Who is the one watching a movie during the week?

It was me!
I had a half day off and did two things.
One is car wash and the other is movie.


I have spent my time very effectively… don't you think?
It was a Japanese movie - Sanada Jyu Yushi. Translated as 10 Brave Sanada Samurai.
Sanada is name of busho / samurai.

Not serious… more like fantasy… based upon history with some fiction. It was surely fun.

Is This Coming as well?

After the ceiling lights, a piece of furniture is next?
MoonFlower has been taking a look at this:


Very simple low cabinet for dining area (which is still small!).
We saw this in showroom for 2nd time this week (already).
Today, MF asked for inner size of each drawer, etc.

She must be carefully validating how much stuff can be really stored within.
At night, she was also measuring the inner size of current wall cabinet to see.
Very detailed work it is.

Then, she asked me, "How much space do you need?"
I definitely came from ballpark figure (or my gut feeling if not) for answer. Hahaha.

Working TOO Long

My fault!
I was supposed to finish the work within the morning for resting myself in whole afternoon.
That was the plan and turned out to be in vain.

It is all my fault.

I worked through until 8pm… much much longer than anticipated.
I went out of control… analyzing data more and more in depth and couldn't stop it.
I wanted to go to movie for fun… since no day off is being taken for a long time.

Hmm… I should reconsider how to bear my personal time!
Otherwise, I would kill myself, working to the death!
Yes, I promise that I will slow down.

For sure, they are coming!

Yes, it was a quick decision… made by MoonFlower. As usual.
Tulip glass lights are coming to our new home in this winter.

20160922_1 20160922_2

Yes, these are antique and MF found them in some magazine, I believe.
She placed an order and the shop looked for it…
According to the shop, it finds such piece once or twice a year at most. In some year, there is no finding.

I guess, MF is quite lucky.

20160922_3 20160922_4

Not only finding but also condition… this piece is in great condition. Even better.
Though, we're moving into such tiny place… such vivid decoration can be "unmatched?" Hmm. Will see.

Meanwhile, mine stuff was just in and picked up. Blue leather strap to my Frank Muller.


Well, stainless silver strap is good but variety of strap is even better and MoonFlower can put this on her wrist as well.
Therefore, this strap is now ours. Cool.

Big shopping day today. I will be quiet for coming weekend. Hahaha.

Coming to our home?

Suddenly received a photo below. Glass tulips.


This is going to be a ceiling light… for new home. That is what I was told by MoonFlower.
We will check it out tomorrow since it is national holiday.
Not brand new for sure. They are an antique piece.


Lunch was ramen noodle - miso base with lots of vegetables.

Late supper took place at French cuisine place with MoonFlower who worked over time due to volume of work.


New iPhone 7 camera works great. Better quality for sure. Man, it certainly improved.

20160921_4 20160921_5

20160921_6 20160921_7

Good supper with wifey once again tonight.
Too much good stuff to complain. Hahaha.

Will see how those tulip lights fitting to our future home tomorrow!

Interior Choice to be made

Decision needs to be made… soon.
Today MoonFlower and I showed up at the Panasonic showroom for furniture to new home of ours.
It is her duty to choose the design, function, color and material.

Yeah, pretty much everything!!!


Closet, first.

20160919_2 20160919_3

Living room furniture.

Not only those… we even went to Italian furniture brand, called CASSINA, showroom for sofa and more furniture.
Plus one more. Went to Roppongi to visit another showroom. What a busy day! Hahaha.
Though, time is ticking… we have to decide and place an order for all such at the end of September.

Thus, MoonFlower is under pressure to set the entire theme of room and decide furniture, accordingly.
For sure, I cannot do such thing… because I have no sense in fashion, color, and such coordination at all.
It'd better safe to rely on her, entirely.

20160919_4 20160919_5

Hamburger plate was for lunch. Turned out to be free for us since booking to the showroom resulted food coupon. Not bad.
Then, supper was at home. Simple but good one for me since I particularly requested that fried rice with egg.

Now closing extended weekend… already!

iPhone 7 Just In

Did you get one for yourself yet?

20160918_1 20160918_2

Today, I picked up brand new iPhone 7 for me…
Didn't plan to… much since I had iPhone 6S since last year.

Changed mind… since Apple Pay is really coming to Japan next month. I do have very high expectation.
This is only the reason that I pushed myself for iPhone 7 this time.

20160918_3 20160918_4

20160918_5 20160918_6

Great home dinner concluded Sunday. Still one more day to go for this extended weekend.
Tomorrow, MoonFlower and I would be busy… for home interior stuff. Will see.

Good night.

Celebration wtih Ice Imperial

Supper came along with a bottle - champagne for tonight.


Moet & Chandon - Ice Imperial. Summer bottle that I wanted to consume for a long time.
After long trips for work, it was a celebration.

20160917_2 20160917_3

20160917_4 20160917_5

Good dinner at home. Better than any food at any restaurant.
It was just a perfect supper.

Extended weekend still continues…

Hiroshima Trip Conclusion

20160916_1 20160916_2


20160916_4 20160916_5

Yamato Museum

20160914_1 20160914_2


20160914_4 20160914_5

20160914_6 20160914_7


20160914_9 20160914_a

Hiroshima Again!

One more time… now in Hiroshima.
Yeah, am back in this town once again.
Under the rain, I went through the Haneda Airport. As usual, spent my waiting time in the executive lounge.

Ordered sandwich for lunch… they were mini sandwiches… for 400 yen. Not bad because they were just what I needed.
I should check out other menu next time.


20160911_2 20160911_3

Thick clouds… then clear around Hiroshima.
Left home for airport around noon and finally checked in at the hotel at 6pm.
Hiroshima seems to be quite far… even via air. What if I would take Shinkansen? Could be shorter? Hmmm, not sure.


Too bad… this time, room is rather small. I thought that it would be bigger than that. Too bad.
Then looked for supper. Light and quick for tonight.

20160911_5 20160911_6

Locally famous ramen shop called "Eito Men."
Soon as entered in the shop, I was told that main "Sanma Ramen" was sold out already. Damn. No lock.
Thus, I had to compromise myself to eat different bowl. "Abura Men" was selected. They were… okay.

Since I stay whole week this week, I can try this place for Sanma Ramen one more time. Should I do that? Will see.

Well, will see what it is going to happen this week in Hiroshima. Hope I can survive one more week.

Sendai Trip: Rakuten Eagles (Baseball)

1st working day in Sendai wrapped up quicker than thought.
On the way back to the hotel, I saw the baseball stadium from taxi window.


Decided to come and go under the baseball park gate.

20160907_2 20160907_3

Watched the professional baseball game from the great seating.


Game was quite one-sided… but it was fun night for sure.
Too bad that Rakuten Eagles got edged by Seibu Lions.
Saw many home runs in single game!

Nobody has informed such...

Who said?
Today it is day off - special one that the firm has decided… because of company's anniversary.
Well, I should really stay home?

I had planned to work with client for future planning and discussion, already.
Thus, all turned out to be ordinary working day for me.
More important thing is here…


Since taxi receipts pilled up, I needed to submit reimbursement request.
I would't be able to come in to do so for long time like till end of month unless done so today.
Very critical, huh!

Reimbursement amount was about 2k in US dollars. Pretty big, huh. That is why important to get it done today.

Well, such thing is done and meeting with client for future planning was taken care.
Then I need to get ready for trip to Sendai. I will be back on Friday.
See you then.

Shopping after Shopping

Made it early today!
At 9am, MoonFlower and I were already in Ginza / Yurakucho area.


Breakfast at cafe - this coffee is Dominica Winey.
This must be popular single origin coffee…
Tasted like sweets. Berry-type taste. Actually, I like bitter one much more. Hehehe.

20160904_2 20160904_3

Then showed up to the interior fair.
Yeah, all for new home. Furniture, chair and lug… MoonFlower got lots of estimates… I wonder if she is really up to them or not.


Lunch was at an Indian restaurant in Ginza - where we have ever met each other for the first time. Hahaha.
After 13 or 14 years since then, the restaurant is still in tact. No change whatsoever!

MF picked up some cosmetics on the way home.
For me, got brand new card case replacing the worn-out one.

20160904_5 20160904_6

Cool. Didn't think that it would be Bulgari much…

See ya.

Moving Ready?

Salesman from a moving company visited us.
Estimate was created and we found that that we are… living in the simplest environment.
Two adults require minimum amount of stuff for living.

He was quite surprised that we practically do not have much stuff around.
Thus, estimate was rather low. I bet that it is disappointing to him.
Plus, he had to give us 15% discount on top of everything… Hahaha. Good for us.

20160903_1 20160903_2

Supper was at home with Champagne. MoonFlower's pick.
Very bitter and I loved it.

20160903_3 20160903_4

Seafood and Mexican Enchilada were the dishes for tonight.
This reminded me how much I loved Mexican foods!

Ball Game!

Good presentation that I delivered today.
Prior to that, there were lots of concerns. Though, turned out that it was a good meeting with head of business.


At least my attire should be like professional one.

Then I showed up to the ball park.
Since friend called me up for a free ticket to a ball game tonight.

20160902_2 20160902_3

Jingu ball stadium… where the Yakult Swallows dominates as home ground.


League leading Hiroshima Carp seemed in control of the game tonight…

20160902_5 20160902_6


Carp swept Swallows tonight by 5-2.
Great game and fun night!
It was surely awesome seat!!!