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Never Seen Before

Nintendo Family Computer Classic Mini

Family Computer Classic Mini was my toy for the day.
There are 20-some games included. All of them are old and legend in gaming world.
By far, "Galaga" is the one that I love to play most.

I have been glued to this video game while was a child.

Not as good as used to be.
Is that controller issue? Maybe mine? I have been old…

This cheap video game brought big fun to me today… probably tomorrow too.

Sweet Home with Sweets

Staying home made me watch nothing but tv… same for you? I bet.
Watching variety shows including some food program.
Man, such program provides lots of information… drinks, foods and even more.

Good places in Ebisu area were introduced. That area is still out of my boundary…
MoonFlower and I should check that area out…

MoonFlower picked a place for us to go. In fact, we went up to that store for pick-up.
It was sweets. MF picked up cakes and we had afternoon tea along with those cakes.

Strawberry cakes was very sophisticated.

Big dinner followed. Foods were actually left from what we picked up from French food place yesterday.
There were overwhelming volume; thus, MF decided to split them into two dinning sessions.
Her decision was absolutely correct and we enjoyed as much.

I was about to open and set up Nintendo for fun.Will do so tomorrow for sure.

Takeout: Aux delices de dodine (French cuisine)

Holiday continues.
Came to see this unique bottles in the vending machine on a street.
Chiba original design coke… it is.

Chiba prefecture is famous for surfing and long Aqua Line bridge.
Is the taste different?
Is there other design for different place, too? Donno.

It was interesting.

Dinner took place with takeout foods from French bistro place.
MoonFlower finds new place for takeout foods.
Was called "Aux delices de dodine." Have never been there ever before.

Takeout foods seemed reasonably priced with excess volume!!!

Great foods perfectly went well with wine tonight.
Had fast-paced drinking session.
Made me full and drunk — pretty much.

No complaints for "stay home" over this, at least.
Do you have good foods home?
You should.

Takeout: Tomosuke (Western European Foods)

5-day holiday begins today under so-called Golden Week.
Under coronavirus war, everyone stays home.
At least sunny and warm day it was.

Went to Freshness Burger for grabbing my lunch.
Ordered cheeseburger set.
The place consistently crowded with customers for take-out orders.

Cheeseburger tasted all right. Not that bad… but not that great.
I should look for other place to eat burgers next time.

Another takeout… from restaurant called "Tomosuke."
MoonFlower and I have been there more than several times.
Very popular place and hard to reserve the table.

Now they do deliver only lasagna for our supper tonight. It was vegetable lasagna… it was awesome dish.

No wonder that I didn't hesitate a bit about opening a bottle of champagne along with dish.
Was perfect match.

Oops, am I ever being game fan? Not so much.
Though, staying home got me to do something. So, here is my 1st (?) Nintendo.

Comes along with 30 games in memory.
They are very old or 1st generation video games like ones I played with friends when we all were little.

This is certainly nostalgic and fun.
For these 5 days, I can play those games between movies to watch.