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September 2022

Apple Watch Series 8 here...

Mess-up by Typhoon

Finally Upgraded to 14!

Cafe "Bouquet"

Irreel Ningyocho (French bistro)

Visit to US Embassy in Tokyo

I had an appointment at US Embassy for the Citizen's services… notarization to be exact.
Showed up before the appointment time.
Approaching to the Embassy is hectic… police officers are everywhere around and ask questions.

Do you have an appointment?

What is your purpose of visit to the Embassy?

Passport, please.

Sounded like this area were not part of our country.

I had no guts to take a picture of embassy building from the front… Hahaha.

All done within 20 minutes.
Tight security it was for sure.
Though, friendly service.

Single notarization costed me $50 bucks.

Funny… really funny! It says, Plastic Card. Didn't state like Credit Card!
Debit card also allowed, I guess.
Though, still funny to see such description on the receipt.

Now documents are notarized and ready to be sent to US.
I have to coordinate the dispatch and additional cost may incur on top.
Oh boy… am going to be BROKE soon.