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January 2022

Day Trip to Kyoto

One Last Dine-out?!

Another wave of Covid-19 is just around.
Today, Tokyo announces of exceeding 4000 infections for the day.
Oh boy. That is a big deal… 4,000!

We all should be cautious about going out.
Thus, I had to carefully select venue for tonight's dinner with friends.

Chose hotel restaurant for small gathering. Cozy space.

I've got tons of topics to cover. That seemed endless or at least insufficient time.
Maybe we all should repeat to make sure that we all do fun together. Hahaha.

Anyhow, good and fun dinner it was.

I should remember this place so that I can keep coming back for multi-purpose dining.

Now weekend is ahead!

Latte Art Coffee Shop

Extended weekend is now and finally over!!!
Was it good for you all?! I hope it is.
For me, last day of such dedicated to my family… as usual.

MoonFlower wanted to go to some place… so desperately.
It was a cafe… but extraordinary one.
Called "Hat Coffee" near Asakusa, Tokyo. We took subway up to there… but had to wait for several hours.

Very popular place for youngsters.

The reason that MoonFlower wanted to come to this place simply because of this tiny stuffed animal / doll.
This place's speciality is of latte art. Shop takes ANY request and draw latte art on your ordered coffee.
Everything is just for Instagram, right? Hahaha.

Customers even can be observing the latte art creation just in front.




Two cups of them

Tons of girls lined up for such services…
Well, needless to mention, MoonFlower is very satisfied and extremely happy.
That made my day as well! Hahaha.


I bet that this was the perfect new-year-celebration closing dinner.
Surely, it was sushi!
Sort of so-called rehearsal dinner. You know what I mean.

Not all pictures of all tonight's foods posted.
More than what you see for sure.
Certainly, food was wonderful for both quality and quantity.

On top of all foods served, huge glass - actually beer glass with foods in it came after all.
This is DESSERT. Huge one with a big surprise.

This was special treatment by sushi master for the dinner.
It was coffee yellow. Pretty good stuff contrary to how it looks. Hahaha.

Am very stuffed for sure.
Will eat less and control the calories hereafter for sure.

Family New Year Party 2022

MoonFlower and I went down to Shibuya area for family dinner.
Our family tradition?! It is New Year Party 2022.
This time, it was MF's turn for venue selection.

Japanese restaurant called IKEJIRI ASANO

It was my first visit even though MF made several trips to this place, already.
Yeah, really unfair that she had had fancy dinners way before today.

Sake Sake Sake!

Unique cutlet sandwich - famous and speciality at this place.

Long dinner finished with big beaf over rice!
Yeah, I became really full. No complaints… just fantastic foods for today's dinner.

20220108 池尻浅野 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Say Hello to 2022!

A Happy New Year of 2022!
Yeah, it is 2022, already.

Drove back home from Chiba in the morning. Supposed to be back within last night… didn't happen.

1st meal of the year for celebration comes with sake.

MoonFlower has selected "Sharaku" for New Year.
Good taste; though, weak aroma. Not bad, though.

And traditional meal for new year called "OSECHI."

Famous Japanese hotel for hospitality called Kagaya has produced the box of Osechi foods.

Other than boxed foods, MF has prepared for two of us.
Very compact meal for our household of two to celebrate the new year.

LOEWE bag charm is now attached to the Globe Trotter London Square.
Great… better than good match!!!

Cool. I do not care how others would think. At least I would love it.

One more thing… bought this other than a charm by LOEWE.
New knit sweater for me. It is lime green one. Should be good coordinate with grey / light color for my looks.

What is new year's resolutions of mine?! Oh, for that.
I would think about them and will let you know.