One of the Kind... since 1998

Spicy and Sweet?!

Went out for grocery shopping in the afternoon.
On the way back, stopped by a restaurant for late lunch.
Chose spicy noodles.

This dish was highly appreciated and very popular per TV program I saw quite while back.
Well, yeah, it was good and okay… not as great as I hoped.
My challenge for discovering great foods surely continues.

Another piece of cake was served by MoonFlower.
She picked two kinds yesterday. This one is another great stuff.
Next weekend, we should drive up to that place for seeing more cakes then.

What cake shop???

It is called "Patisserie Chant d'Oiseau located in Kawaguchi, Saitama.

Active Saturday (before rainy Sunday)

Went to my dentist first for the day.
Then, drove around to see some cherry blossoms.

20210327 Cherry blossoms #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

MoonFlower asked me to join her to go to Roppongi area for something…

20210327 Roppongi Cherry Blossoms #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Just had a tropical soda… was that her true purpose?! That was it… somehow. Hahaha.

Decided to dine out tonight.

It was good Italian restaurant per internet review.
For us, yeah, it was okay or good… but not as great as being reviewed.
Not sure that we come back to this place ever after this.

Contrary to the dinner, we came to awesome cake which MF picked up from Saitama where she went up for family matter.
Man, this is one of the best ever had!!!
Need to go another time for sure.

Busy and active day along with full stomach. Hahaha.

New Eyewear Arrival

Last Sunday purchased new eye glasses got ready.
Drove, under the rain, up to Aoyama for pick-up.
Here they are!

Cool "Lindberg" eye wear is here!!! Love this stuff.

How many eye glasses do I have and do I need?!
That is an awesome question…
Just counted.

I have up to 12 pairs of glasses home including 1 sun glasses and 1 home-only.
Thus, I have 10 to choose from every day.
Too many? About the average?

Will see.

Not only Alain Mikli, ic Berlin, Kei Sugimoto and now Lindberg. Not bad about my collection! Hahaha.

State of Emergency for Tokyo area is going to be off from tomorrow.
Will see how things are going to be afterwards.
Coronavirus Wave IV is coming soon or not.

Will see.

Strawberries and Wine, etc.

Traffic jam was everywhere.
I hit one of those on the way to Chiba to see MoonFlower.
Picked her up and went into shopping strawberries.

Famous shop where a long line to buy boxes of strawberries.
She got what she wanted - actually 3 boxes of strawberries after waiting in line for 15-20 minutes.

Went to a prayer at cemetery in the afternoon.
After all, drove back home.
Supper home started quite late. Although, a good wine was opened.

Tomorrow, weather is not going to be positive much. Hard rain expected.
What shall I do then?!

Lots of Noises

Showed up in Yokohama Area for work.
Work turned out to be very painful… about a session of three hours.

It took lots of patience. It didi.
If they were all legitimate claims and complaints, I would show more understanding.
Though, it was about too much requests in and out of our scope.

How do I handle the case?

Will see.

I bet that I can manage it somehow.