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Coronavirus Isolation

Another surprise? Malpractice? You tell me about it.
From today, MoonFlower and I selected to be isolated from EACH OTHER.
Let's name this as "coronavirus separation."

Maybe your next question is like "Are you serious?"

MoonFlower left me with bag of foods… mostly instant ones.
Not sure how long do they last for me. Will see how whole this thing would go.

1st night and 1st supper, I even prepared my meal by myself.

Wow, I can do it? You may surprise by seeing this. Hahaha.

Hope this separation is't indefinite and resume back to normal.
Am sure that you have same or even similar feelings no matter where you are.

Coronavirus Countermeasure in Our Case

Day 6 - 6 consecutive days working from home. It is boring.
Well, working from home is not the matter bores me much.
Entire Coronavirus stuff slowed all matters down at client side and that does matter.

Not much stuff that I need to cook (work) right now. Oh boy!!!

Today, MoonFlower took a day off… at the final corner of fiscal year peirod!
I guess, she had to use the PTOs up.
Thus, she and I stayed home pretty much all day just like weekend.

Of course, had to work. Worked a bit.
Got contacted by client for new engagement and had to discuss it with several Partners.
Responded to client accordingly… that was pretty much main work done for the day.

Otherwise, things are quite flat and no tense whatsoever. Rather, it is boring to me.

MF had some dinner appointment. Under the coronavirus stuff? Yep.
She had to go… so she said.
Thus, I offered her a ride up to the venue. Avoiding public transportation is not bad idea.

So I drove:

Didn't drive that fast like this image shows. Though, driving (yet in town) is still fun.
Plus, that is relieving… I actually got out of the house. You know what I mean.

I dropped her off around Mita area and straight back to home.
Watched TV after self-serving supper.
Got a message from her for pick-up.

Drove up to the same place again for picking her up.
This time, I even gave a ride to her friend and even sent her home before coming back.
Oh boy, big chauffeur tonight.

Everything was just for anti-Coronavirus stuff.

MF and I are considering further measure against the current circumstance.
Self-isolation from each other to secure that we continue to work.
For me, working from home is pretty much mandatory; though, she got to the office to work.

If Tokyo shuts down known as lock-down, she may not do work.
Her work is outside Tokyo. Thus, she still can work if she stays outside Tokyo.
Maybe from tomorrow on, she and I live separately for time being.

Social distancing does apply into small family like us. Unique way? Am sure that people out there do such practice.

Is Quite Weekend Over?

At least the request by Tokyo Governor is fulfilled. Tons of people stayed home.
It was absolutely quiet in Tokyo.
How does that effectively work to the infections of coronavirus?

We have to wait and see such in two weeks or so.

Meanwhile, the statistic number of coronavirus infections is nothing but rising. Even today.
More than 60 people confirmed with positive test results. That is record-high.
It is likely to have that number is going up day by day.

Meaning that quiet time or self-isolation or even called "social distancing" should be remained effective.
That is what already exercised in other countries and Tokyo definitely follows after.
So quietness is going to be around for us for quite some time from now on. Let be used to that.

Social distancing… I found interesting news and fact that some brands took advantage of that into their ad campaigns.
Look at this:

McDonald's, Audi and VW are all familiar and strong brands around.
Not bad idea.
Some do like, some do not. That is okay.

How do you appreciate those efforts?

The brand value which we should measure is not only of TV commercial under current circumstances.
Besides such advertising campaign, what do those brands really contribute to the society? That matters.

Thus, intangible approach via TV is one and tangible contribution is another.
How do those brands balance them out?
That is what we need to see and check.

MoonFlower and I stayed home, entirely. Very bored. Lots of sleep, though. Hahaha!

Supper is ready… only joy while staying home is of meal, don't you agree?
It was better than what I expected. Great stuff.
Very fascinating home cooking that I can come to thanks to my wifey.

MF gets back to work… not. She said that she takes a day off while I work from home tomorrow.
Still somehow boring… but better than being alone. Let's stay being patient. Just to be safe.

You too stay home safe!!!

Was it "Perfect" isolation today?

Since Governor of Tokyo requests all to stay home this weekend… how was it?
MoonFlower and I woke up quite late. Though, rushed to go out.
Oh boy… contrary to such request? Any urgency?

Actually infected? Fever? Of course not.

Not that serious, however, we had some reason to go out.
Though, we keep "social distancing" in tact.
Instead of train, we drive… drove up to the destination which was in Asakusa.

MF has placed an order for box of sushi at sushi bar called "468" reading as "Europe."
Originally, she had some gathering with her friends at the same place today.
Though because of special weekend, that gathering was of course cancelled.

One thing crossed her mind.
Cancellation means that there is zero revenue to the sushi place. That is a pity.
Then, she placed an order for take-out. That is why we went up to do the pick-up.

Make sense?

This place is quite popular and tough to get reservation for dining-in.
MF has been there before. Although, I have never been…

Great "Osaka" sushi in a box. Different from Edo / Tokyo style. Beautifully done!!!

That was only outing for us to do all day and yeah, it was boring for us to be home.
This box of great food was certainly and only spice for the day.
What would be such tomorrow? We need one for sure.

Weather forecast tells that it is expected to snow in Tokyo.
it would cooperate much to people to stay home tomorrow.
Maybe, MoonFlower and I would stay home all the time… will see.

Am okay for that. Wonder if MF can stand or not… she is always active and doing something… Hahaha.

Tokyo Night View: Cherry Blossoms

Quiet weekend is coming to Tokyo!!!
Will see how it works for us… well, lots say that it is darn too late.
This effort for this weekend is going to show in two weeks or so.

How things from previous extended weekend would affect? That is scary part and that result is coming up next week or so.

Anyhow, happened to drive through Nihombashi area…
Cherry blossoms at night… you can have better SAKURA (cherry blossoms) view:

New gadget in my bad from today.
Well, not big big new stuff. But replacing current one for better quality.
Ricoh Theta Camera.

Blue is old version and White is newer.
Now compatible with 4K visual. Not bad.
Maybe more movie content in this blog???

View - Ginza Tokyo under Coronavirus

Happened to drive through Ginza area at night and here is view for you.
There were still lots of people going home after work.
Some of them are still going out for drinks and eat? Hmm.

Tokyo is finally coming to lock-down?

After the Olympic postponement topic, people can be calm about facing the fact of coronavirus.
The number of infections found today in Tokyo surpassed the all finding before. The highest of all.
Now things are quite critical like other nations and major cities.

Tokyo Governor Koike asking Tokyo people to stay home / inside for coming weekend.

Not yet locking Tokyo down. Though, things are tight for sure.

Not sure this way works as social distancing in Tokyo or not… will see.

Drive Thru the Cherry Blossoms

Another boring day.
I need some pressure or given deadline.
Otherwise, I won't be much productive.

What about you? Can you be so good at self-controlling productive business person?

Well, I am quite honest for this, I guess. Hahaha.

Today's video for you… went through the avenue with cherry blossoms.

This place does the light-up at the night… maybe I should do the same at night to see.
This time, sun was too bright and you hardly see the tree and blossoms?
Well, this kind of shooting is quite challenging for me because usually do not do such. Hahaha.

I just intend to add some new content for you to read this blog.
Fun reading should be incentivizing for readers to come back more often.
Right? Sure I hope so.

The video is 360-degree movie. You can change the view within so as you want to try and see.

Today's work was quite flat.
Several meetings in the late afternoon.
A few phone calls including one from my ex-boss. I received an interesting request from him.

Just saw the news on TV telling that Tokyo is now top place with most of coronavirus infections in Japan.
Hokkaido and Nagoya were leading cities up to now. However, Tokyo took that place with today's result.
Within short period of time, Tokyo is going to be locked down like other major cities? Maybe.

MoonFlower started talking about escaping such situation so that she can continuously work without being interrupted.

That might be a good idea… will see.
I may even follow her and she and I live in her old house… will see.

Now Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 confirmed postponed till 2021.
We all should focus on coronavirus… the most.
Will work from home tomorrow again. I will pay more attention to local news.

Truly Grounded...

My firm has issued the basic polity under COVID-19 circumstances that all staff should work at home.
That is in effective for two or three weeks, already.
However, it is yet BASIC policy.

Up to last week, I had some excuses that I needed to be in the office.
Almost everyday, I was there.

Though, Coronavirus does everything slow down at clients and that affects everywhere.
From this week, all such excuses that I had previously are no longer valid.
Therefore, I declare it to my supervisors that I will work at home unless some necessity may come up.


Slowing business down means that I have no urgent issues and tasks to meet deadlines.
Oh boy, everything is pretty much on my own at my pace!
That means what…

That means BORING. No pressure, no hassles (from anyone).

Is that pretty same or at least similar condition that you are in?
If so, you're another victim of Coronavirus.
Well, it is likely that such thing would increase as much as COVID-19 stays around longer.

Now Tokyo may face another difficulty. I'd better say that it would be worsened situation of COVID-19 in Tokyo.
Called "overshoot" - virus infections is to be gone faster and exceeding the medical capacity.
That vocabulary is not properly used in Japan. However, that word is now pretty common.

Similar or pretty much same as PANDEMIC. That could happen in Tokyo where we currently perceives that it is under control.

Will see how it would go and we all ought to be careful and ready for such worst scenario of any kind.

Since staying home all day, Apple Watch's activity function to visualize my physical moves means nothing.
Instead of Apple Watch, it is time for analogue watch, again, on my wrist.
Today, it was Gaga Milano.

Will see how the rest of week would go for me.

Stress Relieving

While everything is self-imposed controlled… stress level does go up.
Here is some stress reliever!
Bought several stuff for myself at outlet mall.

We went in there right before the open time and left there quickly!
All happened before the huge crowd kicked in.

New shirt from Three Dots.

New Coach belt for business.

Those shoppings are surely not enough yet. However, helping somewhat. Hahaha.

Very suspicious!

Worked from home in the morning and went up to the office for whole afternoon.
At least, I am extra cautious about the timing that I expose myself to the public…
I take train to work at off-peak time like around lunch time.

Moreover, I looked like this:

Putting BLACK facial mask on!!!

Do I look suspicious? Right, I really do!!! Oh boy.
I cannot help it, though.

MoonFlower got me black facial masks. Actually a pack of three.
This is 1st one. I may have to look like that for a while.

I usually do not wear mask while in office at all.
Now only when I am in the public like train and movie theater if I go into.

After work, came home around 9pm.
MoonFlower got this box of masks…

60 masks!!!
Well, that helps her for a while for sure.
It depends how long the virus issue continues. Though, journey for masks may not be the top priority this weekend.

Will see how fast MoonFlower will use them all up.

News now tell that Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 will be held as planned.
Who would really do believe that?
Do we really know that things get back to normal by then end of April or early May? Sounds like not at all.

Everyone talks about medical disruption by this virus… more horror stories to come, I guess.

Day off on Monday?

Another week still under the same influence of coronavirus.
Nothing really does change.
Well, I took a day off today. Actually, it was substituting day off from the past.

Though, worked in early morning. Around 8am or so.
Email correspondence on PC then.
Affter quick work (though, it was about 40 minutes or so), some personal errands. Miscellaneous stuff.

I included car wash into my agenda.
Dropped by car wash place right before noon.
Fortunately, there was no one else in that spot.

Car wash was proceeded at my own pace. That is good.

Seat leather was also cleaned. It was my concern that dirty spot wouldn't ever come off.
Such concern was in vain. Seat is now clean.
My car is like this:

Brown leather needs to be kept clean and bright.

After car wash, had to do some "patrol" driving around and drove between Nihombashi and Ginza.
Tons of business people on street and that made me feel bad since am not working.
It reminded of myself being such dedicated business person. Right?

While shopping in Takashimaya Department Store yesterday, checked new bag… from brand called "Goyard."
That brand is pretty expensive like Vuitton, etc.
MoonFlower insisted that I should no longer (?) be glued to bag. I have enough bags of collection.

Maybe better pay attention to fashion / clothes.
Since work place allows casual dress entirely… I do not even put suits on.
Well, I always put vivid color tie to make myself look like okay like this:

No special technique in fashion besides bright color tie in the center. That is it.

Maybe I should ask friends for help in fashion…
This coming weekend is of my shopping time or even shopping spree!!!
Will see.

Very Concerned

No more facial musk hunting?
There was a news from coworker of MoonFlower's.
He got a box of facial musks for her at a drug store nearby.

Thus, MF secured a box of how many facial musks??? Another 30 of them or so.

At least no need to go out to drug stores today. Probably for a while.
Instead, she decided to go out for some gift to that colleague who helped her a lot.
Went in to Takashimaya in Nihombashi.

Well, not many people on the street, though.

Went in to Takashimaya Department Store for sweets shop called "Audrey."
Very popular place with a long waiting line.

Waited for 30-40 minutes in line… Probably much shorter than usual.
Coronavirus concerned.

We bought several different gift box at the shop.

"365 Days and Nihombashi" is another must-queue bakery in the Store.
Well, surprise, surprise!!!
There was NO line made. We instantly went in and selected breads we wanted.

Am sure that Coronavirus affect our economy by 30-40%, easily. Maybe more.

Had this ramen bowl at "Taimeiken."
The length of line for this popular restaurant was about a half compared to usual.
Oh boy.

Supper was at home.

Cold winter-like weekend is now coming to an end.
Cherry blossoms are just to be around and things get into spring after this.
Well, concern is of virus… nothing more. That is THE only concern for now.

This week is rather short due to a national holiday on Friday.
Working from home is almost "must" condition for me and colleagues from here on…
It will be quick and easy week… maybe. Hahaha.

Finally Secured!

This weekend does NEVER come to an end without success!
Under rainy weather, we still drove around to see if any facial masks available.

One drug store to another. Kept on going.
MoonFlower sorted out information to see which drug store may have HIGHEST potential for facial masks to be in stock.

She did it. Her "guesstimate" was right. We did narrow down to the drug store!!!
Happy ending it was… great relief as well!

No hesitant to open a wine bottle at night.

Soup dinner and cake.

On the way back, MoonFlower nominated a place for me to drive and stop by.
Called "Fobs" which is quite popular patisserie.
Those cakes are quite fabulous!!!

Great ending of a weekend, isn't it?

Journey for Facial Masks