Back to Tokyo after 12 days in Ogaki


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At age 74, father has pass away

This has finally come.
My father has passed away today, March 20th, 2016. He was 74 years old.
Pancreatic cancer he suffered from for last 9 months.

It was very difficult time for all of my family since he was diagnosed as cancer for the 1st time.
Since then, he went through the Chemotherapy which was extremely hard on him…
Even in December last year, he went under surgery taking as long as 5 hours.

At his age, this process was more than enough and he often said that he didn't want any treatment anymore.

Well, all pains and burden are free. Hope he can be relaxed and now laugh from the bottom of his heart at heaven.
He was not perfect father; though, I learned a lot from the way he is.
Agreed and disagreed. I had many things with him over time. That is completing who and how I am today. Cannot be without him for sure.

Age 74 is shorter life than even average.
Though, he had so many things in his life and am sure that he felt like he lived long enough.
Good time and not so good time are all included.

I will be out of work / project for this coming week due to this.
I need to support remaining family of mine as much, particularly about mother.
Since two sons including myself live far in Tokyo, how to take care of her is a big concern after father.

Anyhow, will take care of all needed for my parents.
Now father can sleep in peace for good.

Team Dinner So Suddenly

Somehow it didn't happen much.
Tonight, two of my colleagues and I went out after work and grabbed the beer.
Somehow almost 1st time that we three got together since started working as a team from the beginning of February.

1st time indeed.

Two female consultants and I went to a tapas place not too far from the project site.
Well, they at least had three drinks each while only two for myself.
Obviously, they have better capacity.


Talk over the drinks covered various topics.
Of course from the work related to totally private.
They, since good age for building life place with future spouse, asked me many questions.

Work-wise, I learned a lot from them about all previous projects that they delivered with other management.
I tried to see differences and it was quite interesting.
Some managers seems very competent and did handle things nicely... while others not.

I heard such stories through those ladies who first-hand experienced.
Those cases really make me think how I should handle as manager or team leader.
Oh boy, I am sure that they are gaining such out of me as speaking! Very frightening, huh!

So far so good. I believe that it is quite healthy working relationship to both of them. Good team work being built for sure.
That is why I enjoyed the drinks tonight just like that.
Though, just wondered that they wanted to go out for drinks much earlier than this?

Well, I had to go to Germany and some preparation made me being swamped.
Now it was a good timing and things are good.

Talking Too Much?

You know my job - I have been a business consultant for years... more than a decade now.
Probably you can call me as experienced one.
Well, the job that consultant does is to deliver projects.

Delivering projects entails lots of analysis, documentation, and presentation along with project management.
I am sure that you know what I mean.

Presentation means that presenting something to the audience.
It means that consultants talk, talk, talk, talk, and talk.
If you cannot talk, you cannot be consultant.

For me, talking is not too much of my favorite.
However, I come to the fact that I do talk and talk a lot today.
In a meeting with lots of people from finance business today, the fact became clear.

Originally, I told one of two young consultants what to do in that meeting.
I did emdose her the entire handling of the meeting.
Well, didn't endose it to her, completely.

Yes, she did a good job. Though, I wanted to ensure that audience did understand what we need to convey.
Therefore, I came on to the stage. Had to explain things differently from what she mentioned ealier.

Well, I talked more than I thought.
She and the other female consultants told me after the meeting,
"You talk endlessly." Wow, what did I do then? More than really anticipated.

I wanted to get it done thoroghly... that is why. Because there is no second chance.
You know what I mean.
Though, it is the fact that I can talk and do talk... as long as necessary or even more.

If you know me in person, you know how shy I am. Hence, this is a surprise.

Then I was "kidnapped" to and did participate in another meeting after above.
It was different project meeting and almost all participants were foreigners.
I kept being quiet until the end... then threw one question. Sort of million dollar question.

Project Manager who was leading the meeting got impressed with my question.
Then, he came to my desk after that and chatted about how to lead the project further with me. Hahaha, interesting.
Someone wanted my opinion.

He was at dead end... at least seemed to be so. I sympasized with him much because I know how he feels.
I don't think that I gave him valuable input; however, I really wish him luck.
Well, another speak-out of mine did mean sometihng. Hahaha.

Talked too much for the day.
I should call it off and let me adjourn the today's session. Tired.
Good night.

Finally Departing from Germany

Finally, time to leave Germany.
Staying for a whole week at the same hotel and it was surely good stay.



This time, no direct flight to take. I have to go through the Frankfurt airport.
From there, I have ANA flight, no more Lufthansa.

In-flight movie for Japan - selected
Star Wars - The Force Awakens
007 Spectre

2 movies were enough for my entertainment. All I need besides them was of sleep!
I ate only once out of two dinning opportunities.


Curry rice - good Japanese dish.

I missed the breakfast since sleeping. Well, now officially, the trip is over.

All Itenary Gets Completed

Whole week in Munich, Germany is now over.
All scheduled agenda is complete. Only thing to do is that I take flight back to Japan!
Last working day in this trip is at the local office for project meeting.

20160304_1 20160304_2

This office is quite familiar with me since coming here so many times, already. Well, do I have ANOTHER chance in future? Will see.
Friday - I was told that there would be "happy hour" for all employees every week.


Showcase did have all sandwiches and snacks… were replaced with beer bottles for the HOUR.

20160304_4 20160304_5

Our project team was invited in advance to the official hour. Since many of us have to leave for airport.
So one last group photo…

20160304_6 20160304_7

Soon after a while, all employees were invited in and the place became very crowded.

Team members from Mexico, US (Chicago), South Africa and Japan (me!) are the last one staying until tomorrow because of flights.
Therefore, we decided to go back to the hotel to dine together one last time.


Supper - I chose pasta. Carbonara is only one listed in the menu and I expected long pasta… though, short pasta came as my dish.
Kind of surprise it was.
Taste good as wanted it to but looked different.

Well, good and fun dinner with friends and now I need to pack for tomorrow.
Have to leave hotel for airport at 6am.
Tired… need a rest.

Project Team Drink & Dinner

Today - external trainer came to provide lecture for all day. Made me feel a really long day.
What I learned… was something new? all that already known to myself? Well, hard to tell.
German trainer sounding like American made this a little bit difficult for me to understand.

Several times I had to ask him to repeat.
Well, not only me but others did the same.


Pretzel is breakfast once again.
Butter and salt combination becoming "must" in the morning. Whole is big but turned to be manageable to eat it all. Hahaha.

One last team dinner takes place.
Well, team drink first at the hotel bar.
Indian, South African, Italian and Japanese… all boys became good friends and promised to each other to visit in future.


20160303_3 IMG_3189

Big team dinner was at famous local restaurant called "Park Cafe."
You can see it is a big project team whose members come from different parts of the globe.
It is truly global!

Local project follows immediately after that… except Japan. Oh boy, I have to deal with this project, a little differently.
Will see how that goes from now.

Half Point of the Mission

Another early start - we got to leave hotel at 7am.

20160302_5 20160302_6

As fast as 250 kilometers per hour or approximately 155 mph. Fast, huh!
I only caught the 220 kph then.

20160302_1 20160302_2

Business meeting lasted all day long as planned.


Nice restaurant where we took lunch and held small group session.


Dinning came along with "COOL" view. Can you see it clearly? Hahaha.


Driving back to the hotel was another high speed session. Am really used to 200 kph. Yeah, I have driven up to 210 kph myself before.

Okay, now half of the program is done. 2 more days to go.
I cannot wait the time going home since I am too tired and have done nothing for the current project that I am in.
Oh boy, I am indeed behind.

Snow in Germany

In Germany - it snows.
Oh boy, didn't know that it would be this much cold.

20160301_1 20160301_2

Driving on the snowing wet road should slow the speed down… not so fast. Didn't make much difference.


See, I saw 199 kph or 123 mph.. extremely fast, right? It is thanks to Autobahn!