact, nothing ahead.
Just felt like putting on something fancy today. You know what I mean.

20180131_3 20180131_4

Good restaurant found… more than good. Great.
Famous cuisine guidebook has posted this restaurant twice before.
So this place is (was?) one of "Michelin Bib Gourmand Restaurants." Highly expected!

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It was a small gathering with a young coworker. We joined each other in this restaurant for talk.
Talk rather then festivity is the theme for the night to see how we can move forward our career hereon.
Young fellow does definitely has indefinite potential and his future intension seems very promising.

I am looking forward to witnessing his career development!!!

It was good investment (or merely spending) to make this night be very fun and productive. Made myself more energized as well.

Coffee to Alcohol for the Day

Today, nothing scheduled until 18:45.
It means that I needed to seek what to do until then. Entirely up to myself.
Another boring day it was.

Well, at least I accomplished minor things like schedule sheet creation for new project due up.

Though, all major works are still left behind... intentionally. Well, you can call me lazy ass.
I was. Really.
You know, if you have too much time, you probably cannot push yourself too much. That is my case.

I have to put myself in rush mode by some urgent request or whatever. Otherwise, everything is darn slow.
Please let me know if I can be very productive under such no pressure circumstance.


Went in a cafe on the way to work for breakfast.
I should have had to choose doughnuts instead of sandwich!!! Hahaha.
Good coffee, though.

In fact, I buy coffee beans at this coffee stand, nowadays.

Work gets done with 2 meetings which took place at night.
Then didn't go home straight. Bad intension.
Coffee didn't last til the end of day… and something different was definitely demanded. Yup.

20180130_4 20180130_5

Alcohol amount is not more than required. Just right. Though, quite amount of time has been consumed, already.
When rushed into nearby train station, nothing was waiting but just simple sign said "last train has departed."
Oh boy.

Thus, I decided to walk home… not sure how much in distance I walked then.
Yeah, walk started around 1am…
It was surely interesting walk for me to see the life in the middle of the night like that. Very urban Tokyo life there was.

Big Snow Made a Mess in Tokyo!

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