New? Limited Edition "San Francisco" by Pelikan

Wow, new to my collection? Not so fast.
Today I come to a fountain pen by German-made Pelikan called "San Francisco."
This is limited edition. Though, it is already being discontinued.

Sold back even in 2003!


Pretty calm design… not of my kind of choice? Hahaha.
In fact, this is MoonFlower's pen.
Since she gave up on this kind of pen for good and I now take it over. Yeah, new addition to my collection, indeed.


Since my Pelikan is gone for repair, this San Francisco is helping me to write up my meeting memo for the day.
This particular writing instrument is pretty smooth and great to hold. No complaints whatsoever. Perfect stuff.

Color of ink is brown to match the color of body. Good choice made! Hahaha.

Even fun to write rather than typing on PC. You know such difference? With and without pleasure…

Cherry Blossoms, Cake, Wine and Borsch

Rainy Sunday made me stay home! Same as you?
Didn't go too far. But at least MoonFlower and I went out for grocery shopping.
Well, we went in nearby department store to pick up some sweets as well. Hahaha.

20170326_1 20170326_2

My watch selection for the day is GaGa. Yeah, made me feel like Italian today. Hahaha.

20170326_3 20170326_4

Wine was of course French… Bourgogne in precise. Pinot Noir is of my favorite


Yellow face GaGa is good to match with gold Alain Mikli eyewear! Hahaha.

20170326_6 20170326_7

Supper comes with avocado and borsch. Good supper which MoonFlower made for two of us. Darn good!

Now final week of March is coming around.

House Repair after 3 Months

MoonFlower has gone with friends all day long.
Then, I have to stay home for house repair. I was given a list to make sure that all repairs to be done within today.
It was all coordinated by the management company and what I needed to do is just to observe and sign off.


Watching TV all day long until all repairs to get finished. It was done around 4:30pm… My free day is pretty gone by then. Too bad.

Toyohashi Trip: Managed It All... Barely?


Toyohashi Trip: Down to Hometown


Sweets, Car-wash, and Wine

Extended weekend is now coming to an end… already.
As per MoonFlower's request, we lined for special sweets at famous bakery shop in Ningyocho.
Place called "Sucre-rie."

20170320_1 20170320_2

Many people were in line waiting for the same thing.
MF and I just ordered 4 of them… just for ourselves. Meanwhile, majority of people in line ordered at least 8 or more!
Oh boy, since when Japanese family becomes so big? Hahaha.


It was great sweets for sure. Perfect afternoon with such a famous sweets.
Within the picture, today's watch TAG-Heuer SEL model… which is already discontinued. For me, it is still working watch.

20170320_4 20170320_5

Wine bottle gets opened while watching TV dramas.
Long night made quite short since good tasty wine and food just served.
No complaints! Hahaha.

Long weekend comes to an end with good feeling.

Shopping Day!

Went to cemetery for prayer in early afternoon. Then, late lunch at Sushi place.


Today's "on-my-wrist" is AP. Rare to wear it in the weekend?
No matter when I put this on, this really makes me feel good for sure! Hahaha.

20170319_2 20170319_3

Shopping at the Mitsui Outlet Park in Kisaradu. Yes, it is our "usual" place for discounted shopping! Hahaha.
2 things come to my possession. One t-shirt and pair of sport shoes. Both come from Italian brand "Diesel."
This brand is current my favorite. Good style… slightly overpriced, though. Hahaha.

Extended weekend begins

Long weekend gets started. Monday is national holiday!
MoonFlower has already gone back to the house in Chiba and, in this morning, I had to follow after her.
Jumped into my car and drove in highway to Chiba. Time to time I hit the traffic jam.

Took me a little bit longer than usual time to get there.

20170318_1 20170318_2

My Alfa is still in good shape. Running great!


MF's favorite dog - very behaving!

Wine gets opened for supper.

20170318_4 20170318_5

Good wine… matching wth roasted beef.
Wait. It is white wine… with meat? Hmmm.
Was it a mistake? Still matched? Hmmm, not sure what was the best choice.

At least things were like this.
I have selected several menu for supper. Then, wine selection was informed afterwards. That is why.
Well, it didn't matter. Things were good and I loved it!