Busy Saturday?

Snow is expected tomorrow… thus, needed to finish whatever planned for this weekend within TODAY.
Heard that NY got hit by big blizzard as well.
Hope that this won't be another Monday when we have a big trouble with snow.

Drove my car down to the center of Tokyo… after dropping by dry cleaner.
I wanted to go to a big bookstore for search.
Happened to park my car like that… next to red car.


They are brothers!
Alfa Romeo Giulietta & MiTo sitting side-by-side.
So cool! Rare to happen, particularly the same Alfa Red models!


2 books are checked out after 1-hour search.
Theme is of balanced score card.
This is to be my reading over this weekend.

Spent about 4,000 yen for them. Found 6,000-yen book on the same theme.
However, I chose to buy two rather than one to have better / more perspectives.


Bourgogne wine was opened for supper which started later than expected tonight.
Saint-Aubyn 1er Cru.
It was an excellent choice coming along with such:


Salad - olive and salami sausage.


Spareribs came as entree.
Spicing was perfectly done.
Tasty… indeed.


Surprisingly, pasta followed afterward.


Gourmet drama on TV… "Wakaso Sake."
Popular drama recorded on Friday played.


She (Wakaso) showed such happy face after having tasty oyster from Hiroshima.

Supper passed by with this drama and turned me to be sleepy head.
Better hit the sack… Zzz.

1st queue in 2016 for something great...

2nd day of celebration - actually MoonFlower and I had no clue what to do.
Bored with TV, already? Maybe.
Then, we decided to go out at least for freshening up.

I thought that we would go to another temple or shrine for prayer. I was wrong.
MoonFlower searched and picked up a place in Omotesando.
For what? It was French toast. MY FAVORITE. I immediately got surrendered!


The place is called "Bread, Espresso &."
Famous French toast brings tons of people and I saw a long line.
We have no choice and queued.




Waiting time was a little over an hour. Not so bad.
MF looked around the neighbor to see many interesting architecture.
I found TESLA car and it really caught my attention. I stared at it for a while.


Bakery's interior is simple and makes me feel quite cozy.
I like this long dining table with round corners. That could be our next big shopping???



Cappuccino was my choice.
Finally, hot pan with French toast came up.


This is the best French toast can be found in Japan according to Tabelog - Japan's largest gourmet ranking site.
Oh boy, I didn't know that it was and still is number one in the country!
Yes, it was really hot because just coming out of oven and the toast was really really soft!

If you ever come to Japan, try this Japanese French toast (awkward,huh!).

1st Sun Rise for 2016!

A Happy New Year to you all!!!
Woke up around 6:40 to see this 1st sun rise of the year.
Perfect weather… actually unusual warm climate here in Tokyo.


OSECHI - special / traditional box of Japanese traditional cuisine for new year celebration.


Beautiful, aren't they? Taste, too.
This box is for two - MoonFlower and I celebrated New Year with this food for breakfast and supper today.


1st prayer - Taishaku Temple.
We decided to go on foot to that place.


Lots of street shops welcoming the people coming for 1st prayer.
And this is proof that we walked…


11 kilometers we walked. About 7 miles. See!


No drive for the day. Just record keeping. Odometer of my car is at 18,400 kilometers. Or 11,433 miles.
Last year alone - my can ran about 5,000 kilometers or 3,100 miles.
Below the average, I guess. Hahaha.


Opened a bottle of sake for supper.
"Dassai" sparking sake - my favorite kind and brand, actually!


Great taste. Perfect celebration for new year with this drink for sure.

Long walk is good exercise. Unusual activity on New Year's day. Must be good sign for 2016.
I really believe that.