Project Finale

My Next Watch as My Hobby Goes Further

Which one looks better for my next (another) watch?

ROLEX Day Date 40 - Blue DIal

AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Offshore Diver

Well, I just received "hard no" from MoonFlower. They are darn too expensive… which is TRUE.
I have to take another look to see if I push this through or not.
Most likely, I have to withdraw this idea in order to keep everything in tact and peace… between she and I.

You know what I mean.

Well, I came to have bad and arugmentative hobby at least appears that to my wifey.
Oh boy!

I finished many small things within the day… not only the dry cleaning errands but also shoe repairs. Very organized.
Because of yesterday's massage and chiropractic treatment, I feel much better, physically.
Yesterday's investment is definitely worthy.

Back from Fukuyama

Back in Tokyo… from Fukuyama where the job is being well-done.
Things went well for today with local management of the clent. We all recognized that the revenue has improved.
Good deal.

Started at cafe "Doutor" for breakfast.
Took a taxi to the site and finished final meeting with local executives.
It went all well.

I had one hour to kill for train bounded for Tokyo.
Straight into Starbucks for latte and I finished some work for the day.

Audemars Piguet was my choice for the day.

In Shinkansen, no alcohol beverage was with me… rather ocha and some sweets.

Once got home and changed clothes. Rushed into Akihabara for massage and chiropractic treatment.
Took me about 60 minutes.
I feel like totally differet body that I were in. Feel really "LIGHT." Feel good.

I should have done that much much earlier.
At least I should get back for the same treatment sooner to make sure taht things are in better condition.
Health care is important factor for good and successful business.


French Movie: TAXi 5

Finally, came to see the 1st movie in 2019!!!
I chose TAXi 5 - French one.
Happened to be right timing to see when I became idle in late afternoon.

No explanation is needed for this movie.
Just fast car with tons of French (dirty) jokes.
Watch and enjoy… no brain needed. Hahaha.

This movie made me to have fun night.

Home Alone

Somehow… new bottle in.

Received DOM PERIGNON Rose… it is champagne. Gorgeous wine!!!
Yep, this is a gift from tax that being paid. Nice return, huh!
Paying tax is something not bad at all.

This Saturday made a home alone time for myself.
Except one outing… went to nearby bakery for picking up some breads.
Even picked up pasteurized milk. Very different taste from ordinary milk usually available at any grocery store.

Didn't go out to any other place. I stuck with TV and Ballantine's is my good company at night.
Very calm day. Very relaxing, too.

Family Dinner for New Year

Business is good and another project task is now completed.
Project A from last year is coming to an end… one step closer.
Good deal.

My fashion today. My gloves are too vivid? How does my coordination look?
Yep, I am still color-blind.

After work, MoonFlower and I got together in Shimbashi for dinner.
Yes, our new-year family dinner tonight.
No fish… definitely beef for that.

Starting with sparkling wine… and huge salad followed.

Ended up ordering a whole bottle for steak… which was 500g or 17.6oz!

Not even enough and pasta plate came after. Big dinner it was.

Good foods… made us to have good feeling… no more.
Maybe we should come back to this place more often. I love this food.

Tokyo Skytree

No plan for this weekend as mentioned previously.
MoonFlower wanted to go to Tokyo Skytree for something… and I was "forced" to join her.
No other options available then.

At least she offered to buy me a good coffee.

Great weather… perfect for outing… but nothing really concerned me whatsoever.
Maybe I show you another photo which was taken by Theta camera:

20190113 東京スカイツリー #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Yes, MF kept what she promised… I came to have a good coffee. Sweets is of her choice, though.
Part of the reason coming to this coffee stand is because it sells sweets which she wants.
This stand bring some baked sweets from the independent producer whom MF really likes. She had to come to this place for it.

I spent all energy had… the shopping mall at Tokyo Skytree was extremely crowded.
I do not like to be in there without particular reason… then easily got tired. I wanted to come home and relax myself.
That wish came true. MF agreed to do so and we stayed home for the rest of day.

Plus, some good fatty foods!

Did You Ever know?

Friday is over… now extended weekend is ahead! Yay!
Extended weekend is until Monday - which is national holiday called "Adult Day."
It's celebration for those who turn 20 years old joining to the adult world or society as legal age.

Work for the day was okay… everything was under control.

MoonFlower and I got together around 2000hrs. Bad timing because it is everyone's dinner time.
Almost all restaurants that we tried to go in were full! No luck?
Well, we found one place… not too far from home. Soba plate.

Food was good as always. I had Japanese sake tonight.
Soba was great closing dish for the night.

On the way home (short walking), picked up some drink at the convenience store:

Coca Cola PEACH. New stuff, obviously. Limited time? Taste?
I usually do not drink coke but I took this as exception because it seemed interesting.
Yep, it was interesting including its taste.

Not sure that this is Japan only product. You know?

Someone is really annoying?

Hello- weekend is now coming up and I finished the most of work which needs to be done before then.
Of course, I still got things to do for tomorrow. Though, things is in control. Good stuff.
Some unexpected things did occur during this business day… but they are okay… except one.

I received an inquiry email message from coworker…
He asking me some business term in English to be translated.
That was a piece of cake. Didn't even take a second.

Though, that chain of email became a little bit annoying thereafter.

One follow who was cc'd in that email responds without having right knowledge.
That is okay… that is not what I am talking about.
This fellow replies without to whom he is addressing.

Email circulates among several people… I know most of them.. Actually all of them except that fellow.
He is lowest ranked within this circumstance. All others including myself are still speriior to him.
At least, from business manner perspective, he should be more careful.

Being out of clue and being a little annoying on top… that is difficult to deal with.
For me, this is definitely "PASS."
I won't be part of that unless I am specifically asked to.

I wish that someone (that Partner) is to share such concern or "2 cents" with him so that he doesn't make any coworker feel annoyed. Rather he should inducing others to want to work with him. I guess, his perspective isn't that around or realistic yet.

Wait. Am not talking about entry level employee… oh boy!

Good or Bad Drinking?

Spent entire time for the day at the firm office that I belong.
Very rare to do so because I am not fond of doing such. You?
I like to focus what I need to do. I easily get annoyed by the surroundings. I feel many things from different directions.

You know what I mean?

That is why I stay in the office for minimum amount of time… or whatever really requires or hold me for.
Otherwise, I should feel free. At least feeling-wise.

I didn't talk much while I was there.
Need to do the proposal writing - due next week.
Due next week at client. However, there are MANY internal checking beforehand. That is why I had to rush.

Well, 70% of the work is done today. I guess I can request management review tomorrow. That is a big relief.
Yes, I can say, it is under or even in control!
After work, there is a gathering among colleagues. It was new year party for the team.

Was it good drink? Bad one?
At least drinking itself is good… but this year doesn't look much promising. Thus, I have to worry what is ahead of me.
That case, this drink isn't that good.

I was even surprised by the fact that my immediate boss mentioned, even frankly, that I can go independent like entrepreneur.
Well, is that compliment? Direct and honest say as friend more than coworker / boss? Who knows what exactly the meaning it was.
Anyhow, that leaves me with mixed feeling.

Is the current situation that bad? Hahaha.

Anyhow, the spree lasted until the time for last train. Oh boy! I barely made it!!! Thank God.

2019 Forecast (Not Resolutions)

Forecast… not resolution… at least I should mention what would happen in 2019…
That is why I am using the particular word, "FORECAST."
I bet that this year is going to be a rough year… because I am between projects.

Last two years, I had been dedicated a project required me to travel nationwide. That is over.
I am free in this year!
This means that I have to seek a new opportunity.

I have to finalize the 2018 projects within January… afterwards, I am free.
Well, I have two opportunities. One is being proposed and the other is about to do so.
One proposed is rather small and short… most importantly, low possibility to realize.

Possibility for realization is less than 20% in my opinion.

The other which I am proposing for is rather highly possible. However, small project. May not be sufficient to feed myself for whole year, I guess.

See that is why I have to seek something else.
Or maybe I should move forward to work for different industry / practice / whatever (!).
That can be fun, too.

Other than work, things is very plain and simple.
Oh, one thing… this is 10th year of our marriage. Back in 2009, MoonFlower and I married with one condition.

It is agreement that we come to discuss whether we continue the marriage every 10 years.

It means this year!!!
She and I have equal right to call the deal off…
At least one of us says so means over. Hahaha.

Well, prenup is not as serious as you may think like Hollywood celebrities. Rather simple. We need to make efforts to keep the marriage healthy as possible.
It is going to be the time to review and discuss it in probably July.
By Autumn, I may be free single man again?! Hahaha. Will see.

This year's calendar is unique in Japan.
Usual Golden Week in May is going to be unusual. Officially, 10-consecutive holidays to come this year.
Oh boy… what should we do? No plans.

I saw the news that reservation for GW has begun and booking up… quickly. Maybe too late, already.

I should worry about job more than Golden Week… you're so right.

In October, Japanese government is to raise the consumption tax by 2% as planned. That is big change if you buy big stuff.
I should take that into my consideration for buying new and next watch to my collection.
Yeah, seriously. Which one to buy? That is first and biggest question.

Beside watch, what else on my shopping list??? Oh boy… I have to worry more things.
Let me plan it all well to make sure that there is no domestic issue before and after July. Hahaha!
Wish me luck.

Work 2019 is to begin...

1st working day in 2019… finally here…
Didn't go to the office but to the project site… and had to face:

Piles of paper work!!! OMG!
I had to deal with them for today… had to finish them all within today. Rough and tough day to deal… as 1st day for 2019.
That may depict how crazy the year 2019 is going to be? Oh god…

Only good stuff for the day is of supper:

Yay, this is great IKURA or salmon roe… MoonFlower and I love them all. Great food…

That clears all rough feeling from the work. Hahaha.

Carmille Fourne: Coin Purse

New coin purse just purchased yesterday… here it is:

Pretty cool, I believe. It is from Camille Fournet - French brand.

Wallet and coin purse are complete with Camille Fournet now.
Good coordination? Guess so… I haven't done such before… finally taste of adult?

Taste… my sugar is also Japanese:

Deep fried sweets… my snack.

Now another weekend is ahead and after that… EVERYTHING is back to normal no matter what we like or not.
Time is definitely ticking.
I should be ready for it. Or time does enforce it on me? Will see.

Hakone Ekiden

MoonFlower and I went out to cheer up athletes in the event called Hakone Ekiden

Ekiden is… here we go:

Ekidens are long-distance road relays. The distance and the number of runners vary according to each competition. In many races, including the Hakone Ekiden, each runner covers about 20 kilometers, roughly the distance of a half-marathon. Instead of a baton, a tasuki (sash) is handed from one runner to the next. Hakone Ekiden is undoubtedly the most well-known of all the ekiden races held in Japan. The first ever Hakone Ekiden dates back to 1920, and except for a few years during and after the war, it has taken place during the New Year holidays ever since.

Very unique sport, I guess.

Near the goal, we saw 1st and 2nd place runners.

20190103 箱根駅伝 青山学院大学(2位) #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

(Other source to view:

Gadget works, huh! It was fun to cheer up and use such digital gadget for enriching this blog content… hahaha.

No more special traditional foods from New Year… Now back to normal.

Though, after-meal sweets are still Japanese style. Called "DAIFUKU."

Pretty fun today.

1st Prayer for 2019: Yushima Shrine

Yesterday, MoonFlower and I didn't do much at all except coming back in Tokyo.
Today we decided to go out for 1st prayer.

MoonFlower picked one place as our destination for it.
It was Yushima Shrine.
Actually it is located very close to our area…

Tons of people… but things were very organized and no mess to approach to small shrine.
Though, took us about a whole hour to get there.

20190102 湯島天満宮 初詣 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Cold but it was good weather. Nice to be outside and did something. Hahaha.
What did I wish within the prayer?
Well, health… and safety… That is about it.

Happy New Year - 2019!

Now it is 2019!
A Happy New Year to you all!

Slow day for me, of course. No particular plans at all.
Except coming to a great food like this:

Osechi Food - specially designed for traditional Japanese new year celebration

Good Sake is a company… to set the New Year Day completed.

Oh just drove between Tokyo and Chiba.
Now am back in Tokyo…

Odometer reading as the beginning of the year.
How much more to fun for 2019???
Will see.