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Weekend is over!

Vendor for high pressure cleaning of drains in the building came in and did their work.

Thought it would take longer than 15 minutes. Actually, it was a matter of about 10.

Belated lunch took place at Yoshinoya for been bowl along with salad.

Finally got a chance to do hand car wash.

Now my car is clean for sure. Spotless, I mean.

New watch magazine recently established just in.
Meanwhile, I cancelled the subscription of "Chronos" magazine.
I guess, I have to manage my wants over the watch a bit more in terms of spendings.

Well, reading is my task at night along with this alcohol-free drink:

Will see how I would like this kind of drink.

Well, May is about to come to an end. Was the month good to you?
For me, this is quickest month because of Golden Week, Baker Cyst, and some other things that I concerned.

Will see how June would go for me.


New T-shirt

Which one?

Well, MoonFlower said that whichever.
Though, she seems to be up to latter one.
So here we go:

Got this shirt for myself.

Baker Cyst

Doc gave me a DVD with full of MRI pictures in DCM format.
Converted into JPEG and here are some for you to take a look.

Up is my knee.
Bottom side is back side of my left knee with Baker cyst.

Left is my knee and right is back with Baker cyst.

Oh boy!

Box Just Arrived

New box arrived as a result of online shopping.
I recently made it at Barne's New York.

Bad timing. Delivery was made while MoonFlower was home.
She instantly recognized the box and asked me if I have shopped at such luxury retailer.
Told her that it was OUTLET SALES item.

It was an excuse but still TRUE!

Maybe Barney's should have asked of duck tape option!

New casual jacket came in the box and I wore it for all day today.
The color is dark grey.
I wanted to coordinate like:

Watches with grey color straps. Like Audemars Piguet and Cartier.
Not bad, huh!
I like it.

I could choose navy color. Maybe I should buy on in that color as well?!

Burger from THE GOOD VIBES

Foodie weekend is finishing with large burger!

MoonFlower recommended another place for checking out.
It was of aged beef burger.
We have never been to that place ever before. Totally new to us.

Very popular. Customers / guests already lined up.

Man, this is huge volume and tasty!!!

Need to go back to this place for different kind of burgers soonest as possible!

"Ikejiri Asano" in Shibuya

Saturday dinner with wifey comes along with neat bento box.
It was actually take-out food.
We went to the place for pick-up.

MoonFlower has been there several times and recommended for today's supper.

Wow!!! Cool bento style Japanese food with variety of fish.
"Chirashi Sushi" supper was pretty good deal.

I have never been there for dining before.
After the State of Emergency withdrawal, I should be there for big dinner…
It was so good and made me think so.

"ROZZO SICILIA" in Shirokane

After 6 hours of talk (presentation / facilitation), work gets well-done as confusion.
Good work!
Am exhausted then.

Finished several short meeting done afterwards and then, went out for food pickup.

MoonFlower made a take-away food to an Italian restaurant located in Shirokane, a fancy district in Tokyo.
This place is somewhere we have never used ever before. Totally 1st time.
Picked food up and rushed to the home.

MF returned home before me.
First time to see her in 20 days or so… Hahaha.

Decided to open a bottle of Champagne tonight along with great foods.

Good drink and food made me sleepy quickly.
After tough work, time to rest or relax.
Any objection?

Ganglion (swelling on a tendon sheath)

Golden Week Holiday finished miles of walk along with swelling…
Swollen back side of my left knee…
Didn't get cured easily and decided to go to a clinic for check:

Size of swollen part was about ping-pong ball or maybe bigger.

Doc told me that it seems "ganglion." Nothing serious.
X-ray taken and I was told that bones and cartilages are all fine.
Cannot tell that what really causes this.

He then asked me how I would think if we would leave it like that.

Well, we could.

Asked him if this is normal size so that I can live with it.
He said that it seemed bigger than what he normally sees.

Another option was needle suction.
According to Doc, it merely takes the water-like out and won't be permanent treatment.
Swelling can be happening again, he added.

Well, I understand.
Though, big swelling is very annoying and Doc and I agreed to do needle suction to see.

Treatment took place and he told me that amount of water-like was up to 40cc. Pretty decent amount.

Of course, swelling was shrunk like another was there.
At the end of day, swelling does not happen again yet.

Will see how this would go hereafter.

Doc said that there is no need to come back (to see him) unless another swelling happens.


Golden Week Holidays now end...

Prep for Summer 2021