Bottle Opened Home

Unopened bottle finally came around.


Macallan Fine Oak 12 years!
Not straight or on the rock… Gotta be with soda. Pretty good!

Jason Bourne

Not that bad.. though, not so great.


Better wait and see how the new series are going to develop from here.

Sendai Trip: Good Lunch & Great Result

Good lunch… on my own.
Too bad that I didn't come to a free food today! Hahaha.


Though, wonderful seafood bowl for lunch!
Long day but it was certainly worth it.
Now Sendai trip has been concluded.

Sendai Trip: Ox Tongue

Now in Sendai - northern part of Japan.
This place is famous for Ox tongue. Had to eat that tonight!


20161004_2 20161004_3

Too much I ate for sure.

October, Already

Already… final corner of the year…
October. What have I done so far? Not really much yet… oh boy!


Odometer hits 22,138 kilometers.
Annual average is now down to 6,800 or so.
How much longer will I drive this car? That is a BIG question. Hahaha.

Probably another year or two… right before next mandatory inspection.


G-Shock on my wrist today.

20161001_3 20161001_4

Supper was at home with wine.
Lamb stew came as entree. This was GREAT one. I love this dish and I should ask MoonFlower for this more often.

Still weekend continues.