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October 2020

Busiest Week of Year Done!

This "busiest week of 2020" is done with very unique experience.

I was in an audio studio for pretty much all day.
It is called MA or Multi-Audio and we started with narration recording by professional.
Still part of consulting project? Yes, it is!

Complicated equipment was very interesting.

20201016 MA Studio #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Moreover, narration quality by professional was even "astonishing"
Tone and manner controlled very delicately. REALLY.

It was like a magic.

Same phrase done before and after show obvious difference. Definitely different impression.

I wish I could control myself just like that…

This unique experience is surely essence for me to intend to be competent speech master! Hahaha.

Long week is now finished. Tons of work is put behind for whole this week. Thus, I have to work on those over coming weekend.
However, I will focus on taking things easy… to make sure that I do wind myself down.

3-Day Zoom Even Done!

Working hard? At least this time of year!

Today's my attire:

Hublot watch is on my wrist for the day.
Well, I should have chosen other for that…

Asked one of staff to take pictures of session scene that I was leading.
Until today, all three days, I practically lived in the ZOOM virtual world. Hahaha.

Maybe I have talked too much.

Bento box for lunch catered. Pretty fancy one and taste was pretty good.

Well, three-day even is now completed without major trouble.
Things went pretty much smooth as planned. Well done!

Busiest week of the year is almost coming to an end. NOT YET, though.
One more event with different client is set for tomorrow.
After that, I will rest over weekend for sure.

Friends Gathering

Friends' gathering took place in this afternoon.
Friends are coworkers from past project. Actually, we all did the project together last year. Just around this time of year.

Takoyaki or octopus dumplings are the main theme of our party!

Here it is.

Seven of us got together and spent time about more than several hours.
Over takoyaki and other dishes along with PLENTY of alcohols.
Well, I took sparkling and champagne led myself out of memory… being drunk a bit?!

20201011 MCBCM Gathering #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Fun friends here…

Talked a lot… nothing maybe important.
All fun topics and nothing serious.
Plus some rumors?! Let's see.

Will be swamped for this week and this gathering is certainly energizer for me thanks to friends!