Good Mileage and Great Friends


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Japan's Golden Week is over...

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Home Dinner as Usual


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Golden Week - Still Working?

Well, I could have taken a day off today…
Though, I worked home. Started at 9am and done by 8pm.
Just as usual… ordinary working day even though still in the middle of Golden Week - Japan's vacation time.

One news besides work…
New strap just in and hooked it to Explorer II. Have a take a look at new dress-down Rolex:


The color is light gray-ish blue. Not bad, huh!
I like it.

Now less often to wear this watch. With new strap, this watch comes up more often than ever in this summer for sure!

After Ceremony - Big Family Dinners

at 10am, all family members including MoonFlower and I went to temple for prayer.
It was ceremony for father's death after 49 days. Big Buddhism ceremony.
That ceremony lasted for 2 hours…

Came home after that and we all changed since all dressed for the ceremony.

Then, my brother drove his car to Gifu for big family lunch.


Restaurant called Yamamoto-ya Honten. Famous Nagoya food - udon.


Big bowl showed up and…


This is famous "Miso-nikomi Udon." Local food from Nagoya, miso-soup with super thick udon noodle.

After "family nap" in late afternoon, then we went to different side of town… for big meal.
Yeah, another big food… this time BBQ.


We all ate TOO much. Literally so. Maybe from tomorrow on, MoonFlower and I should be fasting for a week or two.

Anyway, I am sure that it was good family gathering just for deceased father.

Tokyo to Ogaki

Moving from Tokyo to Ogaki for family gathering in order to hold ceremony for deceased father.
In Buddhism, 49th day from the death is timing for such big prayer.
Scheduled on 4th and today MoonFlower and I took train for Ogaki.


In the train, Starbuck's latte and kobo eBook were good companies to me.
Reading… yeah, not bad how to spend time in train.
With Kobo, I have ready more than 60 books already. Wow!

Mother came to pick us up at the Gifu Hashima Station. She looked fine and is actually as usual.
That is a big relief.