Tableware Festival 2017

Our family tradition comes in today… same time of a year!
It is Tableware Festival 2017. MoonFlower's favorite event EVER!
I happened to reserve two tickets for ourselves.

So went to Tokyo Dome where so many people were waiting for opening.

20170129_1 20170129_2

A long line to enter the Dome…

20170129_3 20170129_4

Fancy exhibits on and on…

20170129_5 20170129_6

Found that spoons and forks were the same as ours. She has made a pretty good choices!


MF found an antique plates that she wanted to buy. Well, it was a set of 6 pieces for sale.
She wants only two for our use. Unfortunately, the seller didn't break it down to sell two for us.
Too bad.


Today's one on my wrist - GaGa Milano. 1st time in a long time. Good weekend watch on wrist. Hehehe.

Instead of those antique plates, MF purchased different ones. Well, I will take picture of those when using them on our dining table for the 1st time.
That shouldn't be too much time from now on. Gotta be rather short, I believe.

Okay, this weekend is over. Getting ready for new week at work. Busy week ahead?

Looking for New Watch & Bag

Went out to Ginza for WINDOW shopping.
Yes, window shopping only.
Looking for watch and bag…


Another day with Santos100XL. Cannot complain that this piece still goes well with jeans! Hehehe.


For watch - order made?! Of course not.
Just requested that I would get a call from the shop once it gets sample from 2016 new products.
Yeah, am looking for Offshore Diver - WHITE.

Supper was with MoonFlower. We selected Italian foods.

20170128_4 20170128_5


Good foods but a little bit over the budget. Hmm, we need financial adjustment in this month since tight budget. Hahaha.

Traveling to Sendai

Coming to Sendai once again. Have to finish a project progressing in this area for next two days.
It is COLD. Freezing!
I definitely followed the winter cold hitting this area for remaining time of this week.


MIssed a coffee at Starbucks in Tokyo Station… Caffeine was indeed necessary, then. Though, I couldn't wait in line for one since I had to get the train.
Too bad… and I fell to asleep in the train. Missed coffee again.
No more coffee today. Too bad.

Checked in to the hotel and no intenstion going out for supper since the weather was severe.
Rather, I would stay in the room…. keeping myself warm enough!
I stay in a hotel room like this. Typical Japanese business hotel… very small but very functional and yet cozy:

ダイワロイネットホテル仙台 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Very plain, huh!

Reunion for 2017

My ex-boss was in town from Fukuoka.
Thus, we met each other in Hamamatsucho Area for catch-up.

He told me went up to buy a new tie and ended up buying new sunglasses.
They are Tom Ford. Pretty cool!

IMG_5133 IMG_5134

They are definitely for him… not for me. Hahaha.
Too much good foods and drinks for tonight.
Great time with great friend made me feel like a short and never enough!

Have I been gained somehow? Oh boy…

1st movie in 2017

As per MoonFlower's request - we went for lunch at Indian restaurant with good reviews within "Tabelog" site.
Man, that site never lies!
The choice was right and we came to foods as we just needed.

IMG_5120 IMG_5121

Great and spicy curry!!! She liked the foods and we definitely will come back soon!

I was released from family duty in the afternoon and finally went to see this "never-miss" movie. It is " Start Wars - Rogue One."


Very sad story before the Jedi come to the life…
Wars never bring human to anywhere for sure.

Finally Xmas Cards Open

I didn't get a chance to come in to the office until new year… thus, all received mail and packaged were not open until this time.
That includes even Christmas cards.
One big package came from Germany. Obviously from the project members.

20170106_1 20170106_2

Came via several European countries…

20170106_3 20170106_4

3 items were enclosed. One Christmas card, one chocole "More chocolate, more drive!" and one business card case with my name engraved.
Wow, they were quite precious. THANK YOU!


They are from three key persons in the project. My colleagues. Cool!
I feel a little bit guilty since I came to open this today. I wish that I could have come to this much earlier.
Anyway, this is awesome!

20170106_6 20170106_7

Mexican foods were chosen for supper with MoonFlower.
No parties tonight. Just simple foods.
It was 1st visit to this Mexican restaurant for us. Good surprise that this is good place providing very delicious foods, indeed.

Next time I should bring friend Tetsu to this place when he comes back from Mexico to see if this place provides genuine Mexican or not!

Japan is going into extended weekend until Monday due to the observation of "Adult Day" on Monday.
Very good timing, indeed. My rehab from New Year holidays should be taking place then. Hahaha.
Have a wonderful weekend.

1st Working Day of Year!

Coming to the work for 2017! Finally, reality got kicked in… hahaha.


Yeah, showed up within the morning. I was not lazy at all! Just punctual as possible.
Good start of a new year should result positive thing… I hope. I should believe that.

Then held a meeting with a Partner and I was quite busy even on 1st working day. But it was all under control.

I happened to take a look my wrist watch for time and realized that it was almost 7pm.
I rushed into a train for Shinjuku since gathering with friends was planned.

Here we go… all friends who spent great school time together in US were there:

新年会@カミナリヤ その2 こっちがちゃんとみんな写ってる? #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Fun time was fast… and we kept drinking until the last train for the day. Almost missed it! Hahaha.


Part of the gathering was that we check how newly-wed friend Kazuma doing with his wife so far.
Somehow, he was wearing two rings. Hmmm, interesting.
His wife also knows this. Very interesting.

TWO wedding rings?

1st Action in 2017 is...

Finally my car got washed… it was really about time!!!
I wanted to do so before New Year… however, I got quite procrastinated because I was absolutely LAZY.
Now getting back to work… 1st thing is first. I brought my car to the place with free water for car wash.


In the middle of Tokyo, car wash place is not outside. It is under ground like this. Amazing!
Though, I like this place so much because:

1. I do not have to mind about the sun light
2. Always open in 24-7

Not bad, huh. Not bad, really.


Pizza for supper. Yeah, am quite tired of all traditional Japanese foods cerebrating New Year.
Italian Pizza was a good choice for sure. At least tonight. Hahaha.

Tomorrow, I finally get back to work. I plan to show up in the office for one meeting.
After work, some new year gathering with friends is scheduled.

Well, I have to promise one thing to myself… that I keep my car clean all year around this year! Hahaha.

Back to Tokyo

Finally back in town! Ready for work? Not so fast.
It is only MoonFlower to get back to work tomorrow. I will do so day after.
Yeah, I have one extra day for luxury!

Stopped by an outlet mall on the way back.
Found these business bags… from Dunhill.
Pretty good, huh? I liked them.


Well for my next birthday, I have to look for new bag replacing current one from Coach.
There is a tiny hole at the bottom with it.
Will spend some time looking around to see what would be the best choice for it. Dunhill bags are one candidate.

I have to start saving some money for new bag, first. Hahaha.

Decided to go back to Tokyo, not Today but Tomorrow

MoonFlower gets back to the work from 4th of January.
Thus, we should be back home until 3rd.
Well, the choice is between today or tomorrow.


Choice was made over glass of wine… the outcome was obviously not "today…" due to alcohol intake.

Happy New Year 2017!

A Happy New Year 2017!!!
I wish to have this year be peaceful and happy time for me and my family!


Typical and traditional Japanese food for new year! This is for 2 people.

20170101_2 20170101_3

New year cerebration came along with sparkling wine at night over supper.
Not bad!!!
Eating toooo much around this time of year. Same as usual. Cannot and shouldn't complain!