Not Quite Ready...

Oh no… this is totally unexpected.
Data not matched. Should be. It has been so since Day One of this project.
Why not this particular case? Not sure.


Since this data is provided… I need to check with data provider - Client for source of information or its logic.
I presume that data is based upon some exceptional counting… will see.

Anyhow, I am not ready for a big meeting on Tuesday - project kickoff.

In order to shake such uneasy feeling off, supper began. Opened a wine bottle.

20160724_2 20160724_3

20160724_5 20160724_5

Well, feeling good after a couple of glasses… though, pain from the work is still sticking to my head.
Will see how soon I can resolve with help from client. Otherwise, I have to work on plan B, immediately.
Designing plan B is not that simple and quick; therefore, I should not look into it.

Wish me luck!
I will be on airplane to Hiroshima for a week. Be back in Tokyo late Friday night.

See ya!

Working Saturday

It is working Saturday. Worked through the afternoon home today.

Work went okay… slower than expected. Not that much productive? It is okay… I still stay it all in control.

Of course, I didn't forget to wind the watches!


After 6pm or so, I FINALLY went out. Driving in fact.
Stopped by a ramen shop for supper.


Good and quick supper.
Then relaxing night started. Big special TV program lasting for 27 hours is on and I had to glue my face on the TV.

Let me slow down here…

Day Trip to Nagoya

Business trip for a day to Nagoya.

20160720_1 20160720_2

20160720_3 20160720_4

Turned out to be a good and productive day with client in Nagoya.
They were well-prepared and well-motivated.
Meeting was quite fruitful and am looking forward to seeing the progress of project just started!

Wedding Anniversary Dinner

July 20th, 2009 - it is our wedding date that MoonFlower and I made a "contract" for 10 years!
Now, it has come to the 8th year wedding anniversary and we went out for big dinner tonight.

Venue was not carefully selected. Rather, it was MF's choice out of the blue.
I bet that she just saw some information about a restaurant and made her choice, immediately.

Well, since I have no counter choice to what she had, it because our choice, immediately.

Venue was near the Tokyo Station. Called "Antica Osteria del Ponte" serving Italian cuisine.


(Wow, there is no English page… as far as I looked at it.)

20160718_1 20160718_2

Great view over the Tokyo Station. Looking down from 36th floor.

20160718_3 20160718_4

20160718_5 20160718_6

20160718_7 20160718_8

Fish place was of flatfish wrapped by fresh ham. It was tasty place for sure.
Moreover, the beef dish was another excellence. No one can resist such juice meat.



Very stuffing course it was and we both were quite satisfied.
Of course, the charge was according to the food quality and such atmosphere.
Great dinner and…



New tie… bought from online shopping.
This seems very chic compared to my usual fashion.
You know what I mean? Hahaha


1st impression was rather BORING.
Though after having put it on for a day, I became liking this design and color.
That is the magic out of such prestigious Italian fashion brand… I bet it is.

Cool. Very cool. Awesome!

I may buy another one from this fashion house.