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Japanese Winery Tour (Katsunuma, Yamanashi)


20211121 勝沼ワインツーリズム01 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

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Make it even more difficult

This Friday seemed rather longer.
Why? Things didn't go simply. You know what I mean.

Started "normal" Friday at local cafe called "Berth Coffee."

20211119 Berth Coffee #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

I finally took good 360-degree picture of the basement where I had coffee and breakfast croissant.

A bit pricey… but I believe that extra cost / premium is for space and atmosphere.

It was flat and okay until then.

Though, look at this.
I ended up with some drinks at late night.

I really had to take drinks after work.
Yeah, I didn't even a half of what I originally planned to do. Things did't go as planned at all.
Too much noises… New tasks are kept coming.

Oh boy.

For next week, things are even more difficult to be taken care of.

Next week is definitely short due to several reasons:

National holiday on Tuesday
Travel to Nagoya on Thursday
Three proposals due Friday

I will definitely get swamped then. Wish me luck!

While I was sleeping...

Oh boy - you would have never expected.
Yeah, literally - it is like:

While you were sleeping - famous love-comedy movie of Sandra Bullock.

I just heard awful story from a colleague who are in the same team that I belong.
There was a bit conflict occurred between members of the team.
I wasn't totally aware!

It happened yesterday - while I was sleeping, I guess.

Team play should start with a respect. Though, such incident came without such.
That is a pity. Simple is that.

Thank God that I wasn't part of that occurrence.

Maybe I should put the lid of laptop down to make sure that I do not read any inconvenient email message at night.
Yeah, that is wise, don't you think.

Let me just do that… Hahaha.

Day and Night

Is it all under control? I wish.
Well, I should not complain too much since all are still somehow manageable.
I should reserve such complaints after further development, I guess.

Nice Tokyo Tower view… for day

And night.

That means that I work throughout the day and night.
Man, that is a pity.

Party and Foodies!

Drinking Spree, FINALLY!