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Fancy Steak Lunch at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Had big and gorgeous lunch with friends at fancy hotel - Grand Hyatt Tokyo.
We ordered free-flow (all you can) drinks.

At hotel, genuine "Champagne" is part of the list.
There is no hesitation to keep asking the same drink - Champagne.
Call me freak! Cuz, I love it.

Man, enough drinks and enough foods. What else?!
Talks with friends were definitely fun and endless.
Time did fly fast from noon to 3 pm.

Fun time it was.

I ended up with 5 glasses. 3 of Champagne, Red and White each.
More drinks than personal capacity resulted to fall a sleep once getting back home. Hahaha
I must have been drunk!

It was a great union.

Gourmet Hunting (cont'd)

1st time in a long time… I came to do a hand car wash by myself today.
Dirty car made me get up around 7am and rushed into car wash place not too far from home.
Took me a whole hour to complete.

Am rather not good at car wash.
Detail work is not part of my expertise. Hahaha.

It looks good. Very satisfactory.

Gathered with another couple who are good friends of MoonFlower's.
This is 2nd opportunity to dine with them.
They always know of good place for dinner. It was Yakitori - Japanese cuisine.

Very fancy place it was!

Sake - same brand but different vintage / production timing to compare the tastes.

Gathering didn't finish then. Continued to another place.
We decided to go on foot.

Nice Tokyo view?!

You can even see SkyTree in distance.

Standing bar in Tsukishima area

Missed the bar on 2nd floor. Maybe next time.
Contrary to 1st floor, this is Sake-Only bar. Very interesting!

Good fancy dinner and bar with friends' couple.
Great time.
Great to know of fancy places.

Gourmet Hunting

Toptap Jirakit - Who?

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