Family Dog "Love"

Family dog "Love" went to her vet today.
I followed her and first met her veterinarian who operated her surgery the other day.
Everything was under control according to the vet.

Though, surgery didn't go as planned at that time.
Tumor was too big and didn't come off from her stomach and vet had nothing to do with that.
What he could do then was to close the stomach.

It means that we have to pray that "Love" comes to the good destiny which we hope doesn't come so soon…

Love is a 16-year-old Labrador. Very lovely dog.

New Wallet

Went to Isetan department store and happened to buy new wallet:

The blue thin wallet from Camille Fournet - famous leather brand.
Pretty cool it is!

Weekend is coming up

Long week is now coming to an end… finally.

Am quite beat… so glad that weekend is just coming up.
Need good food and some drinks for sure.
Don't you feel the same way? Hahaha.

Fukuyama: Long Day Trip

Day trip to Fukuyama, Hiroshima.
Train takes longer than 3 hours. That is pretty long for me.
Hard time to spot a taxi for Tokyo Station this morning. Had to cancel booked train and took one that is 20 minutes after the original one.

Good thing is that I wans't late to the meeting at all. Planned well, always. Hahaha.

Meeing went well and I caught 1700 Shinkansen back for Tokyo.

Anago or conger ell bento for supper.

Long day made me quite beat.

Long Weekend is Over

Pasta party tonight.
Did not do pretty much anything for the day.
Very sloppy after all.

She wanted to go to pottery shop and I went with her.
She couldn't find what she wanted. So we just looked around and nothing to bring home.
I was a little bored, to be honest. Hahaha.

I would rather have spent time on TV… tons of programs that I would like to see on Hulu.

Anyhow, long weekend is over… another hard time is coming up.

Wine Dining at Home

Opend el prremier cru wine home tonight.
DIdn't drink any wine home for a while and it is time to clear some inventory! Hahaha.
Well, the mid-day of three-day weekend accomplished anything except this dinner.

Obviously, MoonFlower and I had relaxing time home today.

I helped MF a little bit. Wrapped some stuff with pork… well, she forced me to? Hehehe.

Fantastic Sushi @ U Wo Toku (Uwotoku)

If you ever come to Japan just for eating sushi, you do not want to pass this place:

You can get to know the best sushi master ever. Pricey? Definitely worth it.

Toyama: Another "Well Done"

I guess I did things very right… There was no cold feeling when I woke up.
Medicine should have worked well over night for me.
I feel good as usual. Though, I sitll made decision taking another medicine after breakfast.

Breakfast was rather heavy to make sure that I am energized for final presentation.

From 10am lasting two hours, thing was great and more than what they expected.
President and other executive stuff loved what they were presented by me and result was quite positive.
After my presentation, all gave me applause, instantly.

Thing went well because I give final presentation, wearing Panerai on my wrist.
This give me high percentage for success or good result. This brings me a luck.
Used to be Audemars Piguet on my wrist for final delivery… now this blue Panerai.

Not bad… not bad at all.

Toyama: Getting Cold?

Due to lack of sleep and tons of people in the Toyama office having cold… I may have come to a cold.
Oh boy… I do not want to get sick right before weekend!
I rather get sick at the beginning of any week, instead. Hahaha.

Anyway, I ran into a convenience store and grabbed this cold medicine.

I cannot be sick right now… I have a big closing presentation before executives.
I even get the blanket wrapped myself for getting warm.
Tomorrow, I hope I would be just fine…

20180903 ANAクラウンプラザ富山 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Toyama: Driving up to another city

Tajimi job is done and things went as planned. Big relief for myself.
Then client drove his car and I got free ride to next place… Toyama.
Short day trip was surely fun!

Fast sport car made me no boring while being just seated for several hours.
After early night tel meetings - I had to attend two of them in the hotel room, I rejoined the client for supper.
Supper didn't become simple one…

Thing was fun and tons of stuff to talk about. Look at my Panerai watch on right picture…
Shows the time even after midnight…
Man, it was certainly endless.

Nagoya: Data Analysis in Progress for Next Day

Hotel stay in Nagoya.
Busy days are coming and I had to get physically ready for such.
For such, I am careful with what to eat and make sure that I eat enough.

Here we go… this was my breakfast.
At famous Nadaman restaurant for breakfast. This is very important to get started important business day.
I am sure that I will come to this place tor breakfast even tomorrow as well.

My wrist shot for the day with Frank Muller.

Since I had to secure as much time for night work, my supper was rather simple and it was ramen noodle.
Seemed to be a popular noodle place… according to ranking site.
Though, I did come to such conclusion, instantly. Maybe I need another visit for final determination.

Anyway, I have to get ready for tomorrow's project closing at 1st sight this year.
Wish me luck!

Nagoya: Busy Time Just Ahead

Now in Nagoya…
I will be out of Tokyo for whole week from today.
Oh boy, busy time really is up.

I spent quite long hours in preparation tonight.
Am now quite ready for whatever may be happening tomorrow. At least I am ready for it.

Same hotel as before. Staying at Nagoya Tokyu Hotel.
In fact, today is renewal open day… though, I do not see much of change yet.
Maybe dining area… not the room itself. Will see.

20181001名古屋東急ホテル #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA