Special Japanese Lunch!

Had lunch appointment with friend today. Very rare to do so with a friend working in the same industry.
Plus, lunch is always flexible for me.
Good thing is that the meetings in the morning was finished as planned. Thus, I was quite ready for big lunch!

A message just in. From that friend. He apologized that he had to postpone the lunch appointment due to work.
Of course! I completely understand. No problem. It could be me to do the same at any time.

Decided to go to a place where I wanted to go for a while since I was not too far from it.
Walking into Ginza area…

Still long waiting line for bread at "Centre the Bakery."
Man, just like weekend. That bread is extremely popular.
Yeah, I really love that, too.


Here we go. This is my destination for lunch today. "Ginza Iwado."
Famous Japanese old-style restaurant.


Ordered this… without any hesitation. Tuna over rice.
Very delicious. I finished lunch without a word because I was concentrated on eating.
Really good.

I have never been to this place for supper yet. That is my next task.
I am sure that nothing will disappoint me in this special food place.
Coming back so soon…

New House

Moving is decided. Now where to live is determined.
Where am I going?
I will let you know more later… you'd better stay tuned. Hahaha.

At least I can share… I will still remain within Tokyo.
Yeah, this move is from eastern part of Tokyo to different part of it.
Will see where…

Today there was a meeting organized by the real estate developer for contract matter.
It took longer than expected. It was about 4-hour long.
Much information were provided… though, nothing new to me since this is 2nd purchase of any house.

Didn't go out to do anything much besides the meeting with real estate developer.
Since raining was forecasted, no energy to do… besides coming home right away.
Supper was home-made by MoonFlower.

Opened a half-sized bottle of sparking wine. That was pretty good, actually.


Now we have to get busy to be ready for new home.
It is pretty much MoonFlower's responsibility to design the life style within given layout of new home.
Am sure that she is quite excited but it is going to be heavy work for her to come up something how we live in new environment.

Will see how that would go.

As mentioned earlier, I will disclose more and more details about where to live and how the new home is going to be like.
Please keep coming back. I will update as often as possible!

Already 1 Year Passed

Time really flies.
It actually did so.
It was just 1 year ago when mother-in-law passed away.

Today it was religious ceremony about 1st year after her death.
Her friends showed up in addition to all family members to the ceremony.
It was surely memorable and all thought of her when she was fine.

Watch selected for such ceremony was Royal Oak since it was serious and formal moment.


Work? I did take a day off today and tomorrow just because of this.

After the ceremony, I came to a chance to walk the dog for the 1st time in such a long time.


MoonFlower's favorite dog - Love.
She is quite old and walked a little with me today.
It was some exercise even for me.