Last Day of May, Already!

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Osaka: Done!




Osaka: Last Trip in May



20170529 ホテル ザ・グランデ #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Okayama: Long Train Trip


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20170524 ヴィアイン岡山 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA


Toyohashi: Easy (?) Day Trip

Day trip to Toyohashi, Aichi today.
Made it very early… like no one else on the platform for a train!!!

20170522_1 20170522_2

Really nobody!!!


In Kodama super express, there is only I, me, myself only! Hahaha!


Yep, arrived at Toyohashi… one day job got started at 10am.


Head of business took me for a lunch… and local Ramen noodle. Pretty good one!

2 hour presentation for management in the morning.
1.5 hour presentation and discussion with leaders in the afternoon.
Plus, other minor tasks…

I finished it all up around 4pm. Time to go home!


Caught Hikari super express… much faster than Kodama and it was luck to catch this since this comes every two hours.
Came back to Tokyo around 6pm… pretty good!
My week started in peace. Good one!

Planning Tomorrow

Coming to the house in Chiba to be ready for ceremony and funeral.
Sister-in-law explained the schedule and I had to calculate what time I should be able to leave the town for work tomorrow.
Yeah, tight schedule… quite so.

According to my estimate, I have to catch a train at 5:57pm.
via Tokyo, I travel through to Matsumoto. With this plan, I will arrive at Matsumoto around 11pm.
Oh boy, I have to travel longer than 4 hours. Oh it is 5 hours!

I would like like traveling abroad! I can definite go to Seoul or Hong Kong quicker!

Anyhow, situation is tight and I will see if I really can go along with just planned or not. Will see.

This week, I have to be in Matsumoto from Tuesday to Thursday.
After the completion of Thursday, I need to move down to Numazu
That takes much time, also. Another 3 hours or 4 hours?

Oh boy, how come I have such crazy schedule? Everything is per clients' favor!
I must have dedicated too much.
I should be rewarded BIG in future, I hope. Hahaha.

At least I should be caring myself for health and safety. Don't you think? That matters the most.
Wish me luck!

Relative's Pass-away

MoonFlower informed me of sudden news from her family.
Relative not so close but not so far just passed away… and funeral is coming up.
Well, I have to adjust my schedule accordingly.

Biggest and only concern was of my business trip to Matsumoto next week.
I have to travel to the City on Monday for three-day-session until Thursday.
Then I have to travel down to Toyohashi of Aichi on Thursday for Friday session.

See, am quite busy for next week… AGAIN! Hahaha.
Anyway, I have to carefully plan for Monday… attending to the funeral and catch trains thereafter.
Travel seems so long from Chiba to Matsumoto. Takes longer than 4 hours!!!


Opened up a bottle over supper. With this, dinner plate was pork dumplings. Pretty good match!


Shopping… from previous weekend. MoonFlower selected this as our family tradition.
Year Ball 2017… now and finally got here for us.
Usually we buy one in December. Since it was busy time moving to current place, MoonFlower and I didn't get quite chance for this shopping.

But finally completed. Now truely 2017 is here? Hahaha.


Just a memo for myself. Today's mileage of Alfa Romeo is of 24,559 kilometers.
Last year alone, I didn't drive much… shortest in distance since we didn't go out too much. Probably we drove about 4,000 or 5,000 km for last 12 months.
Since purchase of this Giulietta in June, 2013… less than 25,000 km.

Average 6,000 km… not much, huh. Definitely below the average.

Well, will be very busy Monday… which is ahead.
Like I have mentioned, got to go up to Matsumoto… long way up there.
This week is definitely going to be shorter…

Nagasaki: Job's Done!

Finally back in town (Tokyo) after 3 night trip to Nagasaki.
Last day of three day session was completed with positive feedback.
So far, so good. For this, I have to dress like this for good and better luck:


Client sent me back to the Nagasaki Airport… though, the timing to the flight was quite tight.
I didn't have much time for shopping and even supper.
I picked up something for MoonFlower and it was already boarding time, then.

Nagasaki's famous dish is "Champon Noodles." Too bad that I missed it this time.
I will be back in Nagasaki in August. Next time, I plan more carefully. Hahaha.

Nagasaki: Team Rolex?

Hotel is located in the middle of very fancy area… lots of bars and taverns around!
Just like this:


Very traditional Japanese night street, don't you think?
Well, I didn't come to a chance to drink in such atmosphere… that was what I thought.
Turned out to be wrong…

Clients invited over dinner and I came to drink in Nagasaki.
I heard so funny things from them.
Two representative from local business at dinner table told me that they are big watch fans like me.

From my presentation at the kick-off, they paid attention to what kind of watch I have…
In fact they are big Rolex fans. One has Deep Sea and the other does Daytona.
Wow, truly big fans for sure.

They were happy to see my "old" Explorer II.

So I found Team Rolex in Nagasaki. While, I have faced similar circumstance.
Team Panerai was found in Fukuoka.
Interesting, huh!

I guess, I have come to confirm that they make full commitment to the project after all.

Nagasaki: Nobody is Around

In order to meet a client personnel - I have to move to a certain place this morning.
I then decided to take tram!!!


Tram in Nagasaki City - toll is flat rate you can ride from anywhere to anywhere for 120 yen.
Wow, pretty good!
Seems it is everyone's ride.


Then I took regular train from Nagasaki Station… and here I am!

20170510_3 20170510_4

Arrived at Ichinuno Station after 40 minute ride. Guess what I found there…
No one.. I found nobody in the station.
Very countryside, I guess. It is quite extraordinary. Never experienced such in Japan.

Nagasaki job initiated. Will see how it goes. Hope I can do an acceptable job for local business.

Nagasaki: Ready and Go

Nagasaki is next destination. Here I am… first time to spend "nights" in this city, though.
To be ready, I bought a new album… from iTunes store. Didn't plan to. Just happened to buy one for this trip.
It is Diana Krall music. Her brand new album just available in the middle of May.

Yeah, one of my favorite singers in the world! No way to miss it out.


I have to take a headset with me to this trip in order to make sure that I listen to the music all the time.
Diana Krall… I really thought that her career is nearly over since I do not see releases often anymore.
Well, this turns out to be a good surprise. Good spice to this business trip as well.

Richmond Hotel - same hotel chain as last trip which was to Fukuoka.
Very mediocre Japanese business hotel chain. Nothing special. Just right for space and price / cost.

20170509 リッチモンドホテル長崎思案橋 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

See, it is very ordinary. Hahaha.

20170509_2 20170509_3

At Haneda Tokyo Airport, gate for Nagasaki flight is located at the other side to the one for Fukuoka.
So I got a chance to use different lounge this time. Well, it was large and very open.
Plus, not many travelers using such space then. Pretty good!

Rolex Explorer II is my company to this trip. I am sure that this watch brings good luck to the result of business.

20170509_4 20170509_5

Nagasaki Flight was completed as planned.
Well, not only the lounge… but also flight itself was quite open… few customers going to that place at least today!
Wish me luck on this Nagasaki job that I have to finish until Friday.

Frank Miura vs. Frank Muller

Very famous "counterfeit" brand called Frank Miura. Miura is ordinary Japanese (last) name.
Sounds "Muller." That is the point of humor.
For my 44th birthday, I got one replica similar to real Frank Muller that I own.

20170508_1 20170508_2

This is fake Frank Muller called Frank Miura.


Fake along with real. Can you see the difference? It is obvious, isn't it.
Recently, authentic Frank Muller sued the company producing the replica.
However, the judge let this lawsuit go because "it is too obvious."

It means that now Frank Miura is "official" counterfeit of Frank Muller. Judge has a good humor!

I did put that on my wrist to work. It was cool at least to myself!


Box - this is what MoonFlower got from Isetan yesterday.

20170508_4 20170508_5

The ball - this is what she got… for home decoration. Very detailed work… of course, hand-made!
This is not the 1st ball… this is indeed addition to her "ball" collection. Oh boy!
How many balls does she need then? Hahaha.

Golden Week 2017 coming to an end

Last day of a big holiday called Golden Week!!!
MoonFlower and I showed up in Shinjuku… for Isetan department store.
She wanted t come to this fair.


Decorative balls. Some of them have good smell also.
I didn't know that she was going to pick one up for home. Oh boy, she did so, very instantly!
Plus, she spent the saved points from the department card upon this purchase. Wow, 2,000 points were gone for single decorative ball…

Late lunch was at Burger King. Haven't been to one for a long time!
Whopper!!! I missed it.


MF got one with cheese and I got regular one.


Lambo found on the street through the window. Pretty cool.
I was wondering what kind of people driving this kind of exotic car around…
The guy seemed very ordinary and he was actually with family of two kids. Very ordinary. Hahaha.

20170507_4 20170507_5

Dinner was of sushi. Great closing meal of the holiday! Hahaha.
Never been to this restaurant before. I always passed by this place, though.
Reasonable price and quality. Good one.

Okay, now I worry about the work!!!

Walking Too Long?

All day long on foot… after missing the chance for car wash. I have to postpone it to either tomorrow or day after.
At least I have to get it done within this weekend before the Golden Week 2017 is over.
Yeah, I will do so for sure. My car is surely dirty!

Today's my fashion. With vivid pants from tsumori chisato brand.
Too flashy? Too vivid?
This is my own middle-age fashion that no one probably does appreciate. Hahaha.


MoonFlower and I walked down to Nihonbashi for this place.
Famous restaurant called Taimeiken.


20170505_3 20170505_4

Renown dish is Tanpopo Omuraisu. This dish is about USD20! Pretty expensive, huh! It is.
Good taste? My expectation was too high and it was yet ordinary good dish. No surprise at all. Hahaha.

Then, we went to Shibuya for shopping.
MoonFlower got what she needed and I picked up those at 100 yen store:

20170505_5 20170505_6

All health-related item, hahaha.

Supper gets started quite late like 8pm…

20170505_7 20170505_8

20170505_9 20170505_a

Walked with 6,700 steps according to my gadget "UP Move."
I am quite tired and need to rest for now. Hahaha.

Back in Tokyo

Back in Tokyo from Chiba.
Last part of Golden Week is period that we spend time in Tokyo… at last staying "home."

In the morning, I am quite glued to the TV… watched special edition of a drama on NHK (national channel).

After watching the drama to the end, I drove up to nearby outlet mall once again. This time, I picked up pants of the suite from the hem take-up.
Here they look like:


They are blue suits. Solid blue. My kind of color. Hahaha.


Supper was rather simple. Curry rice. This was a little bit spicy but I loved it.
I ate two bowls of them… oh boy, I'd better watch out my weight!!!
Well, too late anyhow.

Avoided the holiday traffic jam completely. Left Chiba quite late and drove home over the midnight. Pretty smooth!
I didn't speed too much… just a little bit. Hehehe.
Three days to go… Japan's Golden Week 2017 is coming around the 4th corner, already.

I have totally forgotten about the work. How do I do the job hereafter? Oh boy.

Cemetery Visit and Then

Still in the middle of Golden Week - no particular plan for our family.
Except today. MoonFlower and I got to go to the cemetery for prayer.
Once a month - our family routine. Then, late lunch takes place… like:


Like this!!! Well, it is Japanese food… not fish. They are eels. Domestic fresh eels are quite expensive.
Big lunch it was for sure. Hahaha.
Then, we drove on to the nearby outlet mall for shopping.


I appear like that with funky jeans. Don't you agree? It is my own "middle-age" fashion. Hahaha.
While MoonFlower didn't buy anything at least today, I picked up brand new suits for work.
Blue suits. I will bring photo to show you how new suits look soon.

20170503_3 20170503_4

Supper came along with sparkling wine.
Too fast to avoid being drunk…
Yep, cannot be sober anymore.

Still Nothing To Do in this Golden Week

Still Golden Week 2017 is going… with no particular plans.
Received a letter from BMW dealer informing that there was a good deal / offer currently available.
According to the letter, the salesperson can offer 500,000 yen or 5K in USD for discount. Of course limited time offer. Wow!


But sorry, it is not my turn to buy new car… YET.
Just surfing the net and ordered this:


Stylus for iPad.
Not latest version. Rather one generation old… that is why the price was reasonable.
That is enough for light user like me. Just wanted to take some quick memo on iPad for substituting the whiteboard use.

Not bad… easy connection via Bluetooth and works quite well. Good gadget!


20170502_4 20170502_5

BBQ Dining with Friends

Only the event during the Golden Week 2017…
I showed up to the BBQ restaurant in Shibuya for dinner with buddies tonight.

20170501 焼肉ナイト #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Too much great foods and drinks.
I no longer look sober at all. Out of control? Hahaha.