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February 2021

Back in Tokyo After All

Finally Got It?!

Now?! Never before?
I have never bought any mouse for my work before.
At least for last 10 years or so.

Always worked on laptop's pointing device. Never external mouse.
Why not?
I didn't like extra stuff into my work bag.

Maybe different from tomorrow on.
Bought a new mouse for work!!!

This one can hook with 3 different devices in memory.
So this can be with my work PC (DELL), personal PowerBook Air, and iPad.
Man, iPad is now working like a PC. Saw such articles in Mac magazines. Never ever experienced first hand.

All got changed with this small stuff. Cool.

Maybe I can be even more productive?! Could be.
Let's see if that would be true.

Showed up to Omotesando (shopping district)

Took a train for Omotesando where I walked around for a quite long time today.
Yeah, it was just a matter of walking exercise.

Stopped by Audi House of Progress Tokyo.

Saw this Q4 e-Tron. This is, although, a totally mock-up.
I have never driven any EV ever… I should make a reservation for doing so soon.

Went in to the Spiral Cafe for lunch.

They charged me 900 yen for a cup of coffee.. Oh boy!
But the taste was quite real… I guess, that was serious genuine coffee then.

Another EV - saw Tycan in real life for the 1st time. From Porsche it is.
Hmmm, it is surely nice. But not of my taste.
Too expensive to afford in the first place!

Even though home alone, even opened wine bottle for self-drinking.
Of course, I drank several glasses. Didn't finish the whole bottle tonight.

Working or Shopping?!

MoonFlower took a day off for today.
Well, I decided to go in to the office for some real paperwork needed.
Thus, she and I had a lunch together before hitting the way for office.

Some restaurant that we have never went it before… turned out that it was quite cozy and old-fashioned type restaurant.
I ordered for fried oysters and they were so good.
I should go back to that place for another dish soon.

Walked up to Ginza and stopped by Audemars Piguet before going in to the office.
Strap exchange was my purpose.

Took me around 15 minutes or so. Very convenient.
Staff even introduced mail-in service which sounded very hectic to do since I live not too far from the store.
Much convenient for me to drop in.

MF asked me to picked up some Japanese sweets on the way home.
Ichigo Daifuku or Strawberry sweets.
Oh I loved it.

Yummy dinner did follow and I had great foods all day today. No complaints.
Perfect food-rich day it was.

Work? What about it?
It was… okay!

Joker Game in progress?

Who holds the joker?
I know the guy next to me does…

Somehow I am involved in a joker game by accident.
Well, the guy - young colleague who holds the card is asking me for help.
Nightmare started then.

Am quite confident that the old man playing the game is very tricky and cunning.
I knew from the beginning. There is no trust for that man from me at all.
Though, he is senior than me and tries to manage the whole thing even though he cannot.

Well, I have to play this game, carefully. Need to make sure that I do not pull that card at all.

Worst scenario that I can think of is that young guy sticks with this cunning senior for a while while guy's patience lasts.
Once the all patience is gone, such partnership would never exist.
Young fellow would switch the team to which he belongs or simply quits.

That is unfortunate situation that may be coming up after a while.

Feel terribly sorry for this inexperience young consultant who does not know what to do with joker card.
Oh boy…