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June 2022

My Chinese Place on TV

There is a TV show featuring local Chinese restaurant… and featured MY PLACE tonight.
I knew because I was told so by family running this place.
It is my usual Chinese place because I have lunch at least once every week.

In a matter of fact, I ate in YESTERDAY.

Very "local" appearance.

Lady is very open and heart-warming person.
MoonFlower and I talk to her a lot while eating in.

Chef / Master / husband of the couple is very kind person and fixes great stuff.

Very cozy place run by this couple. Great to have found this and become our usual!!!

Since aired tonight, I just wonder that tons of people would come to this small place.
Can be jeopardy to dine in any more?! Will see.
Hope things would be the same hereafter.

Maybe business becomes a bit better - that would be great. Hahaha.

Trip to Onsen for What?

20220619 湯河原 白雲の滝 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA


Trip to Yugawara "Onsen"

Summer Celebration?!

Finally so?!

My weekend started at a local optician store.
Examination took place in the morning.
Nothing wrong with me, though.

It was all for these:

Yeah, contact lenses. Now? Why? Hahaha.
I know, people around my age start avoiding such… right?
I go totally the opposite. Hahaha.

Examination was fine and green light for contact lenses are officially issued.

Now, I wear contact lenses without hassle. Pretty good stuff!!!

Tonkatsu or deep fried pork was lunch with MoonFlower.
This place is newly opened last month and tons of people lined up for lunches and dinners.
It was our luck to come to have lunch after waiting for 20 minutes or so.

Great stuff! I definitely come back again.

Cafe in Shimo Kitazawa in the afternoon. It was MoonFlower's favorite.
She needs to pick up new Japanese ceramics from the gallery within the cafe.
Yeah, came here before… actually several times, already.

My outfit, accessory, and shoe for the day. Hahaha.

Not coffee, not tea… Sode with ice cream.

Big dinner took place at the end for the day.
It was Japanese and French fusion dinner course.
Was pretty darn dishes. MF was quite satisfactory.

Bill was not that small, either, though. Oops.

Movie "Sun and Bolero"