GaGa Ball for Decoration

3-day extended weekend has come to an end, already.
Time does fly and things get passed so quickly!
Well, I am still out of town to Chiba… and will be driving back to Tokyo in the early morning tomorrow.


Soba and Tempura were selected for today's lunch.


Today's my attire. T-shirt is obviously well worn-out. MoonFlower suggested me to replace it with something new.
In the US, this is okay… you can see lots of similar stuff… people do love wear color-faded T-shirt and no one really notices.
However in Japan, T-shirt is very cheap fashion and such worn-out T-shirt may not seem to be attractive too much. Well, time for shopping!


Along with my attire for the day, GaGa Milano - Italian watch fits to my wrist.
Went to an outlet shopping mall as single event of the day. No other fun stuff except it. Hahaha.


No T-shirt today. No clothes at all. Instead, this is under my possession now.
Another GaGa Milano - Watch? Nope. It was jewels.


Famous? GaGa Ball.


This ball is decorative to my bad like this.
Very shiny ball is fun add-on to my bag… Hahaha. Too vivid?
Anyway, fun shopping it was.

Mid-Day of the Extended Weekend

20170917_1 20170917_2


Halie Loren @ Cotton Club Tokyo

One of favorite jazz singers… Halie Loren comes to Japan once again.
Of course, I cannot miss it since I have 4 albums of hers in my iPhone!
I did escort MoonFlower as my usual company to this special jazz session tonight. Yeah, my treat!


20170916_2 20170916_3

20170916_4 20170916_5

Drinks, food, and music… all were perfect tonight.
Hope that she keeps coming back to this place at least once every year.
Fun and fantastic night it was.

Movie, Ramen, Cartier, and Aged Beef

Another movie day for me! Movie number 17 in this year.


Wonder Woman - from DC Comic.
Unlike Avengers movie, the story was quite flat and simple. Well, I still like a little sophisticated story...
Wonder Woman - simply beautiful and strong. Not bad, though.


While being hungry in watching the movie, ramen noodle crossed my mind more than several times.
I then rushed into a ramen shop immediately after the movie. No hesitation.
With today's watch - Audemars Piguet


Stopping by Cartier boutique shop for picking up my watch from overhaul. They call it as "Complete Service." Whatever.
Unfortunately, the service provided was unsatisfactory.
Didn't pick up then. I had to wait. Oh boy, this is a mess.

For supper, MoonFlower and I went out to Kanda area.
Went in to the Bistro Brook Kitchen. It is our 1st time to dine in.

20170902_4 20170902_5

Very fancy place with full of guests tonight.

20170902_6 20170902_7

Chose sparkling wine and several fish dishes.

20170902_8 20170902_9

No more wine afterwards. Picked Mojito for my 2nd and last drink. Not bad at all.


This place's speciality - dry-aged beef. Pretty expensive… and we expected good quality… but not so much, unfortunately.
Different place we went before - back on July 9th - "Beef Beef Beef" day… we went to restaurant called "LE VIN ET LA VIANDE."
That place is much much better off for aged beef / steak. I should go back to that restaurant one more time.